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He had to keep himself composed throughout the meal. He had never seen such a president or old chairman.

He could only sigh that the charm of Nuan Nuan was too great.

At this time, Nuan Nuan didn’t even notice the secret tit-for-tat taking place between her grandpa and dad. She was eating delicious food like a hamster, her soft cheeks were bulging, and her beautiful big eyes were shining with happiness.

Although she ate a small mouthful, she ate it very seriously and fragrantly. The people who were watching her eating couldn’t help but eat more, and then had to decisively hold themselves back.


Special Assistant Chen put down the chopsticks in his hand and burped, secretly annoyed that he had unknowingly overeaten. Seeing the little lady eating was really cute!

When Nuan Nuan’s belly was full, Old Man Gu and Dad Gu were also full.

“Let’s go, Dad will take you around.”

He watched his daughter eat and unknowingly ate more as well.

Nuan Nuan burped and quickly covered her mouth with her hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

With a smile in his eyes, Dad Gu walked around the company with Nuan Nuan, and then they went to the development department to play with the cats and dogs for a while. When she left from there, her eyes were bright, and she was hugged by her father. After walking for a while, a burst of sleepiness struck her, and Nuan Nuan’s little head began to droop little by little.

She was too tired from playing with the animals just now, so now she couldn’t help but feel sleepy when she was in her father’s warm embrace.

“Want to go to sleep?”

The warm big palm gently pressed on the little girl’s fluffy soft hair, and Nuan Nuan’s little head was now lying on her Dad’s shoulder, and her little face was turned sideways. This caused her flesh to be squashed, and the small pale pink mouth also opened slightly and pouted.

She didn’t hear her father’s words clearly, her beautiful big eyes were almost squinted into slits, and her curled eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she wanted to open them but couldn’t.

Nuan Nuan’s milky voice answered vaguely, her soft little face rubbed against her Dad’s broad and very secure shoulders, and then she fell asleep completely, breathing evenly and softly. Her soft hair fell on the side of her face and forehead, and a hand with sharp joints gently made sure that the soft hair was pinned behind her ear.

“Shh…she fell asleep.”

Grandpa Gu motioned for Dad Gu to be quiet, and the two of them walked to his office with Nuan Nuan. There was an inner room in the office, which was dedicated to rest and sleep.

Gu Linmo carefully put his little daughter who was sleeping soundly in his arms on the soft bed, took off her shoes, and covered her with the quilt.

“Dad, do you want to take a break too?”

Old Man Gu also took off his shoes and coat and went to the bed. “I’ll sleep with my little granddaughter!”

Dad Gu “…”

Damn! He couldn’t sleep with Nuan Nuan!

Reluctantly, he glanced at Nuan Nuan, who was sleeping soundly, and finally bent down and kissed the little girl’s forehead and left.

He still had a lot of work to do, alas… he missed his eldest son again, when could he abdicate and stay with Nuan Nuan at home.

The fact that Gu Linmo took Nuan Nuan to the cafeteria to eat soon spread through the whole company.

This made those who didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat or even missed the time to be annoyed one by one, and think that it was a pity that they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

Mr. Gu’s way of holding his daughter was so domineering, just like the kind holding his daughter up with one hand, so handsome!

Mr. Gu had taken good care of himself. He was already in his 40s, but he looked like he was in his thirties. If someone didn’t know, they might take him and Gu Nan as brothers.

Mr. Gu’s daughter is also good. They stood behind me when I was queuing up for lunch. You don’t know, I was so frightened that I didn’t dare to move.

Then I heard Mr. Gu’s daughter speak. Maybe it was because Mr. Gu was too tired while holding her, but she wanted to go down by herself. Not only after coming down did she hold her father’s hand, but also held her grandpa’s hand. By the way, I only realized now. The old man who came to follow Mr. Gu should be our old chairman!

I was so excited! Anyway, at that time, Mr. Gu’s daughter was so soft-spoken, caring and well-behaved. God, what kind of little angel is this? I am so envious that Mr. Gu has such a cute and soft daughter. The key is that she is still very beautiful.

Ahh…! I regret to death, my boyfriend brought me food today, so I didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat, and now I feel like I missed 100 million!

I can’t imagine the way President Gu was holding the child, woo woo… Who has a photo, kneel and beg!

Go away!

There should not be too many people asking for photos at one time. But as a handsome and rich president, who he was in his prime, his charm of attracting attention was definitely not weaker than those of the stars in the entertainment industry, not to mention now when there was such a big gossip.

The people of the Gu family belonged to the top-notch type. The two twin sons were geniuses, and their personalities had their own characteristics. Their family had thus definitely received a lot of attention from the outside world.

It was a pity that this family didn’t like to appear in front of the public. There were very few photos of them on the Internet. If they insisted on appearing, it was usually in high-end financial magazines. I remember that there was an article in a magazine about President Gu, and then that issue went out of stock and there was a serious shortage. So now, as soon as there were people asking for photos, there would definitely be a series of people following suit.

But this time, there are still pictures. Hahaha… the old lady has pictures! I said that the daring eat while the timid starve to death, but I won’t post photos, I will starve you to death hehe… This is really worth attracting hatred.

The people in this group basically included all the employees of the company. They were basically anonymous, so they didn’t recognize who they were at the first time, except for people who were acquainted with her.

Personnel Department…

“Ow! Sister Ling, it was you talking in the group just now!”

“I won’t kill you if you submit a photo!”

“Miss Ling, a photo! What’s the matter with us, you can’t give us a photo!”

The personnel department was very lively for a short while, and finally the short-haired girl had to hand over the photo amongst the ‘siege’ of the crowd.

There was only one picture, but the picture was very clear. This phone had a good pixel camera!

The photo was taken from behind, so it was more of the back part. The tall and elegant man was holding a soft and cute little girl in one arm. The man looked full on domineering but also cautious and gentle.

Although it was a back view, the timing was just right to capture the profile of the two. The man’s profile was well-defined, his fortitude was refined, and his expression was unbelievably soft.

The girl was soft and cute, and the small half of her face showing looked exquisite and beautiful, especially her thick eyelashes, which were like a small fan and her eyes which did not contain even a trace of impurities.

The pupils covered by the lashes were as dark as obsidian, the little girl was smiling, and the obsidian-like pupils seemed to carry the sea of stars, which was incredibly beautiful and fascinating.

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