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The crowd of extras were all looking at him.    

Director Liu scolded directly, “What did you guys do? Why aren’t you acting, why are you in a daze! What’s with your mouth? You can’t speak anymore?!”

The extras were embarrassed to say that they were staring blankly at the ‘Young Master Qianji’ in front of them, and were suppressed by the other party’s aura, so they forgot to say their lines for a while.

“One more time.” Director Liu said coldly.

Once again, this time the extras were better than the last time, but their expressions were still a little stiff.

Ordinary directors might think that the performance of the extras was good enough, but Director Liu was famous for his pursuit of perfection. He understood the reason for their abnormal performance. After all, Si Huang’s acting skills and aura did not match his age and experience, even Yan Yan, who had appeared in several idol dramas and supporting roles in movies had been crushed by his pressure, not to mention such extras.

In the face of this situation, he couldn’t convince himself to ask Si Huang to release water, nor could he blame him for being too strong, but it was a bit worrying to encounter such issues at the beginning. While he was still thinking about it, he suddenly heard Si Huang’s voice: “You can lower your eyes and don’t look at me.”

Si Huang calmly and gently said to the extra: “Appropriately lower your eyebrows to please your eyes, but your face should not be lowered, or else I just won’t be able to see what you said.”

Director Liu’s eyes lit up, “Just do it like this.”

The extra with a tactful attitude glanced at Si Huang with gratitude and admiration, and secretly encouraged himself.

This time it went very smoothly. After the dictation of Long Tao, the news of the visit of the Prince of the Feng Dynasty was told to the Young Master Qianji.

An Yiyuan in high crown and Chinese clothing strode forward, exuding nobility from the inside, with arrogance reflecting on his brows.

Si Huang looked sideways, but his indifferent mirror-like eyes did not fluctuate.

This look angered Prince Feng Chao, who had always been respected and pampered, “What do you mean by that look! You don’t know how to kneel and salute when you see His Highness!” He didn’t get a response, but the corner of his mouth twitched: “Ha, His Highness. But I forgot, even if you want to kneel, you can’t kneel.”

An Yiyuan, who looked so vicious and handsome, was being very aggressive, if his fans usually saw it, they would have shouted: “It’s so handsome!”

Today’s fans just looked at him with a complicated look on their faces as they muttered: “Oh, isn’t the leader a bit too much? He is still a minor, and his legs are already disabled, so why are you still attacking people.”

“You want to bully Your Majesty!”

“Although the leader is a bit…cough, he is a bit venomous. After education, it can still be forgiven.”

As for the sister Knights, they were appeased under Liu Yan’s leadership. Well, she did not let them scream in anger and interfere with the shooting.

According to the development of the plot, Si Huang was naturally unaffected. Instead, he almost vomited blood when he An Yiyuan hit him with a fluttering palm.

The atmosphere between the two immediately froze.

This scene was an extremely harsh test of micro-acting skills, they had to use eyes and facial expressions to explain everything.

An Yiyuan Jun’s evil smile disappeared, his dark eyes were like an unsheathed sword, his lips were pursed into a line, and his rare and serious appearance was so manly that fans who had always been accustomed to his evil and charming appearance began wowing. However, Si Huang, who was opposite him, was not suppressed by him. He was still indifferent as if he was not stained by the fine dust. No matter how violent the storm was, he would still stand still.

“If someone is disrespectful to the royal family, they should be cut down!” An Yiyuan said slowly, it did not have the need for later voice actors’ dubbing, his words were already heavy and majestic, which shocked the hearts of everyone who heard it.

A group of men in guard costumes took out their weapons and surrounded Si Huang.

The camera was raised, it first froze on An Yiyuan, and then turned to freeze on Si Huang. Director Liu, who was looking at the screen, clenched his fists and looked forward to it in his heart—this was the first scene where Young Master Qianji appeared, and it was the first impression he would give to the audience in the future. It could be said that the biggest highlight of this scene was Young Master Qianji, but could Si Huang hold it?

Not only Director Liu, but fans outside were also pushing, wanting to see the development of the plot more clearly.

“Heh.” A shallow laughter, without much emotion, however still carrying a bit of a nasal tone, as if it came from a distant deep valley sounded, it turned into a ray of breeze and got into the ear, making one feel itchy and numb to the bottom of their hearts.

Young Master Qianji raised his eyelids, he had been expressionless just now. His eyes were like deep-sea black pearls brushing away the tulle, moist, bright and bottomless. His eyebrows stretched out, and his completely exposed eyes stared at the people in front of him, but no one seemed to land in them. His pale pink lips outlined a smile, and he said: “Where did you get the courage to use force in Qianji Villa?”

Those raised jaws and flying eyes were like an ink painting, and the tone was not threatening, he even had a little smile on his face, as if watching a child making unreasonable trouble, blowing the tyrant image created by An Yiyuan to pieces. Looking at the indifferent ‘Prince Feng Chao’, he was like a rebellious child in the second phase of middle school, who was arrogant and domineering because of the crowd.

“Pfft—” I don’t know who laughed first.

Immediately afterwards, the fans all laughed, and at the same time, their joyful shouts sounded.

“Your Majesty is so handsome! You can’t be any more handsome!”

“Hahahaha! I suddenly feel that the leader is also cute, is this arrogant and awkward?”

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I love you ah ah ah ah!”


An Yiyuan was reluctant to admit it but seeing Si Huang’s smile and his last squinting gaze meeting his own, he felt a little out of the way.

Fortunately, this scene ended here, and Director Liu’s ‘cut’ also sounded. After the scene completely broke out, the shouts of the fans were about to break through the sky for fear that no one could hear them. He heard the voices of ‘Your Majesty’ and ‘The leader was counterattacked’ and ‘The leader is awkward and cute’ and was almost drunk. He almost couldn’t keep the expression on his face.

“Take a rest.” Director Liu watched the scene just now again, nodded with satisfaction, then with a rare smile on his face, he shouted to Si Huang and others, “Wait to hang on the wires, it is Si Huang’s first time, if you don’t understand, ask An Yiyuan for advice.”

During the intermission, An Yiyuan was surrounded by assistants, who delivered water to him, and repaired his makeup. He didn’t take the initiative to say hello to Si Huang, and Si Huang glanced at him and didn’t bother him either.

It was just that this scene fell into the eyes of female fans outside, and immediately inspired infinite motherhood.

“Why doesn’t Your Majesty even have an assistant? Isn’t Your Majesty the eldest young master of Fenghua Entertainment?”

“You don’t know? Your Majesty’s debut didn’t depend on his family at all, he is planning to start from scratch!


They didn’t lower the volume when they were discussing, Si Huang was also amused when he heard it, he just shook his head when he saw Du Qiang trotting over with a thermos bottle.

“Your Majesty, are you tired? I cooked this soup for you in the morning!” Du Qiang said.

Si Huang looked at her in surprise.

Du Qiang was a little embarrassed, “This…let’s not drink it, after all…” There was an incident in the entertainment circle where a star received something from a fan and was poisoned after eating it. Since then, the average idol star would not accept the food sent by fans casually.

Du Qiang was about to take the thermos back when she was held by a hand in the middle. She raised her head excitedly and saw Si Huang’s soft smile with narrowed eyes, “I’m hungry.”

Du Qiang: “…” After watching the male god in front of her take a few sips of her soup, she recovered from that smile. “Ah, ah, ah!” After screaming, Du Qiang, ignoring Yu Xi’s speechless expression, ran to Liu Yan’s group and announced loudly: “Completed the task! I will take good care of Your Majesty, you guys. Just rest assured and watch from the side!”

The knight sisters showed her fierce looks. Nima! Are you so hateful?

Liu Yan made a quiet gesture to the girls with a blank face, and then strode toward the crew.

Ershui: Master An, how do you feel about today? ∩_∩An

Yiyuan: Who will come and collect this monster! QAQ

Ershui: Tsk~←. ←

An Yiyuan: Don’t leave after school! Ou

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