SN Ch. 67

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After seeking Mr. Huo’s approval, the online game company selected a picture for each of Yan Qing’s looks, announced her identity as the spokesperson on Weibo, and also announced that the promotional song and MV would be launched soon.

When it was about Yan Qing, big and small things could become the focus, so Lin Yuan, as a manager, was often gratified as she could save a lot of money to buy hot search, this kind of physique with its own heat would make many actresses in the circle hate her so much that it might make their teeth itch.

The major marketing accounts were naturally not to be outdone, the screen was full of little princess for a while, the number of reposts was also rising visible to the naked eye, the number of fans was increasing rapidly, and the sunspots were never late.

“My mother, she looks so immortal in ancient costumes?! I died, thinking that I escaped her trap in the talent show, singer Qing, and it was my kindness not to black her. I never expected to be hit by the bullseye by ancient costumes?! Is it too late to blow it up now!”

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, there is always a plaything by my side, and she relies on her face as a substitute.”

“That is, one day Mr. Huo will get tired of her, then when Yan Qing starts acting coquettishly, just wait for her to be ashamed. How can there be any resources for her? She most likely would have to be banned from the entire network.”

“@Evil husband and wife lost their job today, I wonder why they are not divorced yet!”

“In addition, fans of a certain family should not use a few static and refined pictures to brag about her and call her the goddess of ancient costumes, there isn’t even a single picture, how easy is it for a goddess to seal?”

There was a lot of commotion on Weibo, and Lin Yuan was watching from behind, thinking about whether to interfere with the trend of public opinion, when Huo Yunshen’s large size in formal attire went online without warning, and he posted concisely nine private pictures, and a small video attached.

In the pictures, the little princess was dressed in a costume, from the bright and beautiful girl to the poignant beauty of the subjugated country, under his camera, she was dazzling, and she looked more agile and pretty than refined. In the short video, she twirled her skirt, as he called her “Mrs. Madam” in a low voice.

The man’s voice was already magnetic and cold, when he called out the word in a lingering manner, it was so heart-wrenching that the whole internet was screaming.

Raw picture? He would send it.

Dismantle their CP? Dream on.

The CP fans of the affectionate couple simply took the imperial decree and jumped higher than Yan Qing’s fans, and they were full of chicken blood.

“I beg you to beat them, Huo Yunshen! You don’t need fans to worry about it every time, you come forward and tell the truth yourself!”

“Damn it, even if they get divorced in the end, I will admit it! This kind of sweetness is unique in the entire entertainment industry, and there is no substitute! I respect you first.”

“What’s wrong with being a substitute? What’s so good about those who are not even good substitutes?”

Yan Qing had already removed her make-up, lay on the bed and swiped her phone, then she dragged Huo Yunshen beside her, and asked him if she didn’t understand something: “Why do they say I’m a substitute?” Huo Yunshen took her mobile phone away.

A child with this kind of memory was really not suitable to learn from adults to surf the Internet randomly. He covered her eyes and coaxed: “You asked for it yourself. Now, the child should go to bed.”

Yan Qing pleaded: “Let me read two more chapters of the novel—”

Huo Yunshen glanced at the words ‘Overbearing president’s pretty secretary’ on the page. Xu Mohan had sent her this novel to relieve her boredom before. He sighed, pinched her face, and waited for her to finish reading two chapters, and then turned off the lights on time.

It seemed that on the same night as before, Yan Qing also fell into a deep sleep, but when she woke up the next morning and received the basic information, Huo Yunshen was unable to catch up for a few minutes.

“You, you, you…you just used me as a substitute! How can you just take me home and sleep! I am your wife after all, and you made me lose my memory, what should I do?!”

The little girl looked extremely serious, biting his lip, she was filled with righteous indignation, her face was still a little red, and she grabbed the quilt to cover her body.

After Huo Yunshen was stunned, he remembered Dr. He’s explanation at the beginning, saying that when his wife got used to it, maybe she would make up the plot related to him by herself.

As a result, the little fool learned to brain supplement for the first time today, and the elements were those few key words and that overbearing CEO novel she read before going to bed?

Huo Yunshen came to his senses and didn’t correct her. Instead, he raised his eyebrows very cooperatively, asked back, and set a trick by the way: “What’s wrong with sleeping? Didn’t you take the initiative?”

“I took the initiative?!” Yan Qing had an OMG face. Was she so passionate before she lost her memory, “Boss, don’t lie to me!”

Huo Yunshen leaned over, his lips approached her, and his warm breath brushed the tip of her nose.

Looking at Yan Qing’s fair skin that was obviously warming up, he was willing to enter the role and help her fill in the plot, and turned his back on the guest with a smile: “Who was it last night, whose legs were wrapped around me, whose waist was as soft as cotton, and who couldn’t bear to sleep in the middle of the night. Why, because of amnesia, you don’t want to be responsible for me anymore?”

Yan Qing stared at him in shock, and after a long while, she spoke weakly, and asked without confidence: “Well, you, do you still need me to be responsible for you?”

After Yan Qing promised to be responsible for him, Huo Yunshen took the time to contact Dr. He, at this time his smile disappeared, and he described the abnormality this morning in a cold voice.

Dr. He sighed: “Mr. Huo, it’s the fifteenth day today, and your wife’s endurance has been exhausted. This kind of fragmented confusion in her is a symbol of her spirit gradually collapsing. We don’t have much time left.”

He didn’t say more words, because he believed that Mr. Huo understood.

There was also a limit to this kind of play, and every time it was counting down.

Huo Yunshen hadn’t finished making the phone call yet, and Yan Qing, who was well dressed, spontaneously found a wrap dress and came over. Her character was well shaped, and she knocked on the door reservedly: “Boss, since it has happened, I can consider maintaining this relationship with you, but it’s a private matter, I still have to go to class, right? When will I go to the company?”

This was still a very dedicated little secretary.

Huo Yunshen put away his phone and turned to look at her.

Very well, the secretary-general’s hair was drooping, her bumpy figure was perfectly wrapped in a skirt, she had put on makeup and red lips, in case others wouldn’t know that she was hot and sultry.

Go to work?

He would want to go to the office to meet her.

Huo Yunshen pursed his thin lips into a line, walked towards her, took her by the wrist and went downstairs, put his coat on her body, wrapped it tightly, and said coldly: “Let’s go to work.”

Twenty days of silence, he couldn’t wait anymore, because of Qingqing’s situation, he had to race against time, he needed to go to Huo Corporation and give Huo Linchuan some stimulation.

Huo Yunshen intentionally ignored his appearance, he didn’t wear a suit, only a shirt, the sleeves of which were rolled up, and the neckline was unbuttoned casually, his brows were gloomy, which startled Min Jing who was driving, and he didn’t dare to show his attitude along the way, but he kept looking back quietly from the rear view mirror.

Brother Shen, why was he in this state, like returning to the two days when his wife had an accident.

Yan Qing was also secretly poking at him, the boss’s dissatisfied expression… Could it be that she didn’t do enough last night!

When the car arrived at Huo Corporation’s headquarters building, Huo Yunshen told Min Jing to go through the main entrance instead of entering the underground garage. After the car was parked, he grabbed Yan Qing’s hand: “Let Min Jing take you and wait for me in the upstairs office.”

The gloomy aura couldn’t restrain her completely for a while, which further strengthened Yan Qing’s thoughts.

She blinked, couldn’t help leaning over, and whispered softly: “Boss, don’t do this, I’ll be responsible for you after the evening is over…”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes jumped, and he couldn’t restrain his strength to hold her tighter.

After watching Yan Qing walk into the revolving glass door, Huo Yunshen got out of the car, stared at her disappearing back, and quickened his pace to chase after her, pretending to be abandoned in the car by her.

He stopped when he was about to step into the building.

After a few months, he still remembered standing in the same position in winter and feeling a sharp line of sight, but at that time there was a lot of traffic, so he put it aside.

Now that line of sight pierced his back again.

Who it was, was self-evident.

Huo Yunshen faced the glass door, the corners of his lips curled up, and he didn’t turn his head.

It was good that Huo Linchuan was here, it was better for him to stare harder, to stimulate him to carry out his ideal revenge earlier, and let Qingqing recover.

Huo Yunshen seldom went to the lobby of the group, but today he passed by specially. Those faces that used to be filled with fear when they saw him, after this period of time, had taken on a layer of subtlety. It was just that due to the habit of bowing their heads over the past few years, they still dare not make trouble with him.

Taking the elevator to the top floor, he saw that his little secretary was waiting in the office.

When she saw him arrive, her red lips were tense: “Why is there no place for me in the secretary’s room?”

Huo Yunshen smiled lightly, without speaking, he raised his knuckle index finger, and gestured to her with a “shh”.

The door of the office was ajar, and not long after, he received another text message on his mobile phone containing the video from three years ago.

Huo Linchuan witnessed his embarrassment with his own eyes, so he came to add fuel to the fire at the right time.

Huo Yunshen looked sideways at Yan Qing, raised his hand silently, and taught her to cover her ears, and Yan Qing obediently followed suit. At the moment she finished covering her ears, he slammed the phone to the ground, and there was a loud “bang”, and the screen was shattered, and the glass flew out along the crack of the door and fell into the corridor.

Soon there was the sound of footsteps rushing from outside.

Huo Yunshen pressed the remote control in time, and the door was closed and locked, except for a few shards of broken screen left outside, isolating all sights and noises.

It won’t be long before the whole group got to know that Mr. Huo had gone uncharacteristically out of control, and had acted violently in anger.

He was no longer indestructible, he was just a broken lunatic now, enough for Huo Linchuan to enjoy himself and speed up the last step.

He couldn’t wait for the “death” that could cure Qingqing.

Yan Qing raised her heart to her throat, and repeatedly made sure that the voices in the office would not come out, so she asked, “Boss, what are you doing?”

Huo Yunshen stared at her deeply, and gradually put away the gloom all over his body. The laziness in his attire brought out his rebellious and unruly youth. He lowered the curtains one by one, and turned on a lamp with soft and warm light.

The huge office had become a private space that no one could intrude in.

The air was stirring with unspeakably thick undercurrents.

Yan Qing swallowed involuntarily, and the palms of the hands she held felt inexplicably hot.

“You, do you drink coffee…”

She tried her best to find a topic.

Huo Yunshen seemed to be smiling but not smiling, his black pupils fixed on her body, his eyes seemed to have substance, from her reddened cheeks and ear, he caressed her chest and waist inch by inch, and his voice was hoarse: “I want to drink something sweet.”

Yan Qing just felt being swept by him like this, her skin seemed to be stabbed by tiny electric currents, and it was the itching because of which her body instinctively gushed out.

What was the situation.

She came to work, why… She seemed to have fallen into the jaws of a tiger.

A burning fire was burning in Huo Yunshen’s deep chest. Yan Qing had no memory of him. No matter how difficult it was, he restrained his impulse and only kissed her as much as possible.

Now, instead, she had made up an identity suitable for his presumptuousness.

The repressed blood, every time he looked at her, he wanted to hug, suck, and lick her, and she had finally given him an outlet to vent.

When Yan Qing went to the drink area, her fingers were burning, and she rummaged around in a hurry to find something sweet.

As soon as she touched Juice’s side, a pair of hands wrapped around her waist from behind.

All the turbulent enthusiasm seemed to find its root at this moment.

Yan Qing didn’t have time to think about how outrageous this office romance was, she had already turned around uncontrollably, the man’s five fingers penetrated into her long hair, he lifted the back of her head, and pressed down his scorching lips.

Yan Qing forgot to close her eyes, her lips and tongue were captured by Huo Yunshen, and while the sound of sucking was lingering, she was determined to meet his aggressive black pupils.

“Drink it, it’s sweet,” he said hoarsely, rubbing her eyelids with his fingertips, “Listen to the boss, and close your eyes when kissing.”

When Yan Qing lowered her eyes, she was picked up in the air, and after a few bumps, she was made to sit down on a large desk.

But at this moment, he sneaked between her knees, leaned into her ear and said, “You don’t have a place in the secretary’s office because I want to marry you as my wife.”

“So,” the tip of his wet tongue scraped, “I don’t want to wait for the night, can you please be responsible to me in advance?”

Yan Qing didn’t understand until this moment when she lost her composure, why she and the boss had an affair from the office, and in a blink of an eye, it became an office where she couldn’t be talked about.

That night, Huo Yunshen took his little secretary home, and before going to bed, he deliberately deleted those weird novels that Xu Mohan had sent her.

He was satisfied, but this thing was really poisoning Qingqing’s mental health.

Huo Yunshen patiently told Qingqing stories, picking out the ones she liked to listen to and was interested in, thinking that tomorrow morning he would be able to harvest a little cutie who could comprehend the normal plot.

Unexpectedly, Yan Qing glanced at her phone while he turned off the light.

She didn’t know which hell app pushed a piece of gossip news that a certain rich woman went to the Baima clubhouse to spend a lot of money to spend a luxurious birthday for her sugar baby.

Then at dawn, after Yan Qing learned that she had lost her memory, her watery eyes looked at the seemingly priceless Huo Yunshen from head to toe, her heart was pounding, and she asked cautiously, “Sorry, I forgot… you. Isn’t this jacket very expensive?”

Huo Yunshen was silent for a few seconds before laughing angrily.

He touched his buttons with his long fingers, undid them without hesitation, and threw the jacket aside.

“Expensive, in order not to make you lose money, let’s do it a few more times.”

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