WMPLT Ch. 10.1

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Pei Xu put on his cap and went out for a morning run.

As soon as he left the gate, he heard Hu Ying calling him, “Are you running?”

Pei Xu looked back, and saw Hu Ying running out in sportswear: “Let’s go together.”

Pei Xu said, “I’m better at running. Hurry up.”

“Really?” Hu Ying said with a smile, “How fast?”

Ten minutes later, Hu Ying covered his knees, panting heavily, watching Pei Xu run farther and farther with a flushed face.

He really didn’t know if Pei Xu wanted to get rid of him on purpose, or if he was just so athletic.

Couldn’t he see why he wanted to run with him?

What a rare opportunity for the two of them to be alone.

Thinking of which, Hu Ying, since junior high school, how many straight men had fallen under his jeans, he was white, rich and beautiful, who was he not worthy of?

He decided not to catch up anymore, firstly, he couldn’t catch up, and secondly, he didn’t need to go after him. His first choice now was not Pei Xu, but Yan Zhi.

He wiped the sweat off his face. He ran too fast just now and hadn’t warmed up yet. He felt that his thigh might be a little strained.

He returned slowly to the red and blue cottage, and saw that there were already people in the kitchen.

He went to drink a glass of water and found that Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen were busy in the kitchen.

“Morning.” Zhai Xingchen greeted him with a smile.


Hu Ying walked over with water, and moved to Yan Zhi’s side, holding the water glass with one hand and propping the table with the other: “What are you doing?”

Yan Zhi said, “Cooking.”

“If fans see that you are cooking, they might be heartbroken.” Hu Ying said.

Yan Zhi was a well-known life idiot, let alone knowing cooking. They heard that when he first joined the team, he didn’t know how to use gas, so he was laughed at by his teammates. As an e-sports player, it went without saying how precious Yan Zhi’s hands were. These hands were not only his livelihood, but also famous in the e-sports circle for their beauty.

A man who was claimed to be able to make people scream with just one hand.

Hu Ying couldn’t help looking at Yan Zhi’s hands, Yan Zhi was washing purple cabbage, Hu Ying looked up, and saw Wen Nuo and Duan Yihua also coming downstairs.

Everyone greeted each other, and all gathered around the kitchen.

While frying eggs, Zhai Xingchen looked at them secretly from the corner of his eyes.

This was also a famous scene of romance.

Sure enough, it was the same as in the TV show, both Duan Yihua and Hu Ying moved closer to Yan Zhi consciously or unconsciously, only Wen Nuo stood beside him foolishly watching him fry eggs.

“You are amazing.” Wen Nuo said.

Zhai Xingchen said with a smile: “Frying an egg, what’s so amazing.”

“Your technique is different from ours.” Wen Nuo said.

Zhai Xingchen turned his head and glanced at him, Wen Nuo looked at him and lowered his head shyly.

So cute.

After a while, Lin Qingning and Huo Cheng also got up. There were too many people in the kitchen, so Huo Cheng didn’t go over. He just watched from a distance and asked, “Why is there another person missing? Has Pei Xu not gotten up yet?”

Zhai Xingchen said: “He got up.”

“He went running.” Hu Ying said.

“Did you go running too?” Yan Zhi suddenly turned his head and asked him.

Hu Ying was stunned for a moment: “That’s right.”

“You must have sweated a lot.” Yan Zhi said.


Yan Zhi was very clean, he definitely wouldn’t like the so-called “masculinity”.

Zhai Xingchen looked at Hu Ying, Hu Ying was still rubbing against Yan Zhi, Yan Zhi frowned slightly, staggered away without a trace, while pretending to get the fruit knife.

The obsession with cleanliness was already so serious now, why won’t he be obsessed with cleanliness when someone was sweating profusely and trying to do this and that?

Heh, Begonia double standard attack.

They had just finished cooking when Pei Xu came back.

His face was flushed, his neck and ears were all red, and his sweater was very wet.

Everyone was shocked when they saw it.

Especially Zhai Xingchen, although he already knew that Pei Xu had several major characteristics in the original novel: such as sweating easily.

There were too many male protagonists with high-cold attributes in Jinjiang, which were the same as the four major surnames in Jinjiang, so now the authors had started to play new tricks in different ways. There was also such a cute contrast in Pei Xu, don’t mention it, Pei Xu’s indifferent appearance was covered in sweat and his neck was red, which looked quite impressive.

“How far did you run?” Huo Cheng asked.

“I don’t know.” Pei Xu said, “Over there to Dong Dukou.”

“That must be ten kilometers away, right?” Duan Yihua said in surprise.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Pei Xu said and went into the room.

Everyone didn’t wait for him and sat down to eat breakfast.

The text messages from last night still affected today’s atmosphere to some extent. Some people received more than one text message, while others didn’t receive any. Zhai Xingchen carefully observed the eyes and movements of other people, and suddenly his eyes met Duan Yihua’s.

Duan Yihua actually avoided his gaze and coughed lightly.

He could understand, he had seen Duan Yihua’s psychology in novels.

After his age was announced yesterday, he was probably completely passed by Duan Yihua. As a 30-year-old professional man, being liked by a 10-year younger student Gong would be somewhat shameful and embarrassing.

It was the embarrassment and shame of “I treat him like a child, will he be thinking about sleeping with me?”

But there was no way, what he got was the infatuated little milk dog’s unrequited love tool persona.

Huo Cheng had already finished his meal, and kept leaning on his chair. He chatted with Wen Nuo and the others from time to time, his eyes wandering between Duan Yihua and Zhai Xingchen.

Last night, he spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Zhai Xingchen said, and combined with the subtle aura between him and Duan Yihua, he probably guessed who Zhai Xingchen liked.

It was a little annoying.

He and Duan Yihua were both big brother types, but they were completely different types of people. Zhai Xingchen and Duan Yihua were siblings, and he was a socialist brotherhood.

Today was the weekend, and everyone was not going to work. They decided to go out to sea together around ten o’clock in the morning, so everyone was ready to go after breakfast.

Huo Cheng was the most excited because today was his home court.

He loved sea sports the most, and played all of them well.

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