YXBG Ch. 5: Yuanyuan

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Mao Ruiying rushed over and pulled Yin Xiaomei away. She was now in front of the panicked face of Song Yuanyuan. “Good ah! Dare to eat in the class!” She glared at her with sullen eyes. Song Yuanyuan squatted and looked at Yin Xiaomei pitifully.

“Teacher, today is the first day, she didn’t know the rules!” Yin Xiaomei immediately helped her friend.

Mao Ruiying just remembered that indeed today was the first day of school, so she had to restrain herself. “Okay! This time, I will not punish you. But I have to confiscate all the snacks!” She rudely took all the snacks of Song Yuanyuan. Then she got up and walked away. While walking out, she remembered that there was a little girl who had informed her, she immediately smilingly approached her and said: “Child, you’re a good girl, what’s your name?”

The girl seemed to be waiting for this sentence “My name is Lin Di[1]!” She was very proud to shout it out.

The First ….? Yin Xiaomei felt chilled, how was this name so contrasting with her, it could be called a destined battle!

However, Mao Ruiying nodded with approval and left with the big bag full of food. Song Yuanyuan smacked her lips, her face was depressed, her thick little finger was picking at the table, and she was so aggrieved that she couldn’t speak. “It’s all right!” Xiaomei comforted her, “Be careful next time, Ah!”.

She looked at Lin Di, who was standing not far away, and could not help but feel helpless. Her type of people who loved to make small reports were very troublesome.

She found an excuse to go to the teacher’s office. She saw the Owl rummaging through the snack bag, and her mouth was full of food. Sure enough, she did not expect that she would eat it herself, while acting righteously in front of them. She grinned dissatisfied. This owl, Xiaomei would give her some good education.

Next was the math class. The math teacher was a very handsome and elegant man, who looked very imposing, and there were even some small jokes in the middle of the class to attract everyone’s attention. Yin Xiaomei learned very happily. She turned to Song Yuanyuan and said, “This teacher is great!”

“Yes!” Yuanyuan looked at the man on the podium and said listlessly: “Mr. Li is a national outstanding teacher; many schools have requested to hire him. But the principal was savvier, and he paid a lot of money to keep him. He is really good, and maybe he will go to the Education Bureau in a few years!”

“How do you know that Ah?” Xiaomei was surprised she knew everything so clearly.

“Xiaomei, please answer this question.” The gentle male voice sounded, and Yin Xiaomei was shocked. God, had she stepped on shit[2] today? Why was everyone pointing at her.

She couldn’t help but lament the amazing memory of these teachers. How could he remember her name, when he only called her once? Or was it because she was wearing a very flashy pink colored dress today?

She stood up with the speed of a turtle, and her expression was more frustrated than Song Yuanyuan on the side.

Teacher Li looked at her gently. “Count from one to one hundred, I just explained the little trick.”

Xiaomei stared at the teacher very embarrassedly. She had problems with counting to ten. Not to mention counting to one hundred. She hemmed and hawed for a long while, but finally she had to give up: “I…I don’t know….”

“Next time listen carefully.” The teacher motioned for her to sit down. Yin Xiaomei had a bitter face and pouted. Unfortunately, she must learn with these teachers for this semester.

Lin Di turned to look at her provocatively, and then raised her hand highly, with the speed of a cannon. Teacher Li was obviously a little surprised because he did not really want to ask Yin Xiaomei, just wanted her to listen to the class. However, he still said: “Then, Lin Di will answer!”

Lin Di stood up and did not even stop to take a breath. Xiaomei looked at her very worriedly. She won’t be suffocated, right?

“Lin Di is…very good.” Teacher Li couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous seeing the little girl’s passion. But Lin Di, who was praised, was very excited. She looked back sneering at Yin Xiaomei.

What is this? Xiaomei who had been in a bad mood suddenly realized and wondered why did she always look at her? Could it be that she was showing off to her? Although she didn’t understand how she suddenly became her imaginary enemy, Xiaomei suddenly felt the excitement of meeting an opponent-she had never met someone who dared to provoke her! Normal children were afraid of her. She thought and smiled coolly: If you have some ability just bring it on ah! I’m not afraid!

 Song Yuanyuan was upset. “Xiaomei… is your mouth cramped?”

“No!” Xiaomei still had the twitching smile on her face, with her gaze fixed on Lin Di.

Teacher Li only felt that infinite black lines were spreading across his head-were these two little girls waging a war?


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a group of primary school students emerged from the campus like locusts. Xiaomei saw Uncle Zhang excitedly waving his hand, and immediately ran towards him while shouting: “Uncle Zhang!” The little girl rushed over, and suddenly jumped on him like a monkey: “I missed you so much!” Although they had been separated for only one day, but it seemed that she hadn’t seen Uncle Zhang for a long time.

“Haha! Silly girl! Uncle Zhang also missed you! How was the school on the first day?!” Uncle Zhang hugged her and asked her happily and eagerly. The little girl looked good.

“Not fun!” She shook her head, very unhappy. At this time, she saw Song Yuanyuan walking slowly, and immediately shouted. “Yuanyuan! Yuanyuan!”

Song Yuanyuan looked as if she was still worrying about her own snacks and seemed depressed. Yin Xiaomei jumped down and happily pulled her over. “Uncle Zhang, this is my good friend at school, she is called Song Yuanyuan!”

“Greetings Grandfather,” Song Yuanyuan politely greeted him with a bow.

“Oh, hello, you are really a lovely little girl.” Uncle Zhang looked at her chubby face and held back the urge to pinch her face with difficulty.

Xiaomei saw her looking around and asked, “Have your parents not come to pick you up?”

“Mom already came,” Song Yuanyuan pointed at the woman who waved at her in the distance, and she smiled, “That’s my mom, I gotta go.”

“Okay, bye!” After Xiaomei said goodbye, she couldn’t help but look over there, only to see Yuanyuan’s mother’s face full of smiles, hugging her daughter.  “Eh?  Yuanyuan’s mother is not round at all! And she’s so tall, beautiful, has elegant hair and wearing a fitted suit, just like a Barbie doll!” She was a little confused, until Uncle Zhang urged: “Xiaomei get in the car. Mom and Ah Chun are going to make good food for you and Xiaofei. You can go back and eat it first.”

“So … Where’s my Gege? She felt awkward while spitting out the two words.

“Zhefei has extracurricular activities, swimming lessons and fencing classes in the afternoon. He will come back at six o’clock!”

Uncle Zhang took her to the car. “Let’s go back first, he is riding a bicycle.”

He had to say that Chang Mei was a bit biased. Originally, she insisted on picking up Xiaomei in person, but there were a lot of food ingredients that needed to be handled, so Uncle Zhang volunteered to come. Anyway, Yin Ruoji always cared about his identity so he would not show up to pick them up.

Swimming lessons? Xiaomei did not know that there were such extra-curricular activities. However, when she thought of swimming, she couldn’t help a bad idea immediately coming to her mind.

“Uncle Zhang, it’s still early to go back. I want to cut my hair. It’s already too long. Xiaomei likes short hair.” She looked at Uncle Zhang pleadingly. Her eyes were black with a little green mixed in, and with her doll-like face, it looked very lovely. Xiaomei was not a mixed-race child. Yet, Uncle Zhang suddenly felt as if she was.

“Well, I want to cut my hair!” Xiaomei begged.

“This…I cannot call the shots; I have to ask your mother.” Uncle Zhang was a little embarrassed, but Chang Mei had bought her a bunch of hairpins and hairbands. It would be a shame if she cut it. However, he couldn’t bear to refuse the child’s soft pleading after all and took her to the children barber shop.

Two people came back home after half an hour, Chang Mei saw a familiar but strange little boy at the door. She couldn’t help but scream when she saw that it was Xiaomei, and the same went with Ah Chun.

Uncle Zhang explained with a smile “Xiaomei wanted a haircut, and I only took her to the children barber shop. Chang Mei, you cannot blame me for this.”

That no-good Barber, actually said he would only cut a little, but instead put a big bowl on the kid’s head, then trimmed all the excess hair. Unfortunately, Xiaomei found it very good; there seemed to be some problems with this child’s aesthetics.

“No, what Uncle Zhang said, it just scared me.” Chang Mei smiled and looked at the strange bowl hairstyle of Xiaomei.

“This is good, I can make you wear some old clothes of Zhefei. When he comes back, you can scare him.” Although the child looked good with long hair, it was more interesting now.

At night, Yin Ruoji and his son came back almost at the same time. When they saw a small, beautiful boy wearing a black T-shirt and shorts in the house, they were both stunned and thought that Chang Mei had brought a boy back. But soon they found out that this was Xiaomei, Yin Zhefei immediately frowned. “Is ugly.”

Yin Ruoji laughed: “Xiaomei is really cute, just how did you get such a strange hairstyle?” It was only thanks to the little girl’s good looks, otherwise this bowl hairstyle would really look a bit strange.

“Xiaomei knows that Gege wants a younger brother! Now Xiaomei is a good brother. Does Gege still not like it?” Her big eyes stared at Yin Zhefei, full of expectations.

Yin Zhefei originally wanted to say something vicious, but looking at the big glass-like eyes, he didn’t say it, and just awkwardly threw out the word, “Good.”

Chang Mei moved her hands together. “Oh, Xiaomei is really a Good boy, why are you so embarrassed? Zhefei should take care of your sister in the future! Ok, today we will celebrate Xiaomei’s first day of school!”

Yin Zhefei struggled to hide his own emotions, “Today, I also entered the Junior High School department.”

“OK, by the way, we will also celebrate Zhefei entering into the Junior high school department.”  Chang Mei smiled.

What is this “by the way”?! Zhefei was gloomy again. Yin Xiaomei looked at him with a wink, trying to give him Moe Feels.

Yin Zhefei was tangled but didn’t show it on his face! Okay, she was adorable.

But, even then, he still didn’t care about this little girl.

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[1] Di means first.

[2] Stepping on shit is supposed to cause bad luck.

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