TCYEC Ch. 86.1

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The private room on the second floor of the tea house was decorated like a bamboo hut. Although everything was all green, as the window was open and the cold winter wind was blowing in, it had a cold and bleak feeling.

Luo Peng felt that the wind was a bit cold and wanted to ask what was the idea behind having an air conditioner in the room, and then opening the window to let in the cold wind? But now he was forced to pretend, and could only drink tea slowly, pretending that he liked tea very much, not speaking, waiting for Xu Yan or Ma Langqing to follow.

In this case, the most affected was P&H. For Yu Siyang and their entire brokerage team, it could be said that the impact was not huge.

Although the cover of the magazine was changed, but only a photo was changed, and there was no artist replacement. Judging from the current online discussion, there were no negative remarks, which seemed to have no effect on his artist. But looking at it from another angle, such a big problem occurred in the first endorsement. In the eyes of manufacturers and major magazines, they would only be able to think that this artist had done something wrong, and it will have an impact on Yu Siyang’s future brand endorsements and fashion resources.

The first annual publications of the five major magazines usually had extremely influential superstars on their cover every year. The influence was indeed very large. Now Xu Yan had taken it out as compensation. It seemed to be a great benefit, but in fact it was a tasteless one. Yu Siyang still had to answer to P&H.

Xu Yan was also helpless. This was the best compensation that could be given within his scope of authority. The upper management of the magazine had not yet given a decision on the handling of this matter, but the general manager, the cover editor and a small number of related people had been first suspended, but the sponsor and artists must be appeased first, and when the management’s decision would come out, the relationship would have gone cold.

Ma Langqing sipped the little tea in the cup, stubbornly saying nothing.

Luo Peng turned his eyes and glanced at his drinking buddy, and he made a bet with himself. Lao Ma was absolutely pretending to be just like him. Negotiations like this had to be handled, and it was always the east wind that prevailed over the west wind[1]. Now they were overwhelming the other party. If Xu Yan acted too eagerly, it may become Xu Yan overwhelming them.

“Editor Xu,” Ma Langqing finally said, no longer blindly immersed in the world of pretence, “You are a big magazine, and there are such low-level omissions. We are really disappointed.”

Xu Yan gave a wry smile, speechless.

Luo Peng took advantage of the moment when Xu Yan lowered his head to turn his head and wink at Ma Langqing-you, I will give you 99 points, and I will deduct 1 point for pridefulness.

Ma Langqing raised his eyebrows—it was clearly worth one hundred and one points.

“Mr. Ma.”

Xu Yan said aloud, and the two of them sat stiffly again, pretending to be serious.

“I’m really sorry for this incident. I didn’t do my duty to prevent this mistake. It was my negligence. The relevant personnel have been suspended from their duties. I asked you two people to come over today, just hoping to give compensation to the utmost extent.”

Then… then the three of them stopped talking, each holding their teacups and trying their best to think about ways to reduce losses and maximize benefits.

At this moment, the door of the private room was knocked, the waiter smiled and said a friend of theirs had arrived, and then turned sideways. Darcy’s sturdy figure appeared in the eyes of the three of them.

“Editor Xu, President Ma, Brother Luo.” Darcy came into the room and greeted one by one, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Xu Yan frowned. He didn’t notify Darcy to come, not to mention that Darcy returned after suspension only yesterday. When he went home, the cell phone was turned off. He didn’t know how he learned that he was here.

Luo Peng was very impressed with the cover editor, who was so explosive and difficult to deal with. He was so deeply impressed that he gave the other party the nickname of “dead perverted sissy”, but when he saw him today, it seemed that he did not remember him as much as he thought.

Ma Langqing also felt this way. Darcy, who had always acted like a damsel, looked a bit like a daddy right now, and he didn’t know if there was a problem with his eyes.

The four people were sitting on the four sides of the tea table, Darcy raised the teacup with apology on his face, and said loudly: “Mr. Ma, Brother Luo, this matter is my responsibility. I’m very sorry. I will try my best to compensate for this loss.”

Ma Langqing and Luo Peng looked at each other. The latter said, “How are you going to compensate?”

Darcy took out a red stamped A4 paper from the bag he brought and placed it in front of Ma Langqing. It was the management’s decision. “The January and September publications are used as compensation for the accident. In addition, I have some friendship with the editor-in-chief of “W.” I’m still in contact with other publications, but there’s no news at the moment. I’ll try my best to fight for it.”

Ma Langqing picked up the A4 paper on the table, covered with the group red seal, which clearly stated their decision on the handling of this incident.

This was the decision Darcy got by confessing to the senior management of the group one by one early in the morning and contacting several other big publications who he had friendships with. Only “W” gave a clear answer and was willing to vacate the Valentine’s Day special issue. As for others, he could only try his best to fight for those opportunities.

After graduating and working in “MODE Impression”, from intern to cover editor, Darcy’s career path went smoothly, with almost no major setbacks, but because of his eagerness for quick success and instant profit, he fell into a big trouble. He suffered from insomnia all night yesterday, regretting, and worried about his future. If “MODE Impression” was willing to ignore his mistake, it would be the best result. If that did not happen, he was afraid that he would not have a place in the fashion circle anymore.

Things in the future could only be considered in the future. The most important thing at the moment was to take responsibility and do everything possible to make up for and appease the sponsors.

“March.” Ma Langqing said.

Both Xu Yan and Darcy were taken aback. The most important months for a major publication are the opening of the new year, March and September. For a star, being able to appear in the first publication was the most glorious thing. Generally, only top superstars could do it, but for manufacturers, March and September were when new products were released, and they would spend a large amount of advertising expenses in various magazines at this time. Conversely, for magazines, this was also the truth. Advertising revenue was higher in these months than other months.

The group was able to agree to the September issue, because it did not want to lose a major customer. If BSL was lost as their major customer, their magazine could be downgraded or suspended.

But that was not enough, Ma Langqing even wanted the March issue, which was no different from opening the lion’s mouth.

“It doesn’t matter if he appears in the first issue, the March and September issues are more important.” Ma Langqing said, “This incident has a huge impact not only on our P&H, but also on our spokespersons. I think my request is not excessive.”

After Ma Langqing finished speaking, Luo Peng went on to say: “This incident has spread in the circle yesterday. I was approaching someone for a project. Because of this incident, the other party reserved their assent, and this is just the beginning.”

Luo Peng was talking nonsense with his eyes open. Yesterday he had a meeting first, then went to investigate the inside story, and then met with the brokerage team to discuss public relations measures, and then went to Xue’s villa for hot pot at dinner and had a drink with Ma Langqing in the evening. No party came to say, “we want to take more time”, but a manufacturer came over and wanted to ask Yu Siyang to endorse for him, but because the other party had a product quality accident, he rejected it.

But Xu Yan and Darcy didn’t know this. To put it more seriously, Yu Siyang’s fashion resources would indeed be affected by this incident, so the two of them could only listen to Luo Peng’s sermon of righteousness and Ma Langqing supporting him.

“Okay, it’s just the March issue.” Xu Yan made a final decision.

Darcy was shocked. “Editor Xu, but…” Will the group agree?

Xu Yan glanced at Darcy and said, “I can still make such a decision.”

“Editor Xu is decisive.” Ma Langqing laughed, “I like to deal with decisive people.”

“Then use tea instead of wine?” Luo Peng raised his teacup.

Four people raised their teacups, two of them achieved their goals and smiled, while the other two were helpless and bitter.

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[1] A quote by Chairman Mao.

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