FESM Extra 11.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Benjamin turned off the light smoothly. The room became dark, which made the senses extra sharp. Li Xin’s heart was pounding, and he whispered: “Then let’s sleep too.”

Benjamin nodded: “Well, you are tired today, go to bed early.”

The room was completely silent, where only the sound of each other’s breathing could be heard.

The troops went to bed too early, it was only half past ten, and Li Xin was usually reading scripts at this time, so he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Unable to fall asleep, Li Xin could only stare at the ceiling in a daze, and after an unknown amount of time, Benjamin’s even breathing came from beside him, as if he had fallen asleep.

Li Xin called out in a low voice: “Benjamin?”

The other party did not respond.

Li Xin plucked up his courage and continued to ask: “Are you asleep?”

He was answered with a more obvious snoring sound.

Li Xin confirmed that the other party was asleep, so he secretly reached out his hand, and gently took the alpha’s slender and strong fingers. When he touched the other party’s hand, he shrank back shyly like an electric shock. Then, mustering up the courage again, he gently grabbed the opponent’s hand, and then retracted stiffly.

Benjamin, who was pretending to be asleep: “…”

A certain beta was testing repeatedly on the verge of danger.

Li Xin, who didn’t know that he had stepped into the hunter’s trap with one foot, was sure that Benjamin had already fallen asleep because Benjamin didn’t respond, so Li Xin became more courageous, stretched out his hand, and gently touched the Alpha’s handsome face, and then hugged the alpha lightly.

His cautious movements were like a bird standing by the river, stepping into the river carefully with its feet, trying to test the depth of the river.

Very cute.

Benjamin couldn’t take it anymore, so he turned over and pressed Li Xin under him.

There was a moment of dizziness in front of him, and Li Xin was stunned. The next moment, the general folded his hands above his head and pressed his legs, and he neatly separated his legs. Li Xin was held down by alpha in an extremely shameful posture.

Li Xin blushed, wondering if Benjamin was awakened suddenly or what? Why did the alpha man, who was still snoring just now, subdue him like a beast coming out of the cage the next moment, pinning him down and leaving him completely unable to resist?

The dizzy Li Xin came back to his senses, and through the light outside, he saw the deep eyes of the general staring at him. Li Xin’s heart tightened, and he hurriedly explained: “I, I’m just a little cold, I don’t mean anything else, you, don’t get me wrong…”

Benjamin laughed softly: “Really? You are cold?”

Li Xin nodded like pounding garlic: “Well, Planet Ryan is too cold, I’m not used to it…”

Benjamin whispered: “Then I’ll warm you up.”

The next moment, Benjamin suddenly lowered his head and kissed Li Xin’s lips.

Li Xin’s eyes widened suddenly.

His brain completely lost the ability to think as if he had been shocked by an electric shock, so he could only lie on the bed stiffly, allowing the Alpha to pry open his teeth and kiss him deeply.

This kiss was so strong that it seemed to eat him up, Li Xin’s scalp was numb from the kiss, and his whole body began to tremble slightly.

Why… did this feel so similar to the kiss in the dream?

Li Xin couldn’t think at all, and was soon weakened by Benjamin’s stormy kiss, until his legs lost all strength.

The beta man stared at the ceiling in a daze, with ambiguous voices constantly overflowing from his lips.

“Hmm… um…”

Was this a dream? Why did it feel so clear? But if it wasn’t a dream, how could Benjamin kiss him?

Li Xin’s head was in a mess, and he let the general kiss him enough in a daze.

After a long time, Benjamin let go of him, panted and said against his lips: “How is it, is it still cold?”

Li Xin came back to his senses, his face flushed, “I…I …”

Don’t say it’s cold, it’s so hot that he felt like he was about to burn.

Benjamin touched his wet lips and asked, “Do you think this is a dream?”

No matter how stupid Li Xin was, he sensed something was wrong at this moment. He didn’t fall asleep at all after climbing into bed today, and he didn’t have a dream at all, so it couldn’t be a dream at this moment, but…but was he really kissed by Benjamin?

Li Xin shuddered suddenly, almost crying out of embarrassment.

Touching him secretly, hugging him, being discovered by him, and being kissed by him, he was really ashamed!

Seeing Li Xin’s moist eye sockets through the street light outside, Benjamin’s heart softened, and finally he couldn’t bear to continue teasing him. He sighed softly, pressed his forehead, and said softly, “Why did you hold my hand just now? And still even actively hugging me?”

Li Xin was too embarrassed to answer, so he turned his head away stiffly.

Benjamin said: “Since you know it’s not a dream, why don’t you ask, why did I kiss you?”

Li Xin’s body trembled slightly, and the next moment, his lips were kissed by Benjamin again. It was just that this time it was a gentle kiss like a dragonfly touching water, and it fell apart instantly. Then, Benjamin pressed against his lips and said, “Because I like you, Li Xin.”

Li Xin: “… “

What was he talking about? Did he hear him right?

Li Xin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Benjamin stroked the Beta’s cheek tenderly, kissed him and said, “I like you. A long time ago, when you came to the base of Yaoguang Star Field to film a drama with the Feng Mars Chen crew, I fell in love with you. The owner of the house you rented is not my cousin at all, but myself—because I wanted you to live in my house so that I can visit you anytime.”

“Living with you, during that week, every night, I would kiss you while you were asleep. Because I like you so much, I can’t control myself when sleeping next to you.” The Alpha’s voice was slightly hoarse in the dark night, then he heard him say, very low and gentle: “I lied to let you come to the base this time because I missed you so much, I missed you every day. I want you to be by my side so that I can feel at ease.”

Pausing for a moment, Benjamin looked seriously into Li Xin’s eyes: “I’m shameless, I will do anything to get you, will you blame me?”

Li Xin: “…”

Oh my god! Didn’t expect the truth to be like this?!

The place where he lived was Benjamin’s house, and the dreams of being kissed by him in the days when they lived together was him actually being kissed by him… Li Xin was trembling all over, his eyes were red, and he said with a choked voice: “You, you treat me as a… what is it? Are you kidding me?”

Benjamin said, “I regard you as the person I love the most.”

“…” Li Xin’s heart trembled suddenly, he should be very angry, after all, he was cheated by this bastard for so long, but why did he want to cry instead? He said that he was the person he loved the most, even in his dream, he never said so.

Could he believe his words?

Benjamin sighed softly, touched Li Xin’s cheek, and said, “I know it must be hard for you to accept it for a while, and you feel that you’ve been cheated, but Li Xin, I’m telling you all the truth today, just to tell you a complete showdown and let you know my heart.” He took Li Xin’s hand and placed it on his beating heart, “I love you, I swear in the name of a soldier, I will never lie to you again…forgive me, don’t hate me for it, okay?”

In fact, he didn’t go too far, he just let him move to his house, and secretly kissed him a few times… Li Xin struggled for a moment, met his gentle eyes, and said with a blushing face: “I, I don’t I hate you, but I’m a little surprised that the fact is like this.”

“Don’t hate me?” Benjamin smiled slightly: “Then do you like me?”

Li Xin’s face turned redder, of course he liked Benjamin. Although it wasn’t a dream at first, after Benjamin left, he still dreamed about this alpha every night, and he was too embarrassed to say the shameful images in his dream.

Sensing Li Xin’s eyes flickering, Benjamin continued: “If you don’t answer, I’ll take it as your acquiescence.”

Li Xin: “…”

The Beta didn’t answer, and the next moment, he was caught in a kiss by the cheeky general again.

Li Xin’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but he didn’t resist.

A real kiss was still different from a kiss in a half-asleep and half-awake state.

He could feel the Alpha’s tenderness more clearly.

Li Xin was kissed so that his whole body trembled, his whole heart sank completely, and he felt that he was about to be intoxicated by this kind of tenderness.

After a long time, Benjamin let go of him. Seeing Li Xin’s moist eyes, Benjamin smiled slightly, and asked softly against his lips: “If you know the truth, would you still be willing to talk to me, a ba****d? Do you want to get together with me?”

“…” You also know that you are a ba****d! Li Xin couldn’t laugh or cry, he never expected the general to be so thick-skinned. He thought this alpha was gentle, considerate and upright, but in the end, the uprightness was a complete illusion, this was an unscrupulous beast in clothes!

He actually secretly kissed him for a whole week!

Fortunately, he thought he was dreaming…

Thinking that Benjamin had suppressed him and did so many bad things for real, and it was not a dream, Li Xin really felt his whole body burn with shame.

“I promise, I won’t lie to you in the future. I will only love you twice as much in the future, okay?” Benjamin’s voice was so gentle that it almost melted people.

When Li Xin didn’t speak, he began to sneer: “Are you okay?”

Li Xin blushed: “You, are you serious?”

Benjamin nodded seriously: “Of course.”

Li Xin struggled and said: “But I’m a beta man…”

“I know.” Benjamin stretched out his hand and gently pinched Li Xin’s face, “I just like a beta man like you.”

This action made Li Xin feel weak, and he was so happy that he was on the verge of dying.

The person he liked confessed to him, why not accept it? Even if it didn’t last long, at least he would have experienced the life with him, and he wouldn’t have to regret it in the future. Thinking of this, Li Xin nodded immediately, and said: “Then, let’s try together.”

Benjamin hugged him excitedly and said in his ear: “Not just try, and if you promise, you are not allowed to go back on your word.”

Li Xin lowered his eyes: “I won’t go back on my word.” He was afraid the general would go back on his word, in case he encountered an omega in the future… Now thinking about these things, Li Xin drove away his chaotic thoughts, stretched out his hand gently, and turned back to hug the general.

The Alpha’s body was very strong, so hugging him would give people a strong sense of security.

Sensing the Beta carefully hugging him back, Benjamin took a deep breath, leaned into Li Xin’s ear, and whispered: “If it weren’t for the strict discipline of the army, I really would want to kill you tonight.”

Li Xin responded. When he realized what he meant, his cheeks went hot immediately: “What nonsense are you talking about…”

Benjamin hugged him and smiled happily: “This is not nonsense, why don’t we start with a prelude to let you get used to it?”

Prelude? What was the meaning?

Before Li Xin could react, the next moment, his clothes were quickly stripped off by the resolute alpha… being kissed by alpha made his whole body tremble, Li Xin finally understood the meaning of his “prelude”. The alpha lifted it back, and Li Xin’s head was so numb that he couldn’t resist at all, so he could only let him press on the bed and do whatever he wanted.

After a long time, Benjamin hugged the bright red Beta into his arms, and thought with a smile: This time, the Beta in his arms was completely cooked, and he couldn’t run away again.

Although he couldn’t really eat him, it was good to be stewed.

It seemed that preparations for the bride price and wedding date must be made as soon as possible to satisfy the simple beta man’s wish of “the first time to have a wedding night in the bridal chamber”.

If he was taken carelessly, he would definitely think that Alpha was only greedy for physical pleasure and did not respect him. Let him get used to the prelude first, and then denude him with real guns when the bridal chamber was full of festivities. At that time, even if he couldn’t get out of bed all night, he would have no reason to say anything, right?

Ripe beta must taste better.

Benjamin hugged Li Xin contentedly and fell asleep.

Li Xin slept in the alpha’s warm embrace, feeling very satisfied.

He had no idea that this alpha was calculating how to use the best method to completely eat him up.

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