YXBG Ch. 4: The Witch

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Since the conflict, the two little guys had been quiet for a long time, and Chang Mei was relieved. She wished to think that the two children had reconciled. The next thing she had to do was to arrange for Xiao Mei to enroll in school.  Although Yin family had an extraordinary background, Yin Ruoji didn’t let Zhefei enter a private school.

He always said that it was not a good thing for a boy to learn about the noble life from an early age. He hoped his son could have a common life in his childhood, so Zhefei had always been studying in a public school not far from the rich residential area.

But Xiaomei was different! Chang Mei always felt that little girls should be treated specially. She planned to contact a private school in the suburbs; many children of the nobles also went to school there.

Yin Ruoji immediately expressed opposition. “Wife, if you let her enter that kind place, she would only become arrogant later, do you want Xiaomei to become like that?”

Chang Mei muttered. “But I was also from a private school!” She already thought about it. But wouldn’t it be better if Xiaomei and Zheifei took care each other? So, she asked, “Would you like to have our children attend the same school? So, they can take care of each other.”

However, Yin Zhefei felt that the idea was really terrible, and he shouted. “I refuse!”

“Refusal is Rejected.” Yin Ruoji affirmed.

“Let’s talk about it!” Zhefei sat in the opposite direction to him as if they were discussing some official matter: “I already said so many times about this issue, I study in public school, do you want to let her suffer with me or let her go to a private school, which is good for her future development.”

Ah Chun couldn’t help but smile and think that the young master’s speech only gave people a very cute feeling!

Yin Ruoji immediately looked at his son and frowned. “You will watch less news in the future, or your way of speaking will become more and more unfamiliar to me.”

Chang Mei couldn’t help but grin: “Zhefei’s official voice is even better than the official on the news.”

However, Yin Zhefei did not find it funny at all. His tone was obviously a little uneasy. “I only don’t want to be in same school as her. What’s more, how old is she, four or five years old?”

“Five-and-half-year-old.” Yin Ruoji said, “Although it is a little early, I think she is very smart and should be able to keep up with the primary school curriculum. And you have already advanced to the middle school, so the little sister will not be too troublesome to you. However, if someone bullies her, you must take revenge on those people”

“Husband!” Chang Mei blamed him for teaching bad things to children. “Tell the teacher, Zhefei, use your brain, don’t always use your fist.”

Yin Ruoji laughed. “Sometimes the fist is better than the brain.”

Yin Zhefei had a gloomy face and still wanted to say something. But Xiao Mei had already jumped down with a small pink schoolbag on her back, and she looked very happy with a pair of Chanel’s camellia children’s shoes on her feet.

“Dad! Mom! Look at Xiaomei!” She turned around triumphantly. “Does it look good?”

Everyone immediately surrounded this petite girl and praised her. Yin Ruoji immediately nodded and expressed appreciation. This mini little Chang Mei was really a gift from God to them? He suddenly felt that meeting her must have involved a little bit of fate.

For Yin Zhefei, there was nothing more annoying than this in the world!

Yin Xiaomei was the witch who stole his father and mother! He really hated her!


At the beginning of the new semester, Yin Xiaomei was led by her mother to the school. She forced herself to calm down and see the little girls of her age who surrounded her, then she sighed. Chang Mei comforted her “Xiaomei, get along well with the other students, ok.”

“Mom,” Xiaomei was led by her mother to the classroom and found that all the adults had been looking towards them. “Why do they all look at you?”

Chang Mei laughed. When she was young, she played in a movie. It was popular all over the country, but when she married, she retired and disappeared from the public eye. These parents who were similar to her age must have some impression about this, but she didn’t want Xiaomei to get shocked.

Then she looked at Xiaomei and said: “They are watching my little beauty, Xiaomei is the cutest. When you get to the class, you must study hard. Although Xiaomei is still young, Mommy believes that you will be fine. So, can you go in yourself?”

“Okay!” The little girl nodded with confidence. “Xiaomei can do it! Xiaomei will definitely study hard!”

She waved her hand to her mother and walked into the classroom. Most of the children her age had no idea about dresses and brands, but the appearance of such a beautiful girl still attracted the attention of the whole class, and immediately there were girls looking at her in a very friendly manner, hoping that she would sit next to them.

Xiaomei sat next to a chubby girl. The girl was obviously somewhat flattered, and her round eyes went very big. “Oh, hello, my name is Song Yuanyuan.” She seemed to be round all over her body, looking like many buns joined together.

“My name is Yin Xiaomei!” She chatted with Song Yuanyuan with a smile. This little girl was chubby and liked to eat!

The noisy classroom became silent when an obese middle-aged woman walked in and shouted harshly. “Quiet!”

Xiaomei saw the teacher’s nose looked like an eagle’s beak and could not help but shout at Song Yuanyuan. “This teacher looks like a witch.” Song Yuanyuan also realized that this teacher had resemblance with a witch and started snickering with Xiaomei.

“I’m telling you! You may be little princesses and little masters at home. When it comes to me, it doesn’t count at all! If anyone dares to mess around,” she glared out of muddy eyes, “I will personally take care of them!”

When the children heard it, they immediately sat straight in fear and did not dare to mess around. Only Yin Xiaomei turned around and wondered if she was a real teacher or a witch come here to scare people.

“Students, let me introduce myself.” The teacher glared. “My name is Mao Ruiying. I’ll teach you literature this semester.”

Yin Xiaomei smirked and said to Song Yuanyuan, “It’s more appropriate to call her the owl!” Her voice was too loud, and even the students around her heard it. All children shook their shoulders and laughed.

Mao Ruiying immediately picked up the pointer with dignity and slammed it on the podium! “Quiet!” The classmates all sat down immediately with their heads down, as if the pointer had hit them.

“When the teacher is talking, don’t whisper underneath! Your parents undoubtedly have not taught you this, but I will teach you slowly. Under my hands, no undisciplined children are allowed!” She glanced sternly. While looking around the class, she saw Yin Xiaomei secretly pouting her lips, her eyes narrowed, and a sneer slipped across her lips. Xiao Mei raised her head, saw the teacher staring at her, and immediately smiled flatteringly, causing the teacher to have goose bumps.

Then she started the class with a new book. The first class after that was English, the teacher who taught English looked very young and beautiful, but Xiaomei only listened for a while, and her thoughts began to run around.

Opposite the elementary school, across the huge playground, was the middle school. She stared at the bright windows there, thinking, Yin Zhefei must be attending school with a stinky face! She smirked and thought how could I have a chance to fix you if I am not in the same school as you?

“Yin Xiaomei, you come to answer this question.” The English teacher saw her eyes wandering, and the cold voice immediately woke her up like a pail of cold water.

Yin Xiaomei stood up and saw a line of English sentences on the blackboard.

“What does this mean?” Her thin little pointer pointed to the sentence, “Good morning.”

“Drumsticks[1]?” Xiaomei blinked.

The young teacher laughed. “Yes, you said, do you want Drumsticks?”

Xiaomei looked at the red faces of her classmates around her trying to suppress their smiles and sweat suddenly appeared on her forehead. This could be regarded as a failure to succeed; Yin Zhefei had not been rectified yet, and she had died first. She had no choice but to bite the bullet and say: “Because the cat is not good.”

The students couldn’t help it anymore, and they laughed loudly. Most of them started learning English early in kindergarten, so it was child play for them. Yin Xiaomei blushed, she never knew that such a cheeky guy like her would also have such an embarrassing moment.

“Sit down, listen to the class.” The English teacher who didn’t like to laugh was also teased by her to reveal a small white smile, and then she began to explain the meaning of the sentence.

Yin Xiaomei began to listen carefully. After class, she couldn’t help but blame Song Yuanyuan who was at the same table. “You should tell me…”

Song Yuanyuan looked up from the table with a look of innocence, her mouth was full of biscuit crumbs. “I don’t know, I have been eating!”

Xiaomei discovered that her table was full of snacks. From peaches to potato chips, from jelly seeds to dried fruit slices, everything was available. “Wow! You have so much to eat.” Xiaomei whispered. “But didn’t The Owl say that children should not bring snacks to school!”

“It’s okay,” Song Yuanyuan chewed with her cheeks bulging like a hamster. “She is just worried that I will leave trash on the ground. It’s okay to clean up when I leave.”

Yin Xiaomei was worried about the students who were around them complaining. “You are not afraid of other students telling the teacher!”

“Tell the teacher? Why?” Song Yuanyuan looked around with big eyes as if she did not understand. She ate her own things, if they want to eat, she will share with them.

“I don’t know,” Xiaomei thought back to when she was in the orphanage, she always had a child complaining. Although she didn’t provoke them, they had to mobilize and complain to the teacher.

It seems that some people were born to complain. She could only understand that.

The two people were talking, when she saw Mao Ruiying walking in from the door of the classroom with a little girl. She quickly said: “Yuanyuan, put it away!”

However, Mao Ruiying had already screamed. “What did I say? Who allowed you to eat in class?!”

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[1] It is pronounced as Gudao Maoni in Chinese.

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