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Mi Wan waved her hand with a smile, and waited until the two brother and sister of the Wei family had left the living room before she turned around and looked at the head of Xuanwu Mountain’s recent generation, the eighth-level demon hunter Wei… What was his name?

“Wei Hongyi.” Wei Lao introduced himself.

Yes, it seemed to be called that name.

“I took the liberty to invite you over here, and I hope you don’t mind.” Old Wei said politely.

“Whether I mind or not, it depends on what you want to say to me next.” Mi Wan sat back on the chair she was sitting on just now, took a sip of a cup of tea, and looked at Wei Lao from afar.

“Haha~~” Old Wei smiled heartily, “That boy Wei Ji, he should have passed some rumors to you when he brought you here.”

“Well, Wei Ji said that you probably want me to close the pet shop.” Without waiting for Mr. Wei to make a statement, Mi Wan continued on her own, “I said this at the time, whether I close the store or not, no one else should care about it.”

“Little friend is so young and energetic.” Expressing her wishes so bluntly, she didn’t even give him a chance to speak.

“It has nothing to do with being young, right? I opened the door to do business and earn a lot of money every day. You don’t give me a penny, but as soon as you open your lips, you ask me to close the shop. Isn’t this being a robber?” Mi Wan asked rhetorically. “You can grab it, and I can’t resist it.”

“As far as I know, the little friend’s family is not short of money.” Even Old Wei had heard of Mi’s family. Mi’s shopping malls were almost all over China.

“I’m not short of money, so I can’t make more money?” Mi Wan asked back.

“…” Old Wei choked, feeling that he might not be able to argue with Mi Wan in this respect, he changed the subject and said, “Just now I saw my little friend teach my little granddaughter to manipulate magic weapons, and just a little mention could make the stupid girl master the method of manipulation. Moreover, at such a young age, you can stab a demon who is at the peak of the seventh level with one sword move. I think you must have a great master.”

“Not bad.” Mi Wan responded modestly. As she was thinking, she couldn’t help but wonder, was it a little…that’s what it was for them to boast about their martial arts face to face.

“Over the years, the strength of the demon hunters have been growing inferior to that of the previous generation. Now I am almost 80 years old. Up to now, I have not seen a descendant who can inherit my Xuanwu Mountain. It makes me worry all the time until I can’t sleep at night.” Wei Lao suddenly felt emotional, and there seemed to be infinite melancholy in his desolate voice.

“You’re getting old, don’t worry about it, you’re thinking about these things all day long, no wonder you’re not in good health.” Mi Wan said.

“……”What did it mean? Are you caring about this old man’s body? But what I want is not that you care about my body, what I want is that you hear the worry I have about the future of the demon hunters in what I just said.

Elder Wei found out that Mi Wan deliberately didn’t answer, so chatting with her and going around and around would only be a waste of time, thus it was better to go straight to the point.

“Little friend, in fact, I took the liberty to invite you here this time, just to ask you a question.” Wei Lao asked.

Mi Wan put on a posture of listening attentively.

“If because of your treatment, the strength of the demon clan becomes stronger than that of the demon hunters in the end, how should humans deal with this?” Wei Lao asked.

Mi Wan frowned. She found that Wei Lao’s conversation skills were much better than Bai Feng’s. He didn’t directly use his cultivation or status to force her to close the pet shop but skipped all the antecedents and put the final consequences into consideration and placed it in front of her.

“About two months ago, my classmates and I went to Guyuan Mountain to do field research, just in time for a landslide, but luckily, we were all fine. Because before the landslide, we received a warning from a tree demon with spiritual consciousness, and it helped us run down the mountain ahead of time, so that we could notify the residents at the foot of the mountain.” Mi Wan suddenly told the story.

“You opened this pet shop because you were saved by the tree demon?” Elder Wei frowned.

“On that landslide, only a small part of the mountain collapsed, but the entire mountain range is still there. Do you know how it was preserved?”

“Demon race?” Old Wei said without hesitation. Demon Hunters didn’t have the power to shake nature. If there was any power that could stop the landslide, it must be the innate power of the demon race.

“That’s right.” Mi Wan nodded with a smile, “I was curious at the time, so I asked him why you, as a demon, wanted to stop the landslide and save mankind.”

Wei Lao looked over curiously, obviously also a little puzzled.

“He said that what he saved was not human beings, but the mountain.” Mi Wan said, “He said that the demon race is born of the spirit of nature, and the demon hunter is the existence that balances the power of the demon race. The stronger the natural aura, the stronger the demon hunters and the demon clan will be. When one day, the natural environment is destroyed, the demon clan will die out, and the demon hunters will no longer exist in the same way. The ecology will also completely collapse, and all creatures on the earth will perish at that time. Therefore, the demon race, human beings, and nature are not enemies, but symbiotic existences.”

Wei Lao listened to Mi Wan’s narration quietly and his expression changed. After a little bit of seriousness, he finally looked at Mi Wan and asked, “You believed him?”

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded, “At least, I want to give him a chance to prove it.”

“How to prove it?” Wei Lao asked.

“According to his words, if there are more demon races, there will be more demon hunters.” Mi Wan said, “We can see whether the birth rate of demon hunters will increase in the next few decades, and whether the spirit of heaven and earth will increase and will become richer than it is now.”

“For decades, if it turns out that you were wrong in your belief, but you had healed hundreds of demons at that time, how will you solve it?” Elder Wei asked again.

“It’s simple.” Mi Wan smiled confidently, “I will use the comprehensive strength of the demon hunters at that time to kill all the big demons that exceed the comprehensive strength of the demon hunters before I die.” Mi Wan was not bragging, in fact, although she had treated many demon clans, whether a demon could advance to a great demon still depended on the aura between heaven and earth. So no matter how many demons Mi Wan was treating now, there would still be very few who could break through to the eighth level. Of course, if the aura of heaven and earth recovered, then at the same time as the demon clan advanced, the demon hunters would also advance, and she naturally would not have broken the balance.

But Mr. Wei did not believe it when he heard her say: Kill them all, in such a crazy tone, even he dared not boast about this: “Where do you get the confidence.”

Mi Wan smiled, then turned her head suddenly, looked at the black iron sword hanging high and asked: “That’s a tenth-grade magic weapon.”

“That’s right, it’s the sword of the master of Xuanwu Mountain, but it’s a pity that the grade is too high, so far no one has been able to activate it.” Wei Lao sighed. With such degradation of ability, it was estimated that this tenth-grade magic weapon would not be able to show its edge in this life.

“Let me look at it.”

Old Wei showed doubts, “Look at it, what are you looking at?”

While he was filled with doubt, Mi Wan suddenly stood up from her seat, raised her hand towards the black iron sword hanging high on the wall, and gestured a formula, the spiritual power in her body flowed, and she softly said: “Get up~ ~”

“Om~~~” A buzzing sounded in the hall.

The black iron sword beeped for a while, and the blade trembled, as if it was about to fall. Then there was another slight clicking sound, it turned out that the black iron sword had come out of its scabbard, the black blade pierced the air, and after spinning around in the air with the sound of sharp wind, it stopped firmly in front of Mi Wan, exuding a joyous aura.

This was indoors, how fast did the blade of the sword need to be to make such a piercing wind sound.

“This is…” Old Wei stood up excitedly. He looked at this tenth-grade magic weapon that had been shelved for five hundred years in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that he could actually see it come out of its scabbard in his lifetime.

I have no regrets in this life, I have no regrets in this life~~

“You…you are a tenth-level demon hunter?” Elder Wei no longer dared to look at Mi Wan with the eyes of a junior. This was a tenth-level boss. A legendary existence two levels higher than him.

To be able to activate the black iron sword was to be a tenth-rank boss? Mi Wan was startled, then half of their masters were tenth rank back then.

“Is this enough to prove my confidence?” Mi Wan asked.

“Enough.” Elder Wei looked at Mi Wan suddenly with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm? Mi Wan felt that she had probably misunderstood something, why did this old man suddenly become enthusiastic about her.

“Okay, if you want to open a pet shop, open a pet shop. I’ll take care of the matters of the Demon Hunter Association, and I will never let them bother you again.” Wei Lao slapped the table, and suddenly made a decision that Mi Wan couldn’t understand.

“Why… why?” Mi Wan was stunned. Not only do you not stop me, but you actually want to help me stop the Demon Hunter Association? Could it be that his head was controlled by her? I don’t know this kind of magic.

“This black iron sword is also given to you.” Boss Wei said generously.

“This…isn’t this your master’s sword?” Mi Wan was even more confused.

“In the whole world, you are the only one who can move it, and this sword is just an ornament in our hands. You can take it, and even it will be happy if you want to have the black iron sword.” Wei Lao said.

“Buzz buzz~~~”

The black sword seemed to be able to understand people’s speech and issued a series of dragon chant sounds at the right time.


“That’s it!”

Wei Lao was too enthusiastic, and Mi Wan couldn’t react to this enthusiasm for a while. During the silence, this black iron sword was unilaterally given to Mi Wan. Although it was logical for her to take this black iron sword, Mi Wan always felt that something was wrong.

Didn’t this old man come to trouble her? Why did he switch to gift giving? Infected by her own arrogance?

“Cough cough cough~~~” Maybe he was too excited, but Wei Lao suddenly coughed violently. The series of coughs made his whole body hunched.

Seeing that he looked as if he would collapse in the wind, Mi Wan hurried over to support him, and helped him to a chair beside him.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s easy to have health problems when you get old.” Wei Lao waved his hand indifferently.

Mi Wan hesitated for a moment and reached out to read the old man’s pulse. Although the body of the demon hunter was not as good as that of the demon race but because of the spiritual power used to protect the body, their body was much better than ordinary people. Ordinary ailments rarely appeared on demon hunters, even if they got sick, they would get better faster than others, and their life expectancy was more than ten or twenty years longer than ordinary people. The premise was that they did not fall while catching demons.

“You still know Chinese medicine?” Old Wei asked in surprise.

“I don’t understand, I just probed your body with spiritual power.” While speaking, Mi Wan withdrew her hand after probing.

“Then what did you find out?”

“You have demon poison in your body.” Mi Wan frowned.

“Is there demon poison in my body?” Old Wei was taken aback.

“It should be the sequelae left by the meridians in your body being injured by the demon power after fighting the demon clan for a long time.” Mi Wan said.

It turned out that this was the case, Wei Lao calmed down immediately, he had fought with the demon race all his life, and survived several times, so it was common for his meridians to be injured by demon power.

“Fortunately, your spiritual power is mellow. I will prescribe you a secondary medicine. You drink two bowls a day, and practice the basic exercises a few times, and it will gradually clear up. It is estimated that even if you live another twenty years, there will be no major problems.” Mi Wan said.

Two… twenty years? So if I try my best, won’t I be a hundred years old? Old Wei, who was told by the doctor that he could only live up to three years, felt suddenly rejuvenated.

“Is there a pen and paper?” Mi Wan asked.

“Yes, yes.” Wei Lao yelled towards the door, “Wei Ji, bring me a pen and paper.”

Mi Wan raised her eyebrows, the medicine hadn’t been taken yet, why did she suddenly feel that the old man was full of energy all of a sudden? OK?

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