5BKCM Ch. 37

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Gu Yuan sent a lot of excited emoticons to her son Ji Qisen.

There was only one expression in response to Gu Yuan: smiling face.jpg.

Gu Yuan looked at her son’s expression happily, imagining her son’s current appearance, feeling really proud and satisfied.

After sleeping for twenty-five years, what she lost was time, and what she gained was such a good son, Ji Qisen.

After the initial excitement, Gu Yuan thought about it, her son Ji Qisen was actually good, and her son Nie Yu was also not bad, although Nie Yu was a bit of a bastard, had a bit of a bad outlook and loved to molest girls from good families, but at least he was filial. Yes, he performed very well today.

She opened Nie Yu’s WeChat: “Little Ant, I plan to go to your brother’s island on Saturday, do you want to go together?”

Riding Ant to see the sea quickly responded: “Why should I go to his island?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “But I’m going to his island, don’t you want to go with me?”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “How can this be done! You were so filial to me at night, how can you be so indifferent in a blink of an eye? I want my filial son Nie Yu, who are you, you are definitely not my son, return my son!”

Riding an ant to the sea: “I am your son!”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “You are so rude to me, you are disrespectful.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “Hmph, there is someone else there at night, you are my mother anyway, what if someone bullies you? What if they hook up with you with lust, of course I have to help by showing off my mother’s image.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “… dare you say this for others to see?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “That’s right.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “One more question, will you accompany me to the island?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “I won’t go!”

Gu Yuan silently put down her mobile phone, she didn’t care what the two of them thought, in the name of mother, she will ask her two sons to accompany her to the island this weekend to spend a birthday family fun trip!

After thinking for a while, she contacted Butler Zhuge.

Seeing that Gu Yuan called him, Butler Zhuge came respectfully.

Gu Yuan’s request was very simple, and she hoped that Butler Zhuge would give her the contact information of Nie Nanqing. Of course, Butler Zhuge gave it without saying a word.

Gu Yuan saved his phone number and added him on WeChat.

Afterwards, Gu Yuan repeated the above operations and got Ji Zhentian’s WeChat and phone number.

Then Gu Yuan operated like a tiger, and directly pulled the two fathers into a WeChat group. When choosing the nickname of the group, she thought about it, and finally didn’t choose it, she just used the default group name.

Nie Nanqing: “Hello, this is?”

Ji Zhentian: “Miss Gu, is there something wrong?”

Obviously the two old fathers were in a state of confusion.

Gu Yuan briefly talked about the birthdays of Nie Yu and Ji Qisen next Saturday, and finally concluded: “Since they are brothers, I hope they can live in harmony. Now they have deep prejudices against each other, and there must always be an opportunity for them to make up. What do you think?”

Nie Nanqing: “You make a lot of sense.”

Ji Zhentian: “Then what should we do?”

Seeing how the two old fathers cooperated, Gu Yuan said with satisfaction: “Qisen is going to accompany me to Leah Island for vacation on Saturday, and I want Nie Yu to follow along, as a weekend birthday trip, a parent-child meeting, what do you think?”

Nie Nanqing: “No objection.”

Ji Zhentian: “Your idea is very good.”

Gu Yuan: “But now I have a problem. Qisen may not be willing to accept Nie Yu to go to his island, but Nie Yu doesn’t want to go to Qisen’s island. I hope you can show the majesty of an old father and order them to go there!”

Nie Nanqing: “This is no problem, I will let Nie Yu go there!”

Ji Zhentian: “Let me try.”

Looking at the two fathers’ replies, Gu Yuan could feel their majesty and status in front of their son from the tone and confidence of their replies.

A moment of silence for Ji Zhentian.

Gu Yuan: “Thank you.”

Nie Nanqing: “You’re welcome.”

Ji Zhentian: “It should be.”

After closing WeChat, Gu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. It was really difficult to communicate with the two old fathers, and she was too embarrassed to bite the bullet, but fortunately, they all cooperated and everything went well.

In the next room, Nie Yu was playing games with his two brothers.

Chen Shuo lay there sprawled: “It’s so boring, let’s go to the bar, or go to KTV to sing!”

Bian Jinyun: “I agree, we can plan how to spend Brother Yu’s birthday by the way.”

Nie Yu tensed sitting on the sofa with a blank face: “How will you celebrate my birthday?”

When it comes to this, Chen Shuo: “Have a party, invite beauties, and dance!”

Naturally, the birthday banquets of top wealthy families like them should be extravagant and luxurious. How extravagant, if you put your heart into it, you can even host a gathering of stars and beauties like a cloud, like Nie Yu’s birthday party last year, which was directly held at the level of a top star concert, and if you want something even more grandiose, you could do something last year’s M defence contractor’s daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony, that birthday party had directly cost 14 million US dollars.

Bian Jinyun suggested: “There is no need for such a big show, let’s go to KTV by ourselves, stay up all night, drink and sing to our heart’s content, and find a few popular little female stars?”

When Nie Yu heard this, he was completely indifferent, obviously not interested.

Chen Shuo was puzzled, this was not like him, shouldn’t he have jumped up normally?

Bian Jinyun was also puzzled: “Is this not good?”

Nie Yu glanced at them slowly: “Didn’t you hear what my mother said?”

Chen Shuo & Bian Jinyun: “What?”

Nie Yu said: “Go to bed early, don’t stay up late, don’t drink alcohol, drink more hot water.”

Chen Shuo & Bian Jinyun: “…”

The next day…

Gu Yuan’s class was starting in the third period. So, she had a long sleep. After getting up, she yawned and turning on her phone, there she found that there were quite a few messages accumulated on her WeChat.

Taking a closer look, she was surprised that there was news in her “Little Paradise for Genius Babies”!

This was unprecedented, since the group started, neither of the two sons spoke, and now they broke the silence?

Gu Yuan pulled to the top to see the news of the two sons.

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Hey, Ji, my dad told me to go to your island on weekends.”

JQS: “Whatever you want.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Look at your attitude, you think I want to go?”

JQS: “Do you think I want you to go?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “If you look like this, I won’t go! I don’t care about going, I’m annoyed when I see you!”

JQS: “Then go talk to your dad.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “You! If I could talk to my dad, do I still need to bother here? Did you tell my dad that I must accompany you to celebrate our birthday together? Are you so adamant that I go?”

JQS: “You think too much.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Hehe, why is my dad so coercive and demanding that I have to attend your birthday!”

JQS: “From now on, please use your brain before you speak.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “I see, it’s her, she went to find my father?”

JQS: “Don’t single her out, please keep respecting the elders.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “Hehe, tell me, did your dad force you too? Forced you to promise me to attend your birthday party or he will sever father-son relationship with you?”

JQS: “…Nie Yu, take care of yourself.”

Seeing the verbal dispute between the two sons, Gu Yuan couldn’t help but suppress her laughter.

These two sons were also very interesting, one usually looked cool, and the other looked cooler, but as long as they interacted with each other, if they didn’t fight a few words, they would feel really sorry.

Although their temperaments differed by thousands of miles, they still had something in common. It was no loss that they were brothers!

She was already looking forward to the birthday weekend trip parent-child meeting of the two brothers!

But before that, she found Camille again to plan this matter, it would be impossible without Camille, the fashion expert.

Camille started to feel a bit embarrassed: “I have to think about it, should I go, that… Ji Zhentian will go?”

Gu Yuan: “Are you afraid of him going?”

Camille sighed helplessly: “Yeah, didn’t I break up with him But what I didn’t expect is that he seems to be obsessed with me, and I’m a little afraid of him.”

If it was before, Camille would be very happy, but now, breaking up was breaking up, she had told being with a dead old man was not worth being flattered by her, she had this thought in her heart, and seeing that this “dead old man” never forgot her, she really felt a little scared.

“It feels like the past is the past, and now I see him as a dead old man.” Camille said so.

“Pfft!” Gu Yuan lay happily on the bed: “Isn’t this great? You used to please him, but now he pleases you. This is called Feng Shui takes turns, and retribution is not good!”

“Forget it, I still hope to be clean, after all, he is Ji Zhentian, I can’t offend him.” Camille said fearfully.

“It’s nothing. I think Ji Zhentian means it, so he won’t go.”

After all, Ji Zhentian looked embarrassed when he saw her, so why join in the fun when he had nothing to do? This old father was very happy to eat, drink and have fun every day. He probably couldn’t remember that his son was celebrating his birthday.

As for Nie Nanqing, she could feel the uneasiness overflowing from the screen that Nie Nanqing saw, and he must also want to avoid it.

Camille thought about it too. After thinking about it, Ji Qisen’s Leah Australia island tour was quite attractive, and she finally agreed without much entanglement.

After agreeing, Gu Yuan began to talk about her thoughts in detail. She wanted to hold a birthday party for the two of them in one go, and she wanted to do this and that, and that and that.

Camille was very confused when she heard that she was going to hold a birthday party for Nie Yu and Ji Qisen: “Xiao Yuanyuan, I can understand you holding a birthday party for your eldest son Ji Qisen, but why do you want to also hold a party for that Nie Yu as well? Don’t you hate him?”

Did something happen that she didn’t know?

Gu Yuan: “Eh, I didn’t tell you, did I?”

Camille: “What? Are you and Nie Yu together?”

Gu Yuan: “Nie Yu is also my son!”

Camille immediately screamed: “Xiao Yuanyuan, do you know what you are talking about? Do you know what you mean? Nie Yu and Ji Qisen are both your sons?”

These two young men were the dream lovers of countless girls. Well, top class, rich and handsome, these terms were enough for them, that was, they were the prince in the modern palace, and she didn’t have to worry after being with one of them in this life.

As a result, now, Gu Yuan said, she was not only Ji Qisen’s mother, but also Nie Yu’s mother?

Camille couldn’t understand: “So you used to be with Ji Zhentian, and you were also with Nie Nanqing?”

Oh my god, what kind of love triangle story was this!

Gu Yuan quickly explained: “No, no, you are wrong, this is a complicated matter.”

After speaking, Gu Yuan told Camille her story.

After finishing speaking, Gu Yuan: “It’s probably like this.”

Camille: “It’s like a sci-fi story, why does it feels so unreal?”

Gu Yuan: “But it really happened.”

Camille: “So, I suddenly understand the shit incident.”

Well, both of them were silent for a while, and then they couldn’t help laughing out loud.

After laughing for a long time, Camille finally calmed down and began to ask Gu Yuan various questions curiously. This matter was really new to her.

After asking around, Camille suddenly thought of a question: “Have you ever wondered who your other three sons are?”

The other three sons?

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