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The southern region was hot, and the early summer was already unbearably hot. There were towering ancient trees everywhere in Yinian Palace, so it was still cool.

Zhu Xingli put on his crimson robe and put on the same clothes for Lin Xin. The Zhu family was so extravagant, if they dressed poorly, they may be kicked out by the servants. Shen Lou also changed into his black silver patterned gown and tied his hair with a black ribbon with long silver tassels.

Junior brother Jian Zhong, who had nothing to do with this trip, stayed in Yanqiu to look after the house.

“How does it rain in this house?” Lin Xin pointed to a three-storey palace in amazement. On a sunny day with bright sunshine, the dense waterfalls continuously fell from the eaves, which created a cool steam that could be felt from afar.

“That’s Qingliang Hall.” Zhu Xingli walked in front, the eight-faced and exquisite Luli beads on his forehead shining like stars. The servants and guards he met along the way bowed and saluted, and when they passed by, they straightened up and continued to do their own thing.

The so-called Qingliang[1] Hall was to lift the mountain spring water to the top of the house with ingenuity, and then drop it down along the eaves to relieve the heat and cool the building down. No matter how hot it was outside, there would always be a cool breeze blowing in the cool hall, so you could still sleep under a quilt.

Lin Xin naturally knew that, in his previous life, there was also such a Qingliang Palace in his fiefdom. It was just located in the north and was not commonly used.

“Qingque, how do you think the water got up there?” Lin Xin leaned on Shen Lou’s shoulder and whispered to him.

Shen Lou’s ears turned slightly red, “Luli Water Wheel.”

The power of ordinary water wheels was not enough to provide so much water. The Zhu family installed Luli on the water wheel to supply water up quickly and steadily. Only the Zhu family could do this kind of entertainment with Luli.

“Hey, hey!” A few strong men passed by carrying a big iron cage, and an immortal in crimson led an immortal in blue to walk in front, walking in a hurry.

“Dachun, why are you going?” Zhu Xingli called to stop the immortal.

“Second son,” the immortal named Dachun stopped and bowed to Zhu Xingli, “Marquis Wangting sent his retainer here, and this subordinate is about to take him to see the Patriarch.”

The blue-clothed cultivator raised his hand to salute Zhu Xingli, with a polite smile on his face, but a somewhat disrespectful look in his eyes. This second son of the Zhu family was a well-known wastrel in the four realms. He was kicked out of the house by Duke Jiang and dared not return for several years.

The world of cultivating immortals respected strength, so there was nothing to be afraid of a person like Zhu Xingli even if he was born well.

“You guys go first, go first.” As if not seeing the other party’s expression, Zhu Xingli waved his hand with a smile, signalling them to go to the balcony first, while he honestly pulled his apprentice and Shen Shizi, who was pretending to be integrated with the ancient wood, out of the way.

Seeing Zhu Xingli’s behavior, the retainer of Marquis Wangting felt that he had guessed right, the second child of the Zhu family was indeed not welcomed by the Patriarch. Slightly nodding his head, he followed the red-clothed immortal called “Dachun” up the white jade steps of Qingliang Hall.

“The Spring Water Sword and the Three Swords Stacked.” Shen Lou saw the two swords on the waist of the immortal in red, and explained to Lin Xin in a low voice, his eyes resting on his face calmly.

“I know, Zhu Jiangchun.” Lin Xin curled his lips, disliking the person who always made trouble with him in his last life.

Shen Lou withdrew his gaze and said no more.

Qingliang Hall was quite high, with long jade steps.

Lin Xin was like a butterfly with flea legs, waving the crimson robe while bouncing up the jade steps behind Master. Then they passed through the water curtain and stepped into the Qingliang Hall. The main hall was lit with glazed lamps and incense even during the day. A golden nanmu couch was placed in the center, and behind it was a large window with almost floor-to-ceiling bead curtains.

A man in a bright red silk dress was reclining on the couch, his phoenix eyes lightly closed, as if he was taking a nap. On his forehead, three Luli beads the size of rice grains fell between the eyebrows in the shape of maple leaves, shining brightly against the light of the glass lamp. This person was the head of the Zhu family, Duke Jiang Zhu Yangai.

“Marquis Wangting’s second son is about to tie his hair, and he wants to ask the Duke to forge a sword for our young master.”

Lin Xin and the others walked in and heard the voice of the blue-clothed immortal from just now. The huge iron cage was placed in the main hall, the black cloth covering it was lifted, and a black leopard stood groaning at the iron fence, with its sharp claws scraping against the iron railing, making a piercing sound.

Spring Water swordsman Zhu Jiangchun stood aside respectfully, not daring to show any airs.

“This is a black leopard caught a few days ago. It is quite spiritual. Lord Marquis hopes to refine this leopard into the young master’s sword to increase its spirituality.” The blue-clothed immortal was still eloquent.

The reason why Zhu Yangai became Da Yong’s top refiner was because the spirit sword he refined had a certain chance of giving birth to spirituality. It was said that it was because he refined the flesh and soul of some monsters into the sword.

The phoenix eyes slowly opened, “Who are you talking about?”

“Marquis Wangting, the emperor’s new prince.” Zhu Jiangchun hurriedly explained in a low voice, and handed over a letter from Marquis Wangting.

Zhu Yangai did not reach out to pick it up, but glanced at him and said, “What is he?”

The blue-clothed immortal’s smile froze on his face, and Zhu Yangai picked up his pen and wrote a vigorous and powerful letter on the back of the letter. The word “roll”.

The retainer of one of the princes was thrown out of Qingliang Hall just like that.

Zhu Jiangchun was sweating on his forehead as he bowed to confess his crime, then gave Zhu Xingli a look of “good luck”, and then obediently withdrew.

Zhu Xingli swallowed his saliva, and pulled the two children forward, “Hey, brother.”

Zhu Yangai and Zhu Xingli were seven points similar in appearance, but Zhu Yangai’s eyes were raised, which made him look fierce and difficult. When the phoenix eyes opened, the domineering aura was like a gust of wind crossing the lake and suddenly creating waves, whistling and sweeping across the entire hall.

“You still know to come back?” Zhu Yangai looked coldly at his younger brother who hadn’t returned home for a long time.

“My uncle has a bad temper.” Lin Xin whispered to Shen Lou.

“En.” Shen Lou nodded slightly, Duke Jiang had a bad temper and was extremely difficult to get along with, this was something that everyone in the world knew, and there was nothing unusual about it. He would see Zhu Yangai almost every year, and he had long been used to it.

The atmosphere in the hall was very tense, and the black panther in the cage didn’t dare to roar anymore and lay down in the cage and watched carefully with its ears drooping.

At this moment, a kitten with dark clouds and snow pattern on it jumped down from the Duobao Pavilion, stepped on Zhu Yangai’s head and walked over. The kitten stood on him and yawned, stretched long, and pawed on the spot again, pulling apart the expensive crimson silk.

“This nephew has met Uncle Zhu Shi and Mrs. Jing.” Shen Lou stepped forward, bowed his hands to Zhu Yangai, and then bowed lightly to the cat.

“This nephew has seen Uncle Master and Mrs. Jing.” Lin Xin followed suit, and secretly winked at the kitten.

Mrs. Jing was Zhu Yangai’s favorite pet, a cat that had a dark clouds and snow pattern on it, and perhaps because it had been rolling around in the Luli all year round, it was smarter than ordinary cats. But no matter what, it was still a cat, and it was a cat with worse temper than Zhu Yangai. For some reason, Zhu Yangai changed its name to Mrs. Jing and asked everyone to treat it according to the etiquette of the Duke’s wife.

“Xiao Lou is here,” Zhu Yangai sat up, put the cat on his lap, and wanted to touch its fur, but the cat slapped his hand hard, “Your father said that you should follow Yi Xiao to treat illnesses, I advise you to not be confused, he is fine, he really sent you to…” Before he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly widened.

Madam Jing jumped down from Zhu Yangai’s arms, ran directly to Lin Xin’s feet, and looked around him. Lin Xin stretched out his hand and tentatively touched the cat’s head, and the irritable Mrs. Jing actually allowed him to touch.

“Xin’er, isn’t it?” Zhu Yangai’s expression seemed to soften, he beckoned for Lin Xin to go over, looked at the cat following Lin Xin and his sharp phoenix eyes became full of tenderness, “Madam likes you very much.”

“Thank you.”

“Madam loves you.” Lin Xin accepted it very simply.    

There was a little smile in Zhu Yangai’s eyes, and he glanced at his younger brother, “I haven’t seen you for a few years, but you are getting more and more picky about your apprentices.”

Zhu Xingli handed in the brocade cloth bag, “I caught a Gu carving the day before yesterday, take a look.”

Hearing about the Gu carving, Zhu Yangai became interested, opened the bag and picked up the bird’s claws and beak to check, “Say, I want to see it again.”


“Is it not that Xin’er is about to turn fifteen, you said we are elders, don’t we have to get him a sword?” Zhu Xingli said with a smile.

Zhu Yangai was noncommittal, and looked up at Lin Xin who was still playing with Mrs. Jing, then he asked, “What kind of sword do you want?”

Zhu Yangai seldom forged swords in recent years, and the most recent one was the one in Shen Lou’s hand. “Yu Yuan “. The reason was that he felt that casting swords was boring, so he devoted himself to studying the ancient relics and wanted to make the legendary magic weapon of the fairy gate.

Although Lin Xin was his nephew, if Lin Xin’s answer dissatisfied him, he would not be able to forge this sword.

Lin Xin raised his head to look at the master who was winking at him, and then at the expressionless Shen Lou, and knelt down lightly, “Nephew is bold, and wants to ask for a sword that can store soul power.”


Zhu Xingli was taken aback.

Shen Lou’s hands hidden in his sleeves were clenched suddenly.

Zhu Yangai was a little surprised, “Soul power? You mean the power of the soul? Your own, or someone else’s?”

“The power of others,” Lin Xin lowered his eyes, looking at the looming Vermilion bird pattern on the floor tiles, “The power of the soul can be extracted to replace Luli’s spiritual power, but it cannot be retained. If the nephew is not delusional, maybe the uncle can make a spiritual sword that can retain the soul power.”

Anyone who heard this sentence would feel that Lin Xin was talking nonsense, but as a master of refining weapons and formations standing at the top, Zhu Yangai understood what Lin Xin was talking about in an instant.

The way to control the soul was sorcery; trying to extract the soul power for your own use was simply outrageous!

“This kid…” Zhu Xingli took a step to the side, in case his elder brother got violent and wanted to hit someone, he had to block Xin’er.

“Uncle Shi, A Xin is just playing for a while, don’t take it seriously.” Shen Lou stepped forward and stood in front of Lin Xin.

Zhu Yangai stood up, took two steps on the spot with his hands behind his back, raised his eyes and stared at Lin Xin with cold, phoenix eyes, and said to himself while Zhu Xingli and Shen Lou tensed up to protect Lin Xin like a calf: “Soul power, instead of Luli… Interesting, interesting!”

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Loulou: Did uncle have an affair with that cat?

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Loulou: That cat is called Mrs. Jing

Xinxin: But Mrs. Jing is a male cat

Loulou: Can’t male cats have legs? Look at this ancient book “Shenmu can’t be scratched” and believe in it: what do you think of this kind of book?

The gay Loulou: …

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[1] Literally means cool in Chinese.

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