IHSB Ch. 61

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Gu An also ran over, but when he saw that his father was carrying milk, he immediately felt disgusted and wanted to run, but Father Gu stretched out his arm and grabbed him by the collar.

“Where are you going, come over and drink the milk!”

Gu An struggled, “I don’t want to! Milk is only for children, and I won’t drink it since I’ve grown up! I’m an adult now, and you want me to be two years. Let me tell you about your opponent!”

Gu An stood up with a loud voice, and he planned to fight his father to the end.

Gu Linmo laughed angrily, turned his arms and picked up Gu An directly, laid him face down, and slapped him on his buttocks.

“The brat wants to rebel, doesn’t he!”

Gu An, who was spanked in front of his sister, “…”

He felt that his face had been beaten!

Gu Linmo said quietly, “I want you to know who your father is, do you really think I can’t deal with you?”

Gu An yelled, “You spank my ass! How can you spank my ass! You don’t know what a man’s ass is. Dad, let me tell you that you are spanking a tiger, and I’ll not let you go when you’re done!”

Gu Linmo said slowly, “Oh? What do you want to do?”

Gu An blushed and said in a super loud voice the most embarrassing thing he could say, “I want to complain to my mother!”

Gu Linmo: “…”

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Good… what a promising little brother.

After being laid down, he obediently drank the milk, but Gu An still tried his best to save himself on the ground.

“I didn’t drink milk because of your coercion, I just wanted to set a good example for my sister.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, she didn’t need an example to drink milk obediently.

Gu An met her big clean and suspicious eyes, his face turned red, and he firmly refused to admit that he only drank milk obediently because he couldn’t beat his father.

Gu Linmo twitched the corners of his mouth, who did this stupid son follow?

“It’s time to go to bed, Nuan Nuan is going to sleep with Mom and Dad today!”

He was too indecisive before, his good daughter was adapting well at home now, and she was frightened today, so she definitely needed the care and comfort of her father.

Gu An, who was drinking milk, stopped immediately.


He wiped off the milk froth on his mouth, put down the cup proudly, grabbed Nuan Nuan’s little hand, and pulled her behind him.

“Yesterday, elder brother slept with my younger sister, and today I will be sleeping with her!”

Gu An stood up again, thinking about sleeping with her fragrant and warm sister, it should be more comfortable than a pillow!

Gu Linmo squinted his eyes and looked at his son. This brat really didn’t hit the house for three seconds…

A few seconds later…

“Wow!!! Mom, save your son, dad is beating me!”

Nuan Nuan was still holding the milk cup, with a dazed and bewildered expression on her delicate little face, watching her father pick up a clothes hanger and chase after her little brother, who really knew how to run, jumping up and down and following monkeys childlike.

In the end, Dad calmly carried Nuan Nuan out of the house and closed the door, and Gu An’s unconvinced squeaks came out from inside.

Mother Gu and Gu Nan looked at each other.

Mother Gu, “Why did you hit your son again?”

This word was used vividly, which showed that such things did not happen often at home.

Nuan Nuan hugged her father’s neck, and looked at the little brother’s bedroom door with big watery eyes. In fact, her father didn’t hit the little brother at all, but… the brother screamed so badly on purpose.

Gu Linmo hugged his sweet-smelling daughter and snorted coldly, “He still wants to grab Nuan Nuan from me. Nuan Nuan will sleep with the two of us today.”

Mother Gu immediately ignored her son.

Gu Nan looked at his parents expressionlessly, and finally his eyes fell on Nuan Nuan, feeling a little… lost for no reason.

Nuan Nuan took a serious look, and saw the disappointment from the expressionless expression of the elder brother.

“Big brother.”

She called out softly, “Tomorrow, Nuan Nuan will sleep with big brother.”

She was so soft, obedient and caring.

Hearing Nuan Nuan’s words, the corners of Gu Nan’s pursed mouth finally turned up slightly.

Nuan Nuan leaned on her father and stayed with her parents today. As for the little brother? Who told him that no one could beat him?

Nuan Nuan thought a little cautiously.

Hey… It was really sad, Nuan Nuan had parents, big brother and younger brother to care for.

Gu Linmo: “…”

Actually, I still want to sleep with my good daughter in my arms tomorrow, but now it seems that I can’t.

He gave his eldest son a disgusted look.

It rained intermittently all night, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room made her especially like to stay under the covers and not come out.

Nuan Nuan slept between her parents, she slept soundly, her furry head and half of her sleeping face were exposed, soft and delicate, her pink lips were slightly open, as she made even breathing sounds.

She had always been very good at sleeping, but she was also so good that it made people feel distressed.

She was curled sideways and nestled in the arms of her tall and reassuring father, the pyjamas on his chest were grabbed by her thin and soft fingers, the halo shone down from top to bottom, and her eyelashes curled up like delicate small fans. It trembled slightly, like a beautiful butterfly fluttering its wings in the morning.

Nuan Nuan slowly opened her eyes, as her head was being gently rubbed by a big warm palm.

“Wake up Nuan Nuan? Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

The little girl with watery eyes slowly shook her head, slightly raised her face, and stared at her father in front of her with misty clear eyes. She stared at him for a while.

As if she hadn’t reacted yet.

This cute and soft little appearance was really rare.

Gu Linmo’s slender fingers pinched her little face, and he saw that her white and tender cheeks had grown a little fleshy.


Gu Linmo laughed like a silly father after hearing the mumbled words of the little milk doll, he did not seem to be as elegant and shrewd as usual.

He hugged his good daughter in his arms and rubbed her affectionately.

My daughter is so good!!!

“What are you doing?”

Mother Gu slapped her husband on his hand, and rescued Nuan Nuan, whose hair was crumpled like a lion’s fur, from his arms.

The little girl’s face was red and her eyes were watery, but her temper was so soft that she didn’t know how to resist.

“What’s Nuan Nuan’s hair like?”

Mother Gu gave this silly father a blank stare, hugged Nuan Nuan and went to comb her hair and wash up.

After washing and brushing her hair, she looked like a soft, delicate and cute girl again.

The cutie was still dressed in fur today, but had changed from a rabbit to a milky white hamster, with a pair of round ear scrunchies in her hair.

The whole person looked like a little hamster spirit turned into a human, so soft and cute.

Gu An looked at her and kept turning around to stare at his sister, wanting to hold her hand and coax her.

“Tonight, you must tell your parents to sleep with your little brother, you know?”

Nuan Nuan blinked her beautiful eyes, “But… But Nuan Nuan promised her big brother that she will sleep with him today.”

Gu An was struck by lightning in an instant, and almost cried aggrievedly with a woo.

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