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Xiao Kangliao followed his mother to his aunt’s house to celebrate the Spring Festival the day before New Year’s Eve. Aunt’s son Zhang Lei, who was two years older than him, had divorced parents, and his personality had become much gloomier than when he was a child. He had already gone to university this year.

His cousin had long been told by his mother to ask him to let him play with him more, but he didn’t have much experience in getting along with a teenager, and he couldn’t chat with his cousin. In desperation, he had to call a few friends for the New Year and go to the movies together.

There were ten new movies released on the first day of the Lunar New Year, most of which were comedies. Many of them bore the names of well-known directors and big-name celebrities, or special effects blockbusters created by top foreign special effects teams. They were where fancy slogans came from.

Xiao Kangliao and his friends bought tickets with their mobile phones in the lobby of the cinema. Everyone wanted to watch different movies, and they were unable to reach a consensus after discussing them.

Zhang Lei didn’t know them well, and because of his personality, he didn’t participate in the discussions between his cousin and his friends and waited while perusing the movie posters erected in the theatre hall.

Xiao Kangliao and his friends were still arguing about whether to watch a Kung Fu comedy or a special effects blockbuster when they heard a cold voice saying, “Look at this.”

All of them followed the sound, and Zhang Lei pointed to a standing man who was waiting for someone high. On the poster, there were two protagonists, one in white clothes with a snowy feeling and the other was full of flowers, but the expressions were all weirdly distorted, and the contrast was very big. The name of the movie was at the top of the poster-“Pretending Overload”.

Everyone was silent.

Xiao Kangliao’s friends were beaten up before going out, knowing that Zhang Lei’s cousin was still in the second year of high school, so they were to try not to confront him.

Xiao Kangliao did not deceive them. His friends sighed in their hearts and looked at what movie the cousin had chosen. The name was very special. Sure enough, it was the only film chosen by all the Secondary Two teenagers.

“Just look at this.” Xiao Kangliao took advantage of everyone’s daze, neatly buying tickets on the APP.

The most recent show started in fifteen minutes. It was in the afternoon when they came out, and because it was New Year’s Day, there were so many people who came out to play. They could only buy tickets for the first row.

After entering the theatre, several people found their seats in the first row. One of the girls couldn’t help but complain: “Why do you choose a seat in the first row? It’s very uncomfortable.”

“Sister, only the first row has tickets.” Xiao Kangliao sat down and looked up at the advertisement that was playing on the big screen. He was really uncomfortable.

The audience came in one after another in the projection hall, and after a while, they were all filled.

A few people looked at each other and couldn’t believe how many people watched this kind of second-rate movie.

After a while, the film officially started screening.


From the beginning of the official screening, the laughter in the theatre did not stop, and the audience in other halls passing by were incredibly curious. A bold audience ran into the hall secretly and passed by. After a while, his movie was about to start and he hadn’t come out yet, so his friend had to go in and find it and drag the people out.

After pulling him out, the man still said: “After watching this, let’s go see Pretending Overload, it’s so funny, it’s so funny.”

The friend rolled his eyes helplessly and spent the whole afternoon in the movie theatre.

After the movie ended, Xiao Kangliao and his friends walked out, still discussing the plot of the movie, and laughed from time to time.

“My cousin chose the movie; it was so funny.” Xiao Kangliao’s friends also didn’t say that Zhang Lei was second year of high school, and they gave him a lot of praise one by one.

Zhang Lei nodded reservedly and thought: My taste is beyond your comprehension.

Then he ignored people and put on a vest to rate “Pretending Overload” on the Internet.

“You must give full credit. The movie is super funny. From the beginning to the end, I never stopped laughing. The costumes and props are exquisite. Although the crew is poor, it can be seen that it is still very willing to spend where it is needed. The acting skills of the two protagonists are very good, especially the feeling of precision. They are ready to go to the second brush.”


Jin Ce hadn’t slept since last night, fidgeting and waiting for the box office data on the first day of the movie to come out. So many comedies got together and released on the first day of the new year, and he didn’t know how the performance of “Pretending Overload” would be.

“Xiao Ce, what are you doing? You are always moving around, as if there are nails on the sofa.” The golden mother frowned and cast a dissatisfied gaze at her younger son.

As the older brother, Zhang Jia hurriedly came out and said, “Mom, Xiao Ce is worried about the box office. After all, it is his first movie. Please understand.”

Mother Jin coldly snorted, “It doesn’t matter. Can’t hold it, the movie is only released on the first day, and it’s the first day of the new year. What you should do is to stir up the atmosphere of public opinion, so as tempt people to watch your movie, what is the use of sitting here worrying about it.”

Father Jin coughed slightly to remind the golden mother not to speak foul language.

Mother Jin squinted at her husband but said nothing more.

Jin Ce didn’t listen to his mother’s words at all. He was still very nervous about the box office and word of mouth and kept staring at the online ratings.

As it was the first movie in his life where he was playing the leading role, Xue Chengxiu certainly led the whole family to join the show, and even Aunt Wang went to the cinema to watch “Pretending Overload”.

The movie itself had its own fans and other passers-by who were attracted by the laughter in the theatre. Therefore, the showing rate of “Pretending Overload” was only 5%, but the attendance rate was 100%.

The laughter had never stopped since the beginning of the movie.

Yu Siyang was embarrassed to see how funny he looked on the big screen, but there was a girl watching the movie next to him and said: “My team leader actually has a talent for comedy, hahahahaha… I didn’t expect the team leader. You can also be a comedian hahaha…”

After the movie was over, Yu Siyang took a peek at the side that said that he could be a comedian.

“Let’s go.” Xue Chengxiu pulled Yu Siyang’s hand, “Why are you peeking at other girls?”

“She just said I can be a comedian.” Yu Siyang explained.

Xue Chengxiu said, “She is complimenting you for your good acting.”

Yu Siyang listened to it and found it appropriate, and happily followed Xue Chengxiu.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, the movie database updated the box office of the first day in real time.

The first day movie market had a total box office of 650 million. The top box office was a fantasy blockbuster with special effects as its selling point. With a low showing rate of 5%, “Pretending Overload” actually won the first day of box office of more than 60 million. The results, although ranked fourth in the box office rankings on the first day, were really surprising. If the showing rate was high, this would be the rhythm of breaking 100 million mark.

After getting the box office data, Jin Ce jumped three feet high and laughed in exhilaration.

When Zhang Jia heard the movement, he pushed the door and saw that his younger brother looked crazy. He closed the door decisively and turned around.

Unexpectedly, Jin Ce chased him out immediately and said to his brother in a show-off manner: “My film’s box office on the first day was more than 60 million yuan, oh oh oh, is this true? Is it true? It’s more than 60 million, not more than 6,000 yuan. Right.”

Zhang Jia decided to remain silent, ignoring his stupid and insensible brother.

“Ahhhhhh…I’m going to tell my mother.” Jin Ce didn’t care about Zhang Jia’s silent attitude, he pushed him aside and ran downstairs madly.

And on the second day of the second day, by five o’clock in the afternoon, the box office of “Pretending Overload” had exceeded 100 million, and Jin Ce was excited and laughed again.

Some theatres had already seen the potential of “Pretending Overload” and quietly modified and adjusted the showing of the film.

What was more surprising was that the reputation of the movie was also very good. In the absence of a rhythm, the audience who had watched the movie spontaneously rated it on Broad Bean.

“It’s really funny. I’ve been laughing since I went in. After watching the movie, I came out to eat, while eating, me and my girlfriend suddenly laughed, scaring the person on another table. “

“The crew said that there is no special effect, there is really no special effect. There are not many such truthful crews.”

“Although the plot is old-fashioned, it is really funny, there is no sticky point throughout the process, and the actors’ acting skills are online.”

“Yu Siyang deserves it. He is the best new actor in the Cloud Award. His acting skills are really good. Hong Zhehao also made a big breakthrough.

“He is no longer the previous vase actor.” Seeing this, Hong Zhehao couldn’t restrain his excitement, and immediately called Lian Jing.

“Brother Jing, did you see what was said on the Internet? Some people are saying that I am not a vase anymore, hahaha…that I can be regarded as a hero with smart eyes.”

Lian Jing listened quietly to Hong Zhehao’s bragging and understood what he was thinking. So, he didn’t interrupt him, and let him talk happily for a while.

As Hong Zhehao was talking, he seemed to be so proud and complacent. He coughed and quickly expressed his humble attitude: “Brother Jing, don’t worry, I will work harder and get to the next level.”

“I know, Jiayou.” Lian Jing said: “Happy New Year.”

Hong Zhehao said: “Have fun, brother Jing, you must pay attention to your safety when you are abroad, I will wait for you to come back.”

Lian Jing felt very hot after hearing this sentence. He even took the opportunity to let Hong Zhehao go to Yu Siyang’s house for a meal without hesitation, only to let him pay attention to more exercise.

Hong Zhehao was surprised. Before the devil agent went abroad, he deliberately arrested him and talked about the education of “the dialectical relationship between actor keeping in shape and professionalism”. Finally, he concluded-eat less and exercise more. When he came back, there should not even be an extra pound of fat on him. Add five catties and run 10,000 meters.

It sounded terrible; Hong Zhehao dared not control his mouth strictly.

God knows how he spent the New Year’s Eve dinner on New Year’s Eve with difficulty and determination in spite of the voices of his parents and grandma persuading him to eat. Therefore, at this moment, the devil agent agreed so easily, Hong Zhehao deeply felt that there was a fraud.

But the desire to eat still prevailed. Regardless of Lian Jing’s conspiracy, Hong Zhehao didn’t even think about it for the moment. He packed up a lot of gifts and went to visit Yu Siyang to pay a New Year’s greeting, by the way.

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