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“What are you doing here alone?” A car stopped beside Fang Tong, and the window was lowered, revealing Shen Junyu’s handsome face.

He drove by and saw Fang Tong standing by the side of the road alone, looking dazed.

Fang Tong was startled by Shen Junyu’s sudden appearance, and when she saw that it was him, she was a little annoyed, “Looking at the scenery.”

Shen Junyu sneered, “Looking at the scenery on the street at minus ten degrees, I can’t see that you still have this hobby.

Fang Tong’s expression stiffened, “I’m happy.”

“No matter how much you like the scenery, you can’t make fun of your body. Get in the car.” Seeing her pale face from the cold, Shen Junyu frowned.

“No, I can take a taxi by myself.”

“It’s the seventh day of the new year, do you think you can get a taxi here?”

Fang Tong froze and glanced at the empty street. In fact, she was so cold that she couldn’t feel anything. After thinking about it, she still got into the car.

With the heater on in the car, the outside and inside of the car were two different worlds, Fang Tong felt as if she had come to life in an instant.

A cup of coffee was handed to her, still steaming.

“I just bought it, I haven’t drunk it yet.” Shen Junyu said.

“No, I don’t drink coffee.” Fang Tong waved her hand to refuse.

Shen Junyu didn’t discuss it with her, but directly stuffed the coffee into her hand, “It’s better to warm your hands.”

His fingers touched Fang Tong’s fingers, and he felt the temperature on her hand was lower than ice. He frowned and turned up the temperature of the heater.

“Where to?” Shen Junyu asked.

Fang Tong looked dazed, “I don’t know, just drive as you please.”

Shen Junyu smiled, was he being treated as a taxi driver? Glancing at her face, he saw that she had a lot of thoughts on her face, and he didn’t want to care about her, so he stepped on the accelerator.

“I just happened to be going to the company to pick up a document. If you don’t mind, go to the company with me first.”

Fang Tong nodded, there was nowhere to go anyway.

“Walking around alone on the street, did you quarrel with your family?” Seeing her gloomy look, Shen Junyu took the initiative to speak.

Fang Tong didn’t want to talk to him about this topic, “No, it’s just a bit boring to stay at home, so I came out for a walk.”

Shen Junyu didn’t break her facade, “Why don’t you go to Lanlan, and that…” He thought about the name, “Yu Xiaoxuan to play together?”

“Xiaoxuan went to the crew to report on the fifth day of the first year, Qinglan… Isn’t her husband back? It’s rare for the two of them to have time together. What’s good with me being a light bulb?”

Shen Junyu laughed, he didn’t expect this girl to have an exquisite heart.

“You will have your graduation defence after school starts, right?” Not wanting to make the atmosphere stiff, Shen Junyu took the initiative to find a topic to chat.

Fang Tong was in a bad mood, and she didn’t want to be silent to avoid thinking wildly. Shen Junyu was willing to talk about other things, which was exactly what she wanted.

“Well, there are also foreign language translation and graduation thesis writing.”

“Have you thought about what you will do after graduation?”

“I have no plans for now. Maybe I will go to the talent market in March and submit my resume.”

“You still plan to go to the administrative department?”

“It should be, it is difficult for us to find a counterpart for this professional job, and it may be the best choice to be an administrative assistant or a secretary.”

“I said before that if you want to come to Junlan Group, you can send your resume to my mailbox, which is still valid now.”

Shen Junyu said, taking another business card and handing it to her, “This has my e-mail address on it.”

Fang Tong wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, she took it over again. Junlan Group was indeed her best choice, the salary was good, and the development prospects were better, not to mention that Ding Minghui was also in Junlan.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you are Lanlan’s friend, and it’s not a big deal to take care of you to the best of my ability.”

Shen Junyu paused and continued, “And I often hear Lanlan mention you, she said you are a very smart person who works seriously and responsibly. What I am giving you now is just a chance. If you make mistakes in your work in the future, I will not be merciful to you. Of course, if you do well, I will not treat you badly either.”

Although Shen Junyu said this, Fang Tong knew in her heart that if it weren’t for her relationship with Shen Qinglan, she would not have had such an opportunity at all, after all, she had resigned from Junlan on her own initiative.

At the destination, Shen Junyu went up to get the documents, and Fang Tong sat in the car waiting for him.

There was a group photo in Shen Junyu’s car, Fang Tong picked it up and looked at it, it was him and Shen Qinglan.

It was probably taken at the beach. Shen Qinglan was wearing casual clothes and trousers, standing beside Shen Junyu, even when facing the camera, her face was still cold. Instead, it was Shen Junyu, who smiled softly.

The photo was probably taken a few years ago, Shen Qinglan looked smaller than she was now, and her face still had hints of adolescence.

Fang Tong looked at the photo and smiled. She could see that Shen Junyu loved Shen Qinglan very much. Even the photos of Shen Qinglan were kept in the car. She had never been to Shen Junyu’s office, but when she was an intern at Junlan, she once heard the people in the secretary’s office say that there was a picture of a beautiful woman on Shen Junyu’s desk. She had a beautiful face, but it looked a little cold. Now that she thought about it, it should also be a picture of Shen Qinglan.

She was a little envious of Shen Qinglan, who had a brother who loved her so much.

When Shen Junyu came down, what he saw was Fang Tong smiling while looking at a photo of him and Shen Qinglan.

Fang Tong didn’t expect Shen Junyu to come back so soon, so she hurriedly put the photo back, while Shen Junyu put the document in the back seat and got into the driver’s seat.

“You have a good relationship with Qinglan?” Fang Tong couldn’t help asking.

“She’s my sister, what do you think?” Shen Junyu asked without looking at her.

Fang Tong also felt that she had asked a stupid question and pursed her lips.

“Have you decided where to go?”

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Shen Junyu was not in a hurry, “I’ll go to my grandmother’s house later, and Qinglan is also there. If you don’t mind, we can go together.”

“No, no need.”

This was someone’s family gathering. She went to figure out what was going on. “Just take me home.”

Shen Junyu glanced at her, “Are you sure?”

Fang Tong nodded.

Shen Junyu asked her home address and turned the car around.

It was a little far from her house, and when Fang Tong came out, she took the bus for a while before getting down.

On the way back, Shen Junyu didn’t take the initiative to speak, the car was a little quiet, and Fang Tong was slightly uncomfortable.

“Well, I’m home, I’ll go first, thank you for today.” Fang Tong wanted to get off, and Shen Junyu didn’t stop her, but just said something when she was about to get off.

“You grew up by your parents’ side since you were a child and enjoyed the love your parents gave you. What a lucky thing to have. Even if you have any unpleasantness with your parents, don’t hurt their hearts.”

Fang Tong took a step, she paused, lowered her head, and said, “Thank you.”

When Fang Tong returned, Fu Fanghua was sitting in the living room watching TV.

“Tongtong, you’re back, how was it playing with Qinglan?” Fu Fanghua had a smile on her face, and there was no sign of being angry with her daughter like she was at noon.

Fang Tong smiled, “Qinglan is going to her grandma’s house at night, so I came back first.”

“Next time you invite Qinglan to play at home, Mom will cook something delicious for you.”

Fang Tong nodded, “Okay, she’s been busy recently, so she’s been waiting for a while.” Probably Shen Junyu’s words had an effect, because Fang Tong now saw her mother, and since her mother didn’t understand her, but her  annoyance has dissipated a lot these days.

“You, go out with Qinglan more when you have time. Didn’t I hear from you that you wanted to go to Junlan Group? It’s her brother’s company. If she is willing to help, it’s just a matter of a word.” Seeing that her daughter seemed to be in a good mood, Fu Fanghua took the opportunity to say.

Fang Tong felt a little disgusted with her mother’s snobbery, but she also knew that she was doing it for her own good, so she didn’t refute, but asked, “Where’s my dad?”

“Your dad is in the study, he said he was going to handle some official business.”

Fang Tong without saying anything sat down on the sofa and took an apple, “Mom, I called Ding Minghui today, and he said he brought you some souvenirs and plans to visit you later in the year, which day is more suitable for you? It’s best to meet on weekends. He has to go to work on weekdays.”

Fu Fanghua paused, “Look at your father’s time. Your father will start to work after the new year, and he will probably be very busy. I’ll order a table outside, and we will go out to eat, I really don’t feel like cooking.”

Although she knew this was her mother’s excuse, Fang Tong didn’t say no, “Okay, I’ll check with him when the time comes.”

“Tongtong, your Uncle Li’s family will come over tomorrow. Even if you don’t like Boming, you have to show your face, you know?” Fearing that Fang Tong would put her personal emotions on her face, she warned in advance.

“Mom, am I such an ignorant person? Uncle Li is a guest, I understand.”

Fu Fanghua felt relieved after hearing this.

In the afternoon, Fang Chengzhi also persuaded her for a long time, and she also understood that it was not worth it to have a quarrel with her daughter for a person she had never seen before.

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