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“What did you say to that old fox?” Mu Qihua and Yan Mu rode in a bullet-proof modified car this time. The appearance did not look much different from a normal vehicle, but the inside was explosion-proof and anti-attack protected. It could be seen that after this incident, how important the safety of the younger generation had become?

He glanced at his cousin next to him, “I remember you were not interested in politics.”

“Nothing like that.” Yan Mu said calmly: “It’s just a few bank accounts.”

Mu Qihua was taken aback, and then his gaze became complicated. Xiao Mu smiled and said: “For this case, you have paid a lot of money.” After being so low-key for so many years, it was not a waste.

“You are my relatives, being low-key or not is not as important as you,” Yan Mu looked at Mu Qihua, of course, “Life is important, everything else can be prioritized.”

Mu Qihua was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed out, righteously. Reaching out to pat Yan Mu’s head, he remembered that this cousin had grown up a long time ago. He sighed, “I really can’t bear it.”

Yan Mu glanced at him: “Don’t worry, I’ve been in the capital all the time.”

The emotion that had just risen in Mu Qihua’s heart was immediately broken up by this relentless sentence. He looked at Yan Mu helplessly, “Did anyone say you are boring? I had no choice but to dislike it.”

Yan Mu continued to hold a dumb face, “I don’t care.”

Mu Qihua: “…”

This kind of stinky disease that is not ashamed but proud must be the part of Yan’s crooked gene that was passed to him by the Yans

Taking Yan Mu all the way to the hospital, Mu Qihua looked at the hospital door, and after a moment of silence, he asked: “Xiao Yan, does the other party know what you want?”

Yan Mu glanced over at Mu Qihua’s face. He nodded slowly.

Mu Qihua’s brows jumped. Lu Chengyu didn’t know at the banquet. Why did the other party know now, and he coughed, “What did he say?”

Yan Mu looked at him hesitantly.

“Do not bullshit, I’m not the Queen Mother to wreck a pair of mandarin ducks[1]!” The sceptical eyes of the cousin stimulated him, “He must have said no!”

“Queen Mother designates the mandarin ducks, so she doesn’t mind,” Yan Mu saw that Mu Qihua’s complexion was not good, and his conversation changed. “Xiao Lu agreed to try with me.”

“Try it?” Mu Qihua raised his eyebrows, a little unhappy, “You are so good, he still wants to try?” But then he thought of Lu Chengyu’s life-saving grace to him, and the other party was seriously injured to save his cousin. Suddenly, his voice dropped a few more times, and Mu Qihua said uncomfortably, “Since this is the case, you should be more careful and don’t play around. For a fox like Lu Chengyu, your mind is more important than anything.” Regardless of Yan Mu’s reaction, he turned his head and told the driver to drive away.

Yan Mu snorted after getting out of the car. After a few seconds, he took the pork bone soup he bought on the road and walked to the hospital.

After drinking the pork bone soup that Yan Mu brought back, Lu Chengyu called Zhang Shuo and talked to the other party about the shooting of the new film. In the end, the topic of who the protagonist should be was changed to the day when the opening would be auspicious.

The basic actors of the two scripts had been set, the only difference was the male lead in the small fresh script. The first-line superstar was liked by Zhang Shuo for the role. People should not look at Zhang Shuo’s overnight fame, one didn’t know if he could be a powerful director in the future; Zhang Dao looks down on the self-recommended actors.

Lu Chengyu thought about the character settings in the script, and finally said: “I think it’s quite suitable to have him as the actor. The director can let him try. If it is not suitable, we will continue to look for an actor.” He did not say anything, also to prevent the other party from being embarrassed.

Zhang Shuo was worrying about the actor. Hearing that Lu Chengyu had a suitable recommendation on the phone, he hurriedly asked, “Who is it?”

But after hearing the person recommended by the other party, Zhang Shuo hesitated, “The appearance of this Zhong Zhenghan is pretty appropriate, but this person’s acting skills…” It was not that Zhong Zhenghan’s acting skills were bad, but Zhong Zhenghan’s performances are almost all TV dramas, and there were few screen works. Even if there were movies he starred in, they were only supporting roles, and they had never been selected for big awards.

Lu Chengyu understood Zhang Shuo’s concerns. Although he trusted Zhong Zhenghan’s acting skills, the other party was not clear about it: “Anyway, if you invite people to try it, you won’t suffer. If it doesn’t work, we will hold another internal audition and we will always find the right person.” The other party had already spoken to this point, Zhang Shuo no longer insisted, and immediately agreed. Mr. Lu was not an unreliable person, maybe that Zhong Zhenghan was really suitable?

After hanging up the phone, Lu Chengyu looked up and saw Yan Mu’s mouth closed tightly. Although his expression did not change, he could still feel the other party’s depression. After a little thought, he understood. He patted the edge of the bed and said, “Brother Mu, come here, sit down, let’s talk.” Since he had promised to try with Yan Mu, he will not let the other party get sad for unnecessary things.

Yan Mu sat silently on the edge of the bed, peeling the melon seeds in his hand, and put the kernels on a clean plate after peeling one out.

“I promise to try with you, so I won’t be ambiguous with others.” Lu Chengyu said seriously, “I can make jokes about everything else, but I always think that things like feelings cannot withstand deception and concealment.

“I won’t either.” Yan Mu looked at the melon seeds on the plate, “I confessed to like you with the desire to live with you all my life.” After saying this, he handed the melon seeds to Lu Chengyu.

Looking at the whole plate of melon seeds, Lu Chengyu was a little surprised. Even if two people’s names were written on the marriage certificate, they may not spend their entire lives together. Where did Yan Mu have the courage to say such things?

After taking the plate, Lu Chengyu ate a few and stuffed some into Yan Mu’s mouth. Seeing Yan Mu eating the melon seeds expressionlessly, he smiled: “It’s better to let time prove that we can walk a long way.” He didn’t believe in sweet words but believed in time. Because true feelings would not disappear because of time, and only get stronger as the time passed.

Yan Mu nodded, and then continued to peel melon seeds. The atmosphere was incomparably harmonious, and the appearance between the two was nothing like discussing major events in life.

Two days later, dozens of people of the Yao family in the capital city from top to bottom were arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and bribery of huge assets. Even some people who depended on the Yao family were involved in the corruption case. Because the incident was so huge, many people turned their attention from the attack to the Yao family. Who knew that the Li family in the capital was involved again that night, and many people were arrested overnight for inspection, and the entire capital almost fell apart.

Lu Chengyu still didn’t know much about what was going on outside, but there was a lot of news about Yao and Li families on his mobile phone. He guessed that the matter may be related to the Mu’s family. It seemed that after this time, the situation in Beijing will change again.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, he felt that staying in the hospital was a waste of medical resources. So he expressed a strong desire to leave the hospital. Yan Mu had to go through the discharge procedures for him. It’s just that after he was discharged from the hospital, he returned not to his home, but to Yan Mu’s villa.

Zhuang Yu, Zhang Zeyun, and Qi Jingfeng, who accompanied Lu Chengyu to leave the hospital, looked at Yan Mu’s house in surprise. When they came the other day, the house was not like this. Why did he add a lot of things today?

“Brother Mu, are you really going to start living a home life of cooking by yourself?” Qi Jingfeng turned around in the kitchen and said with some emotion, “This house is really not like a place where a bachelor lives.”

Zhuang Yu looked at it. After seeing Yan Mu who was pouring water for Lu Chengyu, he glanced sympathetically at Qi Jingfeng and thought, Ignorant mortal, the owner of this house is not a bachelor anymore.

“Brother Mu, since you are preparing to cook for yourself now, if you have time, let’s have a meal,” Qi Jingfeng leaned comfortably on the sofa, “I’m tired of the restaurant downstairs in my company.

“I don’t need it.” Zhang Zeyun smiled, “I like to go home to eat when I have time.”

Zhuang Yu also nodded quickly: “Yes, I don’t need it anymore, I quite like the restaurant outside the company.”

Qi Jingfeng looked suspiciously at the two of them: “Didn’t you always say that the food made by Brother Mu is delicious, aren’t you tired of the food cooked by the restaurant and the nanny?”

Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun said in unison, “You must have remembered it wrong.”

Qi Jingfeng: ” …”

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu’s friends with a smile, took the cup that Yan Mu handed him with a smile, took a sip and said, “If you like Brother Qi, you can often come to play over.”

Yan Mu also said with a sip: “Jingfeng may not be able to come often, his company is far away from us.” After saying this, he slowly looked towards Qi Jingfeng, “Right?”

Qi Jingfeng nodded in a daze, and after thinking about it, he also felt that Mu Ge was right. His company was indeed far away from Mu Ge’s house. What’s more, he was often out of the company and liked to go out to play. He wanted to come to Mu Ge’s side for food. It didn’t seem to work. “Yes, it’s not going to work that way.” Looking at Qi Jingfeng like this, Zhuang Yu suddenly felt superior in IQ.

After Lu Chengyu settled down, Zhuang Yu and others left with excuses. Lu Chengyu didn’t sleep well in the hospital. After lunch, he didn’t do anything else, so he went straight back to the room to sleep.

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu, who was already asleep on the bed. After standing still by the bed for a long time, he finally slowly bent down and touched the corner of his beautiful lips. Seeing that the other party didn’t wake up, he hesitated for a while, and quickly clicked on his lips.

The gentle touch made his cheeks flush, and while the other party was still asleep, he clenched his fists and walked out the door in a mess.

After the footsteps disappeared, Lu Chengyu slowly opened his eyes, looked at the direction of the door and touched the corner of his lips, with a slight smile in his eyes.

There was a place in the capital that specialized in holding high-level criminals. After the leaders of the Yao family and the Li family were arrested, they were detained there.

Yan Mu walked into the dim room and looked at the few people sitting on the chairs. A smile suddenly appeared on his face, “Am I disturbing your lunchtime?”

Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong sitting on the side, saw his smile, and both of their expressions changed.

Fuck, Godzilla had evolved!

After Lu Chengyu woke up from a nap and went downstairs, he found that Yan Mu was no longer at home. He knew that Yan Mu had been busy investigating the attack in recent days, so he didn’t call the other party, but turned on the TV and sat down on the sofa with his legs crossed.

After turning on the TV, a TV series starring Zhong Zhenghan was playing on the screen. The Zhong Zhenghan in white clothes and blue silk was indeed a mess. He remembered that there was the other party’s private number in his cell phone, and after thinking about it, he called the other party.

In the brokerage company, Zhong Zhenghan hung up the phone with a complicated complexion, and looked at his cell phone without speaking for a long time. Seeing him like this, Wang Song, his agent, thought he was in trouble again, and asked with a bitter face, “What happened?”

“If you find out that your new friend is a local tyrant, what would you do?” Zhong Zhenghan didn’t expect that Lu Chengyu would invite him to audition, and he was still the male number one in Zhang Shuo’s new works, which had been in the limelight recently. What surprised him even more was that the investor in this movie turned out to be Lu Chengyu himself.

“Of course it is to hug the thigh decisively!” Wang Song’s expression of dead parents suddenly turned into ecstasy, “You know, it is not shameful to hold the thigh of a local tyrant. It is shameful that you can’t hold it even if you want to hug it!”

“Oh, The other party has already given me the thigh.” Zhong Zhenghan couldn’t bear to look at his manager’s unscrupulous face, “I’m going to participate in the audition for Zhang Shuo’s New Opera Man as the male lead tomorrow. Remember to arrange a time for me.

“Zhang Shuo?” Wang Song was taken aback, “Which Zhang Shuo?” Was it the one who was popular recently? The thigh was a little too thick this time.

“It’s the one you are thinking about,” Zhong Zhenghan thought for a while, “The other party just asked me to audition. Whether it can be finalized or not is decided by the director. Regardless of whether it can be done or not, you have to keep your mouth shut. This is someone’s thigh. If you offend him, you won’t be able to mess with him in the future.”

Wang Song suddenly looked serious and nodded: “I understand.” Zhong Zhenghan was looking forward to tomorrow with hope, while the leaders of the Yao family and the Li family who were arrested were now desperate. They thought that the Mu family’s descendants were terrible enough, but they didn’t expect the Mu family’s grandson to be so scary.

Who the hell told them the heir of the Yan family was rigorous and serious, calm and courteous?!

All of them were fucking scammers!

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[1] A couple in love

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