YXBG Ch. 7.1: If So

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Yin Ruoji was a person who paid little attention to entertainment, but he carefully watched the movie starring Chang Mei and refused to miss any of her shots. Whenever she appeared on the screen with her sad and blurred eyes looking like a mermaid, his heart trembled fiercely. Only he knew that Chang Mei in real life was even more beautiful than in the movie, more agile, and even a bit savage. The more he touched her, the more he became obsessed with her and couldn’t help himself.

This kind of feeling had nothing to do with wanting to conquer her or her looks, but because when he got along with her, the feeling of “it’s her” constantly appeared in his heart! Her strengths and weaknesses, a smile and a frown, were clearly remembered in his heart. He loved her.


This day school got over early. Chang Mei sneakily got rid of the admirers of the school and began to think of ways to get rid of the people outside the school. Phew… Fortunately, no reporters came today. She was relieved, they probably thought that she wouldn’t come out so early!

“Chang Mei…?” A male voice sounded behind her.

She was taken aback, and when she looked back, she saw a male classmate from her class coming towards him from afar, but she didn’t remember people very much, and the person in front of her only gave her the impression of being a classmate. “Oh, hey, hello.” She said awkwardly.

“Chang Mei, it’s early for you to leave school today.” Yin Ruoji then appeared with a smile, as if he had appeared from thin air. Chang Mei backed away in fright and stammered: “You…you are like a ghost!”

Yin Ruoji raised his eyebrows and said: “Let’s go, your parents want me to pick you up today. In the evening, there will be your favorite wine.” He deliberately made the last words very light so that she could not help but think of the scene that day.

Chang Mei was so embarrassed that her ears turned pink. She pulled at the boy who was talking to her just now and said angrily: “I won’t go back with you. I already have a boyfriend!”

Yin Ruoji looked at the unknown man and frowned: “You are lying.”

“I didn’t.” She put her arm into the crook of the boy’s arm, “I’ll go back with him, you don’t come and pester me again.” And the boy classmate, also cooperated with her temper tantrum.

Yin Ruoji stared at Chang Mei for a while and said, “Okay, then I won’t bother you much.” After saying this, he turned and left.

Chang Mei thought he would insist and say some strange things to annoy her, but he just left like this. She felt a little wronged suddenly in her heart, as if she seemed to have lost something very important. Although Yin Ruoji had been rejected by her, she did not feel happy by his going away.

The family thought that Yin Ruoji would come to pick her up, so they did not ask the driver to come pick her up. Chang Mei walked in frustration and thought that it would be better to make a call home!

At this time, she turned around and found that the boy from earlier was still following her. Chang Mei was taken aback and remembered that he seemed to have something to say to her. She walked over a little apologetically and said: “Thank you, what happened just now was really rude. I forgot to ask you if you wanted to act with me. What’s the matter?”

The boy smiled very shyly: “Chang Mei, I am your loyal fan. I liked you before you acted in a movie. I… Actually, I want to give you a gift today. I hope you can accept it.”

“Gift?” Chang Mei was a little embarrassed. Although the boy in front of her was not very handsome, his every move made her feel very comfortable, unlike Yin Ruoji with his brand of coercion.

The boy looked around and said, “Let’s not stand here anymore. If you are recognized, you will be in trouble.” He pointed to the remote corner on the opposite side and said, “Can we go there? I will give you the gift and just leave, then you can come out some time later, so you don’t have to worry about the scandal or anything.”

Chang Mei was moved by the boy’s thoughtfulness, and she nodded and crossed the road with him. Yin Ruoji, that guy, always showed up like that, didn’t know how to avoid suspicion, and didn’t know what low-key was. Sure enough, he was a nasty blatant guy!

“Don’t look at it yet,” the boy blushed. “Can you close your eyes first? I think it would be more interesting to see it suddenly.”

Chang Mei smiled and agreed and closed her eyes. She was afraid it would be a living thing like a small animal!

There was a sweet smell in her nose, and she was about to say something, but she felt her body suddenly feel soft and her legs began to tremble. Chang Mei opened her eyes in horror but couldn’t see anything in front of her. How did this happen? She panicked, but finally couldn’t support herself, and fell to the ground.

A voice said in her ear: “Chang Mei, come with me! You are mine.”


She didn’t know how long she slept, but Chang Mei woke up with a terrible headache. She raised her hand unconsciously, trying to rub her temples.

Eh? Why couldn’t she move!

There was an agitated spirit in her heart, and her chaotic brain started to work, and she realized that she was actually tied spreadeagled onto the bed!

At this time, a familiar voice rang out: “Chang Mei is awake? Are you thirsty? I’ll feed you water.”

She turned her head, and it was the boy who was going to give her a gift. Chang Mei screamed in horror: “What are you doing! Why have you tied me up! Let go of me!”

“Hush—” the boy said with a smile, “Don’t shout, I’ll get you something to eat.”

“You let go of me! You pervert! Where is this place! Let go of me!” She had never experienced this kind of thing before being held in the palm of her parents’ hands[1]. It was impossible for her to stay calm.

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[1] Pampered.

[2] So frightened that even a minute sound causes panic.

[3] Useless or take it for granted.

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