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Fu Yuanzhou woke up from his dream and stayed silent for a while with his eyes open.

At that time, he didn’t understand what Shen Xigou was referring to, but now he gradually understood it. It turned out that both Shen Xigou and Yu Fei in the previous life could see that Xie Lin liked him, but they didn’t say it, and he didn’t realize it himself.

He felt sorry for Xie Lin of that time, obviously Xie Lin was the one who had accompanied him the longest, but he never noticed Xie Lin’s feelings for him.

After interacting with Xiaofei, he saw Xie Lin’s silence and displeasure, and thought about the reason, but his perception was wrong. He thought that Xie Lin felt left out, but he never thought that Xie Lin might also like him.

If he put himself in his position, he wouldn’t beg Xie Lin, and he would definitely feel uncomfortable leaving him alone, but he couldn’t express his emotions, and he would be driven crazy by watching the person he liked interact with his cousin intimately.

The room was very warm, even a little hot, so he quietly leaned into Xie Lin’s arms. Even if the stolen kiss just now was discovered by Xie Lin, he could kiss him, but fortunately Xie Lin didn’t wake up.

This time he would cherish Xie Lin well.

The next morning, Sister Cheng sent them back. They didn’t stay in the hot spring for long, because there was still a lot of homework, and the aunt would also come back in the afternoon. Fu Yuanzhou had to hide it from her.

Yu Fei sent them a message. He said that he couldn’t go back to live at the apartment recently. His parents wanted to keep him at home for a while, and his mother’s body had not fully recovered. He could only listen to them and said that he would often visit Fu Yuanzhou.

There were only Fu Yuanzhou, Xie Lin and Auntie left in the apartment. Sometimes after Auntie falls asleep, Fu Yuanzhou would go to Xie Lin quietly, but he couldn’t sleep with Xie Lin because Auntie would wake him up in the morning.

Everything was similar to his original life. Yuan Ye had become busier recently. His team had successfully reached the finals. Recently, he was making final adjustments with his teammates. He often did not come to class, but he would come to see him whenever he had time.

Ran Shutang was preparing for a math competition, and he rarely showed up recently, but Xie Lin had successively handed over the work of the student union, and the position of the president of the student union had been handed over to the next one. Therefore, he was much freer and they spent more time together than before.

The weather was getting colder and colder, and the New Year was approaching. Dr. Sun regularly came to check on Fu Yuanzhou’s temporary marking. Shen Xigou’s pheromone was very dangerous, and Fu Yuanzhou had a susceptible constitution. The original diagnosis said that his temporary marking would last for a month, but in fact, in addition to that month, it took another half a month before it completely subsided.

“Okay, there’s nothing wrong, your body is recovering well, and there will be no pheromone residue.”

Fu Yuanzhou had already been to the hospital for an examination, and now Dr. Sun had checked him again, and the result was the same, she even smiled and congratulated him, now Fu Yuanzhou finally felt at ease, smiled at her, and put on his suppression collar.

He was undoubtedly happy but thinking of who gave him this mark made him feel a little heavy again.

During this period of time, he hadn’t seen Shen Xigou, and he was no longer affected by his pheromone. Otherwise, it would not have been a question of when but whether his temporary mark would fade away.

“How is Shen Xigou?” He asked Dr. Sun as usual.

“Just wanted to tell you.” Dr. Sun said, “He left the nursing home yesterday, and I only found out when I went to see him this morning.”

Shen Xigou left? Were his wounds healed, so he went back to the villa?

Fu Yuanzhou thought so, and was a little concerned, so he sent a message to his parents and asked if Shen Xigou had gone back.

“He didn’t come back,” said Mother Fu. “Did you have anything to do with him?”

“No…” Fu Yuanzhou hesitated to answer, he was surprised, if Shen Xigou didn’t go back to the villa, where would he go?

After a few days like this, it was the weekend again, his parents told him to come home and live, because Shen Xigou still hadn’t gone back, so they thought he could go home and live for a few days with peace of mind.

Shen Xigou never went back, was he… gone? Fu Yuanzhou put down his cell phone and his eyes were a little blank.

But his parents also said that they didn’t see Shen Xigou moving, and he should come back again. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t ask any more questions, but he was still worried. He knew that if Shen Xigou wanted to leave, he probably wouldn’t take anything with him, not even the house. It didn’t matter to him so he won’t handle it.

But since Shen Xigu hadn’t gone back, Fu Yuanzhou went back with Xie Lin, because it was going to be  New Year’s Day soon, and he naturally wanted to spend the New Year with his family. Yu Fei’s family of three would also come back by then, but Xie Lin’s parents were not there, they were still abroad, and would strive to come back during the Spring Festival.

This time back, Xie Lin put on the couple ring, hugged Fu Yuanzhou and kissed when no one was there, took out the other pair of the couple ring and asked him, “Can I put it on for you?”

They had made an appointment before. When they would begin officially dating, Xie Lin would give the ring to Fu Yuanzhou again. Fu Yuanzhou blushed and took the one that belonged to him.

He was afraid that Xie Lin would be unhappy, but he still said: “The final of Yuan Ye is coming soon. I’m worried that his state would be affected.”

His voice was lower, because Xie Lin knew that Yuan Ye liked him, so he was a little lacking in confidence when he spoke, but this game was really important to Yuan Ye, and it even had something to do with his future career as a professional player.

The competition he was participating in was the first large-scale competition held in this new generation of games. This game was very popular, but because it had only been launched for a short time, there was no official professional competition. This competition was a warm-up event for future professional competitions and it was also a venue to select some outstanding talents.

The game company who had developed this game was located in Tiancheng, and the local leaders also attached great importance to this game, so in order to develop the e-sports industry in this city, they would attend the finals in person, and the TV channel would also broadcast it live.

In fact, Yuan Ye’s game level was very high. When the official professional game started, it was almost a certainty for him to become a professional player, but this competition was also related to whether he entered the team of a first-class club, and his future position in the team, Fu Yuanzhou wanted to help Yuan Ye realize his dream, and naturally he did not want to hold him back at such a time.

He explained it to Xie Lin. Xie Lin was not an unreasonable person. After listening, he nodded and said, “Okay.” He paused, then asked, “When is the final?”

Fu Yuanzhou said, “Of course the other students in our class, everyone wants to go, do you want to come as well?”

Xie Lin agreed. They went on the night of the final, and others also came. The venue for the final was the gymnasium in the city center. Even after they got the tickets, the venue had not yet opened, so everyone had to wait outside.

“It’s so cold!”

The classmates were shivering, but their expressions were all excited. Some of them had never played games before, but the presence of acquaintances made them very excited, and they even went to make up for their game knowledge these days, so as not to be confused when watching the game in a while.

Fu Yuanzhou’s game skills were not bad. At this time, he acted as a pre-match commentator, telling them about the game. As he was talking, he glanced around casually, and suddenly saw a few figures, one of whom was very familiar to him. Shen Xigou.

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