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After receiving four text messages at once, Zhai Xingchen crashed immediately.

He read the four text messages repeatedly. Fortunately, none of them had the ambiguity of heart-pounding text messages, and the last one was a bit yin and yang.

There was a sour smell, as if the sender was jealous.

Did he get jealous because he saw Pei Xu and Yan Zhi give him shells?

Judging by the tone, it didn’t sound like Wen Nuo’s.

Duan Yihua and Lin Qingning, he didn’t think they were the ones who would use this kind of tone.

Then only Hu Ying was left.

Hu Ying had always been straightforward, saying what he had to say, and this tone fit his personality very well.

Fortunately, none of them were heart-pounding text messages, otherwise he would really have a big headache.

What he wanted to do was to be a transparent person, he didn’t want to be the love rival of the three male protagonists!

“Zhai Xingchen.”

The program team suddenly called him.

He let out a “huh” and looked up at the camera in front of the desk.

“It’s time for you to send text messages too.” The program team reminded.

Zhai Xingchen said “Oh”.

He was not disturbed by these four text messages.

Anyway, none of these would affect the overall situation, he still had self-knowledge, how could he, a poor student, do better than the other three tall, rich and handsome second generation heirs.

He sent a heart-warming text message according to the original plot.

Just after sending out, he suddenly heard a knock on the door from outside.

He came out of the bedroom, walked through the small living room, opened the door and saw that it was Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi wore pyjamas, had let down his hair, and changed into black-rimmed glasses, looking gentle and handsome.

“Were you asleep?”

“Not yet.”

“Come out for a while?”


Pei Xu had probably fallen asleep, and Zhai Xingchen was afraid of disturbing him: “Let’s chat in my bedroom.”

Yan Zhi nodded.

As soon as the two of them reached the door of the bedroom, they saw the door next to them open.

Pei Xu stood at the door watching them.

“Are you still awake?” Yan Zhi greeted him proactively.

Pei Xu gave a “hmm” and looked at the two of them.

“I came to talk to Xingchen.” Yan Zhi said.

Pei Xu said “hmm” again, and closed the door.

Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen entered the next bedroom.

“Pei Xu doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today,” Yan Zhi said.

“No way…he’s just like that, he has a bad face.”

Yan Zhi glanced around Zhai Xingchen’s room.

“It’s a bit messy.” Zhai Xingchen tidied up, “You sit down.”

Yan Zhi sat down on his chair and saw the textbook on the desk: “Reading?”

“No, I just sent a text message.” He asked Yan Zhi: “Did you receive a lot of text messages today?”

Yan Zhi smiled, his face looked more handsome under the golden desk lamp, with moist lips and a warm smile.

At this moment, there was another knock on the door outside.

Before Zhai Xingchen could sit down, he had to open the bedroom door and take a look outside, then he walked out.

This time it was Huo Cheng who came back.

“Were you asleep?” Huo Cheng asked.


Huo Cheng came in.

“Is Pei Xu asleep?” Huo Cheng asked.

“Probably not yet.” Zhai Xingchen asked, “Are you looking for him?”

Huo Cheng turned his head: “No, I’m looking for you.”

Huo Cheng went into his bedroom after speaking.

As soon as he entered, he saw Yan Zhi standing there.

Huo Cheng was stunned for a moment: “You’re here too.”

Yan Zhi said “Yes”, and the top button of his pyjamas was also buttoned: “Can’t sleep, so came to play.”

“Me too.” Huo Cheng said.

The two looked at each other, Huo Cheng smiled, and looked around Zhai Xingchen’s room, a subtle aura spreading between them.

Zhai Xingchen got two glasses of water from the living room and was about to bring them in when he saw Pei Xu coming out of the room with a glass in hand.

He smiled at Pei Xu and said, “Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi are here, you come too, let’s have a chat together.”

The four blue 1s were perfect for a brothers’ night!

Pei Xu said, “I want to sleep.”

His tone was not very friendly.

It would be better if he didn’t come, Zhai Xingchen thought, his temper was so stinky, it had spoiled the atmosphere plenty in the past.

He went into the room with two glasses of water.

Pei Xu looked back while getting the water. After the bedroom door was pushed open, he vaguely saw Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng, and then the door was closed without any light coming out. He was drinking from the water glass when he suddenly noticed that the camera in the living room had turned towards him.

After drinking the water, he picked up the coat on the sofa and covered the camera.

“It’s too early for him to cover up, what time is it?” the photographer complained.

“No way, his aunt is the producer.”

“Sister Zhou will die of anger if she sees it.”

“Pei Xu’s participation in our program is considered a compliment. Only Sister Zhou dares to speak of him. He and Yan Zhi are the two Buddhas of our program, we’re relying on them to win the ratings war on the first day.”

“But these text message he sent to Zhai Xingchen are so wonderful.”

“Yes, yes! I think it’s very subtle too. What kind of text message is this? Friendship is not friendship, love is not love, and it’s a bit sour.”

“No matter what text message, it must be because he likes him? Whether he want to be friends or a lover, it’s just so yin and yang at the beginning, like a primary school chicken.”

Their program group was now in a mess.

Because the text messages on the first day greatly exceeded all of their expectations.

Among the guests in the red party, Lin Qingning and Hu Ying both sent it to Yan Zhi, and Duan Yihua sent it to Pei Xu. While Wen Nuo sent it to Zhai Xingchen.

These were all within their expectations.

But among the four guests from the blue party, the three male guests sent them to Zhai Xingchen!

“I said before that there is a problem with the distribution of red and blue. There is no such clear distinction between the same sex as the heterosexuals.”

“Some of them are willing to find a good sister.”

“I have a male best friend, according to him, the possibility of two being together is relatively small. Don’t you think Zhai Xingchen can be attacked? Is it acceptable?”

“Then shall we change our strategy?”

After all, their scripts had been matching red and blue CPs.

Everyone looked at director Guo Bing.

Guo Bing pinched his chin, frowned and thought for a while: “Everyone’s text messages are very restrained today, and the situation is still unclear. Let’s talk about it in another issue. Things will remain unchanged as originally planned! But we can also take precautions. It’s best to come up with two plans.”

Screenwriter Liu said: “Okay, let’s stay up late tonight to study Zhai Xingchen!”

Lian Zong had its own screenwriting team, and Screenwriter Liu was the team leader. He called several other small screenwriters together and held a meeting.

Zhai Xingchen came into their sight a week ago. As a vegan, they chose Zhai Xingchen mainly because of his outstanding face and student status. Their understanding and investigation of him were far less than that of other guests.

“Zhai Xingchen, 20 years old, height 183, weight 125, a sophomore at the Central Academy of Dance, learning classical dance, his parents are ordinary working class people, excellent grades in school, zero love history, vegan, according to him, sexual orientation homosexual, attribute 1.”

Screenwriter Liu looked at everyone: “Before we set up a red and blue CP line for him and the four male guests on the red side, the task now is to try to match him with the other three male guests on the blue side. The male guest sets three blue and blue CP lines.”

Screenwriter Liu clapped his hands: “Let’s do it!”

Screenwriter Liu was very excited.

He was a veteran of “Red and Blue Signal”, and he had done three seasons in a row. Before “Red and Blue Signal”, he also did two romance dramas, and he was known as the number one screenwriter of romance dramas.

But after doing too many romance dramas, BG’s, BL’s, he had lost the sense of freshness and always felt that there was a lack of excitement.

But now he had a flash of inspiration.

If he wanted to set up a CP line, he needed to set up interactive sessions according to the personal characteristics of the guests. Everyone began to concentrate on researching Zhai Xingchen’s information, and the more they read, the more excited they became.

They picked up a video of Zhai Xingchen dancing from his official account.

In just six seconds, there were three dance videos of him, all of which were just glimpses, but they were as light as a surprise, as graceful as a dragon swimming, accompanied by strong rhythmic drums, with a few bangs, which shocked everyone in the program group.

Screenwriter Liu and the rest of the screenwriters were all excited.

“Go to their school to get the video, now, immediately!”

Zhai Xingchen was woken up by the program crew early in the morning.

He sat down on the chair sleepily and looked at a group of people across from him.

Director Guo Bing was there.

Everyone looked at him so energetically.

He yawned: “It’s so early in the morning.”

“Everyone is going to go to sea today, I’m afraid you’ll be too tired when you come back, so let’s pick it up now.”

The makeup artist came to help him tidy up a little bit. There was still tiredness on the face, but everyone’s heart was moved when he smiled.

Now that he had no makeup and messy hair, he looked more… suitable for attacking and suffering.

“We didn’t sort out your information enough before, so I want to add something now. Whatever we ask, you can answer.”

Zhai Xingchen rubbed his eyes, nodded, and said with a bubble voice: “Okay.”

“Are you sure about your sexual orientation?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded: “Sure. I won’t lie about that.”

“What kind of boyfriend were you looking for when you came to our show?”

He didn’t want to ah.

He came to eat CP.

But Zhai Xingchen still answered honestly according to the plot: “Actually, there is no specific one, I just hope that the other party is a generous and mature boy.”

It was like Duan Yihua.

“There is no specific requirement, so it mainly depends on fate, right? If there is someone who is very destined to you, very close, but not the lover you expected, you can accept it, right?”

Zhai Xingchen again yawned and nodded.

Whatever. He was just a tool man.

“We interviewed you before, and you said that your dance performance in school was okay?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded.

He was okay.

He was well-known in the Dance Academy, ranking among the top three in his class.

But in fact, in terms of dancing skills, he was not ranked among the most talented. The reason why he could be ranked in the top three was very embarrassing, half depended on his appearance, and the other half on his beauty.

Their teachers all said that he was born for this bowl of rice, his proportions were perfect, his hands were long and his legs were long, he was tall and beautiful, and he danced very supplely, but it was a pity that his skills still needed two years of hard work.

“But we watched a few videos of you dancing and found that you dance very well.” Guo Bing was still a little excited.

Zhai Xingchen took it as a compliment: “Thank you. There are really too many great masters in our school.”

“Then what are your hobbies? What do you like to do, is there any place you want to go in particular, what do you like to eat, what do you not like to eat? What kind of person do you hate the most, and what kind of person do you like the most…”

Zhai Xingchen really didn’t expect this interview to be so specific, detailed, and long.

When he couldn’t hold his urine in the end, the program crew let him out.

He went straight to the bathroom.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Pei Xu going to the toilet.

He came in so suddenly that Pei Xu’s hands trembled.

Zhai Xingchen quickly covered his eyes.

Pei Xu shook his hand, his face a little gloomy.

“I’m sorry.”

“So flustered.”

“I can’t hold it anymore.” Zhai Xingchen said, “I was called away by the program crew early in the morning to do an interview.”

Seeing Pei Xu turn around, he immediately walked over without waiting for the water to wash away, he opened his pyjama pants.

Pei Xu went to the side to wash his hands and looked at him through the mirror.

The toilet was diagonally opposite the mirror, so it was clear from this angle.

Pei Xu’s eyes drooped slightly, and he rubbed his hands with hand sanitizer. Zhai Xingchen might really be holding back, so he became congested, and was thus urinating very slowly.

“Don’t take the program group too seriously, we are all in a cooperative relationship.” Pei Xu wiped his hands and said, “For an interview, it’s like this.”

Zhai Xingchen smiled, his ears turned red: “Next time I will pay attention.”

“You are too good.”

Suddenly, a strange emotion rose in Pei Xu’s heart, as if he was particularly irritable in the early morning, but his mood was a little subtle, thinking that Zhai Xingchen did not hide it in front of him at all, from this it could be seen that he was not treated as a special object.

It really made him angry.

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