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When they were approaching the red and blue cottage, Huo Cheng and the others in front suddenly stopped.

Farther away, twenty or thirty people were gathered in a noisy group, and people from the program team kept running over.

“What’s wrong?” Zhai Xingchen asked hurriedly.

“It seems that Yan Zhi’s fans have come here.” Lin Qingning said.

Yan Zhi walked directly towards the group of people. Everyone stopped in place and waited, when they heard the screams of fans piercing the night.

Hu Ying next to him looked over enviously, and murmured, “He’s really popular.”

The fans wouldn’t leave for a while, they just walked by the side accompanied by the staff of the program team. A fan raised his mobile phone to take pictures of them. Pei Xu frowned and walked over quickly. Hu Ying waved and smiled brightly at the camera. Wen Nuo was very nervous and followed Duan Yihua closely, with Zhai Xingchen and the others.

This video was quickly posted on the Internet. They saw tall and long-legged handsome men walking past the camera one after another. They were gorgeous, shy, calm, cold, gentle, sweet, and of different types. One, each beauty was different, but each of them seemed to be shining in the night, gathering into a group of bright stars.

Fuck, this quality!

Every one of them is too handsome.

Yangou’s Spring, where did the program team find this group of rich and handsome people.

Whether he’s handsome or not, Pei Xu’s face is really pretty, but he is also really cold. You can see that everyone has a smile on their faces, but his face is the smelliest.

The most beautiful is obviously Hu Ying, the title of the most beautiful and rich second generation heir is not just for bragging.

Nonsense, it’s obviously strict, my sixth brother stands out from the crowd!

The program team monitored online public opinion throughout the process, and everyone was very satisfied with the online feedback.

A group of handsome guys was very eye-catching, but the group of handsome guys would be even more eye-catching when they fell in love!

“How is your script going?” Director Guo Bing asked the screenwriter of their show.

Screenwriter Liu said: “I’m still working on it, I’ll give it to you tomorrow!”

Screenwriter Liu adjusted his glass frame excitedly, with high morale.

Any variety show had to have a script, but some of them were just like the playbook, and the guests acted like actors according to the script. The script of star variety shows was the most specific, but if they were amateur variety shows like theirs, if they also wrote a good script for them, just relying on amateur acting skills, the effect would be very embarrassing.

But this did not mean that there were no scripts for amateur variety shows.

Their script was in the link setting.

They created a certain link and situation for the guests. In this situation, the guests were still being themselves, and what they showed in the camera would be their most authentic reaction. The script of the program group was like a pair of invisible hands, controlling the emotional direction.

For example, the first script they set was tomorrow’s sailing day.

Setting the first stop in Nancheng, which was as warm as spring, was to let the guests show their skin.

Handsome guy showing skin, full of flesh, body and hormones, the audience would love to watch it, and the guests would also find it easy to have chemical reactions, killing two birds with one stone.

Screenwriter Liu designed many game links, all of which had only one basic point, that was, there must be physical contact.

Not only the netizens were waiting to see how delicious the face-slapping would be, but he himself couldn’t wait to see how delicious the guests were!

Just thinking about it made Screenwriter Liu feel excited.

The configuration of this season was so dreamy, and the identity and appearance of the guests could be called the ceiling of any amateur romance drama. He must seize the opportunity to make this season a phenomenon-level romance drama that was comparable to an idol drama and make everyone crazy!

After returning from the beach, many people were in a bad mood.

For example, Huo Cheng had been regretting that he didn’t persevere when he divided the room.

It would be great if he and Zhai Xingchen were in the same room, maybe they could still chat now.

Living together would invisibly add a lot of opportunities to be alone, and they could lie down and chat together before going to bed, which was very suitable for slow penetration.

Fortunately, it was Pei Xu who lived with Zhai Xingchen.

Pei Xu was not anyone’s rival in love, he was the one wandering along.

Fortune in misfortune.

Thinking of this, he glanced at Yan Zhi next to him.

Yan Zhi was so handsome and had a star halo, he must be the biggest winner tonight.

Yan Zhi had just finished taking a shower, and took the mobile phone issued by the program group: “Brother Huo, good night.”

Huo Cheng nodded: “See you tomorrow.”

He lay down on the sofa, took a long breath, thinking about Zhai Xingchen’s appearance, after a while, he thought about his legs, and the attractive red color of his chest due to the cold wind.

This was the benefit of being white.

Everywhere was tender.

Huo Cheng didn’t think it was unreasonable to think about it.

Need for food and sex were animal instincts. If you like someone, you will involuntarily feel sexual attraction. He would be a hypocrite if he doesn’t think about it at all, he was a real man after all.

Zhai Xingchen washed all the shells after taking a bath, and he planned to use these shells to make a small commemorative gift for the other seven guests when they parted at the end.

After all, he couldn’t give any expensive gifts, so he could only follow the route of his heart.

He was about to send text messages, Zhai Xingchen lay down on the bed and reorganized the emotional lines of the guests.

Among the male guests from the blue party, Huo Cheng was the most active. But now the guests on the red side were all focusing on Yan Zhi and Pei Xu.

It was a pity that both Yan Zhi and Pei Xu were hard nuts to crack, and both were very assertive people. He really didn’t know how these two people took the initiative behind them.

But he couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, so he didn’t need to be in a hurry, just do his duty honestly.

If the novel could be so popular, the battle behind it must be fierce.

He tried to access the Internet with his mobile phone, and found that the mobile phone issued to them by the program group did not support the Internet function, and could only send text messages.

In fact, there was no need to be so guarded against them, they had all signed a non-disclosure agreement.

He flipped through his phone, and there were photos of each of them in the phone album.

He had to admit that the program team was very good at it.

If there was someone you like in this photo album, you could watch them thousands of times while lying in bed.

The photos in the album were not taken by the program team, but were searched from their respective social platform accounts. The program team was very careful, and the account watermarks were mosaiced.

Among them, Yan Zhi, Pei Xu, and Hu Ying, the three rich second generation heirs, had the most photos. Zhai Xingchen was immersed in the beauty of these three people after watching it for a while.

It’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful, every one of them is so beautiful.

Pei Xu’s face was so stinky yet so pretty, not to mention Hu Ying’s, he was a glamorous beauty, and the pictures had been edited to make him look like a fairy, including some artistic photos he took before. There were even naked photos, showing red dragon and phoenix tattoos on his upper body, making him seem both lustful and sexual, and with his sculpted abdominal muscles, he looked very beautiful.

Wow, if the three male protagonists saw this photo at night, it would be fine.

Yan Zhi’s photos were completely on another extreme, tightly packed, gentlemanly abstinence.

He felt that Yan Zhi and Hu Ying were a good match.

They could also call it Salt Lake CP[1].

It was also not bad to have a direct CP.

As for Pei Xu, he and Wen Nuo could form a promise CP[2], and for some reason, seeing the two of them standing together reminded him of the gentle redemption article he read in Lu Jinjiang.

The indifferent noble son and the gentle little sun.

He was immersed in CP and couldn’t extricate himself, when his phone suddenly vibrated twice.

He froze for a moment and found that he had received a text message.

He clicked to open it, and a number ending in 68 had sent it: “Today’s meal was delicious, thank you for your hard work.”

He checked the time and realized that it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

It was time for heart-pounding text messages!

He immediately sat upright.

He looked at the text message carefully.

Couldn’t see who posted it.

He cooked today, so it seemed reasonable to send this message to him.

The content of the text message was also very official.

It was just that it was different from what’s written in the novel. He obviously should have been zero eggs to the end.

Who was this person?

He felt that not only the four on the red side were possible, but Huo Cheng and the others were also possible. Especially Huo Cheng, who suggested that they send it to each other in the supermarket.

He was guessing when the phone suddenly vibrated again.

He clicked on it, and it turned out to be another text message, with the ending number still 68.

This was the number of the program group, and they would send it to the program group, and then the program group would send it to their respective mobile phones.

This text message was also very concise, and the content is also official.

“Nice to meet you here.”


Before Zhai Xingchen could react, the phone suddenly vibrated again.

The text was even shorter: “Thank you.”

Thank you?

Thank him for what? For cooking?

Was the program group sure they didn’t forward the text message by mistake?

He glanced up at the camera above, and the phone vibrated again.

Zhai Xingchen: “…”

Different from the previous three text messages, this text message looked a bit yin and yang.

“There are quite a lot of shells.”

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[1] Salt Lake in Chinese is Yan Hu from their names.

[2] In Chinese, it could be Xu Nuo.

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