IHSB Ch. 62

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For this reason, Gu An looked at his elder brother in a strange way all morning, and snorted from time to time, but he didn’t have the guts to speak against his elder brother.

Then Gu Nan couldn’t help sweeping him over with a blank expression, “You have something to say.” The cold voice made Gu An shiver, he completely cowed, and looked at him aggrievedly.

“You still ask me, obviously you just hugged my sister to sleep the day before yesterday, and I should get to hug my sister to sleep tonight.”

Gu Nan sneered, “When did you beat me?”

Gu An: “…”

You said that you are not a strong man! Then I would have to wait until you are seventy or eighty.

Gu An ate the grilled rice with a suffocated face, stuffing his own face like a piglet, and finally went to school with his schoolbag on his back, mumbling and looking unhappy all day long.

Finally, when getting out of the car, Nuan Nuan kissed him on the face, crying softly.

“Goodbye, little brother, Nuan Nuan will pick you up after school this afternoon.”

Just ask who else had such a gentle and caring cutie at home!

No! His house’s was the cutest!

Gu An regained his energy in an instant, touched the cheek kissed by his sister, it felt delicious and smelled of milk, he smirked a few times, and leaned over to kiss the face of his sister who was fragrant and soft.

Soft, why is my sister so obedient and so fragrant!

“So cute.”

Now he was finally happy, and walked into the school with strides that would not even be recognized by his relatives. The guard took a look at this particularly prominent child and twitched his mouth.

Which landlord’s stupid son was this?

Today, her eldest brother still didn’t go to work. The several meetings were held through video conferences. A lot of work was also done in the study, and Nan Feng was sent out by him.

She was going to grow fruit trees and vegetables in her big brother’s house in Nanjin Biewan. Nuan Nuan was in high spirits and looked very happy.

Grandpa Gu was also wearing younger looking clothes, walking around slowly beside Nuan Nuan with his hands behind his back, watching the little girl get busy like a bee.

She needed to get the small hoe, as well as the planting records that she worked hard on before, then she put on the rain boots, put on a pair of overalls, and finally led rhubarb out, perfect!

“Where’s Briquettes?”

Nuan Nuan realized that Briquettes was missing, and led Rhubarb to look for him, and finally found him with the cat mother.

The shameless Briquette was fighting for milk with the two kittens!

Nuan Nuan was stunned, her eyes and small mouth were left wide open, her exquisite little face looked at the one who squeezed the two pitiful little milk cats aside and took most of the place by himself. The particularly conspicuous black cat lay lazily under the mother cat’s belly. The cat’s paws were placed on the mother cat’s belly as he sucked hard. The sound of purring from its throat indicated that it was very comfortable.

And even though the mother cat lying in the cat litter had a furry face, everyone could still see from her face an expression of there is no love in the world.

Nuan Nuan covered her face, trying to pretend that she didn’t know Briquettes.

Grandpa Gu burst into laughter when he saw it from the side.

Mother Gu also covered her mouth with a snort and laughed, and everyone saw that the overlord cat Briquettes was stealing the mother cat’s milk.

Briquette: “…”, he purred, got up and returned the place to the two pitiful little milk cats, and walked to Nuan Nuan’s feet unhurriedly with graceful cat steps. Then the little head rubbed against her calf.

Nuan Nuan knelt down and pinched its ears.

“Briquette are you not ashamed, you grabbed the kitten’s milk!”

Briquette looked at Nuan Nuan with an innocent face and meowed, the expression on his face seemed to say ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’

It was very rambunctious.

The cat mother had to care for her babies, so she couldn’t go to Nanjin Biewan with them. In the end, the aunt who cooked was left at home to take care of her. Everyone else, including the old housekeeper, went to Nanjin Biewan together.

Nanjin Biewan’s villa looked the same from the front as it did last time, but when you walked into the back yard, you would find that the previous lawn had been turned over and the soil had been turned up, just waiting to be planted.

It had just finished raining yesterday, and the ground was very wet, even if you step on it, the soles of your shoes would become full of mud.

It was rare for Gu Nan not to wear a suit today, and Mother Gu happily dragged him down to the ground.

“Haha… that’s right it’s my son, he looks youthful for once! Don’t wear a black suit all day long to look like you are a few years older. People will say that I am your sister when we walk together!” Gu Nan listened to his mother’s rambling, still expressionless, but his eyes seemed a little helpless.

Nuan Nuan carefully took out the plan that she and her elder brother had made before, on which she drew what to plant in each place, many lines were straight and smooth, and they had marked the font with a good-looking pen, there were only some crooked and immature paintings of some small flowers and plants that others could not understand.

The crooked and immature brushwork was of course done by Nuan Nuan.

“Grandpa, grandpa, let’s do it this way.”

Nuan Nuan softly handed the blueprint to grandpa as if offering a treasure, the old and the young looked at it for a while and murmured, and then went to the field with a small hoe.

Nuan Nuan had short legs and walked in the wet soil like a little penguin learning to walk. The family dug holes in several corners of the yard to plant peach trees, which could bear big fruits.

When Gu Nan was about to carry the saplings under the urging of his mother, his phone rang.

“Hey, Nan, I’m at your door, open the door for me.”


Gu Nan responded with a cold voice, and patted the soil off his hands expressionlessly.

He, the young master who had never planted a single flower, was even more stupid than his grandfather when digging the soil just now, while Nuan Nuan waved a small hoe like a professional. They were so much better than him, that he was caught and laughed at by his mother and grandfather for a while, saying that there was finally something he couldn’t do. Heh…he just hadn’t ever done it! Now there was another one who couldn’t do it.

Thinking of this, Gu Nan took a bigger step towards the outside.

Shen Yujin was wearing a white suit, which made him look like a suave and well-dressed man. Holding a gift for Nuan Nuan, leaning against a gleaming blue Lamborghini with a smile on his lips, he seemed very… coquettish. As soon as the door opened, he opened his arms, and his tone was slightly ruffled.

“Surprise, long time no see, surprise, surprise, surprise… meaning, surprise.”

Shen Yujin looked at Gu Nan’s current outfit in a daze, the black t-shirt and slacks still had obvious dirt on them.

“Damn it!!!”

Shen Yujin was so frightened by Gu Nan in this attire that he uttered a dirty word. He walked around Gu Nan twice, and even stretched out his finger to poke him on the arm.

“Are you really Gu Nan?” It wasn’t his twin brother Gu Bei? No, even Gu Bei wouldn’t do this.

Gu Nan slapped his hand away expressionlessly, his voice was cold but familiar to Shen Yujin, “Come in.”

Shen Yujin:”!!!”

“Oh shit, it’s really you, buddy, why did you become like this hahaha… No, you stand up so I can take a photo, this is a great opportunity!”

He pointed at Gu Nan with his mobile phone and clicked a few photos, with tears bursting out of laughter.

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