IHSB Ch. 34: Fourth Brother’s Roommates

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Her eyes were suddenly raised, and she let out a milky sound. She had found that many people were looking at her. She hugged the insulation box and blushed shyly, and her thick curled eyelashes blinked, and then she quickly buried her head on her Dad’s shoulder.

Gu Linmo only heard the chirping voice of his little daughter coming from his shoulders.

“Dad, let’s go quickly.”

The corner of Gu Linmo’s mouth rose, and he took his baby away with his long legs.

Gu An “!!!”

“Wait for me!”

After they left, the students in the corridor had a heated discussion.

“Whose sister was that just now? She’s so good, she walks like a little penguin with an incubator in her arms.”

“Look who is she bringing dinner for in the insulated box she’s holding, he’s too happy.”

“Why is there only one stinky brother in my family who often opposes me!”

It was not surprising that someone from Nancheng Noble School was delivered home-cooked meals. Some squeamish young masters and young ladies who didn’t like to eat canteen meals would order their meals directly from home, but most of them were sent by the nanny, and it was rare to see relatives delivering meals.

Still such a cute little girl, this was too happy!

Not long after Gu Mingli and the others cleaned up, the doorbell of the dormitory rang.

Gu Mingli jumped up from the bed and walked over to open the door quickly.

“Fourth brother~”

The sweet and glutinous voice could even make a dead person alive. Just hearing the voice as she called fourth brother, the other three people in the dormitory could imagine that she must be a cuddly little cutie.

Tang Le and Wu Kuang almost rushed to the door, but when they saw Gu Linmo, they became more honest.

“Fourth brother, these are the dumplings made by Nuan Nuan’s mother. You should eat them while they are hot.”

Nuan Nuan was standing at the door, smiling sweetly and softly, her beautiful eyes curved into moist crescents, and her small white hands held up the insulation box in front of Gu Mingli.

The soft and glutinous little milky voice seemed to show that she was acting like a spoiled child, but Gu Mingli turned up the corner of his mouth when he saw the insulation box, and his whole person was visibly happy.

“I thought you forgot.”

Nuan Nuan pursed her lips and smiled, with two cute and beautiful pear eddies on both sides of her cheeks, and her hair soft, she looked like a small furry pet waiting to be touched.

Gu Mingli really couldn’t help but reach out and touch the warm and furry little head twice, but this time his strength was much less than when he almost turned people over when they had first met.

Nuan Nuan also rubbed her little head on Gu Mingli’s palm like a little cat, and she was soft and obedient.

Gu An didn’t know why, but he felt uneasy! My sister never let me touch her head like that, or rubbed against me like that!

He was clearly her brother!

“Uncle, you’re here too.”

The contented Gu Mingli glanced at the little boy who was so angry that he had become a puffer fish, and he didn’t know why he was going crazy.

“I didn’t want to worry about letting Nuan Nuan come by herself.”

Gu Linmo had now completely become a daughter con.

“Hello, uncle.”

The other three young men came over to say hello politely and in a well-behaved manner. For people like Gu Linmo, even while looking elegant, it gave them a sense of oppression. Anyway, it was enough to pretend to be a good in front of him. Did they see that Brother Ming was so good?

Nuan Nuan looked curiously at the three big boys behind her fourth brother, and those three finally saw Gu Mingli’s sister who he had been talking about for the past two days.

Ho! She was really cute and soft at first glance, and was really delicate and beautiful, like a doll, just seeing such a live-action doll, they were all jealous.

Several people couldn’t help but look at Gu Mingli with envy. They thought Gu Mingli was just kidding, but they didn’t expect…

Tang Le showed his healthy white teeth, smiled brightly, and called Nuan Nuan, “Sister !”

Gu Mingli hit him with an elbow, who is your sister?

Tang Le “…”

It’s not so stingy.

Lu Xingzhi politely gestured in invitation, “Uncle, come in and sit first.”

It was not a problem to always stand at the door.

Gu Linmo shook his head, “I won’t go in. I have to deal with something and my assistant is on the phone call. I’ll wait outside the school and bring Nuan Nuan and Gu An over after eating.”

The last sentence was addressed to Gu Mingli, Gu Linmo knew that these children were a little uncomfortable when he was here, so he simply didn’t bother them.

Gu Mingli nodded and assured, “Don’t worry, uncle!” Nuan Nuan took her father’s finger and said, “Dad, Nuan Nuan will find you soon.”

Gu Linmo rubbed her cheeks softly.


Watching her Dad leave, Nuan Nuan’s reluctant little eyes almost compelled Gu Linmo to stay behind, but finally Gu Mingli picked her up and ran into the dormitory.

Nuan Nuan was picked up by her fourth brother obediently and she didn’t struggle at all. When she was put on the sea blue bed, Nuan Nuan’s hair shivered. She looked a little silly, but she was also so cute and lovely.

“Ow… It turns out that our sister is really so cute!”

Tang Le screamed and rushed over to hug Nuan Nuan.

“Go away!”

“Don’t get close to her!”

Two angry voices came, and then he was grabbed by the collar, when he was less than two centimetres away from Nuan Nuan.

The soft and cute little Nuan Nuan was hugged by Gu An, who stared at Tang Le angrily.

“This is my sister! You are not allowed to hug her!”

Tang Le: “…I and Brother Ming are iron buddies. His sister must be my sister. Why can’t I hug my sister, she’s so cute?”

Gu Mingli glared at him angrily, “Who is your sister? You don’t know how much you weigh? Nuan Nuan is so small and soft, what if she gets pressed?”

Nuan Nuan blinked, wanting to say that she was not that vulnerable.

Tang Le screamed, “Brother, you look down on me too much, am I such a reckless person? I just want to hug sister, I’m sure I won’t press our sister, right sister Nuan Nuan.”

Nuan Nuan made a funny face.


Nuan Nuan couldn’t help laughing, her brows and eyes were very good-looking when she laughed.

Soon she covered her mouth with her little hand, but her eyes were always bent.

This smile was so cute that the hearts of the big boys in the dormitory had half softened. How could there be such a sweet and cute little angel in the world.

“Nuan Nuan, I’m your brother Tang Le, you can call me brother.”

Tang Le was cheeky, and at the risk of being beaten by Gu Mingli, he approached Nuan Nuan and asked her to call him brother. He had heard it before, when the little girl called Gu Mingli fourth brother, her voice was soft and glutinous. It was really nice. If he had a younger sister with such a nice voice, he would be able to set the younger sister’s voice as the ringtone of his mobile phone!

Nuan Nuan’s big black and white eyes squinted with a smile, and she let out a soft and well-behaved cry.

“Brother Tang Le~”

Tang Le covered his heart exaggeratedly, “Satisfied!”

Wu Kuang also came over under Gu Mingli’s angry eyes.

“I’m your brother Wu Kuang.”

Nuan Nuan didn’t favour one over the other, so she shouted out, “Hello brother Wu Kuang~”

Wu Kuang danced with excitement, “Sister, what do you like, I’ll buy it for you right away!”

He really had the urge to put the best things in the world in front of her!

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