TBLF Extra 1 (Ch.99): Getting Married

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In the summer vacation in August, Haicheng was as hot as a big steamer, and one could be steamed in five minutes after going out. In this kind of weather, appointments were torture everywhere except in air-conditioned rooms.

Ji Rang sold the house he used to live in to renovate the courtyard house in city B. Now he lived in the seaside villa. Qi Ying was given a set of keys and access control to the villa.

With Yu Cheng there, even if he wanted to meet Qi Ying every day, he had no chance. Every time he reached downstairs to meet her for a date, Yu Cheng would greet him specifically: “Send Yingying back sooner.”

Although he accepted this young man, it did not mean that he was willing to hand his niece to him so early.

The look in Ji Rang’s eyes was like a thief.

In the hotter and hotter weather, Ji Rang’s twentieth birthday soon came.

Qu Dazhuang called early and excitedly asked him if he wanted to organize a party or something, but Ji Rang refused him mercilessly.

It was hot and he just want to lie down.

He just wanted to lie on the sofa with his little baby in his arms, watch TV and play games, quietly enjoying the time of being twenty years old.

The night before his birthday, he went out for a night run, planning to sleep well after running home, and pick up his baby early tomorrow morning to accompany him on his birthday.

The police academy had very high physical requirements. He could take the first place in subjects, only if he was able to exercise strict self-discipline. Running at night and running in the morning were daily routines. Now he lived by the sea and ran along the beach.

The weather had recently been hot, and he went out late, waiting for the temperature to drop before running at night. By the time he returned home after running, it was already past eleven o’clock in the middle of the night.

When the door was opened, a light was on in the kitchen, and there was a rustling sound.

He thought it was a thief, and as soon as he walked to the door vigilantly, he saw Qi Ying standing in front of the sink wearing an apron washing vegetables and dishes.

Hearing the sound, she turned her head, her eyes filled with bright yellow kitchen lights, soft and bright: “You are back.”

Ji Rang was still wearing sportswear and was sweaty. He took the towel on his neck and wiped the sweat from his head. He walked over and hugged her: “Why did you run over?”

She lowered her head to sniff and pushed him away disgustedly: “You are so stinky, go take a bath.”

Ji Rang hugged her without letting go and bit the tip of her nose: “You still dare to think that I’m smelly, I’ll teach you.”

She chuckled as she was rubbed: “Hurry up, it’s almost twelve o’clock, I’m going to get noodles ready.”

Ji Rang glanced at the pot: “What kind of noodles?”

Qi Ying said: “Longevity noodles.”

It turned out that she was here to celebrate his birthday.

Satisfied as she came to observe the ritual, he finally let go of her, walked a few steps outside, remembering something, and then turned around and asked, “Why did your uncle let you come to me so late?”

Qi Ying was a little embarrassed and whispered: “I lied to him that I was going to sleep at Lili’s house.”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows: “Then you are going to sleep with me tonight?”

She stared at him softly: “Go take a shower!”

Ji Rang felt that his heart was a little itchy.

After he finished taking a shower and changed his clothes, Qi Ying was putting the little cake she bought on the coffee table and putting candles in it. She asked the clerk for 20 candles. After inserting them in, she took out the birthday hat, and beckoned to the one standing on the stairs: “Come and see if the size fits.”

Ji Rang said: “I don’t wear such naive things.”

Qi Ying put the pink pointed hat on her head first, and put both her hands under her chin and shook her head: “So cute, don’t you really want to wear it?”

As soon as she acted cutely, he couldn’t help it.

He went over and bent down to ask her to put the birthday hat on him.

Qi Ying was very satisfied, and checked the time, “It will be twelve o’clock in five minutes. You sit here and wait for me!”

Ji Rang nodded and sat on the sofa watching the little girl happily running into the kitchen. When the hour hand was pointing to twelve o’clock, she ran out with a bowl of steaming longevity noodles.

“Wish, blow candles, eat noodles!”

The little girl arranged everything for him clearly.

Ji Rang lit the candles with a match, made a wish under her scorching eyes, and then blew it out in one breath.

She was still clapping. When he turned his head to look over, she leaped forward and gave him a kiss on the corner of her mouth: “Happy birthday!”

Ji Rang caught her smoothly, raised her up with his arms around her waist, let her kneel on his lap, and asked, “Where is the gift?”

She didn’t know why the roots of her ears were a little red, so she dared not look into his eyes, and whispered: “Eat noodles first.”

Ji Rang rebutted: “Hand over the gift first.”

The little girl was a little anxious: “Why are you like this!”

Ji Rang reached out to touch her pockets: “I am like this. Where is the gift? Where is it hiding?”

She was ticked so she laughed endlessly. She was lying in his arms, pulling the corner of his clothes with her little hand. When he stopped, she whispered, panting slightly, “Me.”

Ji Rang was taken aback: “What?”

She pursed her lips, raised her head, her eyes were stained with moisture, her ears were a little red, but her tone was serious: “The gift is me.”

His Adam’s apple moved.

After she finished speaking, her face flushed, her palms moved to his shoulders, and she wanted to get off his legs. But Ji Rang hugged her and walked upstairs.

She exclaimed, kicking his calf: “Eat noodles first!”

Eat a fart of noodles.

As if he hadn’t heard, Ji Rang stepped up the stairs step by step, and threw the little thing in his arms on the bed before jumping himself.

Qi Ying was really about to be killed by him.

She got up on all fours: “Wait…wait a moment…I…”

The boy in front of her took off his t-shirt with his hands up, pressed her down hard, and bit her lips indiscriminately.

He was breathing heavily, and his voice was dumb: “Can’t wait.”

No matter how much he bore it, he was only a human being.

She was speechless and she was kissed until his lips left and she finally found a chance to speak, whimpering: “That…that…”

After a long time, he took the time to reply to her: “I bought it.”

You had to learn when making mistakes, and you can’t make the same mistake again. He looked up at the little girl with misty eyes, remembering her shy appearance under him the last time, and then raised his hand to turn off the light.

Qi Ying couldn’t think anymore.

In the meantime, she seemed to hear him buried near her ear with a low smile and asking: “Should I be faster or slower?”

She was so angry that she wanted to bite him.

He kissed her earlobe: “If you don’t speak, I will treat you as good as possible.”

Darkness fell, but the night had just begun.

Qi Ying didn’t remember where she had heard this sentence until she woke up in his arms the next morning.

When she couldn’t speak, he took her home on a motorcycle, and he smiled and asked her the same thing.

This person was really…

She turned around angrily and took a bite on his shoulder.

And heard the teenager’s hoarse chuckle.

He finally had her completely.

When Qi Ying turned 20, Ji Rang took her to get the certificate.

Probably it was rare to see a girl who came to get married at such a young age. The staff member took her ID and said, “Are you only twenty years old?”

Ji Rang specially wore a white shirt and cut his hair today. He tidied up neatly. Hearing what the staff said, he suddenly asked with a cold face: “Why? Can’t you get married at twenty?”

He looked fierce and his face was stern.

The staff dare not say any more: “Yes, show your credentials.”

Ji Rang handed over his certificate.

When the staff saw it, they were taken aback for a moment, and a gleeful smile suddenly appeared on their faces: “Young man, you are not of age, you are only 21. The legal age for marriage for men in our country is 22.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Damn you, why???

Qi Ying didn’t pay attention to this aspect, and was surprised: “Ah, is it? I’m sorry then.”

She took back her and his credentials and dragged him out.

Entering happily and going out with a dark face, Ji Rang was so angry that he started to fume when they reached the door: “I don’t care, I am getting married today!”

Qi Ying almost laughed to death at this person: “But it’s not allowed by law.”

Ji Rang: “Where did this law come from, why haven’t I heard of it!”

He was really going crazy and couldn’t eat anymore.

Qi Ying coaxed him to eat a few bites, and when they left the restaurant, they took a taxi to Hexi Mountain. Ji Rang was still sulking alone. Hearing her addressing the driver, he couldn’t help asking: “What are we going there for?”

She smiled softly: “You’ll know when we reach.”

At the bottom of Hexi Mountain, she pulled him and started climbing.

The last time they climbed Hexi Mountain was the second autumn trip of Senior High School, Ji Rang remembered that they climbed to the top of the mountain, went to Hexi Temple, and met a strange monk who talked crazily.

They hadn’t been here for many years, and the greenery on Hexi Mountain had become better. The hills were lush, with clouds and mists, and the ancient temple looked mystical.

Ji Rang’s current physical strength was much better than before. He glanced at the little girl who was halfway up and out of breath and squatted down in front of her: “Come on, baby.”

Qi Ying recalled that in those days, the young man had unruly brows and asked her to call him brother and he had also carried her on his back.

After so many years, he was still the same as before, but his temperament had mellowed, and his back was wider. She was lying on his back, hugging his neck, honey pouring from the bottom of her heart.

Hexi Temple still looked like that, standing quietly on top of the mountain. There were a few small white cranes in the lotus pond, and there was a monk sweeping the floor in front of the door. When you looked closely, it was not the same monk anymore.

Ji Rang put down the little girl on her back, teased the crane with her, and then he was dragged into the hall.

Qi Ying knelt down in front of the golden Buddha statue.

Ji Rang didn’t believe in this before, let alone now that he was a reserve police officer, so he continued to stand upright. Qi Ying pulled at the corner of his clothes and looked at him without blinking.

Ji Rang: “…”

He knelt down on the futon beside her.

The little girl smiled sweetly, put her hands together, her eyes were pious, and then she said softly: “Buddha is above, heaven and earth are witnesses, sun and moon are proof, I, Qi Ying, would like to marry Ji Rang and live together with him forever. Never parting.”

She turned her head, eyes crooked, and said softly, “It’s your turn.”

The teenager beside her stared at her motionlessly, his back straight.

After a long while, he whispered: “I, Ji Rang, would like to marry Qi Ying for all my life and beyond. Never parting.”

The little girl smiled and put her hand on his palm: “Now we are officially married, are you happy?”

He clasped her fingers, his heart beating so fiercely, after a long time, he kissed her fingers: “Happy.”

It didn’t matter if they didn’t have a marriage contract.

This world could testify for them.

The world was the matchmaker, the years would be the evidence, and the rest of my life would be you.


That being said, a marriage certificate was still required.

The following year, Ji Rang, who was finally 22 years old, took his little baby and threw the certificate at the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau, “We’re here to get married!”

The staff member:”……”

I know you are here to get married, how come your tone is like you are robbing somebody???

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