TBVSR Ch. 5: Dancing Shoes

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Yuxi Middle School was the best private middle school in Beicheng, which was why Jiang Yu must enter this school even if Jiang Manyi was desperate to make money.

The 100% enrolment rate was too tempting. Even for the most naughty rich second generation, after studying in this school for three years, it was not difficult for them to be admitted to university.

Although the school’s teachers and supporting facilities were strong, however, the students in the school were on two extremes.

It was not about grades, it was about conduct.

This school gathered the best top students in the city, and also gathered boys and young ladies of the most powerful families in the city.

These people relied on the favour of their parents and the prominent family as their backing, and their greatest joy on weekdays was to find a sense of presence among the weak.

For example, at this time, outside the school gate, a group of eldest sisters pulled a girl into the alley: “You’re still haggling with the old lady!”

“I want you to help me with my homework because I look down on you.”

“I know how you got into Yuxi.”

Jiang Yu passed by the alley and saw the girl huddled pitifully in the corner, being bullied by the elder sisters grabbing her hair.

She recalled her last life, and every day after school was the beginning of her nightmares.

Weak and inferior people seemed to exude a certain atmosphere, which could always attract these bullies who liked to bully the weak.

In the last life, Jiang Yu was pushed and shoved into the corner by these elder sisters countless times. It was the easiest to slap her face and pull her hair. They even took off her clothes and took pictures to humiliate her…

People with low self-esteem, even if they were bullied, they would never make a sound because no one cared.

Jiang Yu clenched her fist, without thinking much, she rushed into the alley and shouted, “Stop!”

Those elder sisters stopped their movements, turned around, and saw Jiang Yu, with mocking smiles on their faces: “Oh, who is it this time, isn’t this the white swan.” The leader of the elder sisters was named He Zilu and she used to bully Jiang Yu a lot, knowing that she was studying ballet, and had a choreographed nickname “White Swan” which was used by her to mock her.

“I forgot to greet you during this time, but you came to my door yourself today.”

He Zilu stepped forward and prepared to deal with Jiang Yu to dispel her anger about the teacher calling her to the office today to criticize her.

However, just as she reached out to grab Jiang Yu’s collar, Jiang Yu took a step back, grabbed her wrist, turned her back against the wall, held her tightly, and took out a lighter from her bag.

Click, the lighter ignited.

Jiang Yu moved the flickering flames to He Zilu’s delicate cheeks.

He Zilu was stunned by this sudden change.

In front of her, Jiang Yu’s eyes were fierce and her brows were fixed, and she was completely different from the timid and pitiful person she remembered from the past!

It was like changing the core.

“Is it fun?” Her voice was low, with a deterrent power: “Is it fun to bully people?”

She brought the lighter in her hand close to He Zilu’s cheek, and she could feel the threat of the high temperature of the flames to her skin.

At first, He Zilu didn’t believe that she really dared to burn her, but it wasn’t until the flames caught a strand of hair on her ear and temples that she really began to be afraid.

“No, it’s not fun.”

“It’s not fun, why do you always enjoy it?” Jiang Yu said coldly: “Only bullying others can satisfy you and alleviate your failures in all aspects of school and life, right?

“You…you talk nonsense, I’m not…” The flames approached again, and He Zilu’s eyes were so frightened that tears rolled in her eyes: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’ll never do it again!”

Jiang Yu took out her mobile phone, took a picture of her begging for mercy, and patted her face with her mobile phone: “It’s really ugly to cry, next time if you will bully other classmates, I will post this video on the campus forum to let everyone see how you are crying and begging me for mercy.”

After speaking, she let go of He Zilu.

When the elder sisters behind them saw this, all three souls were reduced to two and a half souls[1] and they looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief.

She was still the poor little girl who was bullied by others in the past, but she was completely like a different person now!

The elder sisters left with He Zilu who was feeling weakness in her legs.

Jiang Yu also breathed a sigh of relief, took back the lighter, but turned her head to see the entrance of the alley, and saw a young man in a clean blue and white school uniform, who had stopped to look at her.

The youth’s eyes were dark, and the corners of his eyes were naturally raised, indifferent but not indifferent, gentle but not gentle.

It was Qiu Li.

Seeing the Yuxi Middle School uniform on him, Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment.

Was he my classmate?!

However, before she had time to think about it, Qiu Li had already walked away, as if he didn’t know her.

Jiang Yu didn’t bother to pay any attention to him, so she squatted down and helped the bullied girl in the corner to pick up the scattered homework and exam papers on the ground.

The girl’s name was Chen Wei, she was in Jiang Yu’s class.

Her family background was not very good, but she was in Yuxi Middle School because of her excellent grades.

Such excellent grades and such humble background made her a target of bullying by a stubborn and domineering elder sister like He Zilu.

In the past, Jiang Yu and Chen Wei were both sympathetic to each other, so they could chat for a while.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home.” Jiang Yu said to Chen Wei, “to save He Zilu from coming back later.”

Chen Wei nodded and walked home with Jiang Yu: “You seem to have changed today.”

“I have changed.” Jiang Yu kicked at the gravel under her feet: “I won’t be bullied again.” In the past, she felt inferior, cowardly, and didn’t dare to cause trouble. However, it turned out that this was a world of bullying where everyone feared the strong and bullied the weak.

All this tolerance will only allow oneself to sink into an abyss.

“By the way!” Chen Wei took off her schoolbag, brought out a crumpled poster from it, and gave it to Jiang Yu: “Well, here your idol, I saw it at the newsstand that day and bought it. I wanted to give it to you, as a thank you for your help today.”

Jiang Yu opened the poster, which was in black and white, and in the center of the picture was a woman dressed as a white swan dancing on tiptoe.

The woman stood on tiptoe on one foot, with one leg raised over her head, and had a graceful neck arc, like a graceful white swan ready to take off.

Bu Tanyan.

She was the highest-achieving ballet queen in China. She won a world-class award when she was just 18 years old. In the next few years, she swept the global ballet world and was still an unsurpassed legend.

It was a pity that she died young in the 1990s, and her life was forever static at her most brilliant 26 years old.

She was Jiang Yu’s idol and the goal that Jiang Yu pursued.

She looked at Bu Tanyan’s poster obsessively, and said gratefully, “Thank you, Chen Wei, I like it very much!”

“You just need to like it!” Chen Wei patted her shoulder and said, “Jiang Yu, you be sure to work hard and realize your dreams! Become a ballerina like Bu Tanyan! Let those who bully us take a good look at who is the real winner!”

Jiang Yu nodded vigorously: “I will.”

“Speaking of which, you and Bu Tanyan are really a bit alike.” Chen Wei looked at the girl on the poster: “Especially when you wear a tutu and dance gracefully, you are just a copy of Bu Tanyan.”


Jiang Yu laughed, this was the biggest compliment to her.

“Yeah, I searched for Bu Tanyan’s photos, and you really seem to be like her, just like her own daughter.”

“You can’t let my mother hear this.” Jiang Yu said: “My mother, she loves to be jealous, and she always says, I inherited her beauty.”

“Your mother is so funny.” Chen Wei whispered: “But I saw a gossip post on Tianya before, not long before Bu Tanyan died. Didn’t she go missing for a year? I heard that she gave birth to a child.”

“She has a child? Why is there no news? Who is her child?” Jiang Yu was particularly concerned about her idol’s gossip.

Chen Wei shook her head: “I don’t know, it’s just gossip, it’s not necessarily true or false.”

“Most probably, it’s a rumour.” Jiang Yu patted her on the shoulder: “If you don’t believe in rumours, don’t spread rumours.”

Chen Wei nodded: “By the way, there was news some time ago that Bu Tanyan’s Elieta ballet shoes were auctioned a while ago and sold for a million dollars. Do you know who bought it?”


“Fan family, isn’t Fan Danxi your classmate in the dance class? It’s her family who bought it!”

Jiang Yu also felt envy in her heart. The Fan family was one of the wealthiest businessmen in the North City, and Fan Danxi was also one of the best dancers in the ballet class.

If she could wear Bu Tanyan’s Elieta ballet shoes, she would definitely be even more powerful.

“But!” Chen Wei’s words changed: “I heard it’s fake!”


“Yes! It’s fake, an authority has already confirmed it, and the Elieta ballet shoes that their family took back at a high price are fake. Yes! The real dancing shoes were lost as early as the year Bu Tanyan died.”

“That’s such a pity.”

She thought she would be lucky to see Fan Danxi wearing those shoes for next month’s competition.

Chen Wei also said regretfully: “Since Bu Tanyan passed away, her pair of Elieta shoes, together with her swan dance dress, have been searched for all over the world, but their whereabouts are still unknown.”

“In my lifetime, I really want to see it with my own eyes.” The two girls went home while chatting about the topics they were most interested in.

Jiang Yu pasted Bu Tanyan’s poster on the most conspicuous wall in the living room, and admired it for a while. She didn’t even notice when her mother, Jiang Manyi, came home.

Jiang Manyi originally wanted to scare Jiang Yu, who was in a daze, from behind, but she didn’t expect that as soon as she entered the room, she saw the poster of Bu Tanyan on the wall. She was so frightened that she almost left her body.

“Who asked you to paste her picture!” she exclaimed, almost shouting her throat hoarse.

Jiang Yu turned around and looked at Jiang Manyi in surprise: “Mom, do you know her?”

“I…” Jiang Manyi panicked: “How could I know her! I don’t know her!”

“She is my idol, Bu Tanyan.” Jiang Yu introduced to Jiang Manyi: “When she was fifteen years old, she won the National Ballet Gold Award, which is amazing.”

Jiang Manyi came over and said dissatisfiedly: “She won the gold medal in the national ballet. It’s none of your business if you don’t win the gold award. Your task now is to study, don’t think about it.”

“But I want to be a ballerina like Bu Tanyan.”

“No!” Jiang Manyi said again, excitedly: “You can’t dance!”


“There’s no reason, you can’t!”

Jiang Manyi realized her gaffe, softened her tone, and said, “Dancing will affect learning, besides, I can’t afford it. Earning tuition is hard enough, how can there be money for you to pay for the ballet class.”

Jiang Yu pouted and said in her heart that it was not her who asked to go to Yuxi Middle School which had high tuition fees.

“Forget it, don’t talk anymore, I’m going to do my homework.”

She didn’t plan to quarrel with her mother again.

But after being reborn, Jiang Yu was determined to ease the relationship with Jiang Manyi. After all, she was her only relative in this world.

Anyway, she had a way to make money now, and she was not afraid of not being able to pay the tuition for the ballet class.

Jiang Yu returned to the room, while Jiang Manyi stood blankly in the living room, looking at the black and white poster on the wall. The woman in the white swan dance pose in the poster was so beautiful that she seemed to be ready to fly with her head held high.

Tears welled up in Jiang Manyi’s eyes. She walked back to the room and found a box in the closet. When the box was opened, a pair of soft and beautiful ribbon ballet shoes lay quietly inside.

She held the pair of Elieta ballet shoes in her arms like a treasure, holding back her tears, as she choked and said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect her!”

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[1] Meaning they had lost half a soul because of fright.

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