TBLF Extra 2 (Ch. 102.2): Past Life P. 6

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In the past two years, Xixia has always made small moves under his nose, trying to regain the four border towns that Xixia assigned to Dajin when the previous generation of kings reigned.

He left Beijing for nearly half a year.

Small-scale battles occurred from time to time, but the Xia people were cunning and always left at the drop of a hat, so the situation on the border was stuck.

In the winter months, he received a letter from the little girl.

She had taught to write herself. She was weak and couldn’t write with a strong hand. She learnt her handwriting a little bit differently, but she was well-behaved and wrote on the paper seriously.

The little girl told him that the albizia tree in the yard was blooming, so come back to enjoy the flowers as soon as possible.

He could almost imagine her sitting in front of the window, looking at the flowers while writing.

Ji Rang couldn’t help showing a smile in his eyes, the tent was opened suddenly, and the deputy walked in hurriedly: “General, Xixia has appeared again.”

His face condensed, and he put the letter in the box.

There was a dry snow lotus in the wooden box, which he picked from the snow mountain himself, and he was going to take it home and give it to the little girl as a gift for the first snow of this year.

When the wooden box was closed, he whispered in his heart: Wait for me to come back.

Never thought, this time, he would not go back again.

Although he won the battle, a traitor appeared in the army and revealed the provision route for the army to Xixia. The grain and grass were robbed. Ji Rang led his troops to stop them. However, Chen Shang had already colluded with Xixia and buried him there.

Ji Rang was the undefeated God of War, but he was no match for the fire coming in from the mountain pass.

Long arrows fell like rain from both sides of the stone walls, burying the soldiers of Dajin. Before losing the last touch of consciousness, he could no longer feel the pain in his body.

He was just thinking, what should his little girl do.

When he was conscious again, he was sitting in a carriage.

And beside him, there was his coffin.

Ji Rang let his hands reach out subconsciously, fingers passing through the blood-stained corpse.

He was dead.

But he still had a trace of soul remaining in this world.

He thought, that was probably a touch of obsession.

Before he died, he wanted to see his little girl: his obsession again.

This obsession hovering in the sky and the earth alone, no one knew, no one could see, it existed only for one person.

A few days later, he finally saw the little girl.

She wore a big red cloak, like a sweet peach blossom blooming in the white snow, with beautiful and gorgeous eyebrows. He knew that she looked good in red.

She dressed so beautifully, standing at the door to greet her general, but only ended up meeting a coffin and a corpse.

At that moment, the little girl’s soft and bright eyes fell to the ground like a mirror, shattered, and fell into a dark abyss where there was no way out.

He stood in front of her and called her name in a low voice: “Yingying.”

But she couldn’t hear it anymore.

She threw herself on the coffin and cried until she fainted.

The festive lantern papers of the General’s Mansion were all torn off, they were happily waiting for him to come back to celebrate the New Year.

The sky was full of white banners.

The little girl knelt in front of his mourning hall all day and night. During the day there were officials who came to worship, and then the priests came. At night, it gradually became deserted, as the old servants had to prepare for the funeral, and she was the only one left in the mourning hall.

She was like a porcelain doll with no soul and full of cracks, as if she would break with a touch.

Ji Rang squatted down next to her, feeling terribly distressed. He wanted to hug her and tell her not to be sad. Looking back, life was still going to pass. He believed that Uncle Zhang would make good arrangements for her future.

But he couldn’t do anything, he was just a lonely soul, and when he gently stretched out his hand, he couldn’t wipe her tears for her.

Ji Rang lowered his head and kissed her forehead in vain.

A night breeze passed.

She seemed to have a sense of feeling, suddenly raised her head, and tremblingly shouted: “General?”

Ji Rang reached out and touched her head, and said in a bitter voice: “I’m here, Yingying, don’t be sad, okay?”

But she couldn’t hear him.

She just looked at the void in a daze, and after a long time, she smiled desperately.

In the evening of the next day, the vigil ended.

She held her palms on the ground and slowly stood up. Because she had been kneeling for too long, she staggered when she got up, Ji Rang wanted to help her, but his arm caught nothing but nothingness.

Fortunately, she did not fall, took a deep look at the coffin in front of the hall, then turned and walked out. Too many people came to worship, and there were people coming and going in the mansion, and no one noticed her.

Ji Rang took a look at his fading body, not knowing when it would completely disappear. With deep anxiety in his heart, he followed Qi Ying back to the west courtyard.

Then he saw the little girl took out a white silk.

At that moment, the soul that had long since lost the sensation of pain, almost wanted to be torn apart.


Ji Rang rushed over with a roar, trying to hug her down.

But it was useless.

No matter what.

She couldn’t hear his voice despite the bloody roar emerging from his throat.

No matter how hard he tried over and over again, he could only pass through her like a gust of wind.

He could only watch as his beloved girl, in this warm evening light, ended her life.

He couldn’t even cry anymore.

It seemed that his whole soul was shattered to ashes.

Outside the window, the albizia tree swayed in the wind, and the pompom-like flowers bloomed beautifully, as described in her letter, especially beautiful.

He saw it.

Such a beautiful flower, such a beautiful you.

The figure kneeling on the ground gradually became transparent in this faint light.

He whimpered silently, a drop of blood falling from the corner of his eye.

His consciousness was gradually blurring, and the last lonely remnant clinging to this world would also disappear. The slanting light came in from outside the window, and he slightly raised his head to look at the golden halo.

If God really had mercy on all sentient beings, then he should shower this mercy on him.

If there was an afterlife, he would like to use my merits in this life in exchange for staying with his girl.

Even if it was in hell, he wanted to be with her.

Forever, doing whatever he wanted.

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