IHSB Ch. 63

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However, soon, Shen Yujin couldn’t laugh at all, because his good buddy actually asked him to move the saplings!!!

Shen Yujin had an inconceivably shocked expression on his face, “Is it because your family went bankrupt or something? You, the next outstanding heir of the Gu family, are still needed to carry the saplings and plant the trees in person?” He felt that Gu Nan’s brain was probably not working.

Gu Nan bent down, picked up a sapling that was half a person tall, and threw it at him, “Hold it.”

“Oh! Gu Nan, you are not human, and I am wearing a white suit. You will need to pay me several million!”

An angry voice came, Nuan Nuan who was carrying a small plastic bucket and was about to spray the seeds, turned her little short legs and ran towards her big brother.

There were two fluffy tails behind her buttocks, and a chirping parrot was flying in the sky.

“Big brother.”

A milky voice called out big brother, and the little girl saw a good-looking person standing beside her big brother who looked furious.

Shen Yujin was good-looking, with a pair of peach blossom eyes that looked very affectionate and romantic, with a smile on the corner of his mouth from time to time, looking very gentle, often causing a group of women to talk to him shyly, this boy also got along with women very easily.

When Nuan Nuan saw him for the first time, she didn’t recognize him at all, but she always felt that his voice was somewhat familiar.

Shen Yujin, who was jumping around violently, suddenly heard the soft sound calling big brother. He finally saw the legendary Gu Nan’s baby sister, but it was in such a distressing situation.

Turning around and looking, the obedient, soft and delicate little girl was standing not far away, looking at them with a pair of big moist and clear eyes, wearing a small fisherman hat on her head, and the bear overalls on her body which made her look a little more cute and smart.

This was probably the legendary little angel, who was worthy of being a member of the Gu family, and the appearance of each of them was not bad.

Shen Yujin, the beauty con, immediately laughed. He just liked to deal with beautiful people.

“Nuan Nuan, do you still remember brother?”

Gu Nan’s cold eyes swept over, whose brother are you?

Shen Yujin didn’t seem to see Gu Nan’s eyes, he gritted his teeth and patted the dirt off his clothes, then squatted down and looked at Nuan Nuan with a smile.

At this time, Nuan Nuan finally remembered who this person was, her pretty little face showed an expression of sudden realization, and then said in a soft voice.

“I remembered, you’re a friend of Big Brother.”

So cute.

He wanted to touch her hair, but looking at his paws, Shen Yujin was silent, and couldn’t help but feel resentful towards Gu Nan for being so cunning.

Looking at him with warm and clean eyes, Nuan Nuan asked, “What do I call you?”

“I’m the one who grew up with your elder brother, and I’m also your elder brother, so just call me Brother Jin.”

The little girl nodded obediently, and politely called out “Brother Jin.”

This milky voice sounded really comfortable, and just as he wanted to make Nuan Nuan call out again, he was pulled up from behind by a force.

“Don’t waste time.”

He pointed at the sapling with his bony fingers and said to Nuan Nuan.

“He’s here to help plant trees.”

Shen Yujin: “…”

When did I say that!

“Thank you, brother Jin.”

When the kid heard the elder brother say that Shen Yujin was here to help plant trees, the child smiled with crooked eyebrows and looked even more obedient.

Shen Yujin took a deep breath, and calculated that he was unlucky, who would have thought that he would be cheated by himself.

Shen Yujin glanced at Gu Nan, “Let me, a young master who has never even planted flowers, plant trees, you really are something Gu Nan!”

Gu Nan’s eyes lightly looked over: Heh, who isn’t the same?

Shen Yujin suddenly realized something, so he obediently carried the tree, and followed them with a distorted expression to the backyard.

As soon as he entered, he realized, oh…it’s really lively here, and the old man and aunt are also here.

“Xiao Jin is here.”

Mother Gu smiled when she saw Shen Yujin carrying the sapling.

“Why did he ask you to help us?”

Shen Yujin laughed, thinking that I was also tricked by your son.

He just thought why this guy was so easy to talk yesterday.

The old man dug the pit for a while, then was dragged by Nuan Nuan to sit and rest beside him, the little girl was so diligent, she ran up and down to serve him tea and prepared some digestible snacks and fruits.

“Grandpa sit down obediently and just watch us plant trees.”

Nuan Nuan was afraid that the old man would be tired.

Mr. Gu felt so sweet in his heart, then he rubbed Nuan Nuan’s soft little hair.

“Okay, I won’t cause trouble.”

Nuan Nuan rubbed against his hand like a kitten, and then continued digging with a small hoe.

Rhubarb also followed happily, and the dog’s paws kept digging the soil. Now it had completely turned into a dirty mud dog, and it must be washed several times with water when it went back.

After planting a few peach trees and then planting some vegetable seeds, the time was about the same.

Gu Nan panted slightly. After all, it was physical work, and he was still a little tired. This was the result of his never-ending exercise. Shen Yujin already was exhausted as a dead dog and sat with the old man.

Nuan Nuan’s little face was flushed with excitement and she was chattering non-stop.

“Peach blossoms are very beautiful. When the peach blossoms bloom next year, Nuan Nuan will use a wooden sign to write that parents and brothers should be in good health on it. Grandma said that peach trees ward off evil spirits, so that everyone can be healthy, etc. You can still eat peaches when they bear peaches, and the peaches that Nuan Nuan planted before were very delicious.”

Everyone knew that the grandma Nuan Nuan was talking about was the old woman who adopted her, and they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts, they didn’t have time to thank her.

Hearing a lot of words in a warm voice, everyone didn’t feel tired in an instant.

After all, they were busy people. It was impossible to plant trees every day, and they only came to experience it today. For such a large garden, it was necessary to find a gardener who knew how to plant to help plant other fruit trees.

Finally, a few vines were planted in the side yard, and a group of people went back home dirty, including Shen Yujin.

After returning, he changed out of the white suit that was completely unrecognizable and wore Gu Nan’s clothes. The two were of the same height, except that Gu Nan’s frame was bigger, and Shen Yujin’s figure was thinner. So the clothes looked a bit big on his body.

He wore Gu Nan’s black shirt with a disgusted expression on his face, disgusted with Gu Nan’s aesthetics.

“Don’t you have clothes of other colours? Look at those, either dark grey, dark blue or black, there are so many blacks, even if the style is different, it is still black, can’t you have a dress with a brighter color?”

He seriously despised his monotonous aesthetic for the color of clothes!

Gu Nan slowly rolled up his sleeves, and then went downstairs with his long legs.

Shen Yujin: Your bad temper has grown up with you since you were a child!

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