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When Siyu made the call, she was actually a little nervous, not knowing whether she was still on the blacklist, so when the call was connected, she actually froze for a few seconds, forgetting what to say.

The man on the other end was also silent. Siyu could hardly hear his breathing, but could vaguely hear the very special sound produced by the collision of sandalwood beads when he turned the beads.

Chu Shuangyan held her breath quietly on the side, trying to reduce her sense of existence, but when she saw that the two of them did not speak even after the call was connected, she suddenly got a little anxious, stretched out her hand and pulled the sleeves of Siyu, and when she looked over, she winked at Siyu and said: Tell him if you have something to say!

Siyu was reminded by Chu Shuangyan and she came back to her senses, bit her lip, and thought that since the call was made, she would simply take this opportunity to make it clear, but she didn’t know why she was a little nervous. When she opened her mouth, she said: “Lu Yuanhe, if you are here, are you going to leave without seeing anyone?”

There was a trace of inquiry hidden in the voice, and Chu Shuangyan shook her head in admiration. Siyu dared to talk to Fifth Master Lu like this. If she was someone else, she would have been dragged out to be fed to the fishes.

Siyu felt that it was a bit wrong, but if she took it back, she would look guilty, she could only bite the bullet and continue to say: “I…I mean, I am free now, not busy, you don’t have to wait outside…”

Chu Shuangyan couldn’t help covering her face, feeling anxious about the efficiency of these two people.

Fifth Master Lu quietly listened to her slightly hasty voice, and for a long while, he curled his lips silently. The haze that had been lingering in his heart since talking to Ji Lin that day seemed to have disappeared because of Siyu’s words.

For several days, he had been unable to determine what kind of feelings he had for Siyu, nor could he be sure whether Siyu felt the same for him. This uncertain and uncontrollable state of affairs made him extremely anxious and uncomfortable. Since childhood, he could only feel relaxed under absolute control, so he couldn’t rush to find her in this situation.

He was afraid that he would lose control, and he didn’t want to hurt Siyu.

However, the little girl on the other end of the phone was nervous and hopeful. She took the initiative to resolve the sudden cold war between them with her clumsy words. Fifth Master Lu’s obviously very tight nerves slowly relaxed under her soft words.

After a while, Siyu still didn’t hear Fifth Master Lu ‘s response. Just when she wondered if the man was even listening to her, a cold voice finally came from the other end.

Fifth Master Lu asked: “Have you finished your medicine?”

“…” The answer was not what she anticipated, but Siyu had been with Fifth Master Lu for so long, that most of the time, if she just thought about it, she could understand what he was meaning he was hiding in his words. This reserved and sullen man had never been willing to speak well, he loved to take a few turns, as if it would cost him to speak more.

Siyu slowed down for a few seconds before realizing that this person was trying to test whether she would meet him under the pretext of asking about the medicine—after all, if the medicine is finished, a new batch must be sent.

Her gaze fell on the medicinal materials piled on the table. Because she was going to be out for a long time filming, Shen Yue brought enough medicine, so now she had no shortage at all, but Siyu replied: “I’ve finished.”

Fifth Master Lu seemed to be very satisfied with the answer, and said, “I’ll bring more to you.”

For some reason, his voice was very soft, like a whisper. It was clearly still on the phone, but Siyu seemed to be able to feel his breath, as he was speaking, the roots of her ears were stained with a thin layer of red.

The two people seemed to be playing a guessing game, tacitly understanding each other, Siyu held the phone, not knowing that in Chu Shuangyan’s perspective, her lips had already climbed up with a smile.

“I… I’ll wait for you downstairs.” After saying this, Siyu’s mind finally settled down. She took a long breath, and felt that her depression for more than half a month seemed to be resolved with this question and answer session.

There was no contradiction between them that could not be reconciled, nor did they have the option of not forgiving, but with Fifth Master Lu’s sudden disappearance, Siyu felt uncomfortable, and this unaccustomedness had accumulated for a long time.

“Don’t wait, I’m here.” Fifth Master Lu said lightly.

This time, Siyu didn’t bother to think about it, and she understood his meaning almost instantly—This person has been under the hotel from beginning to end. Siyu felt angry but found it funny as well. If she didn’t make this call, he wouldn’t have made a request to meet?

After hanging up the phone, Siyu quickly put on her coat under Chu Shuangyan’s curious gaze, turned around and walked out the door, when she was halfway through, she stopped and said: “You are free to go, I have something to do. If Shen Yue asks, you just tell her that I have work and to not let her worry, I will definitely go to the crew on time tomorrow. “

Oh, looking like this, Siyu probably won’t be able to come back tonight, right? Chu Shuangyan understood in a second, and made a clear gesture to make Siyu leave with confidence.

Although she felt that the two people talked dumbly, but looking at the unconscious smile on Siyu’s face, Chu Shuangyan thought that there should be no problem. As expected, her mother was right, and they were not breaking up. The premise of the cold war was to show affection.

Siyu didn’t know what story Chu Shuangyan’s brain made up. She ran all the way downstairs and out of the hotel. She immediately saw a familiar car parked in front of the door. Fifth Master Lu leaned against the door while looking down. He was slowly turning the Buddhist beads, the moment she stepped out, Fifth Master Lu seemed to feel something, and looked up to where she was.

The person was close at hand, but Siyu’s footsteps slowly stopped, and she hesitated to go any further.

They hadn’t seen each other for a while, Siyu didn’t know what to say for a while, but Fifth Master Lu didn’t hesitate so much, he just put away the prayer beads and walked towards her.

The evil spirit entwined with Fifth Master Lu was Siyu’s nemesis, and her physiological instincts were difficult to restrain, especially after so many days, she had gone from her comfortable environment surrounded by blessing to again being affected by evil spirits, so Siyu’s uncomfortable reaction was more than before. At this moment when Fifth Master Lu hugged her, she couldn’t help coughing up blood.

Because the distance was too close, and Siyu was standing there without taking precautions in advance, this unbiased blood just sprayed on Fifth Master Lu’s chest. The pear-white Tang suit that looked very precious was dyed red, like plum blossoms in the snow.

Fifth Master Lu: “…”

Siyu: “…” After being in a stalemate for a long time, Siyu pressed her lips to suppress the coughing, and tried to explain: “Can’t blame me, I saw you I can’t help but…this is a conditioned reflex…” To her surprise, Fifth Master Lu was not angry, but sighed softly, then took a clean towel from his car and wiped the blood from Siyu’s lips off.

After cleaning the remaining blood stains, he fed her a pill, which restrained the blood pressure, and then slowly said: “When I first saw you, you were so reckless.” Fifth Master Lu’s voice contained a trace of remembrance. When he said that, Siyu also remembered. At the Huanyi dinner, she ran into the garden to avoid Xu Qingwan, and happened to run into Fifth Master Lu talking about things. She was panicked and soiled the other people’s clothes.

The only difference was that although Fifth Master Lu was smiling at that time, people with a discerning eye could see his hidden anger, so Siyu was scared to death by him at the beginning, trembling like a little quail, even running out of strength. But now…Even though vomiting blood was bad, Siyu was not afraid anymore.

“Ahem…it was different at that time, ahem…” The medicine Fifth Master Lu gave was always a treasure, and the effect was very good. Siyu tried to calm her breath, then lowered her eyes and whispered, “It’s like you were angry at the time.”

“How do you know that I’m not angry now?” Fifth Master Lu asked back. Siyu suddenly raised her head in horror, her eyes seemed to find it a little unbelievable. He found it interesting, but then he thought about it. Too much teasing might not be good, so he added slowly, “You’re right.”

Not only was he not angry, in fact, the moment he saw Siyu running out of the hotel, Fifth Master Lu’s heart was filled with an unprecedented sense of comfort that made him so satisfied that he almost wanted to sigh.

“But why is your body still bad?” After Fifth Master Lu wiped away the blood stains for Siyu, he disliked that the clothes she was wearing were too thin, so he simply took her away and put a warm coat on her. Then, holding her hand, he brought her into the car. The heater was turned on in the car, and the temperature was very suitable. A blanket was intimately placed on the seat where Siyu was sitting. It was like sinking into a pile of cotton.

Siyu glanced at Fifth Master Lu secretly, and after hesitating for a long time, she whispered with a questioning gaze, “It’s not just the physical reason, it’s mainly you…” It might be because he thought that he had already taken the initiative to “reconcile.” Siyu simply spread it out, she pursed her lips, looked at the thick layer of evil spirit on top of Fifth Master Lu’s head, and said, “Your evil spirit is so heavy, I can’t bear it.”

This time, Fifth Master Lu was really surprised. Since seeing Siyu just now, the seemingly happy smile disappeared for the first time, he stared at Siyu vaguely for a long time, and Siyu couldn’t help but think about it. Then, Fifth Master Lu told the driver: “Go to Xiangji Temple.”

Siyu blinked and was a little surprised: “Why are we going there?”

If she remembered correctly, she remembered that Lu Xingzhou told her that when Fifth Master Lu was young, he was sent to a Buddhist temple by his family to practice, and the place he went was this Xiangji Temple on the outskirts of Jiangcheng.

Fifth Master Lu showed a sullen face, but he held onto Siyu: “Go and ask something.” It might be that he noticed the low air pressure in the car, but the driver drove the car very fast, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the destination. Fifth Master Lu took Siyu and got out of the car, and Siyu looked up at the Buddhist temple in front of her. She suddenly noticed a monk standing outside the temple gate. He seemed to have known that someone was coming. He waited there early and saw Fifth Master Lu the next second. He smiled and folded his hands together, and said, “Ha, Junior Brother, it’s been a long time.” Fifth Master Lu kept his face cold and didn’t speak, letting Siyu look over with curiously.

The monk didn’t care about Fifth Master Lu’s indifferent attitude. He walked down the steps and looked at Siyu a few times. Then his face immediately showed a look of surprise.

He looked at Fifth Master Lu and said, “I calculated that your matchmaking star’s movement before, and thought it was a wrong hexagram. After all, you seem to be a bachelor for a lifetime, but now you have found your destined one?”

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