YXBG Ch. 11

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The two poor teenagers had just picked up the phone, when Zhang Chenxi had already opened the door and entered. He wore casual clothes, and he looked unusually tall, with a strand of black hair swaying indiscriminately in front of his eyes, making him look a little unruly. Seeing the two boys nestled together, he yelled happily: “Sons! Let’s go, have dinner, Xianxian is back today! Happy?!”

Happy?! The two of them were so happy that they wanted to hug each other and die!

Two people were caught by the tall Zhang Chenxi and went downstairs: “Don’t be long-winded! Do you need to be so indecisive when you are a man?!”

Yes, so they were very decisive and didn’t want to go!

Zhang Xiangyi’s mother, Yao Fei, was laughing out loud standing beside the car. She shook the phone in her hand at Yin Zhefei and said: “Ha, I knew you were hiding in my house. Your mother just called! She told me to be sure to recapture you.”

Yin Zhefei almost cried bitterly: “Aunt Yao, you betrayed us “!


The hearty lunch began, with Yin Zhefei and Yin Xiaomei sitting together so harmoniously for the first time, even the potato-like face was very similar, and Zhang Xiangyi, who was sitting next to Lu Xianxian, looked like he was about to foam at his mouth.

The adults were completely unaware of the situation here and compared to the atmosphere here that seemed to be shrouded in clouds, there was a lot of spring on the other side.

“This time Xianxian won the Youth Taekwondo League Championship! The coach said that she is a good seed, and we should focus on cultivating her.” Fang Duo looked proud.

“Speaking of which, Zhefei is also the champion of the speech contest!” Chang Mei quickly showed off for her son.

Yao Fei said with a look of envy: “Oh, my family Xiangyi, it seems is only more powerful in fights! I say Zhefei and Xianxian are a natural pair!” Yin Zhefei choked with soup in his throat and immediately started coughing and his entire face flushed. The mothers trembled with laughter: “Look, he’s still shy!”

Yin Ruoji exchanged glances with Zhang Chenxi, and the two men silently ate the things on their plates. Even Uncle Zhang, who had always been noisy, bowed his head for fear that the war would burn him. At this time, no one can help you! Zhefei, you must be strong.

However, the topic of the mothers turned to Yin Xiaomei, and Fang Duo admired: “She looks exactly the same as Chang Mei. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? I don’t care. I have booked this little guy. She will be the wife of Xianxian’s brother in the future.!”

“OK good! That’s quid pro quo[1]?! “Yao Fei added fuel to the fire.

Yin Xiaomei shook her spoon and the soup pinged in the bowl, and she said with a pale face: “No, Xiaomei won’t.” Oh my God, the female King Kong’s brother could only be a male King Kong! She had too little meat, she was afraid it would not be enough!

Fang Duo couldn’t help but smile: “I’m kidding, haha, little fool, your brother Lu Wen is much older than you!”

At this time, Lu Xianxian probably felt that it was too silent here, and said: “Zhang Xiangyi, have you eaten enough?” Hehe, people said, to please a man, you must first please his buddies, she must start with Zhang Xiangyi.

Zhang Xiangyi almost cried. He remembered that when Yin Zhefei came to him for the first time when he was a child and told him that he was chased by a girl, he laughed at his friend very unrighteously, but then when Yin Zhefei flew to the hospital to see him, he could only cry silently. When he grew up a little bit, Lu Xianxian started to take the cute route, and even her voice changed to the Sailor Moon version, which made them think she was going to transform when they heard her talking. Now he couldn’t tell whether he was afraid of her terrible power, or even more afraid of her deadly voice.

Compared to Yin Zhefei, Lu Xianxian still entangled him more, and he was reserved.

Zhang Xiangyi almost roared out: How could he not be a little reserved! Almost everything he knew about Yin Zhefei was told to her, and even the pattern of bedwetting when his friend was a child was described to her, what else did she want!

But at this time, he could only say spinelessly: “I’m full…” Oh, why was this woman so strong? He really had no advantage…

“You have to study hard, you know? Your grades are not good.”

“Uh…Okay, I’ll work hard…” It was almost the same to smear the wall with shit[2].

“Looking back, we have time to learn from each other. We can fight.”

“No, no, I am willing to go down…” Still fighting, he didn’t want to die young, this giantess, female Tarzan, female Ultraman …No, she could almost become the mother of Otto, otherwise why would he and Yin Zhefei have so many Ultramans in the room, it would be useless!

After lunch, the two teenagers left Xiaomei and ran away with the excuse that there was still class in the afternoon. Although Xiaomei had never expected Yin Zhefei to be loyal to her, she still couldn’t help cursing in her heart. She had no choice but to make up a reason and sneak back to the room.

“Bang bang.” There was a knock on the door, and Xiaomei bounced off the bed in fright and ran over to open the door.

“Ah…sister-in-law…” she stammered, why was she always backlit when she saw her, making her feel that her future “sister-in-law” was simply a big black giant. However, she felt a little gloating again, when she thought that Yin Zhefei would surely be able to suffer in the future!

“Mom asked me to send you pastries, let’s play together!” Lu Xianxian handed her a small porcelain plate with a beautiful and attractive cake on top.

Xiaomei took it like a plate of poison. Lu Xianxian looked at her room for a while before sitting down next to Xiaomei, and asked, “Why don’t you eat it!”

“Uh …I just ate …” Xiaomei tremblingly refused.

Lu Xianxian’s smile immediately turned into a sneer: “You’d better eat it.”

Xiaomei immediately snapped the entire plate to her mouth!

“Well, very good,” Xianxian happily stroked her little head with her hand, ignoring the way she was covered with cake and cream, “You have to do something for me if you eat my things, do you know?”

Xiaomei made the show of a chicken pecking the rice again and again.

“From today onwards, you will be mine. You have to monitor Yin Zhefei’s every move for me. Do not allow any girls to approach him?”

The chicken continued to peck at the rice.

“If there is a situation, tell me as soon as possible, and I will come back to solve the woman immediately!” She shook her fist.

She continued to peck rice.

“Very good, and also,” she took out a digital camera and handed it to Xiaomei, “You take some pictures of him for me, it would be good to have some pictures when thinking about people.” Uh, why did she say that Yin Zhefei was dead? She liked it. Xiaomei took the camera, wow, it seemed quite expensive.

“As for how to use it, you should study it slowly, but you must take more photos when he is not paying attention. If you can’t complete the task, even if you are my future sister-in-law, I will punish you well!” she said and made her fingers crunch.

On the one hand, Xiaomei was scared enough to pee, on the other hand, she opened her eyes and smiled. She agreed with her. As for taking pictures, she could also take pictures of other things, she didn’t think that guy Yin Zhefei had anything to take pictures of.

So, the two reached an agreement. She didn’t dare to expect payment, because she was afraid that her sister-in-law would think she was too ugly, and she will come back and beat her up.


Teenagers didn’t waste their time, for girls, sneaking on mother’s high heels and putting lipstick on their lips were all necessary steps in their growth, as if by those decorations, they would become adults overnight. More importantly, they were eager to become adults.

Yin Xiaomei was a freak. Her main time was still spent on mischief. This was understandable. After all, she was not even eight years old when she reached the fourth grade. And her grades, although they had been hanging on the tail end, but fortunately had never been left behind. With the help of her brother and friends, she could occasionally get 90 points.

But when it came to the magic that time cast on the teenager, it made people feel very magical. Yin Zhefei, who had been admitted to a key high school, had been moving up, and the original soft facial features had gradually evolved into tough lines. One night, when he sneaked into the bathroom to wash his wet underwear, he was hit by the so-called dead kid. The next day Yin Xiaomei announced the good news to the whole family:

“My brother wets the bed! “

So, Lu Xianxian, who was far away in Taipei, also learned about it and wrote a love letter. The above was still a sentence in type cast letters: I will not despise you.

Beside it, there was still an impression of a pair of blazing red lips.

Yin Zhefei threw the letter into the toilet with goose bumps all over his body.

Of course, the only person who felt frustrated was Uncle Zhang. Now only Xiaomei would play with him. Zhefei and Xiangyi had long seen through of naivety of the games and refused to play them anymore. They met more classmates in high school, a group of boys with whom they played basketball, online games, arcade games, there were so many things to do. Although Zhang Xiangyi had a deep relationship with his grandfather, it would be impossible to fight temptation like that!

Three years of life, in a word, could only be described as plain as water but colorful.


On this day, Uncle Zhang went back to Zhang’s house for vacation, Xiaomei had to walk to the high school nearby to find her brother to go back with. When she walked into the high school campus, she discovered that the high school and the junior high and elementary schools were very different; the high school was so big!

She wandered around for a long time, unable to distinguish the north from south and east from west. At this time, a boy wearing the high school uniform came over and said kindly: “Kid, who are you looking for!”

“I’m looking for my brother, Yin Zhefei.” Huh? The high school elder brother was really tall! She tilted her head back and felt as if he was as tall as her father.

“You are Yin Zhefei’s sister! I heard him talk about you. I am his teammate! My name is Qin Yuan. We have a basketball game today. He went to the playground early.” The enthusiastic boy hugged Yin Xiaomei, “Go, I’ll take you there.”

Qin Yuan almost marveled at Xiaomei’s baby-like face. It was so good-looking that she would surely fascinate many men when she grew up!

Eh? After she grows up, he would still not be old! Qin Yuan was amused by his wretched and careful thoughts. It was better to leave it to Yin Zhefei for the old cow eating tender grass!

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[1] Something for something.

[2] Talk insincerely.

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