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After dinner, the three families returned to the villa area, but the elders did not enter the house immediately, instead taking a leisurely walk in the garden outside. This was in line with Fu Yuanzhou’s wishes. He was nervous throughout the meal, so he strictly adhered to the principle of talking less and eating more. So, he accidentally ate too much and now needed to digest it.

Xie Lin and Yu Fei were also there, but they didn’t talk too much with each other. Yu Fei preferred to chat with Fu Yuanzhou, which made Fu Yuanzhou more stressed.

“Xiaofei will start at No. 1 Middle School next week. You can be accompanied by Xiaolin and Yuanzhou.” Yu Fei’s mother smiled, “I’m usually too busy to take care of him. I can rest assured if he has them with him.”

“I recall Yu Fei is one year younger than Yuanzhou and should be in the first year of high school?” Fu Yuanzhou’s father said.

“Yes, I have contacted the school in advance.” Mother Yu smiled, “Although he is a week late, but there is no problem.”

“Old Fu, you and sister-in-law will have to help us look after the two children at that time.”

Father Xie:”We need to return in a week. Xiaoli is also preparing to set up a studio, so she would also be tied up. Thus, it would only be the two brothers at home with no adult supervision generally.”

“No problem, these children are very easy to take care of, we don’t need to do anything. It’s not like this stinky boy in my family. He’s very difficult to manage. He could go to the sky without anyone staring at him.”

“Dad!” Fu Yuanzhou was depressed. He had obviously changed recently, hadn’t he?

The several adults laughed, and Yu Fei blinked and asked with a smile: “I want to live in Uncle Fu’s house tonight, and talk a little more with Yuan Yuan, can I?”

“Of course, there are empty rooms in my house, you can even stay a few more days.”

Yu Fei smiled and thanked Father Fu, while Fu Yuanzhou trembled. Yu Fei wanted to live in his house and chat with him. Didn’t that mean he had to keep looking at Yu Fei’s face?

Thinking of this, Fu Yuanzhou had already started feeling panic in his stomach, and now he felt even more uncomfortable. He hurriedly found a reason to go home and sat on the bed, sighing.

After a while, the door to his room opened. He was taken aback and thought it was Yu Fei, but it was not him who came in, but Xie Lin, with a box of medicine in his hand.

“Take the digestive tablets.”

He broke out the pills out and handed them to Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou chewed and swallowed them, with surprise in his eyes: “You noticed that I was uncomfortable?”

“Yeah.” Xie Lin responded indifferently. Sitting next to him, he put his hand on his abdomen, “I’ll help you massage.”

“No, I just took a digestive tablet!” As soon as Xie Lin touched his stomach, Fu Yuanzhou felt itchy. His belly was very ticklish and sensitive. He kept hiding in the bed, but Xie Lin didn’t let go of him. He grabbed his wrist and pressed him into his arms, put his arm around him and rubbed it lightly, not allowing him to resist: “Don’t move.”

“Stop.” Fu Yuanzhou could not help laughing and panting,” Xie Lin, you let me go, go out quickly…. before you said that people should not enter into the room of Omegas casually, then you just came in like that!”

Xie Lin’s hand movements paused slightly, and he looked down at him, his face was cold and beautiful, and his eyes were dark and deep.

“I won’t go into other Omega’s rooms.” He said.

This meant that he was not counted among those Omegas, and he could enter his room casually… As Xie Lin looked at him like this, Fu Yuanzhou’s face became hot and he turned his eyes away, a little at a loss, not knowing whether he should be angry or happy.

At this moment Xie Lin suddenly let go of the hand that was holding him. He was unprepared and fell on the bed unexpectedly. Xie Lin pressed himself against him, and his warm breath swept Fu Yuanzhou’s face. He was very close, as if he would be kissed in seconds.

Fu Yuanzhou was so flustered that he stretched out his hand to push him, but he was caught by his fingers instead.

“Look at me.” Xie Lin said.

“Look at what you are doing.” Fu Yuanzhou’s mouth was stiff, but he didn’t even dare to open his eyes, and closed them tightly, “What’s so good about you?”

“I want you to look at me.” Xie Lin’s tone was very calm, “look at me a few more times, and maybe you will like me.”

Why was he getting more and more shameless!

Having been friends with Xie Lin for so many years, until his rebirth, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know that Xie Lin had such a side, that he could still act in such a shameless manner naturally.

Wasn’t he so unscrupulous because he was reluctant to break up with him, did he really think he couldn’t do anything about him? Damn, it appeared that he was trapped under Xie Lin and could not move ……

Fu Yuanzhou’s neck was red, and he couldn’t help but kick out with his leg when suddenly there came a knock on the door: “Zhou, are you inside?”

The person calling from outside was Yu Fei, and Fu Yuanzhou was shocked when he heard him, and gave Xie Lin a fierce look, motioning him to get up quickly.

Xie Lin stayed like that for a few seconds before getting up and sitting down. Fu Yuanzhou quickly got out of bed and rushed out like a rabbit, opening the door to Yu Fei.


Yu Fei, standing outside the door was wearing a snow-white bathrobe with a wide-open neckline, exposing his collarbone and a small part of his chest, while his slender and white calves were also exposed underneath the robe.

His black hair was damp, dripping water, and softly attached to his cheeks while his beautiful and almost coquettish face glowed with a faint redness. Looking down at Fu Yuanzhou, the pink tear-shaped mole was particularly eye-catching, and screamed softly to hold him.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t expect that he would see this scene as soon as he opened the door. He was almost dazzled by the amazing beauty, and even his speed of speaking was slowed down: “You are…”

“I was in the shower just now and wanted to wash. I was going to come to you after I got finished.” Yu Fei said, “But I suddenly couldn’t get any more hot water when I was halfway through the wash. I don’t want to bother uncle and aunt, so I wanted you to come and help me. Is it convenient for you?”


Fu Yuanzhou nodded hard, Yu Fei smiled at him, and his smile made him tremble, half because Yu Fei was really good-looking, and the other half because such a good-looking person had now become a man.

Xie Lin got out of bed and walked over. Yu Fei only realized then that he was there. Then he said hello, “Brother, how come you are here?”

“Came to bring him medicine.” Xie Lin said.

“Are you uncomfortable somewhere?” Yu Fei asked Fu Yuanzhou immediately after hearing this.

“It’s okay, but I ate a bit too much at night, and so ate some digestive tablets.”

Fu Yuanzhou shook his head, not daring to raise his eyes. He went to the bathroom in Yu Fei’s bedroom, leaned over the bathtub, and checked why no hot water was coming out.

He thought that this bathroom was not frequently used and was damaged in some way, but he found that there was no problem. It was just that a switch was turned off inexplicably. It should be just that Yu Fei was not familiar with the use of his bathtub and closed it accidentally.

Fu Yuanzhou turned on the switch again, and hot water came out of the faucet again. He waved off the drops of water on his hands and said, “Okay.”

“Thank you.” Yu Fei smiled at him, “Zhou, can you teach me how to use it again?”

“Sure.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded, Yu Fei came over, and bent slightly. Seeing this, Fu Yuanzhou, unintentionally glanced at him, and saw a large amount of beautiful scenery and white skin smooth through the open neckline.

Even if he knew that Yu Fei was already a man, Fu Yuanzhou still felt a little embarrassed, and walked outside after hurriedly teaching Yu Fei. He didn’t notice the overflowing water on the ground, and accidentally stepped on it.

The soles of his slippers were slippery, so he immediately staggered. He wanted to find his balance, but Yu Fei hugged him in his arms, wrapped his hands around his waist, and asked him in a low voice, “It’s okay. Are you fine?”

The enchanting rose scent spread into Fu Yuanzhou’s nose, while the pheromones belonging to an Alpha made his face blush, and the hot bathroom made the smell more active and rich, as it seductively tugged at his heartstrings.


Yu Fei whispered near his ear, his lips almost touching his ear: “Thank you for helping me adjust the water temperature.”

“No need for thanks, I am standing firmly now, you can let me go Ba.”

Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed, his face burned badly, his former girlfriend was now taller than him, and he could still hug him. It was too embarrassing; he wanted to find a hole and disappear into it now.

“Your face is so red.” Yu Fei let him go, stretched out his hand to stroke his face, curled his lips and smiled, “Is the bathroom too hot? Or…”

“Click.” The bathroom door suddenly opened from the outside, Xie Lin appeared at the bathroom door and looked at the two of them coldly: “Not finished yet?”

He could not hear any emotion in his voice, but Fu Yuanzhou’s back was chilled, and his heart felt guilty. He hurriedly said: “That’s it. I was teaching Xiao Fei how to use it just now. I’m going out now.”

“Brother, were you worried?” Yu Fei smiled, “Thinking I would do something to Zhou in the bathroom?”

Xie Lin looked on. There was no change in his tone, but his voice was very weak: “Since the gender has been differentiated, we must pay attention to maintain distance.” He looked at Yu Fei, “The pheromone you released was too strong.”

“Really?” Yu Fei said, “I was late in differentiating so my sensitivity to pheromones is less, is that why Zhou’s face is so red? Sorry, I didn’t know, Zhou, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m just hot.” Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to admit why he blushed.

“Since you are not sensitive to pheromones, you should be treated in time. Have you not been to the hospital for an examination?” Xie Lin said.

Yu Fei said, “I had the problem just before returning to China, I will go to the hospital and get it checked later.”

Xie Lin pulled Fu Yuanzhou over and suddenly released his own pheromones. The smell of red wine permeated, and Fu Yuanzhou flushed and couldn’t help escaping and rushing out of the bathroom.

Two pheromones belonging to Alphas clashed in the small space, and the scent of red wine suddenly became sharp and aggressive, suppressing the rose-flavored pheromone, but Yu Fei seemed to be unaware, smiling slightly. Xie Lin said, “Brother, is there anything else?”

Xie Lin looked at him for a moment, put away the pheromone, shook his head and said, “Take a good rest tonight.”


Yu Fei responded with a smile. After seeing Xie Lin turn and leave, he opened his bathrobe and laid back in the bathtub, wrapped in warm water. He closed his eyes and raised the corners of his lips: “Warning me…”

He raised his hand, which had touched Fu Yuanzhou’s face just now.

The soft touch seemed to remain on it, he kissed his fingertips lightly and murmured softly.



After Fu Yuanzhou returned to his bedroom, before Yu Fei and Xie Lin could come, he immediately turned off the light and pretended to be asleep. Shortly after he turned off the light, there was a sound of footsteps outside. But they left quietly without disturbing him in the end.

He breathed a sigh of relief, lying on the bed with peace of mind, playing with his mobile phone. As he was swiping WeChat, he suddenly saw that the friend who adopted the stray cats posted a memory in his circle of friends showing a photo of a litter of kittens, all shrunk together for warmth and sleeping together in a huddle.

“Good care!” Fu Yuanzhou commented casually. This friend was not a mutual friend of him and Xie Lin. He was not worried about the comment being seen by Xie Lin and him finding out that he was not asleep.

“Of course.” The friend replied to him triumphantly, “Tell your classmate to rest assured, you help me send him this photo as well, you left his mobile phone number with me last time, but I’m not his WeChat friend, you should have it though, right?”

Fu Yuanzhou still didn’t have it a few days ago, he had just added Ran Shutang as a friend.

Although he felt a little embarrassed to take the initiative to speak to Ran Shutang, since it was a friend’s request, and he also knew that Ran Shutang really cared about kittens, he finally did it according to his friend’s request and forwarded the photo to Ran Shutang for viewing.

“My friend asked you to see them. They are all very good. It was the right deciison to give them to him.”

“Thank you.” Ran Shutang replied in a second.

Oh, it seemed that the top student was not a saint, and he could also play with mobile phones. He responded to the message so quickly, as if he couldn’t wait to reply.

Fu Yuanzhou sent him an emoji and was about to close the chat page. At this time, Ran Shutang sent him another message.

“I heard that you are looking for a tutor?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Fu Yuanzhou was a little surprised, and typed in, “Can you introduce someone to me?”

“I don’t know anyone else.” Ran Shutang replied, “But if you agree, I can provide you with tuition and treat it as a return for your favor.”

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