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The main house of the Wei family was some distance away from Mi Wan’s school, and it took about an hour to drive there.

On the way, Wei Ji looked at Mi Wan, who was sitting in the back seat like an old god and couldn’t stand it anymore. Wasn’t sister Mi curious about what her grandfather wanted her to do?    

The young man’s eyes were too hot, and the number of peeks were too frequent, such that Mi Wan couldn’t help but say in disgust: “Speak up if you have something.”

He blushed and said: “Sister Mi, aren’t you curious what my grandpa would ask you to do?”

“Not curious.” Mi Wan replied.


“Because…I’ll know when I get there.” Mi Wan said naturally.

“…” This reason was really reasonable, but hearing it made his chest feel a little stuffy. Wei Ji slowed down for a while, and when the stuffy feeling in his chest had subsided, he said again, “Sister Mi, some time ago, President Bai of the Demon Hunter Association came to my house to look for my grandfather.”

Wei Ji felt that since Sister Mi had sent eggs to him twice, he should also reveal some news to Sister Mi in advance.

“Bai Feng~~” Mi Wan said quietly. This kid dug a hole for her again. If he was a demon, she would have gone and beat him up, but he was a human being. If he was beaten, she would be invited to drink tea by the police uncle.

“Well, President Bai and my grandfather chatted alone for more than an hour. When he left, my grandfather asked me to ask you out.” Wei Ji analyzed, “So I think my grandfather must be looking for you this time because of you opening the pet shop.”

“The Demon Hunter Association has always opposed my opening a pet shop.” Mi Wan also thought about it.

“Yeah.” Wei Ji agreed, “I think my grandpa would want you to close the pet shop too.”

Mi Wan didn’t comment on Wei Ji’s grandpa wanting her to close the pet shop, but took a look at the worried teenager and asked curiously, “What do you think of this pet shop I opened?”

“Ah, what?” Wei Ji was taken aback.

“I mean, regardless of the attitude of your grandfather and the Demon Hunter Association, as far as you are concerned, do you think it is right or wrong for me to open this pet shop?” Mi Wan asked.

“This…” Wei Ji didn’t seem to have thought about this question before and was stumped by Mi Wan’s question at this time. The young man frowned and thought hard for a while before saying, “I don’t seem to have any special feeling.”

“No feeling?” Mi Wan was puzzled.

“That’s right.” Wei Ji nodded and explained, “People will get sick, so there are doctors and hospitals to treat them. Then when demons also get sick, it’s normal for doctors and hospitals to treat them as well. It’s just that this doctor happens to be you, Sister Mi, if it’s someone else, or someone from the demon clan, there would not be so many things.”

“Then do you agree with me treating the demons’ illness?” Mi Wan asked more specifically.

“Personally, I think this is your own business, Sister Mi. As long as you want to do it, others have no right to object.” Wei Ji said.

“Then you are not afraid of the demon clan growing in the future?”

“Anyone who has studied the theory of evolution knows about natural selection, the facts have proved that the ones who are finally left behind are not because of what someone has done, but because of natural selection or the elimination by the environment.” Wei Ji said, “I don’t think that sister Mi’s treatment of the demon race will lead to the elimination of human beings.”

Hearing this, Mi Wan was in a good mood, and she raised her hand and caressed the boy’s soft black hair, with the sense of approval from an elder to the younger generation, then she boasted fiercely: “Son, you have a bright future.”

“Huh?” Wei Ji was a little confused.

“Worthy of being a descendant of Xuanwu Mountain.”

“…” Wei Ji felt secretly happy, it seemed that sister Mi really agreed with their Xuanwu Mountain.

While they were talking, the car entered a huge manor with a circular fountain in the center of the huge manor. The fountain covered an area of about 30 square meters, and in the center was a stone tablet with exquisite patterns, engraved with three cursive characters: Xuanwu Mountain.

With this posture, it looked very rich. It seemed that the descendants of Xuanwu Mountain were faring much better than they were five hundred years ago. They had houses, cars and money. They were not like them of the past when they didn’t even have enough money to buy vegetables. They had to fend for themselves by farming in the mountains.

As soon as the thought appeared, the car stopped in front of the fountain, and Mi Wan and Wei Ji got out of the car together.

“Sister Mi, my grandfather is not in good health, so he takes a nap every afternoon. I will take you to the living room to sit for a while, and then call him.” Wei Ji said.

Just as Mi Wan was about to nod in response, she suddenly sensed a familiar aura at the left back of the fountain, and she looked over curiously: “What’s there?”

“There, there’s nothing there.” Wei Ji was puzzled. After a glance, he didn’t see anything, then he took a few steps forward and saw a small figure from behind, “It’s my cousin, who is practicing manipulating a magic weapon.”

Manipulating a magic weapon? So the familiar breath she felt just now was emitted by the magic weapon? Could it be that this magic weapon had something to do with her?

Just when Mi Wan was feeling curious, the little loli in the distance seemed to have finally succeeded. A half-foot-long wooden sword flew into the air, trembled in the air, but only stayed for a second before slamming down and falling to the ground again.

The Little Loli stomped her feet so angry that she almost cried.

“Xuanxuan.” Wei Ji called out.

The little girl Wei Xuan turned her head when she heard the sound, her eyes lit up the moment she saw her cousin Wei Ji, then she picked up the small wooden sword on the ground, and ran over, “Brother, you’re back.”

“Yes.” Wei Ji lovingly stroked his sister’s pigtails, then he said, “Brother will take the guest to the living room first, and when the work is done, brother will practice with you, okay?”

Wei Xuan thought, with the help of my brother, I will be able to master it soon.

“Sister Mi, let’s go in.” After patting the little cousin on the head, Wei Ji continued to lead Mi Wan inside. Arriving at the living room, he arranged for Mi Wan to sit down, and called the servant to bring refreshments, then Wei Ji then went to call his grandfather.

Mi Wan drank the refreshments brought by the servant and looked around boredly. She found that the decoration style of the living room of Wei’s family was somewhat ancient. Of course, this ancient style was relative to today’s aesthetics. If it were placed five hundred years ago, the decoration would be called very modern. The tables and chairs in the living room were all mahogany. Although there was a soft cushion on the seat, it was not as soft and comfortable as the sofa.

Above the main seat in the living room, a majestic landscape painting was engraved on the wall. On the landscape, a dark black iron sword was embedded. The moment Mi Wan saw the sword, Mi Wan’s eyes couldn’t help but brighten up, even the master’s magic weapon was found, so the junior brother must have found all the magic weapons of their sect.

“Get up!”

Suddenly, a clear and clear child’s voice sounded in the living room, Mi Wan looked sideways, and saw little loli Wei Xuan silently gesturing a magic formula, while instilling spiritual power into the small wooden sword in front of her.

“Get up!” The little wooden sword’s tail flicked.

“Get up!” The tip of the small wooden sword moved.

“Get up~~” The wooden sword’s whole body floated less than one centimeter, and then fell back to the ground with a whimper.

The Little Loli stared at the little wooden sword in front of her aggrievedly: “It’s clear that Xuanxuan’s formula is right.”

Mi Wan stretched out a finger, pointed in the direction of the wooden sword, and flicked lightly. In an instant, the wooden sword that refused to fly just now flew up from the floor with a whoosh. When Mi Wan’s finger moved to the right, it flew to the right, and when Mi Wan’s finger twirled, the small wooden sword twirled, obedient as if conscious.

“Wow~~” the Little Loli looked at Mi Wan adoringly, “Sister, why even though you don’t use magic tricks, you can still control the little wooden sword?”

“Why, you must have fixed gestures to control magic weapons now?” Mi Wan asked.

“Well, the master said, you need to use this gesture.” As she said that, the little Loli made a gesture of pinching.

“…” Which master taught so rigidly?

With a thought, the small wooden sword controlled by Mi Wan turned in the air with a swish and landed on the palm of Mi Wan’s outstretched hand. This small wooden sword was made by breaking peach wood in early spring and soaking it in demon blood. It was impenetrable by water and fire, and easy to infuse with spiritual energy. And this was exactly the one that the master personally accompanied her to refine when she was getting started, and she later gave it to her younger brother.

“Sister, can you teach Xuanxuan.” The Little Loli gently pulled the hem of Mi Wan’s clothes, and said pitifully, “Xuanxuan has practiced for a long time, but she can’t do it well.”

“Okay.” Mi Wan agreed. After all, this little loli was also her grand disciple, so she should give some pointers.

“Remember, the function of the formula is only to make the spiritual power in your body flow into the magic weapon more smoothly, but in fact it is your mind that really controls the magic weapon. When the spiritual power is poured into the magic weapon, you let the magic weapon know what you want it to do.” Mi Wan carefully taught the little loli how to control the magic weapon, “Come on, close your eyes, don’t worry too much about whether the gestures of your magic formula are standard, but your spiritual power should be long and even, and you should focus on communicating with the magic weapon, and treat it as your hand…”

Wei Xuan followed Mi Wan’s instructions step by step, she closed her eyes, and didn’t look at whether her magic formula was pinched well but focused on communicating with the wooden sword. Suddenly, as if she had caught something, with a thought, she yelled softly: “Get up!”

With a bang, the small wooden sword soared into the sky, hovering over Wei Xuan’s head.

“Hey, I succeeded, I succeeded, the little wooden sword flew up, ahahaha~~” Wei Xuan jumped up happily, and did not dare to let go of the magic formula held by her two small hands, so that she could see it all over. It looked so cute.

“Congratulations Xuanxuan.” Wei Ji’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Mi Wan turned around, and saw Wei Ji supporting an old man, walking in through the side door of the living room. The old man looked about seventy or eighty years old. He was wearing a dark blue Tang suit and had white hair all over his head. Although he looked benevolent, his majesty could not be ignored.

“Brother, grandpa, look, I have learned how to control the magic weapon. My sister taught me.” In order to show off her achievements, the little Loli controlled the little wooden sword and made it fly straight towards her grandfather.

Wei Ji smiled and raised his hand to grab it, after which he helped his grandfather to the side chair and made him down, then he walked over and took his sister’s hand and said: “Grandpa is going to receive guests, let me check how Xuanxuan’s practice is.”

“Okay.” Wei Xuan replied sweetly, then she turned to say goodbye to the two, “Goodbye, grandpa, goodbye sister.”

Wei Ji also nodded to Mi Wan.

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