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It had been more than half a month since the general of Zhenguo made the Southern Expedition and returned triumphant.

Ji Rang rarely stayed in the capital for such a long time. After returning from a victorious battle in previous years, he would lead his guards to leave Beijing and stay at the border all year round. Therefore, the General Mansion only had three or five old servants to take care of it, and it was simple and deserted.

This time he stayed for half a month. It was said that his majesty intended to betroth the three princesses to Ji Rang, and the imperial decree for the marriage had been drawn up, and only an auspicious day had to be chosen to issue the decree.

The Ji family had held the title of General of Zhenguo for generations, and Ji Rang grew up with his father on the border since he was a child and went to battle at the age of fifteen to kill the enemy. In the battle nine years ago, Father Ji died in battle. At the age of eighteen, Ji Rang took the lead, and led three thousand cavalries to attack the enemy camp at night, beheading the enemy’s general, and avenging his father.

In the past nine years, Ji Rang had conquered the South and the North, and he had never been defeated. The surrounding countries were “dismayed” by hearing about Ji Rang. He had become the undefeated god of war in the hearts of the people, and he had also become a general guarding the Great Jin.

Now Ji Rang was twenty-seven and he still hadn’t married. In the past few years, there were many people who came to propose marriage. Many of them were prime ministers of different countries. But Ji Rang always said that he was stationed in the border town all the year round, where the wind and snow ravaged the environment and thus rejected them.

The Ji family had always been independent, never participated in the court, and rarely returned to Beijing. Many people, even the other generals rarely saw him, let alone being friends with him, thus these people wanted to use marriage as a means to win over the general. Given the circumstance, the officials had no choice but to do nothing.

As soon as the news of the emperor’s marriage decree was heard, the young girls in the capital who admired General Ji had their hearts broken, but Ji Rang, who was in the palace, handed a memorial seeking permission to the emperor.

“I received an emergency report from the military yesterday. In recent days, bandits have repeatedly harassed the border town, I fear that there will be changes. Please asking your majesty for permission to leave Beijing.

The king half leaned on the throne, waved his hand and smiled: “It’s just bandits, that’s not enough for you to move personally.” He sat up a little with the help of the maid, and looked at the man under the hall, and said with a smile: “General, have you considered Zhen’s previous proposal?”

Ji Rang lowered his eyes: “Now that the war is not over, the world has not yet been ruled, and the minister has no intention of making a home, please asking your Majesty to choose another good match for the three princesses.”

The king smiled, and said, his voice deep: “Are our three princesses not worthy of you?”

The words spread silently, and the indoor atmosphere became momentarily solemn.

However, Ji Rang had the same expression of shock. He got up and knelt, and said, “The minister does not dare, but the minister is not worthy of the three princesses. The battlefield is ruthless, the sword has no eyes, and the minister does not dare to delay the princesses, please, your majesty. Think twice.”

The king looked at him for a long while, and finally sighed, “No matter, you don’t want it, and I won’t force it. But as the New Year is approaching, you haven’t spent the New Year in Beijing for a long time. Now that you came back, stay for a little more time.”

Ji Rang bowed his head and saluted: “The minister follows the decree.”

After solving the big trouble in his heart, when he walked out of the palace gate, Ji Rang felt that the cold palace wall was very pleasing to the eye.

Inside the wall, the white plum blossoms were blooming beautifully, clusters crowded on the branches, the air was cold and fragrant, he was in a good mood, so he picked two branches and took them out of the palace.

As soon as he returned to the general’s mansion, the old housekeeper Zhang Bo, who had been in the mansion since the old general, immediately greeted him. Seeing Ji Rang smiling with plum blossoms, his expression was excited: “It’s done?”

Ji Rang glanced at him slowly: “What is it?”

Uncle Zhang said anxiously: “Your Majesty’s gift of marriage! You have taken the decree? When will you get married?”

Ji Rang handed the plum blossoms to him: “Find a bottle to plug it in and put it in my room. By the way, I will plant some white plums in my yard in the spring of the coming year. This flower is quite fragrant.”

Uncle Zhang stomped his feet, knowing that it had gone bad again.

He didn’t like this, and he didn’t want that. Now he even dared to refuse his majesty’s princesses, he couldn’t help but start to worry, his general, did he like men?

However, this worry did not last long. At the end of the month, Ji Rang was just leading his guards to suppress the bandits. When he returned to Beijing, he brought a little girl back.

Uncle Zhang, who was waiting at the gate of the mansion, saw his general walking in with a woman in his arms, and his old face almost flashed in surprise.

The little girl in his arms was tightly wrapped in a black cloak. Zhang Bo didn’t even see what she looked like. He only heard Ji Rang’s command: “Clean up the West yard and come out.”

Uncle Zhang was in a hurry to respond. After the arrangements were made, he finally found time to ask Ji Rang’s deputy: “Which girl is it that the general just brought back?”

The lieutenant said: “It was the woman the general rescued from the mountain bandit. The rest this subordinate is not clear about.”

Saved from the bandits?

Taken back home?

Uncle Zhang recalled the manner and demeanor of the general just now. He had watched him grow up. How could he not see the difference in Ji Rang, who had not been close to a female for so many years, in his treatment of the girl in his arms.

But if this was the innocent lady of some family, it would be nothing. But if the origin was unknown…

Forget it, at least it was a girl.

Better than a man.

Uncle Zhang, who saw light in an instant, happily arranged his subordinates: “Choose two obedient maids and send them to the West Yard, and then buy some girl’s clothes and jewelry. By the way, transplant some of the Orchids in the flower garden to the West Yard. I remember that there are swords used by the general in the wing room? Hurry up and move them out, don’t scare Madam.”

Subordinate: “Madam?”

Zhang Bo happily stroked his beard: “Yes, we have the general’s wife.”

T/N: Zhang Bo is like an old mother!!!!

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