JHTW Ch. 11

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Xiao Jing was panting like a cow, with her physical strength, not to mention a hundred push-ups, even fifty push-ups would cost half her life.

She couldn’t help but want to take a look at the yard to see if the volatile captain had left.

Just raising her head like this made her retract her neck in a hurry.

He didn’t leave, it’s fine if he didn’t leave, but he still stared at her with those eyes that were like ice picks.

Shen Chengfeng circled Xiao Jing twice, and the night wind suddenly picked up, blowing the dust and sand in the yard, and his military boots just stayed just one step away from her.

Xiao Jing continued to do push-ups with trembling arms.

Shen Chengfeng squatted down and stared intently at the immature face in front of him. The descendants of the Xiao family looked more or less masculine, and could even be described as strong, but this Xiao Jing had thin arms and legs, with delicate features, if it wasn’t for the fact that his ID card identified him as a man, everyone would have thought she was a girl.

It really looked like a girl, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, red lips and white teeth, look at this face, if you pinch it, it might squeeze out water.

Xiao Jing silently felt a little guilty, sir, why are you looking at me with such gentle eyes? It’s like a big bad wolf staring at its own little sheep. If you have something to say, please don’t stare at me with such creepy eyes.

Shen Chengfeng stood up and looked into the night, “There are thirty more.”

Xiao Jing held her breath, and finished the remaining thirty push-ups in one go, as for the quality of the completion.

Hehe, just be happy.

Dragging her exhausted body, Xiao Jing lay back on the bed with a sore back, closed her eyes, and greeted the captain’s eight generations of ancestors from the first generation of ancestors.

Fuck you, sooner or later, I will let you lie under me… beg for mercy!

“Du…” The siren sounded again through the air.

Xiao Jing straightened up like a carp, and her legs rushed out of the room unsupported by her brain.

At five o’clock in the morning, the sky was slightly bright.

Everyone was ready to go, lined up, accepting the first day of collective training.

As a veteran, Mu Xichi was of course qualified to be an assistant instructor. He coughed lightly and began to speak, “Three kilometers of light cross-country.”

Everyone looked at each other, it was that simple?

With doubts in mind, everyone started to act.

This was the outskirts far away from the urban area, with dense jungles and steep mountains. It was really not as simple as three kilometers in an ordinary area.

Xiao Jing jumped off a big rock and looked at a big river about 50 meters wide in front of her in disbelief. Did they want them to swim across?

“On the first day, I want you to relax first. The last place, 100 pull-ups, will deduct five points.” Mu Xichi’s voice sounded faintly from behind.

As soon as the voice fell, no one dared to delay any more, and jumped into the river one by one.

The river was too fast, reaching most people’s chest.

Of course, this position was for a height of more than 1.85 meters, and for Xiao Jing, she was directly submerged to the neck.

“Can you still go?” A man supported Xiao Jing who was tottering.

Xiao Jing looked at the other party, and she carefully recalled the introduction scene yesterday. This person was the lieutenant colonel, who seemed to be called Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was 1.9 meters tall. He lived in S City near the sea. He was not afraid of the rushing water. He supported Xiao Jing and took her to swim across.

Xiao Jing climbed up the steep slope with great effort, gasped, and said gratefully: “Thank you.”

“Okay, we are already behind.” Lin Qi quickly climbed up the steep slope and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Jing smiled wryly, with her own ability, she could only be at the back.

Mu Xichi stood at the finish line, looked at the routed people, and smacked his lips, “You are all the best elites in your respective regiments, in my eyes, you are just a group of arrogant soldiers who don’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, that’s all. It seems that my expectations are too high to be able to run like this for a kilometer.”

Xiao Jing looked at the figure standing in front of her and straightened her back.

“The last one, one hundred pull-ups.”

Xiao Jing turned around, she had some inexplicable psychological shadows about this horizontal bar.

Mu Xichi stood under the horizontal bar, with the corners of her mouth raised a little, “You should know the rules, once you drop, add ten, and if you miss one, add a hundred.”

Xiao Jing climbed up the horizontal bar, what she did this time was quite handy. Compared with the previous few days of hard work, she was much more relaxed today.

Mu Xichi took out the folder and wrote comments word by word, “After finishing, send this to the captain’s dormitory, the rest of the people will have breakfast, and we will gather in the gun room in half an hour.”

Xiao Jing stood on the horizontal bar moving up and down, she took the preliminary evaluation form written by Mu Xichi, and after just one glance, she knew that this must be a task he deliberately sent for her, just to let the captain see her so-called failing physical strength; Pass, quality fail, total fail!

Xiao Jing closed the folder and hummed: But what should I do? Even if you look at me again and don’t like it, you still have to keep watching, hahaha.

She was suddenly a lot happier.

Xiao Jing walked to the most heavily guarded building in the camp area, and the soldiers outside the door carefully checked her credentials to confirm her entry.

“Dong dong dong.” Xiao Jing knocked on the door, but there was no movement.

Thinking about the previous experience, Xiao Jing was sure that the chief officer was probably taking a bath again.

Like her, he especially loved bathing in broad daylight.

Xiao Jing pushed open the door and poked half of her head in. There was no one in the dormitory, not even a sound.

She lifted her foot and walked in, put the file folder on the desk, and looked at the furnishings on the desk. It was clean and spotless, not even a pen lying around.

Xiao Jing tapped the table, turned around and prepared to leave.

“Oh, my god.” Xiao Jing turned around but was scared back by a body wall that suddenly appeared.

Shen Chengfeng had just taken off his clothes and was about to take a shower when he heard rustling outside the door.

Xiao Jing looked at the scenery of his wide-open chest, couldn’t help raising her eyelids, and said guiltily: “Major Mu asked me to bring things over.”

“It seems to be his job.” Shen Chengfeng said coldly.

“I’m also very puzzled. He actually gave me such an important thing. Is he not afraid that I will leak the secrets? I am very sad.”

“You may not understand my rules. My rules are that if one person makes a mistake, the whole army will be punished.”

Xiao Jing straightened her body, and replied loudly: “I am a soldier, and I would rather die than reveal any military secrets.”

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