IHSB Ch. 27: Shy Nuan Nuan

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The photo was really beautiful. After this gap, it didn’t take long for this photo to be spread everywhere.

Everyone take it easy! Don’t be discovered by Mr. Gu!

Everyone knew, so they had saved it quickly, and the one who posted the photo quickly deleted the photo!

Special Assistant Chen looked at the photos posted in the group, and saved them immediately, and then he was struggling for a while. Should he tell his boss about this?

“What are you doing?”

A familiar voice came from behind, Special Assistant Chen froze suddenly, then he turned off the phone screen with a flick of his hand.

Gu Linmo’s dark eyes stared at him. He seemed to have seen the photo just now, and the photo was of his daughter!

The first thing he saw was his daughter’s tender little face, but he didn’t see himself.

“My daughter’s photo?”

He frowned slightly and asked where it came from with his eyes.

Special Assistant Chen’s scalp went numb, no need to be tangled now, dead Daoist friends will not die poor Daoist’s death, I’m sorry everyone!

Special Assistant Chen tried his best to maintain a calm expression and turned on his mobile phone.

“Mr. Gu, this is a photo of you and the lady that someone took in the cafeteria. I saved it from the group just now.”

He respectfully handed over his photo and said sorry to the person who took the photo silently in his heart again.

Taking over the phone, Gu Linmo was stunned for a moment when he looked at the photo, and his eyes finally focused on himself in the photo. Was that the way he was at that time?

The photos were all very warm as a whole. When Special Assistant Chen was feeling dizzy, Gu Linmo returned the phone.

“Pass the photo to me, the skill is good.”

After that, he left without any hassle.

Looking at his boss’s awe-inspiring back, Special Assistant Chen was confused for a few seconds before realizing what he meant.

Special Assistant Chen “!!!”

So Mr. Gu not only didn’t care, but also praised this photo? Then can he also preserve it openly and in an above board manner!

Special Assistant Chen passed the photo to Mr. Gu in a sloppy manner, and patted his ass secretly.

Mr. Gu and Miss Gu looked very warm.

“Ding Dong…”

Not long after the message was sent, his cell phone rang, and when he took it over, it turned out to be a message from President Gu!

“Good vision, I will give you a raise this month.”

The surprise came too suddenly, Special Assistant Chen felt that his whole body was light and airy, and Mr. Gu also… He was really a daughter con.

Long live miss!

This afternoon Nuan Nuan only slept for an hour and woke up in a daze. The misty eyes of the little girl who had just wojen up were all blank, the little hair on her head were upturned, and the short fluffy hair on the back of her head were a little bit shaky.

“Nuan Nuan woke up.”

Old Man Gu was not very sleepy and had woken up long ago. After waking up, he didn’t leave. He just picked up a book in the room and start reading it, occasionally glancing at Nuan Nuan who was sound asleep.

At this time, seeing Nuan Nuan waking up, he immediately put down the book in his hand.

The door of the room was opened, and Dad Gu also came in with a glass of milk.

“Nuan Nuan, do you still want to sleep?

He asked Nuan Nuan, as he kept the milk on the desk and walked over.

The sullen little Nuan Nuan shook her head softly, raised her arms and rubbed her eyes gradually to wake up, she yawned a delicate little yawn, and water vapor immediately filled her beautiful big eyes, which made her eyes appear even more crystal clear.

“Nuan Nuan doesn’t want to sleep.”

The soft and sweet voice seemed to be coquettish. Nuan Nuan opened her big eyes to look at her grandfather and her father. The milky voice was so sweet.

“Grandpa, Dad~”

The soft and waxy little milky voice was so sweet that the two adults looked at her with unbelievably gentle eyes.

“Get up, have a glass of milk.”

Picking up the little girl from the bed, Dad Gu fed her with milk.

Nuan Nuan leaned against Dad Gu, while holding the milk cup in both hands and sipping it. She liked the warm milk with a hint of sweetness.

After drinking the milk, she had a milky white moustache on her little mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked it away. Then she took the tissue handed by her grandfather and wiped her little mouth clean.

“Thank you grandpa~” the little girl thanked softly.

She didn’t ask her father and grandfather to help her when she  got off the bed. She put on her shoes obediently, and tugged her hair a few times with her fingers.

“Dad will have to wait a while before getting off work. Nuan Nuan watch cartoons with grandpa here first, okay?”

Gu Linmo stroked Nuan Nuan’s hair, for fear that she would get bored.

The little girl nodded obediently, sat on the cushion as before, hugged the light pink rabbit and watched TV obediently, fearing that it would disturb his father’s work, she also very considerately and sensibly turned down the sound of the cartoon.

Nuan Nuan’s big, clear eyes watched cartoons seriously. Sometimes when she saw something funny, she would just smile and bend her eyes, but she wouldn’t make a sound, she was too soft.

Nuan Nuan was eating the round purple grapes, and her cheeks were bulging like a fluffy little hamster, while feeding it to her grandfather, she would sometimes take a sneak peek at her hard-working dad.

After thinking about it, the little girl picked up a big round purple grape and peeled it, then jumped off the chair and ran to Dad, holding the grape in her hand to feed Dad.

“Dad eat, it’s sweet.”

Gu Linmo looked at his soft daughter, and felt warmth in his heart. He opened his mouth and ate the crystal clear grape.

Then the little girl took out a big red strawberry.

“And this.”

Gu Linmo said, “Thank you baby.”

Nuan Nuan’s brows and eyes curled into a smile, and the corners of her pink lips rose to reveal her little white and neat little teeth. She leaned her head over and rubbed it in his palm.

“Dad is fortunate.”

The door of the office happened to open at this time, and a manager who came in from outside to report on his work saw this scene suddenly, and only thought that this was a little cutie!

Soft rubbing palms, this was too cute!

Several pairs of eyes looked at the warm child beside Gu Linmo.

Nuan Nuan turned her head when she heard the sound of the door opening, and her big black and bright eyes just stared at them.

But in the next second, she blushed, and shyly buried her little head in her father’s lap and acted like a little wooden man.

This reaction was simply too cute!

“Cough… Mr. Gu, we are here to report some work.”

The leading man said his intentions, his eyes seemed to be absent, and his gaze was fixed on Nuan Nuan, who refused to come out even after a long time from her father’s lap.

Gu Linmo nodded towards them, then he looked down at the little girl who was pretending to be dead because of shyness with a smile.

“Would you like to accompany Grandpa, Nuan Nuan?”

The voice was so gentle that it dripped with water, and the several people standing at the door shivered, looking at Gu Linmo with a strange look in their eyes.

Although Mr. Gu looked soft, he never spoke so softly.


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