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Did he only have feelings for him after he became an Omega?

The second half of the sentence, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t ask, he just wanted to hear what Xie Lin had to say first.

After a moment of silence, Xie Lin said, “About ten years ago.”

Ten years ago… At that time, they were only seven or eight years old. How could Xie Lin fall in love with him so early?

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned. The answer was beyond his expectations. As far as he knew, the second gender differentiation only appeared at the age of thirteen or fourteen. Otherwise, there must be something wrong with the body.

“When did we differentiate?” For the sake of safety, Fu Yuanzhou asked one more question.

“We differentiated in the same year. I was fourteen and you were thirteen.” Xie Lin raised his hand and touched his hair, as if seeing through his mind, “Me liking you has nothing to do with your gender.”

Fu Yuanzhou was a little embarrassed, Xie Lin had told him this before, he believed that Xie Lin would not lie to him, but they were just friends in their previous lives, which was also an undeniable fact.

Even if Xie Lin liked him this time, it might have nothing to do with gender, but it must have been because of the potential impact of ABO gender differentiation. Now any gender could like each other openly, unlike in the previous life, this only him who had been reborn could experience.

Then why did Xie Lin like him? Fu Yuanzhou thought so and asked the same question.

“It was natural to fall in love with you.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou blushed, despite Xie Lin’s icy appearance, he didn’t lose to anyone when he talked about love, but his tone was calm, as if he was talking about ordinary things.

Xie Lin said: “I’m used to being with you. We haven’t been apart since you were born. Until the summer vacation ten years ago, when you left me for a month. That was the first time you left me for so long.”

He mentioned the summer vacation ten years ago, and Fu Yuanzhou realized what he was talking about. It was also a summer vacation that left a deep impression on him. He and Xie Lin were separated for a month, which was the longest time before they both went to college.

In that summer ten years ago, his grandfather was very ill, and his mother took him back to her parents’ home so he could spend his last days with him.

The hospital said that his grandfather’s illness could not be cured even if it was treated, so it was better to go home and rest. At that time, his grandparents were still living in other places, far away from their current home. His grandfather passed away after being taken care of by his mother for half a month, and his father took care of the later things. The good company had also arrived. They accompanied his grieving grandma and mother and dealt with the funeral before they brought his grandma back to their home.

At that time, although Fu Yuanzhou was young, he already knew how to deal with life and death. His grandfather always loved him very much, and his death brought Fu Yuanzhou a great blow, but he didn’t want to cry in front of his mother, so he could only climb into bed and secretly cry into his pillow every night, until one day when he couldn’t hold it anymore, so he called Xie Lin.

“Grandma’s house was in the country, and the signal in the house was not good, so I still ran out to call you.”

Fu Yuanzhou recalled the past. Ten years ago, they were still young, but they already had mobile phones. He was crying and talking to Xie Lin, it was so quiet that he couldn’t even hear himself, but Xie Lin still responded to him. He could hear him and understand what he was talking about.

“Then you came to me the next day.” He looked at Xie Lin, “You came in the train by yourself and didn’t tell anyone, in fact you came so quietly, that it made your parents angry, later, you were grounded at home for a week and not allowed to go out.”

Xie Lin had always been the standard “other’s child” since he was young, and that was probably the most outrageous thing he had ever done. He was only eight years old, but he dared to go out of town by himself, it was really very dangerous, and Fu Yuanzhou was also a little scared when he recalled it later.

After that time, Fu Yuanzhou became more dependent on Xie Lin, because he knew that Xie Lin would never leave him, so when Xie Lin broke up with him in his previous life, he was very afraid. He didn’t expect that a day would come when Xie Lin would not want him anymore, he must have really broken Xie Lin’s heart.

Thinking of this, Fu Yuanzhou’s mood became a little low, but it was not Xie Lin’s fault, it was his. He knew why he had lost Xie Lin.

“You cried very sadly on the phone.” Xie Lin said, “How could I let you go.”

In fact, before returning to his grandfather’s house, his mother had concealed his grandfather’s condition from Fu Yuanzhou. He didn’t know that his grandfather was seriously ill. He had wanted to take Xie Lin with him when he went back to the country to play, but unfortunately Xie Lin had to study a lot of courses during the summer vacation, so he couldn’t go back with him. He thought he would come back after a few days, but he didn’t expect to stay for a month.

But after half a month passed, he couldn’t help crying and calling Xie Lin, and Xie Lin left everything and came to him.

Their location in the countryside was very remote. When Xie Lin said that he was at the station, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t imagine what Xie Lin was thinking when he came there alone.

Looking back on what had happened back then, Fu Yuanzhou still felt moved and warm, but he suddenly realized that the topic seemed to have deviated in an unexpected direction, why did Xie Lin like him? Normally, it should be that he liked Xie Lin, why would it be the other way around?

His expression was full of confusion, Xie Lin didn’t see it, and continued: “I went to you, and you came to me, you ran from your house to the station, fell into a mud pit, broke your knee, and even lost one of your shoes, but you still came.”

“I was quite embarrassed at the time…” Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed, “Wasn’t this because I was afraid that you would not be able to find your way, GPS was not so developed at that time, and there was no map, my mother and the others were still busy, so of course I had to go pick you up.”

Xie Lin lifted the towel to reveal Fu Yuanzhou’s legs. Fu Yuanzhou’s legs were long and white, but if you looked closely, you could see that there were shallow marks on his knees. It was from when he was injured on his way to find Xie Lin.

Xie Lin lowered his eyes and caressed the scar on his knees, Fu Yuanzhou trembled lightly, shrank his legs back, and said nonchalantly, “Do you still remember how miserable I was at the time? Don’t say that you just saw me like that and fell in love with me.”


But Xie Lin really responded like that.

Fu Yuanzhou opened his mouth: “Is it? You…”

“You looked ugly.” Xie Lin looked into his eyes, “Your body was covered in mud and blood, and you smiled at me as soon as you saw me and then you started crying again, I wanted to hug you, but you didn’t want me to be stained with mud and water, so you resisted me reaching out.”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t remember such details, but it sounded really miserable and ugly, what was up with Xie Lin’s unique taste?

“I realized then that you can’t do without me.” Xie Lin said, “You can’t do it without me.”

Indeed, he couldn’t refute. Fu Yuanzhou thought, but what did this have to do with Xie Lin liking him?

Xie Lin spoke slowly again.

“Not only that, I realized that I can’t live without you as well.”

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