SLDH Ch. 48.1: Blessing

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When Wei Ji was ordered to send Mi Wan back, his eyes were fixed on the black iron sword in Mi Wan’s hand, his face full of hesitation.

Mi Wan couldn’t help but rub her brows. She felt that this junior of hers by who knows how many generations, was good at everything. It was just that his habit of keeping his eyes on people without asking what he wanted to ask was really not good.

“Just ask me if you have anything.”

“Is this sword given to you by my grandfather?” At last he could ask, so Wei Ji almost blurted out his question.

“Yes.” Mi Wan could not recall why this old man Wei suddenly became so enthusiastic. At that time, she didn’t seem to have said that she could treat him, so it didn’t make sense for him to repay her.

“Do you know what this sword is?” Wei Ji asked again.

“Xuantie sword.”

“Then do you know that this Xuantie sword is the sword of the head of our Xuanwu Mountain?” Wei Ji continued to ask.

“What exactly do you want to say? If you don’t say it clearly all at once, I will beat you.” Mi Wan was very angry when talked to by someone in such an ink-stained manner.

Wei Ji didn’t dare to play tricks anymore, and hastily explained: “Our Xuanwu Mountain has a rule, whoever holds the master’s saber is the master.”

“!!” Did Xuanwu Mountain have this rule? How did I not know? Mi Wan was dumbfounded.

There had never been such a rule in Xuanwu Mountain. The so-called master sword, shouldn’t it be whoever was the master would have the master sword as their magic weapon? Suddenly, why was it the other way around?

“So…” Mi Wan raised the black iron sword in her hand and asked, “I am your head now?”

“Yeah!” Wei Ji nodded solemnly.

“Are you kidding? Who made these rules?” Mi Wan frowned.

“The seventh generation head, head Yan Xiu.” Wei Ji said, “When he abdicated, he said that from now on, no matter who they are if they can activate the master sword, they would be Xuanwu Mountain’s Head.”

Yan Xiu, junior brother, was your head squeezed by the door? After five hundred years, cheating your senior sister, me?

Five hundred years ago, this black iron sword happened to be the sword of the sixth generation headmaster, so Mi Wan didn’t think too much when old man Wei called it the master saber, because her impression of her master’s magic weapon was just right. She just kept this black iron sword by the way, but she never expected that five hundred years later, her junior brother would have dug such a big hole for her.

“Sister Mi, then am I going to call you Sister Sect Leader from now on?” Wei Ji asked in a low voice.

“Shut up.” Mi Wan’s face turned dark, she was the ancestor, “Go back and tell Old Man Wei that I will not be the head.”


“But what is it.” Mi Wan viciously glared at Wei Ji, but Wei Ji didn’t dare to speak, he just let out a weak voice.

“Take back the Xuantie sword too.” Mi Wan threw the Xuantie sword into Wei Ji’s arms. If she took this thing, there would be a lot of things behind, so she didn’t want it.

Wei Ji’s face turned pale, he didn’t dare to take the sword, and shrank back in fright: “Sister Mi, I can’t take it back, if I take it back, my grandpa will beat me to death, and you have to give it back yourself. “

“…” Seeing that the young man’s fear was not fake, Mi Wan thought that she couldn’t embarrass a junior, so she took the black iron sword back and said, “Okay, I’ll take it back when I’m free.”

Wei Ji let out a small sigh of relief, and then he didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore, and honestly sent Mi Wan back home. After sending her off, Wei Ji rushed back to the manor and rushed to his grandfather’s bedroom.

In the bedroom, Old Man Wei was holding a medicine bowl and drinking the medicine, which was bought and made from the prescription Mi Wan just prescribed. Seeing his grandson come back, old man Wei immediately asked, “Sent the master back?”

“Grandpa.” Wei Ji hurried over, “Sister Mi didn’t seem to know that she is going to be the head.”

“What are you calling her? Sister Mi, call her the head.” Old man Wei rolled his eyes at his grandson.

“The head…the head doesn’t seem to know that she is going to be the head.” Wei Ji changed his words obediently, but why did the words sound so awkward.

“Did you tell her the meaning of owning the sect master’s saber?” When Mi Wan drove away with the black iron sword just now, old man Wei deliberately did not say what the sect master’s saber represented, he was afraid that Mi Wan would not take the black iron sword. However, no matter whether Mi Wan accepted it or not, she was the only person who had been able to wield the sword of the head of the sect in the past five hundred years, so no matter whether she agreed or not, the head of the sect would be her.

“I said it, but the leader doesn’t seem to want it. She said she won’t be the leader of our Xuanwu Mountain.” Wei Ji said worriedly.

“It doesn’t matter.” The old man Wei said calmly, “As long as we recognize her as the head.”

“Huh?” Wei Ji didn’t understand, could such a thing be unilaterally determined?

“Actually, this person is soft-hearted.” Old man Wei said, “Anyway, after taking the medicine from the master, I can live for another ten years, and I can continue to take care of the affairs of Xuanwu Mountain. For these more than ten years, we will try our best to be kind to the head, and after the head has accepted our kindness, and felt the sincerity of our Xuanwu Mountain, naturally she will not ignore us.”

This point the old man could see from Mi Wan’s willingness to teach Wei Xuan how to manipulate her magic weapon. Their new head was a soft-hearted person.

“This…is this okay?” Wei Ji didn’t dare to say a word and could only slander in his heart: There is nothing wrong with these words, but I always feel that it is a bit like moral kidnapping.

“That’s it.” Wei Lao said, “Go out, I’m going to heal my injuries. When I go to City B tomorrow, I’m going to have a good chat with Yan Haoguang so that he won’t bother our head anymore. Our head likes to open a pet shop, so we need to let the head open it happily.”

Yan Haoguang, the president of the Demon Hunter Association, was another eighth-level demon hunter.

“Yes.” Wei Ji retreated silently, and sighed secretly, “Sister Mi, you are considered to be dependent on my grandpa.”

After the winter vacation, Mi Wan didn’t need to go to school, and after she lost weight successfully, she didn’t need to exercise. Mi Wan finally lived up to her name.[1] She had reached a life where she only needed to hold her rice bowl and eat every day.

Master, your expectations for your disciples have finally come true. Whenever she woke up from a happy lazy sleep, Mi Wan couldn’t help but tell her master in her heart that his best wish for naming his apprentice had finally come true.

“Miss, are you up?” Along with a few knocks on the door, Butler Ye’s voice came from outside the door.

“Got up, I’ll come down right away.” Mi Wan responded, got out of bed to wash up, changed into casual and warm clothes, came out of the room, and went to the lobby on the first floor.

In the lobby on the first floor, Butler Ye was already waiting by the sofa, holding a tablet computer in his hand, as if he had something to say.

Mi Wan couldn’t help being puzzled, nothing happened recently, why was Butler Ye so serious.

“Uncle Ye, what’s the matter?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“Miss, there is something I need to tell you.” Butler Ye said with a serious expression.

“Tell me.” Seeing Butler Ye’s serious expression, Mi Wan couldn’t help but become serious too.

“In our old house, there are a total of eight people, including the maid who cleans, the security guards who guard the gate, the driver who drives, the cook who cooks and me, who takes care of the lady.” Butler Ye counted.

“I know, what’s the matter?” Mi Wan had lived here for so long, of course she knew how many people there were in the old house. Originally, there were more people. In order to prevent her from sneaking away during drug rehab, Butler Ye had arranged three shifts of security guards and a medical team, but after she successfully rehabilitated, these people all went back.

“Our original salary was paid by the Mi family, but… this month’s salary has not arrived.” Butler Ye blushed. He had worked in Ye’s family for so long, and he had never had to ask for his salary. But even if he didn’t need the salary, the servants below still needed the money to take home for the New Year.

“Why?” Mi Wan was taken aback.

“The young master said that Miss has opened a pet shop now, and she has an independent business. Our wages should… be paid by you.” Butler Ye said with a resentful expression. When he received the call from the young master in the morning, he was completely shocked. What was the young master doing, breaking up with the young lady completely?

Mi Wan blinked, her first reaction was what did Mi Yan want to do? After stopping her pocket money, he also stopped the wages of the workers at home? Then she thought about it again and felt that what he said was right. These workers were responsible for taking care of her, so she should pay for them herself.

Thinking of this, Mi Wan said directly: “It’s okay, I’ll pay the salary, how much is it?”

Butler Ye immediately called up the worker’s salary form from the tablet and showed it to Mi Wan. Mi Wan glanced at it. Butler Ye was the first on the salary list, and the salary was also the highest, with a monthly salary of 50,000. Others’ salaries ranged from 5,000 to 10,000.

“Why is there no year-end bonus?” Mi Wan snorted, she remembered that an extra year-end bonus would be given to employees during the Chinese New Year.

“The year-end bonuses will be distributed uniformly during the Chinese New Year. After all, we only started taking wages from the lady this month, so this year’s year-end bonus doesn’t need to be paid by the lady.” It meant that next year’s year-end bonus will have to be paid by Mi Wan.

“Oh~~” Mi Wan nodded understandingly, glanced at the total number and said with a big voice, “Uncle Ye, I’ll send you the money in a moment, you can help me pay my salary.”


Butler Ye nodded.

“Also… I plan to increase everyone’s wages. Starting next month, everyone’s wages will increase by 10%. I will give you another sum of money, and you can use it to buy ten new mobile phones. Give everyone a present for the New year.” Mi Wan planned to do it in one go, and get the presents bought together.

“Huh?” Butler Ye had seen the world, and he also knew that the Mi family was rich, but the young lady was now cut off from the income she received from the family, and the business of the pet shop was not good. Was it really good to be so generous?

Before Butler Ye could express his doubts, Mi Wan had already transferred 300,000 yuan to him, and asked him to spend boldly, and to tell her if it was not enough.

In a daze, Butler Ye helped everyone pay everybody’s wages, and still in a daze, he went to the mall to purchase ten mobile phones himself. On the way home in a daze, he suddenly received a call from the young master.

“Young master.” Butler Ye’s voice was very respectful.

“Well, have you talked to Mi Wan about the salary?” Mi Yan asked softly.

“Told her.”

“What was her reaction?”

Butler Ye looked at the ten mobile phones in his hand and replied calmly: “Miss gave each of us a 10% salary increase and let me buy 10 mobile phones back as a present for everyone.”

“…” The other end of the phone was quiet for a while before Mi Yan asked again, “Isn’t her pet shop always losing money? How long can she spend just a few million?”

“Young master…” Butler Ye had a flash of inspiration, and suddenly thought about it, “Are you using money to force the young lady to go home?”

“…” The other end of the phone went completely quiet.

Butler Ye had watched the three brothers and sister grow up, so he understood, but he couldn’t laugh or cry: “Then tell the lady directly.”

“It’s almost Chinese New Year, doesn’t she know to come back?” After Mi Yan finished speaking, he seemed to feel a little ashamed, and then hung up the phone mercilessly.

Butler Ye couldn’t help but chuckle: Young Master, you still want to save face and suffer like you did when you were a child, but sometimes this kind of small awkwardness is also a good way to enhance the relationship between siblings.

Butler Ye decided not to expose him.

After returning home, Butler Ye handed out the newly purchased mobile phones to each employee one by one, making them all very happy. This was the latest mobile phone, this was much better than those nut gift packs and bacon gift packs usually handed out for the new year.

“Thank you, miss.”

Mi Wan accepted everyone’s thanks, and only felt that Fan Chen was worthy of being the boss of a big company, and the New Year’s goods recommended by him had a high praise rate.

Ten mobile phones, after giving away to the employees at home, there were still two left. After lunch, Mi Wan went to the store with the mobile phones, and generously gave one to each of her store employees. The sparrow spirit happily took it without any delay. When Xu Zhuang saw the phone, his face was full of hesitation.

“Boss, our pet store business is like this, so… there is no need to give New Year’s gifts.” Xu Zhuang felt that he would feel extremely guilty if he accepted this gift. In the past few months, he was just wasting medicine on stray animals. That money was much more than what he made for the store. It would be nice if Mi Wan didn’t fire him, but she even gave him a new mobile phone? This mobile phone was so expensive, his girlfriend had been yelling about it for half a month but was not willing to buy it.

“Our pet store’s business is pretty good.” Mi Wan said.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good.” Sparrow Spirit chimed in.

“??” Were they talking about the same pet store?

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[1] Her name basically means ten thousand rice bowls, showing an intention of her never having to starve.

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