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When he saw Jing Yan suddenly appear, the young man was startled, and immediately began to cry again, his voice became quieter, and he said in a sullen voice: “His Royal Highness, eldest prince…”

After the meeting, Jing Yan heard that Qiao Xi had woken up, so he came to look for him immediately, but when he was about to get there, the head attendant received a message from the guards, saying that there was a noble young master at the door who wanted to see him, and had bumped into Qiao Xi.

Jing Yan found it a little inexplicable. He walked two steps faster and came across such a scene. He almost died of anger when he heard the last half of the sentence the young man shouted at Qiao Xi!

He walked over and asked the guard with a sullen face, “Who is it?”

Qiao Xi glanced at him.

“His Royal Highness, it’s the young master of the Lin family…” the guard said in trepidation.

He didn’t know him at all.

Jing Yan said coldly: “What’s going on? What are you arguing about?”

The young man looked at Qiao Xi and said, “Your Highness—”

In fact, he also rushed out the last sentence, although he usually looked down on the bird clan, but if this bird prince was really Jing Yan’s friend, he would definitely be losing face.

After being tricked by the other party just now, he really couldn’t hold back, but he just happened to be heard by Jing Yan.

He explained carefully: “I just wanted to send an invitation to my sister’s birthday party to His Royal Highness in person, but I didn’t expect that the guards would stop me from entering for a long time, nor did they report it to you, saying that I should come another day. When I met this… Your Highness, after he let me in, he immediately asked the guards to kick me out, so I-” His words sounded a little aggrieved.

Jing Yan lowered his head and asked Qiao Xi: “How did he bully you?”

The young man: “…”

No, with this tone, do you think that this prince of the bird clan must have been wronged for him to play such tricks?!

When Qiao Xi heard Jing Yan’s question, he simply complained: “He said you don’t like me!”

The young man: “…”

Qiao Xi really didn’t want to care about things here, who knew that he would hear that sentence, and of course get angry!

Not only did he look down on the bird clan, but he also thought that Jing Yan also looked down on him. He could not pretend that he didn’t hear what he said.

Qiao Xi was not such a person. If he had the ability to fight back, he would not wrong himself.

And now that he was thinking about it, he felt that there was something else in the eyes of this young man when he looked at Jing Yan, which made him even more unhappy.

Just at this moment, he glanced at the young man, and when he met the uneasy and longing look of the other party when looking at Jing Yan, he immediately moved two steps in front of him to block his view of Jing Yan.

The head attendant signaled one of the guards to come up and speak clearly. The guard stepped forward and explained the whole process in a low voice.

After hearing this, Jing Yan’s heart burst into flames.

It was only today that he learned that there were guards in his palace who could even make trouble for such an inexplicable thing for a long time, and who even caused Qiao Xiaoxi to be scolded for no reason.

For the guards sent by that man, he never thought of reusing them, and his requirements were not high, but this did not mean that he could tolerate the guards who did not even have the most basic processing ability.

The young man still wanted to explain, but Jing Yan didn’t mean to listen to him at all, and said to the guard coldly, “I never accept any invitations to banquets from outsiders, don’t you know?”

The guard lowered his head and said nervously, “We… I told this young master, but he always insisted…”

At the very beginning, they told this noble young master that His Royal Highness the eldest prince never attended any external banquets, and it went without saying that everyone should know about it. Thus no one wasted an invitation card. Unexpectedly, this young master kept on insisting on sending it, and his attitude was very arrogant.

It was not long after their group of guards took up their posts, and it was true that they had never encountered such a situation. Considering that the other party was a noble, they did not dare to force him away, so they were entangled by the other party until now.

“His Royal Highness, I—” The young man was about to speak in a hurry, but Jing Yan interrupted him.

There was a cold look in the man’s silver eyes, and his voice had a tough and indifferent tone that Qiao Xi had never heard before: “I usually come to the palace less often, and I didn’t know that you can’t even handle this kind of thing. Why, I need to come and handle it myself. Can someone please take them away?”

The guards immediately changed their expressions, knelt down on one knee and said, “Your Highness forgive our sins!”

The young man was frightened and shouted again: “Your Highness, I belong to the Lin family, don’t you remember my sister? She always wanted you to attend her birthday party, at your birthday party last year—”

Qiao Xi was a little choked.

Hmm… Listening to this, it seemed that the elder sister had something to do with Jing Yan?

But was this young man helping his sister to send the invitation, or did he also have a crush on Jing Yan?

…the family relationship is so complicated.

Jing Yan didn’t respond at all, he only asked the head attendant, “Where is the chief guard?”

The head attendant said nervously, “He’s being trained in the palace.”

Jing Yan said, “When he comes back, let him replace the guard who guards the gate. If he changed a batch and if it’s still the same, then I’ll just change him too.”

The head attendant immediately lowered his head.

Then Jing Yan looked at the young man again.

The pair of cold silver pupils instantly silenced the young man who had been clamoring for a while.

Jing Yan said slowly: “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know who your sister is, but starting today, you are not allowed to step within one kilometer of my palace. If you step in, it will be at your own risk.?”

“Your Highness!” The young man’s expression changed greatly.

He was clamoring to come to send the invitation, just to take the opportunity to meet and talk to Jing Yan alone, because usually he had no chance to contact this man at all. As for his sister’s birthday party, he also knew that Jing Yan might not be able to attend! But he didn’t expect to make things like this!

——He had always heard that Jing Yan was cruel by nature, but when he attended Jing Yan’s birthday party with his family last year, he saw this man, although he was indifferent, but when he was with his friends, his rare smile hit him all at once. Bingo!

He firmly believed that Jing Yan just looked indifferent, the real him was not like that!

Just now, he always felt that as long as he could go in, Jing Yan would definitely not hold him accountable for such trivial matters…

Now he finally realized that he didn’t know this man at all, and that he had provoked people he shouldn’t have provoked and looked at Qiao Xi in a panic. He wanted to speak, but Jing Yan had already hugged Qiao Xi.

This action made the young man stunned for a moment.

After thinking about it, Jing Yan still felt unpleasant, and looked down at Qiao Xi, while Qiao Xi was still curious about the “sister and brother romance” he had just discovered, so he couldn’t help but look back to see that wonderful aristocratic young master.

Jing Yan frowned – what was he looking back at? Wasn’t he angry, why, did he think the other party was good-looking?!

He became unreasonably jealous, thought about it, and hugged Qiao Xi a little tighter.

Qiao Xi turned to look at him.

He also looked at Qiao Xi.

Then he lowered his head and pecked Qiao Xi’s forehead.

Qiao Xi: “!”

He covered his forehead with a slap and lowered his head with a blushing face.

This shy look instantly made Jing Yan feel at ease.

He raised the corners of his lips and looked at the aristocratic young man very proudly.

The aristocratic youth had been shaken to the ground, and even forgot to plead for a while.

…Jing Yan kissed this bird prince’s forehead?

A comforting kiss? A friendly kiss? Goodnight kiss?

… not right!!!!

It was impossible to call it a good night kiss in broad daylight, right?! There was no need to comfort a male friend with a comforting kiss!?

What was this? Was that what he thought it meant?

What did Jing Yan mean when he turned his head to look at him? Why couldn’t he understand!?

Qiao Xi was a little embarrassed when he was kissed by Jing Yan, but when he thought of this young man’s attitude towards Jing Yan, his eyes turned and he stood on tiptoe and kissed Jing Yan’s face.

Jing Yan: “!”

Happy! Happy!

The young man: “…”

He staggered back a step, and his expression was a little dazed.

After Jing Yan had spoken to this level, Qiao Xi felt that there was nothing else to say, and said to Jing Yan, “Let’s go, don’t worry about it here.”

He turned around and said to the young man, “By the way, do you remember it clearly?”

The young man looked dazed.

…remember what?

Jing Yan said word by word: “Qiao Xi is my lover.”

Qiao Xi blushed: “!!!” When did he suddenly become a “lover”…

The youth’s thoughts were completely messy, no, he was still guessing just now, was this bird prince the lover of Jing Yan? Now Jing Yan had stamped him with the word “lover”?!

After Jing Yan finished speaking, his heart was completely at ease, and he glanced at the guard before leaving.

The guards’ heart froze, and they immediately rushed to the young man. No matter what the captain of the guards would do when he came back today, they had to send the person away.

The young man came back to his senses and started shouting again, but soon there was no sound.

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