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The faces of the brothers Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong were a little unattractive at this time. It was not because the person being interrogated had a stiff mouth, but because they found that their cousin had emotional problems. It was like returning to a certain period of time when they were young. They were very worried.

The heir of the Li family was being dragged by Yan Mu to the bright light at the moment, because his eyes couldn’t bear such a big irritation, his face was covered with tears.

The light of this kind of lamp was very strong, even if he closes his eyes he could feel the penetrating power of the light, not to mention that Yan Mu forcibly opened his eyes. Several other people were also tossed aside like this, and they were all being honest. Keeping aside the atmosphere, they dare not be anything but honest. The interrogators were all from the Mu family. Seeing these hard-mouthed people being tossed like this, they still felt a little refreshed. They had learned the hard-talking skills of these people before.

But the Mu family brothers were not so happy in their hearts. What kind of person Yan Mu usually was, they knew in their hearts that he would use these methods showed that he was really angry and his emotions were on the verge of losing control.

Yan Mu threw the people back on the stool, took a long stride and sat down behind the lamp, and scanned those people coldly. He put the file on the table and patted, “If you guys don’t want to explain, we can continue to play this game.”

“You are illegally extracting a confession, I won’t say it.” Li Jia was thrown back to the chair, covering his eyes, and said in horror, “Don’t think that your Mu family in this capital city can cover the sky with one hand.”

“Our Mu family has never done so. I want to be the one who covers the sky with one hand.” Yan Mu threw the file back on the table with a snap, and saw Li Jia shrinking backwards in fright by his actions. He sneered and turned his head to look at the corner with no sound. Then he looked at Yao Bin and said, “You two have done this kind of thing in the capital, and that is a big taboo. Who dares to protect you in the capital?” With so many people in the capital, everyone had offspring, and who dared to accept this happening to their offspring? What the Yao and Li family did, it simply touched the nerves of the families in the capital.

Yao Bin squeezed the chair under him in horror. Seeing Yan Mu’s face filled with disdain, he braced himself and said: “You are the king and the loser, your Mu family was saved by your luck. If it wasn’t for your Mu family brothers changing the route temporarily, you think it would still be your turn as the grandson of the Mu family to play here!”

“King and loser?” Yan Mu’s eyes suddenly chilled. He stepped forward and kicked the person off the chair, bending over and grabbing Yao Bin’s clothes, like dragging a dead dog, pushed Yao Bin’s head against the bright light, “Do you think you can carry things through with a hard mouth? I tell you, anyone involved in this matter can’t escape.”

The person in his hand was already trembling at this time, Yan Mu threw the person aside in annoyance, took a few tissues from the table and slowly wiped his hands, “I have already handed over the things you did in the past to the top. The people under you, who have learned the desire for glory so well, don’t think how hard their mouths are, your Yao family and Li family are already gone.”

Yao Bin was blinded by the bright light. After hearing Yan Mu’s words, he roared: “Even if we are gone, what do you think you are, nothing but the grandson of the Mu family, do you think that since there is a Mu character in your name that you belong to the Mu family?!” As soon as he finished saying this, he felt that his back was heavy, his whole body was crushed on the ground, and his neck was also heavily pressed.

Mu Qihua looked at Yao Bin’s throwing posture with a smile, and he pressed his hand and saw that the other person’s expression became painful with satisfaction, “We don’t need you to talk nonsense about our Mu family. You don’t know the truth. The more you speak, the faster you will die?”

Grabbing Yao Bin’s hair and hitting his head hard on the ground a few times, Mu Qihua smiled and let go, clapped his hands and stood up and said, “What you committed, the evidence is conclusive. We are here to see how embarrassed you are.”

“You…” Li Jia next to him wanted to rush to arrest Mu Qihua, and was quickly pressed by other interrogators in the room. Going down, even moving a little finger was difficult.

Mu Qihua didn’t look at Li Jia, and turned to look at the silent Yan Mu: “Xiao Yan, don’t worry about these bastards.”

Yan Mu shook his head indifferently, but at this time Yao Bin began to yell at him, “You think I’m afraid of you, a coward who likes men!”

“Bang!” The stool cracked on Yao Bin’s back. Yan Mu looked at Yao Bin, who was curled up in pain, with a blank face. After a long while, he uttered two words, “Hands slippery.” After saying this, he bent down and picked up another stool.

“Xiao Yan!” Mu Qihua found that Yan Mu’s emotions were getting worse and worse, and wanted to reach out to stop Yan Mu, but before he had time to meet Yan Mu, he saw Yan Mu once again raise the stool and hit Yao Bin’s arm heavily.

Yao Bin’s cries sharply stimulated his eardrums, making Mu Qihua’s brain rumble. Looking at the icy eyes, his palms burst into cold sweat.

On one side, Li Jia had already shrunk to one side in fright, and he didn’t dare to move without being held by others. He probably wouldn’t resist what the Mu family asked him to do now. It was not that he is too courageous, but that the grandson of the Mu family was simply a fucking devil.

Just when everyone thought Yan Mu would continue to do it, somebody’s cell phone rang, and the Mu brothers were taken aback at the same time. Who would bring the cell phone to an interrogation, and the cell phone was also not muted?

Then they saw that the moment Yan Mu took out the phone, the temperature on his face rose by dozens of degrees, and his tone softened.

“Xiao Lu?” Yan Mu glanced at Yao Bin, who had become honest on the ground, and the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked up, “No, I will be back soon.” After hanging up the phone, Yan Mu picked up one side of his jacket and patted it. He patted the sawdust on his trouser legs and said: “Big cousin, second cousin, I’m going home.”

Mu Qirong nodded, seeing that Yan Mu had recovered to his usual appearance, “Go back, be careful on the road.”

“Okay,” After Yan Mu finished speaking, he glanced at Li Jia again, saw him shrinking his head to his chest, and went out with a sneer. The hurried appearance made the two brothers of the Mu family sigh together.

“Minister Mu, this…” A policeman looked at the messy interrogation room embarrassedly. Although during the interrogation, private use of various methods was not a special case, such as not giving food or water, and not allowing them to go to the bathroom or sleep to ask questions. But after all, there was much attention to this matter, and it was not good to go out like this.

“Yao Bin committed suicide by jumping off the building in fear of sin.” Although Mu Qihua smiled gently on his face, what he said was dark and scary, “Don’t worry, the arrest of them went so smoothly this time, which means that no one can protect them.”

This sentence determined the life and death of Yao Bin, and Li Jia next to Mu Qihua looked over. He was so scared that his legs turned soft. Before Mu Qihua had time to speak, he collapsed and yelled: “I will say everything.”

“It would be fine for a long time. Don’t learn from Yao Bin. After all, this person is still dead. It’s better to live.” Mu Qihua glanced at Yao Bin, who had passed out in pain, and his smile became brighter and brighter.

The relationship between the Yao and Mu family had not been very good. In recent years, none of the Yao family’s juniors had been able to grasp it. Unexpectedly, the Yao family and the Li family hooked up together and came up with such a bad idea. No matter how stupid this idea was, but if the plan was successful, their Mu family would be over. How could their elderly grandfather bear such a blow?

Therefore, if the Yao and Li families dared to do such a thing, he must let them understand what it meant to regret.

After Yan Mu returned home and opened the door, he smelled a faint smell of rice and hurriedly put down the fruits and vegetables in his hand, and eagerly looked at Lu Chengyu who was sitting on the sofa, “Your injury is still not healed, this is not what you should do?”

“It’s okay, I just made the porridge, and I can’t do anything else.” Lu Chengyu glanced at his injured arm, “Now, I am waiting for you to come home and cook.”

“Come home” As far as, it related to Yan Mu, it was just from the company to the place where he lived. Now that he heard Lu Chengyu mention these two words, he was suddenly surprised that these two words sounded so good that it made people feel warm. He took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and said, “You can watch TV for a while, just wait.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and nodded. After a while, the sound of cutting vegetables came from the kitchen. He didn’t have any new programs to watch on TV. He walked to the door of the kitchen, saw Yan Mu wearing an apron, couldn’t help but smile, “The appearance of Brother Mu wearing an apron looks really handsome.”

Yan Mu saw him appear at the door of the kitchen, so he said. “We live together, how do we live without cooking?” He turned on the cooker hood before putting the oil in the pot, “Last time I saw you like scrambled eggs with tomatoes, so when I came back just now, I bought some fresh ones.”

Listening to Yan Mu’s voice and watching him earnestly cook, Lu Chengyu took a deep breath, but the smile on his face became softer and softer, “By the way, what about the plan to inspect the branch this week?”

“I have moved the inspection plan to next month.” After the fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs were in the pot, Yan Mu washed the pot with water and started to make homemade tofu. “The branch inspection can go anytime. Your wound hasn’t healed now, how can you go?”

Lu Chengyu wanted to let Yan Mu go by himself, but looking at the other side’s serious profile, in the end he just said, “Well, I will heal from the injury as soon as possible.”

Yan Mu turned his head. He gave him an admiring look, and then continued cooking. After the dishes were done, the porridge was also cooked.

When the two of them finished their dinner and sat on the sofa to watch TV together, they suddenly realized that they were really comfortable with each other. Lu Chengyu leaned on the soft sofa cushions and adjusted himself to a comfortable posture. Although he was watching TV, he could feel Yan Mu peeking at him from time to time.

Halfway through the TV show, he finally couldn’t help but say: “Brother Mu, if you want to watch, just watch. Anyway, I won’t lose a piece of flesh.”

Yan Mu’s face became stiff, and then he quickly turned his head and pretended to watch TV seriously. The appearance of the TV was even more suspicious.

Lu Chengyu jumped off the sofa and stood in front of Yan Mu. Seeing that the opponent’s posture became stiffer and stiffer, he leaned down abruptly, reached out and lifted Yan Mu’s chin. Before the other party had reacted, he leaned down and kissed him on the chin. Then he touched the corner of his lips and smiled ambiguously, “You watch TV slowly, I’m going upstairs to rest.”

After walking a few steps, he stopped and said to Yan Mu who was in a daze: “When you left in the afternoon, I was not asleep. Also, your chin is very beautiful.”

Yan Mu was taken aback for a moment, and then his whole body stiffened up. The tips of his ears were red, thinking that Lu Chengyu didn’t fall asleep in the afternoon, which meant… he was discovered by the other party when he stole the kiss?

By the time he woke up, Lu Chengyu was already upstairs. He raised his ears to hear Lu Chengyu’s footsteps entering the room, and then with a slam, the door was closed, isolating all the noise inside.

After flipping through the channels for a while, Yan Mu became more and more restless, and finally turned off the TV and went upstairs. Walking to Lu Chengyu’s room door, he stood outside it for a while. When he was about to go back to his room, Lu Chengyu’s room door opened.

“Can you do me a favour and help me wash my hair?” Lu Chengyu stood inside the door with a bright smile on his face. Yan Mu felt that with such a smile, not to mention that Lu Chengyu was just asking him to wash his hair, even if he asked him to charge and fight, he would not hesitate.

The water temperature of the shower was just right, and the water flow gently washed Lu Chengyu’s scalp, which was extraordinarily comfortable. Yan Mu’s hands were neither light nor heavy, and he was very careful when washing him. Although the technique was a bit inferior to that of the shampoo boy in the barbershop, the shampoo boy couldn’t compare with this care.

After washing his hair, Yan Mu patiently helped Lu Chengyu to dry his hair with a hair dryer. “The doctor said you have to wait two days to take a bath, so be patient now.”

Lu Chengyu was not a person who would not care about his physical condition just to take a bath. He watched Yan Mu turn around to help him lay the quilt, and even close the curtains. He couldn’t help but say: “Brother Mu, have you thought about it. Did I lie to you?” Did Yan Mu think about it? Maybe it was because of his power and money that he was reluctant to stay with him?

“What are you lying to me about?” Yan Mu walked over to him and sat down, staring into his eyes, “You don’t need what I have. What’s more…If you don’t like me, I can use these to keep you. For me, it is also a good thing.” He did not lack money or power, but he lacked the person he likes.

Lu Chengyu was stunned for a while, and then smiled after a while: “What if I look down on these, and I don’t want to be with you?”

Yan Mu shook his head: “I haven’t thought about it.” Maybe, he subconsciously refused to think about this question. If Lu Chengyu didn’t like this…probably he wouldn’t know what to do.

His expression was serious, so serious that Lu Chengyu could tell at a glance that he was not lying. Slowly moving his gaze away, Lu Chengyu yawned, “I’m sleepy.”

Yan Mu hesitated for a moment, and kissed lightly on his forehead: “Good night.”

“Good night,” Lu Chengyu watched Yan Mu go out.

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