RCFS Ch. 72: Winning the First Place 4

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This damn waste!!!

Ye Wanting was about to explode.

The drug dealer had already been found, but in the end she let him run away!

If her legs were all right, that person would’ve never been able to run!!!

“You bastard…”

Before the words were finished, Ye Yunxi had already flown to catch up, and she had no time to talk to Ye Wanting.

This was the first time, she reluctantly accepted it!

She quickly rushed to the end of the corridor, Lao Niu ran faster, and when he saw Ye Yunxi, he subconsciously wanted to jump out of the window and leave, but Ye Yunxi had already jumped high!

Want to run?

It’s not that easy!

The full strength state brought her back to the peak mode, and the flying kicks were also done in a chic and beautiful manner.

With one kick, the drug dealer’s cheek was deflated, and Lao Niu broke the window and fell into the small alley behind.

Ye Yunxi flew down, with her long hair dancing, her clothes fluttering, her volley movements were unusually standard and handsome, and she stepped on the belly of Lao Niu with great precision.


Lao Niu rolled his eyes on the spot.

Holy crap, was this woman still a human!!!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]


The pitch-black muzzles all aimed at Ye Yunxi in a surrounding posture.

The SWAT officers in dark uniforms and helmets were tough and handsome, like heavenly soldiers falling from the sky!

But what shocked them even more was Ye Yunxi.

Was this girl sixteen only seventeen years old?

Breaking down the window and jumping from the second floor, was not an easy task?

Not to mention that her landing posture was so beautiful that it was impeccable, and not only she pounced on him but also defeated him!

The drug dealer passed out on the spot.

She was so strong, so strong, it felt like if she was to be recruited in the SWAT team right now, she could go to work directly without training!

The men turned on the admiration mode for Ye Yunxi.

This could be heard from the Awesomeness XP ding sounds that kept ringing in her head.

It went up by 120 in one go!!


Ye Yunxi gathered her long hair.

Why were the SWAT here?

Were they her to catch the drug dealers?

While she was still in doubt, someone lowered the dark muzzle and stood in front of Ye Yunxi calmly and stubbornly.

Di Junxie was still in a suit that fit him perfectly, and his extremely beautiful facial features carried a little praise. The more he looked at this little woman, the more pleasing he found her.

“Young Emperor, this…”

The team leader couldn’t help but sigh, were Junyao’s candidate too strong this year?

“Take the people away.”


They picked up the dying Lao Niu and took him away, but before that, the team leader planned to send the person to the hospital for a check-up. They didn’t know if he was suffering from a concussion.

“Young Emperor, don’t go?”

Emperor Junxie waved his hands, signalling them to go first.


My wife is here, why would I leave?

“Why are you everywhere?”

Ye Yunxi patted the dust off her clothes and stood up.

Di Junxie didn’t care, he just hooked the corner of his mouth, his slender eyes were as deep as the vast stars, penetrating everything, and quietly fell on Ye Yunxi’s face.

Fingers with thin calluses wiped Ye Yunxi’s tender cheeks, and then gently raised her tender chin, the emperor looked down at her like he was the king of the world.

Such a man was strong and domineering, giving Ye Yunxi the illusion of being suppressed.

“Do you think your mission is perfect enough this time?”


Ye Yunxi laughed, pushed the man’s hand away, and the suppressed breath disappeared, which made her feel a lot more relaxed.

She loosened her neck lazily, and after the crackling sound, she became a little more relaxed.

“It will be perfect when I finish cleaning up a person.”

Did Ye Wanting think she was stupid? Couldn’t see anything?

Seeing that he didn’t need to remind her, Di Junxie hooked the corner of his mouth, lowered his head and lit a cigarette, then he raised his head, and exhaled a smoke ring.

“I’ll wait for you to come back and have a celebration feast.”

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