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Yu Xi received a call from Si Huang and went downstairs to wait in the parking lot.

With the night wind blowing, he wrapped his coat around him and looked up to see an army green off-road vehicle approaching and stopping not far away from him.

A tall man got down from the driver’s seat, Yu Xi opened his eyes, and secretly thought: He looks familiar. Before he could remember where he had seen this figure, he saw the passenger car door open, and a familiar slender figure came out.

The two stood together, he did not know what they were talking about, but the picture was surprisingly harmonious.

At this moment, Si Huang turned his head and looked at Yu Xi, then said to Qin Fan, “I’m leaving.” Regardless of whether Qin Fan had something to say, she walked towards Yu Xi.

Yu Xi looked at the person who had come to his side, moved his lips but still didn’t ask the question stuck in his throat. When he was about to enter the door, he turned to look at the man, and found that the tall man was still standing there looking at him. Because he was facing him, he could see the man’s appearance clearly, his expression froze, and even his footsteps stopped.

Si Huang: “What’s the matter?”

Yu Xi returned to his senses, “That person…”

“Huh?” She narrowed her eyes lazily and looked sideways.

Yu Xi swallowed his saliva and calmly said, “He looks so handsome.”

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, recalling Qin Fan’s appearance, it was indeed a top-level appearance, even if one looked in the entertainment industry, he was especially tall, strong with a not exaggerated figure, he also had the kind of military abstinence that exuded a wild, sexy and contradictory atmosphere, it could not be compared to anyone in the present or ten years in the future that she had experienced in her previous life.

The two went back to the hotel room without another word.

Thanks to Yu Xi, this time Si Huang’s ‘night tour’ was not discovered by Director Liu and the others.

After taking a bath in the room and putting on a clean bathrobe, Si Huang lay on the soft bed, his chest untied and relaxed.

“Buzz-” The phone on the bed vibrated.

Si Huang reached out to take a look and saw the caller ID, so she answered it.

“Ready to go to bed?” Qin Fan’s low hoarse voice penetrated into her ears through the speaker of her mobile phone, which sounded more sexy than usual, and less oppressive like he couldn’t wait to get close.

Si Huang guessed that he had just come out of the shower, because his voice seemed to be full of moisture, so she asked: “Just finished washing?”

Qin Fan: “Hmm.”

There was a faint rustling voice in her ear, so Si Huang wondered again, was he wiping his hair? Then she said, “What’s the matter? I’m going to sleep.”

Qin Fan was silent for a while.

Si Huang felt that since he had nothing to say, she should hang up. Just as she was about to press her finger, she heard Qin Fan’s voice come out: “Can you sing?”

What was this? Si Huang thought for a while, “Yes.”

Qin Fan: “If you don’t want to talk, just sing me a song.”


“I can’t sleep.”

Si Huang wanted to say that it was none of his business if he couldn’t sleep. However, the voice of Five Treasure sounded: [Your Majesty! It seems that his condition is a bit serious, and he can’t even sleep, tsk tsk.]

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and she said to the phone lightly: “Want me to sing to put you to sleep?”

Qin Fan: “…Well.” Although he hesitated a bit, he still admitted it. Si Huang’s heart beat a little, and she felt that the first impression of this person in her previous life, as well as the rumors she heard later, were really different from reality. How to say? She touched her nose. This was probably the so-called contrast cuteness, right? With a high-cold imperial face, his imposing manner was like that of an African lion, and he was usually fierce and domineering.

But after getting along, he felt that this person was not scary at all, and he would always be obedient in front of her.

“I’ll try, if it doesn’t work…”

“I won’t bother you.” Qin Fan said directly.

Si Huang was dumbfounded, and then started humming softly.

She didn’t sing the lyrics, her humming voice was more delicate than usual, a bit indefinable, ethereal and low-pitched, like the boundless sky and sea, like the siren’s singing, gentle and confusing, dragging people into the deep sea of indulgence.

“Horrrrrrrr—” In less than ten seconds, a snoring sound from the other end of the phone interrupted Si Huang’s humming. She froze for a moment, then determined that the snoring sound at the other end was Qin Fan who had fallen asleep. Her complexion was unpredictable, and finally she laughed out loud.


The next day, Si Huang still got up early. After the morning run, she had breakfast and came to the crew with Yu Xi.

This time, the staff in the crew had a completely different attitude towards them. They greeted them with a smile, or they gave way with respect. They didn’t know if it was because Si Huang’s performance from yesterday was respected by them, or because Tie Lao and Grandma Yu had recognized him as a relation.

Si Huang didn’t seem to notice these changes, how he faced them before, was how he still faced them now.

Du Qiang had been waiting for her in the dressing room since early, and when she saw Si Huang come in, she whispered, “Your Majesty, the first scene of your appearance is going to be filmed today. It’s an on-location shoot, so you need to prepare in advance.”

Si Huang nodded and sat down. She sat on the chair and let Du Qiang arrange her face.

With such close contact, Du Qiang could even see her eyelashes clearly. She felt excited and cheered herself up secretly, and then said, “Your Majesty, can you let me be your temporary makeup artist? I can do your make up when you are shooting on location.”

Si Huang didn’t raise his eyes because she was applying eyeliner, but the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and the soft smile with his eyes lowered made him look clean and gentle, “I also want to thank you.”

“No, no!” Du Qiang was so happy, that there was a throbbing and a cheerful tone, “I am Your Majesty’s knight, this is what I should do!”

What the hell was a knight? Yu Xi, who was standing on the side, secretly remembered and decided to check when he was free.

After Si Huang finished her makeup and changed into her costume, Du Qiang also packed up her makeup kit and happily followed her footsteps.

As soon as they went out, they saw An Yiyuan, who was also dressed in his costume, and Guan Li, who was dressed in neat autumn clothes.

“Are you all ready?” Director Liu, who had just arrived, asked them, while his eyes swept over Si Huang.

The several people said it was fine.

Director Liu gave an order, and the group of people got in the car and rushed to shoot the location.

Guan Li and An Yiyuan had their own nanny cars, Si Huang and Director Liu took a car together, while Yu Xi and Du Qiang shared the car with the staff.

Director Liu looked at Si Huang with meaningful eyes, and tsked, “I’m surprised, you really don’t need Fenghua’s resources, you are so familiar with Teacher Yu, why don’t you even have an assistant.” He still couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked.

Si Huang said indifferently: “I came out in a hurry, I had no time to prepare, and I have no money.”

“Ms. Yu is not short of people.”

“I don’t need so many people now.”

Director Liu stopped talking as he looked at the boy beside him. The big boy, his eyes were clear and unshakable, so he didn’t think that Si Huang was young, competitive and refused to borrow the help of others, but he really thought that he had his own ideas and plans.

However, Director Liu, who was still praising Si Huang for being self-reliant and self-confident, soon realized how foolish his worries were.


“Ah, ah! It’s the leader, the leader, come over here!”

“The leader An is so handsome!”

“Queen Guan! Goddess! The real person is even more beautiful!”

Many locals who learned the news, or fans who had specially come to gather, immediately shouted when they saw An Yiyuan, Guan Li and others who got off the nanny car, but were blocked by the security guards arranged by the management.

Director Liu’s car arrived at the back. Originally, he didn’t attract attention, but it was different with Si Huang following him.

Young Master Qianji’s snow-white costume embroidered with plum blossoms shone in the sun, and immediately attracted attention, plus Si Huang’s tall figure was enough to stand out from the crowd. His delicate face with light makeup where no traces of make-up under the sun could be seen, fair and jade-like skin without blemishes, long eyebrows which touched his temples, eyes like springs, and an elegance that seemed to say that even dust couldn’t touch him, captured everyone’s eyes in an instant.

The scene suddenly fell silent, and then a scream was heard: “Fuck—! Who is this!?”

“I know! He’s the newcomer who plays the young master Qianji! I’ve seen him and the sect master together in the promotional video!” A girl shouted in surprise: “I thought it was the promotional clip that made people look handsome, how can he be even more handsome in real life! And so tender! So tender!”

“Your Majesty—!” The mixed voices overshadowed all the other sounds, “Your Majesty! Your Majesty! We are your knights!”

“Your Majesty! Don’t be tired!”

“Your Majesty! Take care of your health!”

“Your Majesty! Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

The rhythmic and disciplined shouts and greetings left Director Liu and the others stunned for a while. Si Huang also stopped and looked in the direction of the sound—a group of girls were looking over at him, and the girl standing at the front had dark, straight hair, and phoenix eyes, and her expressionless face looked very stable.

After seeing the girl’s appearance, Director Liu’s expression changed, “Yanyan! Why are you here!?”

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