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After Nuan Nuan called the two of them, she turned her attention to the last person, Lu Xingzhi.

The corners of Lu Xingzhi’s mouth rose, as Nuan Nuan looked at him obediently.

“My name is Lu Xingzhi.”

Nuan Nuan let out a dull sigh, and then said “Hello brother Lu~”

Lu Xingzhi had always been calm, but he reached out and rubbed the little girl’s head unexpectedly. The eyes behind the lens had also softened.

Gu Mingli “…”

Tang Le and Wu Kuang: “…”

No one thought that he would suddenly act.

Tang Le screamed and wanted to touch Nuan Nuan’s furry little head, but unfortunately was kicked away by the stinky Gu Mingli, who swiped a fierce eye knife towards Lu Xingzhi.


Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows slightly, rubbed the head of a certain little furry animal, and calmly backed away.

Gu Mingli felt that it was necessary to find time to teach a lesson to his good brothers.

“Brother, dumplings.”

Nuan Nuan looked at the insulation box eagerly, the dumplings won’t taste good after a long time.

Gu Mingli rubbed her little head, “Got it.”

“Wow… it’s so fragrant.”

After opening the insulation box, the fragrant smell of dumplings wafted out immediately. Tang Le and Wu Kuang felt very greedy smelling it.

Wu Kuang, a foodie, rushed over with a cheeky face, “You can’t finish eating so many dumplings brother, how about sharing a little bit of it?”

Gu Mingli kicked them away with a kick, “Go away!”

He turned his head and spoke to Nuan Nuan as if he was practicing the face-changing technique. His expression softened several degrees, and the corners of the mouth were still upturned, and the double standard was all too obvious.

“Have you eaten, Nuan Nuan? Would you like to eat with fourth brother?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head, she swayed a few times, as she touched her soft belly.

“Nuan Nuan and little brother were sent to the fourth brother after eating.” Gu Mingli stared at her belly which was covered by her slender hands and poked it with his long fingers.

Nuan Nuan hurriedly covered her belly again, “Don’t poke my stomach.”

A certain brother who had succeeded in mischief laughed when he saw her reaction. The flamboyant boy was always very fresh.

Of course, with his bad personality, he didn’t seem to be satisfied with just poking at the warm little belly. With a turn of his slender fingers, he pinched the little girl’s soft cheeks with great precision, and then he pinched it twice.

Nuan Nuan, who was suddenly pinched on her cheeks, “!!!”

Her eyes were watery and her mouth was pouting, and her two little hands hugged the fourth brother’s wrist as she struggled a little, but she still couldn’t open her mouth, however her fourth brother had controlled his strength, so that it didn’t hurt her at all.

Nuan Nuan also gave up after struggling twice, as if accepting fate, and she was very well-behaved.

On the other hand, Gu An next to them was so angry that he rushed towards Gu Mingli with his claws raised, “Let go of her!”

Gu Mingli snorted coldly and suppressed him with absolute force using only one hand.

Gu An was angry and became a puffer fish again, “Wait, I will ask my father to enrol me in the martial arts class when I go back, and I will beat you up when I finish my studies and come back first!”

Gu Mingli sneered coldly and his tone was extremely arrogant, “With just you. I’ve been waiting for you for decades, and I’ll always be able to defeat you.”

Gu An thought he was abominable, I’m waiting for you, my lord!

“Fourth Brother~”

“Don’t hold my cheeks”, Nuan Nuan called out to her fourth brother pitifully and vaguely, with a soft and glutinous voice like a glutinous rice dumpling, which sounded very nice.

Someone finally let go of his fingers slightly reluctantly, “Dear, let’s eat another dumpling with more meat.”

He still disliked her not having much flesh on her face which he felt when he pinched her cheeks, what would it take her to gain weight?

He held a crystal clear fat dumpling and fed it into the little girl’s mouth.

Nuan Nuan touched her belly, and it seemed that she could stuff another one.

Nuan Nuan twitched a little, her little face flushed, and her big, moist, black and white eyes looked at the fourth brother softly and said, “Then… I can only eat one, and I can’t eat more.”

The voice was soft and small, like she was acting coquettish to him.

Gu Mingli nodded, there was a slight smile in those wild eyes that always looked a little disdainfully at everyone, he actually wanted to try what it was like to feed this little girl himself.


Nuan Nuan opened her small mouth, just as her fourth brother’s chopsticks bit a small gap on the fat dumpling and stuffed it into her mouth, then her little cheeks were full of food, and her expression was very good when eating. Seriously, her eyes were sparkling, like a chipmunk that was stuffing food into its cheeks, or a little chipmunk that was giggling.

Several teenagers present thought she was so cute that their hearts trembled at the way Nuan Nuan was eating, and the others were eager to squeeze Gu Mingli away and feed Nuan Nuan.

“Continue to eat.”

Gu Mingli didn’t even eat himself, he just concentrated on feeding a certain baby animal until Nuan Nuan ate the whole dumpling in small bites. When he wanted to feed her again, the little girl shook her head and refused, covering her mouth. She even burped a little.

“Nuan Nuan… Nuan Nuan can’t eat anymore.”

No one could refuse her request made in the poor little milky voice.

Gu Mingli could only look at Nuan Nuan’s belly with regret, “When I come tomorrow, you keep your stomach empty and eat with your fourth brother, eh?”

“Nuan Nuan, are you coming tomorrow?”

Gu An: “I won’t come!”

Gu Mingli: “Of course.!”

There were two different voices, then the two brothers looked at each other.

Gu Mingli… a fool dare to challenge him!

Gu An, the big-faced guy thought about beautiful things every day!

As for whether to come or not, she still had to take permission from her father.

She had brought a lot of dumplings. In the end, although Gu Mingli was a little reluctant, he still gave some to his brothers.

Wu Kuang, who liked food, of course pestered Gu Mingli for more.

After they finished eating, Nuan Nuan and Gu An also decided to go back. They were sent to the school gate by the four teenagers, then Nuan Nuan took her father’s hand as she said goodbye to them.

“Sister Nuan Nuan, come back next time!”

The little girl showed a small furry head from the car window, and looked at them with moist eyes.

“Well, Nuan Nuan will remember it.”

Tang Le was reluctant to part with her. “Sister should remember to think about her brother Tang Le.”

Wu Kuang pointed to himself, “and me.”

Although Lu Xingzhi didn’t speak, he stared at Nuan Nuan, while his eyes fully expressed his meaning.

It was a pity that the five-year-old little dumpling couldn’t read his eyes…

But she was still as caring and soft as a little padded jacket.

“Nuan Nuan will miss Brother Tang Le, Brother Wu Kuang and Brother Lu.”

Gu Mingli “…”

He gritted his teeth, “What about me?”

The star-like light was dazzling and charming.

The little girl called the fourth brother numbly.

“Fourth brother, come here a little bit, Nuan Nuan has something to tell you.”

Gu Mingli immediately cast aside the little sour taste in his heart and walked over. “What? You still have to whisper and can’t tell me just like that?”

He walked over and bent down, and the pretty little girl stuck out her little head from the car window, pouted her little mouth, and left a sticky kiss on his handsome face.

“Fourth brother, goodbye, Nuan Nuan will miss you.”

Gu Mingli was sluggish for three seconds, touched the place where he was kissed by Nuan Nuan, and his slightly sharp phoenix eyes instantly lit up.

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