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For the next few days, he and Qin Yize kept in touch, chatting about some plots in the novel every day. For the two books written by Luo Ning, Qin Yize also gave a high evaluation: “Although the writing of the new author is a little immature, the plot is really exciting.”

Luo Ning said excitedly: “You have finished reading it. How did you like it?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Well, I have read both books, and they are well written.”

The more Luo Ning talked with him, the more he felt that Qin Yize was a very special Alpha. Not only did he have a lot of unique insights into the plot, but more importantly, this Alpha could chat with him not only in one place, but in fact there were many common topics. Moreover, even if he knew that he was an Omega, Qin Yize still looked at him with open eyes, only regarded him as a friend, and the two only talked about common hobbies, just like simple “book friends”, never overstepping any boundaries.

Luo Ning was a prince, and his family members didn’t agree with him reading novels, but they doted on him, so they didn’t object. But reading novels was Luo Ning’s own hobby, and now he had begun to write novels himself. Father Emperor and the others may not support it when they got to know – but Qin Yize would definitely do so.

Such an Alpha who understood him, had a lot of common topics, and could support him in the future, meeting him was really a rare opportunity.

At this time, the emperor secretly told him that his Omega father wanted to introduce him to a major general named Benjamin. Although the general’s evaluation was not bad, Luo Ning had never met the other party, and knew that the other party would definitely not be like Qin Yize, who patiently and gently accompanied him to chat about the plot of a novel for hours.

There would be no common topic, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for two people to stare at each other with big eyes?

It was better to be with Qin Yize, have tea and chat in his spare time, read the same book together, and then exchange views with each other.

When he saw Qin Yize for the first time, his heart beat faster, at that time maybe he was just shocked by the impeccable handsome appearance of the other party. The second time he saw him, when he heard him call him “Xiao Luo”, his heartbeat lost its frequency again, maybe he just liked his low, gentle voice. However, with the gradual contact later, Luo Ning found that he had a lot of common topics with him. Video chatting with Qin Yize every night became Luo Ning’s most relaxed and happy moment of the day.

After chatting for a long time, Luo Ning couldn’t sleep peacefully without seeing Qin Yize at night.

Did he need to confirm again?

Obviously, he really liked Qin Yize.

On thar day, when Luo Ning told Qin Yize that his father was urging him to find a partner, Qin Yize suggested: “Maybe you can try my method, just say you have someone you like and are dating, this will save you a lot of trouble.”

He regarded Luo Ning as a friend and sincerely wanted to help Luo Ning, but Luo Ning suddenly had a plan!

By the way, he had seen Qin Yize’s mother at the door of the bookstore that afternoon and they were misunderstood as a couple by his mother. Qin Yize also said that his family was urging him to get married, and he had lied that he had found a lover, so his mother only temporarily let him go. If his lies were exposed, his mother would definitely find many excellent Omegas to let him go on a blind date. He thought that he must seize this opportunity, and he couldn’t let other Omegas take the lead.

In that case, why not push the boat along the way and take the opportunity to become Qin Yize’s true “lover”?

Thinking of this, Luo Ning immediately made up his mind and went back to find his father.

Cang Luan couldn’t help but say: “Master, didn’t you want to do a fake show with Qin Yize…”

“That’s right.” Luo Ning smiled, his eyes full of confidence, “The Alpha I like, why would I give him to someone else?”

Cang Luan was a little distressed: “But, Your Majesty, will he agree with you being with a star?”

Luo Ning said, “My father has always loved me, I like Qin Yize, so he will definitely not break us up. However, if I tell him directly that I want to be with Qin Yize, he will think that I am plotting against him.”

Cang Luan immediately agreed: “Yes, after all, you often bullied your Brother when you were young! Your Majesty knows that your essence is not that simple, and he must not believe 80% of what you say.”

Luo Ning touched his chin, squinted his eyes and said with a smile: “So, I can’t say that I like Qin Yize very much and want to be with Yize. Instead, I’ll let the emperor find out the truth for himself through my various performances.”

Cang Luan: “…Clever!”

That night, Caesar asked Luo Ning to discuss the matter, saying that he would introduce him to Major General Benjamin.

Luo Ning made up a bunch of lies, saying that he liked a netizen and pretended to hide it from Caesar. However, His Majesty Caesar was so wise, naturally he would not believe his nonsense, and directly asked the Royal Guard to check Luo Ning’s entry and exit records and found that Luo Ning left the palace on the day of the film festival premiere on November 11, and only a day later, he left the palace again and went to his private bakery.

Caesar immediately called Xi Wei and asked about the details of the film festival.

Only after Xi Wei’s description did he know that his son met Qin Yize on the day of the premiere and took the initiative to ask for Qin Yize’s contact information. He left the palace only the next day and also went to see Qin Yize. Coincidentally, Qin Yize was a super popular star in the entertainment industry. The two were dating in private, but they were photographed by the paparazzi. Although Luo Ning’s face was not clearly photographed because of the angle, Caesar knew at a glance that it was Luo Ning.

I see. My son is in love with a star.

Caesar quickly found someone to check Qin Yize’s background- Qin’s family was just a simple business family, it had no black history, Qin Yize’s father Qin Rong was the president of Zhongxing Entertainment Group, and one of the executive directors of the Imperial Business Association and he had an honest character. His mother, Yu Lan, was a lady, and her gentle personality was well-known in the circle.

Qin Yize had received the best education since he was a child. Because he liked movies, he joined the entertainment industry after graduating from the film academy. The Yize studio had a good reputation in the entertainment industry, and he had never had any messy scandals, not even a single love experience, and his relationship history was extremely simple.

Moreover, the emperor’s brother Xi Wei had said himself, Qin Yize was a very hardworking and rigorous person.

This marriage seemed feasible.

It was said that Mrs. Yu Lan had started looking for various types of Omegas some time ago, because she wanted to find a good partner for Qin Yize. Since his son had a crush on Qin Yize, and the Qin family was also worried about Qin Yize’s marriage then he should let them get married as soon as possible.

So, His Majesty Caesar, who spoiled Luo Ning to the extreme, acted very cooperatively and fulfilled his son’s wishes.

Luo Ning didn’t say “I want to marry Qin Yize” in front of his father, but the final result was as he expected, and his father quickly urged them to get the certificate.


Before the wedding, Iman, his childhood friend who heard the news in the wind, went into the palace to visit Luo Ning and asked, “My father said, His Majesty asked him to be the officiant of your wedding, why are you so anxious to get married all of a sudden?

Luo Ning said with a smile: “Because I like Qin Yize, since I have identified him, there is no need to be too entangled. It is safer to take him down quickly, isn’t it?”

Iman nodded in agreement: “This is indeed like your style! However, it was too easy for you to take him down, right? You got engaged after only one month of knowing each other, and you’re going to get married in less than three months! It’s so fast!”

Luo Ning said: “Actually, Yize is not the same. He doesn’t like me.”

Iman’s eyes widened: “Ah? Then how did he agree to marry you?”

Luo Ning smiled and leaned into his friend’s ear, and said softly, “Because I tricked him until he had no choice but to marry me.”

Iman: “…”

Iman suddenly sympathized with Qin Yize. Then he sighed and said: “Did you ask His Majesty to direct him to marry you?”

Luo Ning shook his head: “Of course not. In that case, he would only feel that he is being persecuted by the royal family, so he would hate me as a prince. I… I thought of a way to make him mistakenly think that I was also being urged to marry by my father, and just wanted to become an ally with him and get through this difficult time together. We signed a prenuptial agreement and I pretended to give him what he needed, so that he would feel better psychologically. Then it would be easy for him to accept, and he won’t be able to hate me, because I’m also a victim!”

Iman: “…”

Victim? You are clearly the initiator!

Iman looked at him helplessly: “So, you have never confessed to Qin Yize?”

Luo Ning smiled lightly and said, “You don’t have to say it if you like someone, and sometimes it will appear that you like it if you say it out loud. It’s very cheap. And you know, Yize is a big star with tens of millions of fans. Every day, there are countless fans shouting ‘Qin Yize, I love you’ with banners. He must be getting tired of hearing this sentence. If I confess to him rashly, and since he knows my identity as the second prince, what do you think he will do?”

Iman thought about it carefully, and said, “He will be scared!”

Luo Ning nodded: “Yes, with his character, he will definitely reject me very politely, and then keep a distance from me. As long as he wants to avoid me, he can find 10,000 reasons. As long as he joins a crew to film, it would be difficult for me to see him at that time. There will be nothing between us then.”

Iman suddenly realized: “That’s why you started out to get married to him, once you are his legal partner, he can’t get rid of you, right! Alas, the Alpha you like is really pitiful, stepping into your chain of traps without knowing it.”

Luo Ning said with a smile: “I like him, but I don’t have to chase him desperately, right? I don’t want to fall into a very low position, and even arouse the opponent’s disgust. I just want him to fall in love with me naturally. Anyway, after getting married, I’ll have time and opportunities.”

Iman endured a smile and said: “You have too many bad intentions!


On the wedding day, under the gazes of all the guests, Luo Ning smiled and stood on tiptoe and kissed the Alpha he liked.

He knew that getting married was just the beginning.

Qin Yize didn’t like him yet, but he would definitely make Yize like him.

His Alpha could never be given to others. Their marriage certificate would never be changed to a divorce certificate.

The “Prenuptial Agreement” written by Luo Ning had only four clauses to abide by, but there was no punishment for breach of contract.

——Because Luo Ning was hoping for a breach of contract.

So, on the first night of the honeymoon, he took the initiative to snuggle into the arms of the person he liked, hugged Qin Yize, bent his mouth happily, and slept soundly 🙂

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