TCYEC Ch. 30

A trace of bright red blood appeared on the white shirt, and the blood stain expanded rapidly, which started to drip in the blink of an eye.

Fei Qin looked at the blood pouring out of his chest with a look of puzzlement, and suddenly it seemed like a long, long, long life.

His beloved woman killed him herself, for another man.

How unwilling he is!

But what can he do, he is about to die under her hands. Is this another kind of benevolence?

“Poisonous Delicacy” used simultaneous sound and live radio, so as long as it was being officially filmed, everyone on the scene will try not to make any noise, so as not to interfere with the filming.

This was a single long shot, and it was also the last shot of Yu Siyang in the crew. Two cameras were aimed at him at the same time. Hong Zhehao was eating a small cookie while standing behind Peng Zhigao to see the monitor in order to check out Yu Siyang’s performance.

This long shot could be said to be the most difficult scene of Fei Qin’s character. The panic of death, the unwillingness of his beloved woman killing him personally, and the relief, all had to be conveyed to the audience through the eyes and facial micro-expressions.

Yu Siyang had taken this shot five times, and Hong Zhehao had also watched him understand, and now he saw that Yu Siyang could express the emotions of the characters easily, he couldn’t help but sigh, Yu Siyang’s acting skills were really good, and his learning ability is also strong.

On the other hand, he was once praised as a genius actor, but he wasted a few years and gained a reputation as “facial paralysis star”.

If he hadn’t wasted his talent at the beginning, and hadn’t been so stupid as to believe in getting true love through the unspoken rules, would he have been able to get a movie king trophy by now?

Hong Zhehao ate the small biscuit in a depressed mood.

He really loved Mu Chen, but Mu Chen only treated him as a little star to be supported. When he liked him, he would be spoiled, and when he is disgusted by him, he will be abandoned.

Sadly, he had to fall so badly to believe this fact.

“It’s just a boring thing”-this is Mu Chen’s feelings for him over the past few years and his definition of him.

Giving a scumbag his best years, he is as stupid as ever.

Hong Zhehao smiled bitterly and ate another small biscuit, and then… he saw his agent staring at him with fire-breathing eyes.

He immediately reflexively hid the little biscuit behind him, but there was no time to hide the evidence.

Hmm … I was caught stealing a cookie, what should I do? How to do it?

Didn’t Brother Yang say something is going on today, why did he come to the studio? Why not come earlier or later?

I’m dead! I’m dead!

The agent hooked his finger and Hong Zhehao obediently walked over and handed in the cookies.

The agent motioned him to go out with his eyes and seeing that Hong Zhehao’s scalp immediately tightened and he followed out obediently.

“Let’s ask for a leave of absence from Director Peng, Mr. Mu is looking for you.” The agent said while eating cookies.

Hong Zhehao was originally watching him sadly eating his little biscuits, but when he heard this, he suddenly put on a serious face and said, “No.”

“Which Chief Mu do you think is looking for you?” The agent was very satisfied with his reaction. “It’s Chairman Mu.”

“Chairman?” Hong Zhehao asked in a daze, “Why is Chairman Mu looking for me?”

“How would I know, I’ll talk to Director Peng.” The agent shrugged. Seeing that the shot was finished, he hurried over.

Hong Zhehao also followed and said to Yu Siyang who was repeatedly watching the monitor: “Yu Siyang, I’m sorry, the chairman of our company has something to do with me, and I may not be able to reach your final banquet.”

“It’s okay.” Yu Siyang also returned. Wearing a “blooded” shirt, “I will invite you to dinner when I have time.”

“You can cook it for me?” Hong Zhehao’s eyes sparkled.

He used to pretend to be noble, only willing to eat the hotel’s premium package bought by his assistant, but had missed so much superb food.

Compared with what Yu Siyang made, the ghost premium package in the hotel is nothing but rubbish.

So, he didn’t pretend to be forced, but instead pretended to be struck by lightning.

“Again eating!” The agent stood behind in a negative position, and said with full malice: “You have a fat body, have you forgotten? Your abdominal muscles have almost changed from six to one, you still want to turn it all into fat?”

Hong Zhehao: “…” In front of so many people, don’t demolish my image, Brother Yang.

The people around him couldn’t help but shift their eyes to Hong Zhehao’s stomach.

Hong Zhehao couldn’t help taking a step back. They were looking at him like he was about to strip off his clothes. It was terrible.

“Hehe, I’m leaving now.” As he said this, he fled.

Yu Siyang looked at Hong Zhehao’s back and smiled, went to the dressing room and asked the costumer and prop artist to help him change his clothes and props, and took the long shot again.

Hong Zhehao followed the agent back to the building where Fengyu Times was located, stood in front of the chairman’s office, and asked nervously, “What is the matter with Mr. Mu? I am feeling an ominous premonition.”

“Okay, go in.” Broker He rolled his eyes and said, “If you don’t go in now, the ominous premonition will be even more serious.”

Hong Zhehao suddenly became more nervous. He knocked on the door tremblingly and heard the sentence “Come in”. He turned his head and glanced at the agent. With an expression of bravery, he pushed open the door of the chairman’s room.

“President Mu, are you looking for me?” After Hong Zhehao entered, he closed the office door.

Mu Zhifeng looked away from the computer screen and looked at the slightly nervous young man, “Xiao Hong is here, sit down.” Hong Zhehao sat down on the chair opposite Mu Zhifeng and looked at Mu Zhifeng across the desk.

“Xiaohong, you have been in the company for five years.” Mu Zhifeng leaned back in his chair, still looking at the uncomfortable young man.

Hong Zhehao nodded, “It’s been five years and three months.”

“Your memory is good.” Mu Zhifeng laughed, “If I remember correctly, you signed the contract with the company for eight years, right.”


Everyone in the circle knew that the brokerage agreement of Fengyu Times is the most demanding in the industry. Not to mention the long time for signing, the company’s commission is also high.

Nowadays, the income of artists is indeed ridiculously high, but their consumption is also high. All kinds of famous brands need to be worn on the body, and still they are afraid that they will be compared with others, or that the media will write things like “dirt” and “bad clothes”.

The artists under Fengyu Times looked glamorous, but in fact, after a few years, they have no impressive background.

Hong Zhehao had Mu Chen’s help before, so it was better.

Mu Zhifeng didn’t go in circles anymore, and said straightforwardly: “I met Mr. Zhang from Jiace a few days ago. He is very optimistic about you and wants to transfer your brokerage agreement. The company has agreed.” Hong Zhehao was struck by lightning. Looking pale, while looking at Mu Zhifeng intently, there were mixed feelings in his heart.

He had thought before that maybe the company would hide him, or would not give him good resources.

But never thought that the company just abandoned him.

Although Fengyu is not a very good company, and the company’s commission rate is ridiculously high, it has been five years. He has been in this company for five years. He never thought that one day, he would leave this company like this.

“Mu Zhifeng, I…”

“The company is already going through the relevant procedures. You go to Jiace to find Mr. Zhang next Monday. From now on, you will be Jiace’s artist.”

Mu Zhifeng was impatient to break with him and let him directly get out.

Chen’er was about to get married, so he will not keep such a person who may become a disaster in the company.

The ridiculous things before marriage could be ignored, but after marriage, you could no longer be confused with the people before.

To be honest there were so many celebrities with his son, this Hong Zhehao was the least insightful, he actually took the unspoken rules seriously.

Leave aside that he is a man, even if he was a woman, the Mu Family would not let an actor in.

However, he didn’t expect that as soon as he made a noise in the circle to transfer Hong Zhehao out, there were many companies that wanted to take him over.

Jiace paid the most money, so he was naturally given to Jiace.

Hong Zhehao walked out of the chairman’s office with a pale face. The agent was waiting for him outside. Seeing that his face was not good, he hurriedly asked: “What did Mr. Mu say to you?”

Hong Zhehao twitched his mouth, showing an ugly smile, “Mr. Mu has transferred my agency agreement to Jiace. I will no longer be an artist in the company, Brother Yang, thank you for your care over the years. Thanks to you, otherwise…” I might still be decadent instead of reviving.

“What are you talking about?” The agent was shocked. “Why didn’t anyone tell me about such a big thing?”

“Let’s go down first.” Hong Zhehao pressed the elevator button.

The two of them entered the elevator, one face was pale and the other dark, both silent.

Finding an empty lounge, Hong Zhehao sat on the sofa and gave a wry smile: “I can probably guess why this happened.” The agent nodded, he had guessed it too.

But this did not reduce the anger in his heart.

After the incident, Hong Zhehao was like taking rebirth after Nirvana, working harder than when he was still a rookie, and became a lot more humbler in the crew.

He is sure that within three years, Hong Zhehao will definitely receive a movie king trophy.

At this time, the company has done this kind of shit, giving potential artists to other companies, leaving behind a bunch of faces that can only be seen. It was worthy of the title of Fengyu Times. Jiace, China Entertainment, and Starry Sky were all incomparable.

“Zhehao, when you go to a new company, you have to work harder so that others can’t find a reason to abandon you.” The agent said earnestly: “You are very talented, don’t waste yourself anymore.”

“I know, Yang Brother.” Hong Zhehao whispered.

“Brother Yang will no longer be able to protect you from now on. You are so stupid. You should learn to be smarter. Don’t offend people easily, but you can’t be bullied by others.

You must fight back when you should fight back. Don’t deal with interpersonal relationships. If your agent is not as good as Brother Yang, you can learn from Yu Siyang. Smile more and talk less. You can ask everyone to eat if you have nothing to do, but don’t make it for others. If food is poisoned, people will hate you…” The agent babbled a lot of exhortations, and Hong Zhehao couldn’t help crying as he listened to it.

“I know…”

“Okay, why are you crying?” The agent wiped his eyes casually, “I will send you back, you sleep, tomorrow is a brand new day.” Hong Zhehao nodded and followed the agent. Stepping out of the building where Fengyu Times was located, he looked back at the towering building.

He thought that he might not step in here again.

Hong Zhehao returned home and lay on the bed for a while, feeling bored and uncomfortable.

After tossing about in bed for ten minutes, he couldn’t bear the silence of the house, turned over and got up from the bed, opened the closet to change clothes.

It was terrible to be alone when one was so uncomfortable.

Going to the crew now, he should be able to catch up with Yu Siyang’s final banquet.

Hong Zhehao thought that he was abandoned, anyway, now that Brother Yang can’t control him, he should eat and drink when he is sad, and turn his grief and anger into appetite.

After taking the last set of shots, Yu Siyang removed his makeup, changed into a hooded short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans, and went to the reserved restaurant with the crew.

As soon as he arrived at the parking lot, he saw a car rushing in, which parked in an empty parking space, when the window was lowered, Hong Zhehao’s head stretched out and said, “Are you going to eat now?”

Yu Siyang nodded, and said, “They said they wanted to eat skewers.”

Hong Zhehao’s eyes lit up, as if he hadn’t eaten skewers for a long time.

“Fortunately, you caught up.” Yu Siyang said with a smile.

“Yes.” Hong Zhehao also laughed, “Fortunately, I caught up.”

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