KHSW Ch. 193

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Chi Yanbin was a little dissatisfied with Wang Suping, she was always acted gentle and virtuous on weekdays, but today she was like, she had eaten gunpowder.

Wang Suping immediately suppressed the displeasure on her face, “Yanbin, isn’t this also for our family’s consideration? Since you have said it, I will naturally not object.”

Chi Yanbin’s face softened a little, he agreed for them to live in the Chi family, naturally he had his own plans.

Compared with Chi Jiayang, he was of course more willing to let Jingyu take care of his company…

Ling Xi glanced at Chi Jingyu calmly, and thought that he performed well today.

Their trick was called “accounting for a plan”. The reason why she asked Chi Jingyu to deliberately anger his father at the beginning was because she knew that Chi Yanbin really loved his second son. He was worried for him, and when Chi Jingyu and Yang Huilin appeared in front of him again, plus in front of outsiders, Chi Yanbin would not get angry easily, and thus would not easily drive them out of the Chi family.

Since both Chi Yanbin and Wang Suping said that Jingyu’s mother was mad, they chose to “account for the plan”, first arousing Chi Yanbin’s sympathy and guilt, and then taking the opportunity to show Yang Huilin craziness, so as to make her entering the Chi house “justifiable”.

For a “madman”, Chi Yanbin would be more tolerant, and by then, the things Wang Suping had done before would be exposed one by one.

She also wanted to let Wang Suping taste what it was like to be thrown out from one’s house.

Yang Huilin gradually quieted down, just staring at the bowl in a daze, giggling from time to time.

Wang Suping glared at her secretly, this crazy woman.

Immediately, there was a trace of viciousness in the bottom of her eyes. Did she think that if she entered the Chi family’s door, she could recapture Yanbin’s heart?

Chi Jingyu glanced at the text message sent on his mobile phone, “Sister-in-law, brother is waiting for you outside.”

Ling Xi thought that Chi Jingyu was still acting. After all, they had negotiated this part, so they didn’t care.

Chi Yanbin looked suspiciously, “Jingyu, isn’t your brother here?”

Chi Jiayang, who was sitting beside Wang Suping, looked up, “Yes, Jingyu, I’ve always been here!”

Chi Jingyu glanced at him, in fact, he was very disgusted when he thought about living under the same roof with Chi Jiayang, just for their plan, he could pretend that there was no such person.

“It’s not him whom I mentioned.”

Wang Suping was surprised, “Jingyu, what do you mean?”

As if Chi Jingyu didn’t hear it, Ling Xi had to speak, “Auntie, I wanted to ask just now, did you misunderstand something? I’m not Chi Jiayang’s girlfriend, isn’t it inappropriate to talk about marriage?”

Chi Yanbin thought about it, she did say it twice, but they didn’t take it to heart.

Wang Suping’s eyes widened suddenly, “Jiayang, what’s going on?”

Chi Jiayang’s face was a little embarrassed, he thought Ling Xi wouldn’t say it.

“Mom, I’ll explain to you later.”

“Auntie doesn’t need to ask him. We did date each other before, but… Chi Jiayang slept with another woman. Now, it seems that he really inherited his genes from uncle!”

“What?” Wang Suping and Chi Yanbin were startled, they didn’t expect Chi Jiayang to do such a thing.

Chi Yanbin’s face turned black, but he held back his anger and did not attack.

“The reason why I came here today is because Chi Jiayang begged me to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of you.”

Chi Yanbin’s hands began to tremble…

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