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The moment the back of his head was buckled, Fu Yuanzhou was startled, but he soon discovered that Xie Lin’s originally closed eyes were now open and he was looking at him, and the only person who could do this was Xie Lin.

Was Xie Lin not asleep, or was he woken up by him?

Such thoughts crossed Fu Yuanzhou’s mind, but Xie Lin soon began to kiss him deeply, so then he didn’t have the energy to think about other things, and focused on responding to Xie Lin.

It wasn’t until the kiss ended that Fu Yuanzhou felt ashamed. Sneaking in in the middle of the night to steal a kiss, what kind of actions were this, and Xie Lin too, he opened his eyes in the middle of the night, and saw that someone was beside his bed, but he not frightened, instead he immediately recognized him and kissed him back…

He thought a lot, anyway, still embarrassed, his face was flushed, and he intermittently did not know how to explain his behavior: “I…”

Xie Lin got up, took him into his arms, sat him down with him, and asked him: “Why did you come to me, did you have nightmares?”

“I just wanted to see you.” Fu Yuanzhou shook his head and answered sincerely.

Xie Lin brushed off his forehead hair and kissed his forehead: “I’m right here.”

A simple sentence, but it seemed to have a magical power, which gradually calmed Fu Yuanzhou’s emotions.

The initial unease and shyness passed, and the feeling of sourness and fullness filled his heart again. He leaned on Xie Lin silently, and after a long silence, he said, “I want to ask you a question.”

“Okay. “Xie Lin said.

“Suppose, if there is no second gender in this world, it is only divided into men and women. In most cases, only men and women can interact romantically, and homosexuality would often be criticized, while only women can get pregnant…”

Fu Yuanzhou organized his own words, as he explained the situation in his last life as a hypothesis. He really wanted to know Xie Lin’s thoughts, and he wanted to know why Xie Lin had never confessed his feelings to him at that time.

“…You said that no matter what gender I was, you would like me, so in this case you would like me too, right?” Fu Yuanzhou asked nervously.

“Yes.” Xie Lin responded.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart tingled slightly, and he asked again, “Then will you still confess to me?”

Xie Lin looked at him for a moment, then shook his head gently, “No.”

Fu Yuanzhou had expected the answer, and he could vaguely feel it. When it came to why, his heart became more and more painful, but he still wanted to get a final confirmation from Xie Lin: “Why?”

“For your own good.” Xie Lin said, “I don’t want you to make a choice – do you want me or do you want the acceptance of others. You’re going to throw a lot of stuff away if you get together with me, so you’ll be sad.”

“You said you wouldn’t consider dating a man.” He lowered his eyes, “I never thought you would choose me, what’s more, in the hypothetical environment, you won’t even fall in love with me.”

“No, I will like you…”

Fu Yuanzhou felt uncomfortable, so he immediately hugged Xie Lin and kissed him actively, Xie Lin didn’t know, but he had already experienced it once, and all these concepts had been deeply ingrained in him, but now he still liked Xie Lin, liked him very much.

“You said you were doing it for my own good.” He said to Xie Lin, “but you are the best, without you, how can I be good?”

Xie Lin’s breath stagnated, they hugged each other, and Fu Yuanzhou could feel his heartbeat quicken instantly, and only then did he realize what he had said, and his face turned red.

“It’s yours now.”

Xie Lin’s eyes were dark and his voice was a little hoarse. He took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand and touched his face, eyes, bridge of nose, and lips with his fingers.

“This is yours.”

He continued to take Fu Yuanzhou’s hand down slowly: “This is yours.”

Then he pressed Fu Yuanzhou’s hand to his own chest, which was the position of the heart.

“This is yours too.”

“I’m yours.”

Under the dim light, Fu Yuanzhou looked at him silently for a while, then suddenly jumped up, threw Xie Lin onto the bed, and lowered his head to kiss him.

That night, Fu Yuanzhou slept in Xie Lin’s place. Because it was a big bed, the two of them didn’t feel cramped when they slept together. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t forget to hold Xie Lin’s hand when he slept.

The temporary mark that Shen Xigou had given him still existed, but it was gradually fading. During this period, he had become more and more used to Xie Lin’s breath and even liked it, which could make him feel more at ease than ever before.

He was immersed in Xie Lin’s breath, but his own pheromone still had the remnants of another Alpha. Perhaps because these two pheromones existed at the same time, he dreamed of the past again, Xie Lin was there, and Shen Xigou was also there.

This was the first time that Shen Xigou had returned to China with him. He took Shen Xigou to his house as a guest, and naturally he also met Xie Lin and Yu Fei.

“This is my girlfriend Xiao Fei, this is my childhood friend Xie Lin, and they are also cousins.”

When the four met, Fu Yuanzhou introduced them to each other: “This is Shen Xigou, a good friend I met online. He is also called Lorenzo, the one I mentioned to you before.”

“Hello.” Shen Xigou took the lead and extended his hand to greet them, “Nice to meet you.”

Xie Lin looked indifferent, Yu Fei smiled and chatted a few words with Shen Xigou, the atmosphere was not too warm, but it was harmonious, at least Fu Yuanzhou himself was quite happy.

“By the way, I’ve heard the piano music you wrote for Yuanzhou.”

Shen Xigou’s eyes turned to Xie Lin, this time he called out Fu Yuanzhou’s name, not his screen name, as he always did in front of Fu Yuanzhou’s acquaintances.

“It sounds good, and it’s very…”

He smiled but didn’t say anything more. Xie Lin glanced at him and kept silent. At noon, Fu Yuanzhou wanted the few people to have a meal together, but Xie Lin said that he had something to do and got up and left.

He acted indifferent from beginning to end and didn’t even look at Shen Xigou more than a few times. After he left, Fu Yuanzhou worried that Shen Xigou would be unhappy, so he settled down and said: “Don’t worry about it, he is usually like this, it’s true that he can’t come to dinner, but it must be because there is something for him to do, he is very busy, he really doesn’t have an opinion on you.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Xigou smiled softly, “I understand how he feels.”

“Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand.

Shen Xigou didn’t explain, his eyes glanced at Yu Fei, and he said with a smile, “I would also feel uncomfortable watching it every day.”

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