TCYEC Ch. 31

The place they went to eat was a not-so-exquisite barbecue restaurant. The barbecue restaurant had two floors, and dozens of people from the crew crowded the second floor. Lamb skewers, beef skewers, squid, chicken wings, grilled fish, and crayfish were delivered like flowing water. Coming up, the boss brought up several boxes of cold beer.

“Come here, drink and eat.” Peng Zhigao sent a bottle of cold beer one by one. When it was delivered to Yu Siyang, he paused and took it back, “Minor, you can’t drink. “

A bottle of milk was placed in front of Yu Siyang.

Artists generally pay great attention to diet, and try not to eat as much as possible. The staff behind the scenes do not have such a taboo, unless they want to lose weight.

But Yu Siyang in the crew of “Poisonous Delicacy” brought delicious food every day.

If you eat, you worry about growing meat[1]. If you don’t eat, you can’t help it.

The final result is that everyone except Yu Siyang got fatter.

The two actresses who always said that they want to lose weight, one left the group early, and the other had another announcement today and did not come.

There were no people who yelled “I can’t eat anymore, I want to lose weight” while eating, and everyone happily threw away their arms[2] and ate wildly.

“It’s good to be a young teenager,” Zheng Qiu patted his girlfriend on the shoulder, shaking his head and sighing: “Look at Yang Yang, no matter how he eats, he doesn’t get fat, and also grows taller.” The girlfriend pushed his hand away with a look of disgust and said: “It doesn’t matter whether you are in the developmental period or not. You get fat even when you drink water during the developmental period, and you don’t grow tall.”

Zheng Qiu was sad and angry. You would lose me like this, you know?

It’s rare for the crew to gather for a meal, so all of them were extremely excited. The drinkers were screaming that the cups were not fun, and they wanted to go directly to the bottles.

The people in Peng Zhigao’s team both loved and hated him, loved him for his high wages and benefits, and hated his fault-finding. At this moment, they seized the opportunity and made him drunk.

Everyone was drinking too much, and everyone cried and sang and screamed, and only Yu Siyang who was drinking milk was sober.

But seeing the drunk who was lying on his body crying about how stupid he was, Yu Siyang wanted to cry without tears, and 10,000 divine beasts rushed past in his heart.

——Don’t wipe all the tears and nose on me!

When the night was almost over, few people were sober, and Peng Zhigao didn’t know who drew a tortoise with lipstick on his face. It was funny.

The only two sober people, Yu Siyang and his new assistant, stared with big eyes.

“Tang Hang, what should I do now?” Yu Siyang still had a drunk holding his neck tightly.

“Call someone to pick them up.” Tang Hang said.

“…But who to call?”

“Look at their mobile phones and call their friends.” Tang Hang had encountered such a situation when he followed Wen Xiao before, and it was fairly easy to handle it.

“It’s not good to just open other people’s mobile phones.” Yu Siyang thought that mobile phones are very personal items, and it is not good to look at other people’s phones without consent.

Tang Hang paused, slightly surprised, “Then find a nearby hotel for them to stay in.”

How many rooms do so many people have to book?!

Yu Siyang mourned for the pay he just got.

Life is full of pits. If you don’t fall in a pit today, you will fall in one tomorrow. If you accidentally fall in it, a sum of money will also fall with you.

The drunk who was dragging him faintly swiped his card at the front desk of the hotel. Yu Siyang sat down in the hotel lobby and watched Tang Hang and the hotel waiter moved people back and forth together.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to help, but that there is still a drunk who he can’t tear off.

Everyone is settled well, but what about Hong Zhehao?

His agent and assistant are not there, and there is no contact information for them, and he doesn’t know where he lives.

The most important thing is that Hong Zhehao’s hand is like a deadlock, no matter how he can’t pull it away, the more he pulls, the tighter he holds, and Yu Siyang’s breathing is becoming difficult.

Tang Hang was also dumbfounded. He had seen too many drunks, but he had never seen one like this.

“You can only take him home.”

Yu Siyang looked at Tang Hang, then turned to look at the head drooping on his shoulders, “Is there no other way?”

He was taking advantage of others, and it was not good to take someone back casually.

Tang Hang was silent, with an expression of “No”.

His assistant is really taciturn.

Yu Siyang flattened his mouth, got up from the sofa, and dragged Hong Zhehao out with difficulty.

I finally understand why Hong Zhehao’s agent took a whip behind him and asked him to lose weight.

He is too heavy!

Heavier than the big earthen jar he once carried.

Tang Hang wanted to help but was unable to proceed. After thinking about it, he grabbed both feet of Hong Zhehao and lifted it up.

Yu Siyang felt that the person on his body was lighter, and looked back and was deeply silent…

“What’s wrong?” Tang Hang couldn’t help asking when he saw his strange expression.

“Don’t you think it     looks like we two are carrying a pig?”


Tang Hang quietly looked at Hong Zhehao who was being carried by them. If Yu Siyang didn’t say, he wouldn’t have noticed. When he was a child, the New Year pig was slaughtered in the village. The pig was tied to a stick. Two strong men carried one after the other, just like this.

It’s really alike, the more you look at it, and the more you look, the brain can’t stop imagining.

Carrying Hong Zhehao to the parking lot, Tang Hang put his feet down and went to drive the door.

Yu Siyang was staggered by the sudden increase in force, and almost fell to the ground with Hong Zhehao.

“Be careful.” Tang Hang held him fast with his hands.

Yu Siyang smiled bitterly: “We have to increase strength training.” Tang Hang smiled invisibly, and helped Hong Zhehao to let Yu Siyang get into the car.

The black Bentley drove all the way to the east of the city. Tang Hang got Yu Siyang’s address from Luo Peng in the morning.

Although he was curious about Yu Siyang actually living in the “Upper East District”, his professional ethics prevented him from asking questions he shouldn’t ask.

On the way back, Yu Siyang called Xue Chengxiu to explain the situation.

Although Xue Chengxiu didn’t like to live with a stranger in the house-even if it was just for one night, it was on a request from his own child. He naturally agreed unconditionally and asked Aunt Wang to clean up the guest room on the third floor.

But when he saw the drunk hanging on Yu Siyang’s body and not letting go, Xue Chengxiu burst into flames.

Yu Siyang dragged Hong Zhehao over and cautiously explained: “He is an actor from the same crew as me. I had a dinner today and he drank a little too much.”

Xue Chengxiu didn’t speak, walked over and pressed Hong Zhehao’s arm, and Hong Zhehao’s knotted hand actually released him. Hong Zhehao, who was daring to take advantage of drunkenness, was thrown to the ground.

Hong Zhehao is also very powerful. He was carried and lifted and hit the car door twice with his head-once in, once out, and now he was thrown on the ground again-even though it was covered with a thick carpet. He still hasn’t woken up yet.

Strength could also be interpreted as “drunk to death.”

“It’s amazing.” Yu Siyang and Tang Hang couldn’t separate them all this way, but Mr. Xue did it casually.

Xue Chengxiu remained silent on the face, but in his heart the admiring eyes that his child was showing was making him happy.

He glanced at the person lying on the ground, and suddenly thought of a good idea.

“Yangyang, there are no other guest rooms at home.” Xue Chengxiu said nonsense with his eyes wide open.

“Huh?” Yu Siyang looked puzzled, “Isn’t there still a room on the third floor.”

“It’s in disrepair.” Xue Chengxiu continued to talk nonsense with his eyes open.

In fact, Aunt Wang had cleaned up all the rooms.

“That…” Yu Siyang looked at Hong Zhehao and wanted to say that it’s okay for the two of them to squeeze in bed all night, because the bed is too big anyway.

“You can let your friends live in your room, and you live with me.” Xue Chengxiu said quickly and calmly.

It seems that he didn’t expect them to sleep in the same bed after all.

“This…” Yu Siyang hesitated and thought that sleeping with Mr. Xue, felt… a bit… what…

“Are you going to take care of the drunk?” Xue Chengxiu said, “As far as I know, drunks vomit in the middle of the night, and he is unconscious, what if he vomited all over the bed, you would have to…”

“Please don’t tell me.” Yu Siyang raised his hand with a face showing that he also wanted to vomit.

Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows.

Yu Siyang was pitiful: “Please take me in.”

“Good.” Xue Chengxiu touched his head with satisfaction.

He called the bodyguard to move Hong Zhehao, who was drunk, to Yu Siyang’s room.

Xue Chengxiu led Yu Siyang to the master bedroom.

This is the first time Yu Siyang entered Xue Chengxiu’s room. The decoration style of the master bedroom is completely different from other rooms. The other rooms are decorated in a warm and lovely style, but the master bedroom uses a large amount of cool colors, with a mature and restrained style.

“Go take a bath.”

Xue Chengxiu gave a new set of pajamas to Yu Siyang, and Yu Siyang unfolded it. On the hooded cotton short-sleeved pajamas, there was a cat’s front face printed on the front and the back of the cat’s head on the back.

Yu Siyang : “…”

“When we were coming back, we passed a shop today, and Mu Mu liked it.” Xue Chengxiu explained: “He has the same set of pajamas. It is a parent-child set.”

“Then why don’t you have it?” Yu Siyang felt that the little guy would definitely not miss his father.

Xue Chengxiu coughed uncomfortably, he shouldn’t have spoken too much.

That is there.

Yu Siyang was full of curiosity and wondered what Mr. Xue would look like in his cat’s pajamas.

“Mr. Xue also wear it.”

“Mr. Xue?” Xue Chengxiu was not satisfied with the name he heard.

Oops, just a title, the creditor’s focus is always so strange.

“Xiu.” Yu Siyang called him awkwardly, but insisted, “You wear it too.”

“Well, go take a bath.” How could Xue Chengxiu disappoint his child.

When Yu Siyang came out of the shower, Xue Chengxiu was also ready.

The two looked at each other’s stupid catheads and laughed at the same time.

“Tomorrow, put it on and show Mu Mu.” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile. Before going to bed, the little guy was still clamoring to wear it with his father and brother Yangyang.

Yu Siyang nodded.

Mr. Xue really loves his children very much.

The two were lying on the bed.

Xue Chengxiu’s bed is very big, and five big men sleeping side by side will also not find it too crowded.

Yu Siyang lay on his back under the quilt, slightly stiff.

Xue Chengxiu was also very stiff.

The delicious delicacy was lying beside him, but he had to pretend to be a gentleman so as not to frighten the child.

He’s really suffering.

It would be better to throw that drunk on the third floor if he knew it, than to make himself suffer.

“Yang Yang…” Xue Chengxiu called.

But there was no response from Yu Siyang.

He leaned over his upper body to see that Yu Siyang was breathing smoothly and was already asleep.

Slept in seconds.

Xue Chengxiu chuckled, lay down again, turned off the bedside lamp, and whispered softly: “Good night, have a good dream.”

Yu Siyang’s sleep quality has always been good, and he often sleeps until the alarm clock rings.

But today, for some unknown reason, he kept dreaming.

He dreamed of a cat with a cheap face slowly coming towards him. The cat’s face was exactly the same as the cat on his pajamas.

The cat stopped two or three steps away from him and squatted for a while with his tail flicking.

Suddenly, the cat leaped towards him, and turned into a variegated tiger halfway through.

In the dream, Yu Siyang was rushed towards by the tiger.

The tiger spread out his limbs like a blanket of tiger skin, and pressed him firmly under him.

Yu Siyang’s face was buried in the white fluff on the tiger’s abdomen, and it was difficult to breathe.

He struggled hard to kick the tiger away, then kicked himself awake.

Yu Siyang, who woke up, still found it difficult to breathe, and raised his head vigorously to get more fresh air for himself.

After seeing his situation clearly, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Okay! He was actually hugged by Xue Chengxiu like a big pillow, tightly held in his arms and unable to move, no wonder he felt breathing difficulties.

Yu Siyang moved and wanted to push Xue Chengxiu away.

Then he froze.

He felt that a certain unexplainable part of the other party was against his certain unexplainable part.

Men had this in the morning, he understood.

But…but…because he moved a few times, the other party was actually ready to move.

Yu Siyang wanted to cry without tears. He did not do it on purpose.

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[1] Getting fat.

[2] Inhibitions.

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