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As a result, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye began to act humble with each other again and insisted that the other should climb first.

“Teacher Ji, you do it.”

“Zhengzheng, jump quickly.” Ji Muye said anxiously.

Jiang Zheng: “This is the rope you tied, you jump first.”

Ji Muye choked, “I’m heavier than you, if I jump down and the rope breaks, you will die.”

The director turned around in a hurry, Damn it. Do I have to force my NPC zombies to bite you? The key is that we dare not bite. Is there a play in minutes!

#If you hug and jump down together, it would be even better.

#LOL. Are Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye acting? Acting so genuinely. It felt like Ji Muye was about to cry.

#Don’t want to jump first, what a precious love this is. It’s all sugar, so sweet.

Ji Muye’s face sank, and suddenly he grabbed Jiang Zheng by her waist and placed her by the window.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

#Hahahaha This is not a suspenseful horror variety show, this Nima is a love variety show.

#jiangzheng: You dare to disobey my orders? Go to bed and lie down!

#FuckFuckFuck Boss Jiang actually blushed???

#wangfu is wild and handsome!

#I want to be hugged and kissed by Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng had to pull the rope and climb down first. Fortunately, considering the safety issues, the program team had planted full grass and shrubs behind the gable, and there were a few people hiding beside them, who could come to rescue at any time. Of course, the camera couldn’t see them.

The two escaped from the city lord’s mansion without any risk and went to find the set of side courtyards bought by the eldest Miss Tan Wu.

During this time, they had encountered zombies twice. Fortunately, the two had excellent leg strength. They also knew that these zombies were tools for the program team to increase the horror atmosphere.

It was past noon when they found the house, and the two were so hungry that their chests seemed to be pressing against their backs.

Just when Jiang Zheng was pushing open the gate of the house and was about to enter, Ji Muye held her back, “Wait.”

He sat down on the threshold, took out two round buns from his jacket pocket, and another two from his trousers pocket.

He handed them over as if offering a treasure, “I just grabbed it at the banquet. You tore off the head of the steamed bun, eat the inside, and it’s clean.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Director: Ah, ah, another bug. You two should go in.

#Hahahahahaha haha I laughed.

#So warm so warm. I announce that I have locked them both together, and the keys were thrown over the Pacific.

# Shun four steamed buns Ji Muye all gave to Jiang Zheng. So sweet.

#Hold on! Sisters calm down! It is possible that Ji Muye wanted to eat it himself, but was too embarrassed to eat alone, so he gave it all to Jiang Zheng. Jiang Zheng wouldn’t eat all of it, so she would definitely give him two back.

Sure enough, Jiang Zheng only needed two, and the remaining two were put back into Ji Muye’s hands for him to eat.

The barrage instantly sighed.

The director waited patiently for the two bosses to comfortably watch the blue sky and white clouds as they finished eating the steamed buns. The moment they entered the yard, he reminded the actors inside to get ready.

This yard was at the end of an alley, surrounded by bamboo forests, and very quiet.

They opened the door, bypassed the shadow wall, and came face-to-face with a pond. There was a bridge to cross through the rockery cave. After drilling through the rockery cave, they suddenly saw light, and entered a space where peach blossoms were blooming.

It was a waterside pavilion next to the water, pressing down on the water surface, and the reflection was being disturbed by the falling leaves, causing layers of ripples.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed across the waterside window lattice, Jiang Zheng stepped back, and leaned directly into Ji Muye’s arms.

Ji Muye pulled her into the rockery cave instantly, held his breath, and listened to the movement outside.

#Oh my God. His lips almost touched her forehead. Rounding up the kisses.

#As expected of people who have filmed together, the degree of response and cooperation is quite high.

#Although, I always feel that Ji Muye’s eyes when looking at Jiang Zheng are too soft.

The silhouette of the human figure in the water pavilion fell on the window lattice and was fixed in the camera. The bun was tall and the figure was graceful. It should be a woman.

Was she a human, a ghost, or a glamorous zombie?

Suddenly, a tune sounded, high and low, intermittently, like an indistinct love thread, like the trembling beads of rain hitting water, lingering in the ears of Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye.

“The pale face, the mutilated body, and the bloodthirsty appearance are left to be laughed at by them.

The deserted street, the empty home, and the one who lost you, I sing the song of my yearning.

In the dream in the mountain temple, she had a dream. One game after another, she came home with a swollen belly and got the child of God.”

#《Melody》Theatrical version? Hahahahaha the show team keeps pace with the times.

#There is a lingering taste.

#Hahahahaha xsl, kneeling for the director’s sand sculpture plot.

#This poem has a lot of information. Who are they mocking? Who turned into a zombie? Could it be Zombie Zero that appeared? Who is dreaming in the mountain temple? It shouldn’t be a dream, it was this person who conceived a child after having a relationship with someone in the mountain temple.

#Only the third lady just gave birth to a child, could it be her?

Jiang Zheng frowned and listened for a while, and just wanted to open her mouth to discuss this strange style of play with Ji Muye.

Suddenly, a figure swept across the dark and unknown artificial cave entrance.

Ji Muye noticed something was wrong with her, and when he looked back, the figure rushed straight over and stopped in front of the two of them.

The red skirt fluttered, the eyebrows were fierce, the end of her eyes were raised, and the look in her eyes was very sharp.

Her red lips were lightly parted, and she said in a neither yin nor yang voice: “Ji Lang, you said that you borrowed my heart, and you will pay it back in a few days. I waited day after day, and you made me wait so hard.” She unhurriedly unbuttoned the plate, revealing a black blood hole.

#Ahhhhh barrage shield.

#Crew makeup artist is awesome.

#This is Miss Tan Wu.

#The son-in-law killed the eldest lady, and the eldest lady became a zombie? Why do you have to say that Ji Muye is the son-in-law?

The long bright red nails stretched out, and they were about to touch Ji Muye’s chest.

Jiang Zheng grabbed her wrist, “Wait.”

Miss Tan Wu was stunned.

Jiang Zheng chuckled, “Where did you get your manicure done? It’s pretty good.”

Director: ??? Can we stop talking nonsense?

#Hahahaha I’m scared and want to laugh.

#zhengjie mighty!

Tan Wu was not one of those panicked NPCs, she was the kind of person who was famous and had good acting skills and earned a high daily salary.

She didn’t change her face and said, “I ate the person who did my nails. Otherwise, I could introduce her to you.”


# What kind of sand sculpture line is this?

#The actor who plays the eldest lady is good.

Jiang Zheng smiled and said, “So that’s the case. That’s such a pity.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took advantage of Tan Wu’s inattention and bumped into her head-on, knocking Tan Wu directly into the wall of the rockery cave, she then grabbed Ji Muye’s arms, and quickly ran out of the hole.

Ji Muye moved a little slower, and Jiang Zheng turned back and shouted, “Brother, hurry up. Do you really want to be a ghost couple with her?”

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