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“Qinglan, what are you going to do after graduation?” asked her uncle Pei Zhen.

“Open a tea house.” Shen Qinglan said, while feeding Pei Hao fruit, it seemed that Master Fu was becoming more and more uncomfortable, as he thought about how his wife had never fed him anything.

“Qinglan, aren’t you planning to open a gallery? With your current reputation, it would be great to open a gallery.” Pei Yining wondered.

Shen Qinglan shook her head, “Daniel is a very good partner, it’s enough to have his gallery.”

“Lanlan opened a teahouse some time ago.” Mr. Shen knew this and said.

Grandpa Chu Zhan was surprised, “Oh, Qinglan also opened a tea house?”

Shen Qinglan nodded, “Well, it’s in the south of the city, if you have time, grandpa might as well go to my place for tea, the environment there is still okay.”

Chu Zhan nodded with a smile, “Okay, okay, grandpa will go another day.” He turned to look at Shen Xitong, who had been silent.

“Xitong, how has your work been recently?” Chu Zhan asked, probably in a good mood, so he had a smile on his face all the time.

Suddenly being questioned, Shen Xitong was a little stunned, and her expression was a little stiff, “Fortunately, I will go abroad to participate in a performance after the year.”

She wondered if she thought too much, but she always felt that Chu Zhan’s question was just a casual question. Its purpose was only to set off Shen Qinglan’s excellence.

“Okay, you young people are all excellent, and we old people are also very relieved to see it.”

Chu Zhan was very relieved. Although Shen Xitong was not born to Chu Yunrong, she still called him “grandpa” for so many years. So he hoped she also had a chance.

Old Man Shen nodded in agreement. They were getting old, and their greatest hope was that their future generations would have a bright future.

This year had been quite good for Shen Qinglan, but it was very painful for Fang Tong.

Fang’s family and Fang Tong still hadn’t been able to contact Ding Minghui, except after he called her on New Year’s Eve, she had been unable to contact him for the past few days.

Her calls were not answered, her WeChat messages were also not returned, and text messages were also not received. The whole person seemed to have disappeared from the world.

“Tongtong, it’s time to eat.” Fu Fanghua knocked on the door outside, Fang Tong responded, put down the phone and walked out.

“Tomorrow your Uncle Li’s family will come, you don’t go out.” At the dinner table, Fu Fanghua told Fang Tong.

Fang Tong was still thinking about Ding Minghui, and didn’t hear what her mother said at all. Fu Fanghua said again, and Fang Tong returned to her senses, “Mom, what did you say?”

Fu Fanghua glanced at her, “This child eat, what are you thinking about? I said that your Uncle Li’s family will come over tomorrow, so don’t go out, just stay at home.”

“If they come to be a guest, just be a guest. What should I do at home?” Fang Tong frowned, a little confused, as she knew what her mother was thinking.

“How do you talk, as a host, don’t you even understand the basics of hospitality?” Fu Fanghua was also a little angry. She had been talking to Fang Tong in a good voice, but was scolded by Fang Tong, it would be strange if she was in a good mood.

“Okay, okay, it’s New Year’s Eve, what’s with all the noise?” Fang Chengzhi was a peacemaker, “Eat first, eat first.”

Fang Tong remained silent, moving around the rice in her bowl.

Fu Fanghua couldn’t eat anymore, “Tongtong, I know what you are thinking, and I said that I will meet that boy, but has he come? You invited him to your house a few days ago, but he refused, didn’t he? He doesn’t even have the most basic sincerity, how can you make me believe him?”

“Mom, as I said, he is too busy with his work. I will arrange for you to meet when he comes to the capital in the next year.” Fang Tong gave an excuse on behalf of Ding Minghui.

“Busy, how busy can he be as an intern, your father is not as busy as him, such a thing, he should have taken the initiative to come to the door, but he, you have invited him but he did not come, what does this mean?”

“Mom, you also said that he is an intern, can he refuse to work overtime if the leader wants him?”

Fu Fanghua glared at her daughter in disgust, “You are believing what the man said. Can you believe it all? He said he was busy and didn’t have time to come. Do you believe it? Do you know what he’s doing outside?”

“Ding Minghui is not that kind of person. Dad is still in Linshi all year round, and I haven’t seen anything from you. Are you worried?” Fang Tong was a little angry when Fu Fanghua said it.

“Can he compare with your father? What kind of person is your father, and who is he?” Fu Fanghua was also angry.

“Ding Minghui is a good man, don’t talk nonsense.” Fang Tong and Fu Fanghua competed against each other, Fang Tong had probably gotten really angry, so she put the chopsticks on the table, “I’m full, you can eat.” She got up and left the table.

“Fang Tong, stop for me.” Fu Fanghua shouted, but was stopped by Fang Chengzhi, “Okay, stop talking.”

“If she was not my daughter, would I care of her?”

Fang Chengzhi comforted his wife, “She is already twenty-two years old, she is already a big girl, there is nothing she can’t do well. Say, why are you getting angry with her?”

“No matter how old she is, she is still my daughter, look at who she is looking for, and even if she meets him, she pushes back and forth, she does not think about who she is, he is just a poor boy, he really thinks that our Fang Tong must have him.”

Fang Chengzhi frowned slightly, “Fanghua, okay, our children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren, they don’t like to be controlled by us when they are older, let’s go with her.”

“Fang Chengzhi let me tell you, it is your attitude that will make her more and more self-willed.”

Fang Chengzhi was very innocent, he was just persuading her, why did the fire turn on him?

He really thought that Fang Tong was a rational person and a smart and thoughtful child. She still had some eye for people. Although he had never seen the boy, since Fang Tong was so sure, he could not be all bad. So, it was not necessary to be so worried and angry with his daughter.

From a few weeks ago to now, the mother and daughter had been in trouble many times because of this matter, and it was also very embarrassing for him to be sandwiched between his wife and daughter.

“Fang Tong is a girl, and she is the one who will suffer. When she really suffers, there will be no place to cry when she regrets it.”

Fu Fanghua was still talking, “I think this child Li Boming is very good, he is tall, educated, and his family conditions are good, Fang Tong is still not getting it.”

Fang Tong was in the room, listening to Fu Fanghua scolding Ding Minghui outside and praising Li Boming, hearing this she was very irritable and stayed in the room. After a while, she couldn’t stay any longer, and she was about to go out with her bag and mobile phone.

“Fang Tong, where are you going?” Fu Fanghua stopped her when she saw her coming out.

Fang Tong paused, “Staying at home is too boring, I’ll go out to find friends to play with.”

“What friends?”

“Shen Qinglan.” Fang Tong reported a name.

Who was Shen Qinglan, that was the daughter of the Shen family, Fang Tong could be friends with her, because of this Fu Fanghua was too happy, so naturally she would not stop it, and would not ask more, “Since you are looking for someone to play with, you can’t go empty-handed. Go, there are two bottles of good wine at home, you can bring it to others.”

“Mom, Qinglan and I don’t need to pay attention to this, and she doesn’t drink.”

Fu Fanghua couldn’t care about being angry anymore and stood up to give Fang Tong the things and muttered, “She doesn’t drink, there are always people at home who want to drink. These two bottles of wine are both good wines. They were bought by my mother from abroad. You should not be ashamed to give them away.”

By the time Fu Fanghua came out, Fang Tong had already left, “This child, it’s not good for her not to bring something.”

“Okay, they got along very well without these things before. Well, the relationship between friends should be pure.” Fang Chengzhi said.

“Who am I doing this for? You have been transferred back to the capital this year. Our family doesn’t know anyone, and the Shen family has such an identity. If they are willing to help you, your work will be smoother. You went to the Fu family a year ago. During the visit, Mr. Fu said that he is now retired at home, and he can’t get involved in external affairs, isn’t it obvious that he refuses to help you.” Fu Fanghua was unhappy that her husband did not understand her.

Fang Chengzhi naturally understood that his wife said that for his own good. The capital was not as good as Linshi. The relationships here were complicated. No one could help him to make great progress in his work.

“Of course I know you’re doing it for my own good, but it’s rare for Fang Tong to have a good friend. If people are willing to help, they will naturally help. If they don’t, we’re not going to embarrass Fang Tong.”

Fu Fanghua thought about it, this was also true, but she refused to admit defeat, “Only you father and daughter are reasonable, only I am a philistine and unreasonable.”

Fang Chengzhi smiled and did not talk back to his wife.

Fang Tong came out of the house but did not go looking for Shen Qinglan at all, but since she had nowhere to go, she wandered on the street.

Walking and walking, she walked to the city center. Although it was still during the Chinese New Year, there were already many people in the shopping malls in the city center. She looked at the people who came and went, basically they were all in pairs or the whole family had come out to play. Yes, she did feel a little uncomfortable in her heart.

Suddenly, her gaze stopped, looking at the backs of a man and a woman in front of her, and she froze in her place.

She was very familiar with the man’s back. It wasn’t that she had been looking for Ding Minghui for many days and had no response. The woman she didn’t know. She was holding the man’s arm, and the two of them were very close.

Fang Tong only felt cold all over, and her hands were shaking. She took out her mobile phone from her pocket and called Ding Minghui. Hearing the long ringtone, the temperature of Fang Tong’s blood was getting lower and lower.

Just when Fang Tong was almost desperate, the person on the other end of the phone finally answered, “Tong Tong.”

“Ding Minghui, where are you?” Fang Tong’s voice trembled slightly.

Ding Minghui paused, “I’m at home, I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy these days, I haven’t had time to look at my phone, and I haven’t seen your call and messages.”

“Are you in your hometown?” Fang Tong asked.

Ding Minghui seemed to be a little confused, “Yeah, the school hasn’t started yet, and the company doesn’t start work until the tenth day of the year. I bought a ticket for tomorrow, and I’m going to be in the capital on the ninth night.”

“You mean you’re still there in your hometown?” Fang Tong seemed a little worried and asked again.

“Yeah, Tongtong, what’s wrong with you? Could it be that you think I’m going to lie to you?”

Fang Tong slowed down and said, “I saw a person with a back like you on the street just now, so I thought you were already here. I just called you to confirm when you would be arriving in the capital.”

Ding Minghui seemed to laugh, “People are similar, not to mention their backs, if you are worried, I will show you the ticket or take a picture of myself at home.”

His joking tone made Fang Tong completely relieved and smiled, “I must have read it wrong, what time is the bus the day after tomorrow night, I’ll pick you up.”

“No, it’ll already be midnight when I arrive at the station. It’s not safe for you to go out as a girl at night. You can just wait for me at home. I brought back some specialties from my hometown. Didn’t you say a few years ago that you wanted me to meet your parents? Bring some for them to taste.”

Ding Minghui paused, then said again, “I told my parents about our affairs during the Chinese New Year, and showed them your photos. They liked you very much. I stopped them, in fact they wanted to call you for a long time.”

Fang Tong was relieved that she had finally been able to contact Ding Minghui again, and her mood improved. Hearing that Ding Minghui had introduced her to his parents, her heart felt sweet, “I should call uncle and aunt, or when you invite uncle and aunt to the capital, I will take them around the capital to make sure that they can play around well.”

Ding Minghui smiled, “There will be opportunities in the future.

But “…”

His tone changed, “Tongtong, you also know the conditions of my house, I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy a house in the capital in a short time.”

“What does it matter? I have already said that as long as I’m with you, I’m willing to rent a house for the rest of my life.”

“Tongtong, it’s great to have you, don’t worry, I will work hard and buy you a big house, you have to wait for me.”

Fang Tong nodded vigorously, “Minghui, I’ll wait for you.”

Hanging up the phone, the smile on Fang Tong’s face disappeared, she held the phone tightly, and she was still feeling uneasy inside, she looked up, and the back just now was nowhere to be seen.

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