5BKCM Ch. 36

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Nie Yu roared, and the whole villa fell silent.

Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun looked at Nie Yu incomprehensibly with their mouths half open.

They didn’t understand that if Ji Qisen’s head was flooded, why did their brother Yu also get his head flooded?

This was the fuck?

The two of them looked at Nie Yu and then at Gu Yuan, completely unable to understand what was going on in front of them?

Butler Zhuge next to Nie Yu, who was about to come forward to serve him, was even more bewildered. His professional butler qualities, which had been cultivated for many years, collapsed, were shattered, and he was tongue-tied and incompetent.

Yesterday he was so excited that he wanted to call his master, saying that his young master stopped attracting bees and butterflies and finally wanted to find a girlfriend to live a good life, but today his young master said, this was his mother?

Isn’t this fun, really mom, mom, mom?

Cough, cough, cough, butler Zhuge coughed until his face turned red.

Gu Yuan blinked, feeling a little helpless, her face was always deceiving, telling the truth would always frighten passers-by, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Nie Yu had a cold face, and said solemnly: “Did you hear me clearly, this is my mother, my real mother, a real medical mother, don’t you think her nose is a bit like mine, we look like mother and son. That’s how it looks, do you know now.”

Chen Shuo, Bian Jinyun, Butler Zhuge, stared hard, their eyes were dazzled, but they couldn’t see the resemblance, did they look alike, they really didn’t think so.

Nie Yu: “Although my mother looks young, she is already forty-five years old. You have to take her seriously. From today on, whoever dares to disrespect her or make fun of her, means he/she is making fun of me. He will be my enemy, I, Nie Yu, will never be polite to my enemy!”

What else could Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun say?

Brother Yu had a mouthful, and they could still say that Brother Yu, you are probably infected by Ji Qisen’s stupid disease, right?

So they could only stand upright, desperately trying not to burst out laughing, maintaining a respectful expression on their faces, and solemnly shouted: “Hello, Auntie!”

Facing this scene, Gu Yuan was slightly stunned, then she hurriedly said: “Oh, hello, you are all good boys.”

Good boy…

Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun had three black lines on his forehead, but they endured it and dared not say anything.

Butler Zhuge was at a loss. Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun called her Auntie, so what should he be calling her?

Miss Gu obviously couldn’t be called anymore, and Madam didn’t seem to be suitable… he hadn’t heard that the master was married, so what should he call her? After a while, Butler Zhuge finally stepped forward with a polite smile based on his many years of professional experience as a housekeeper, “Ms. Gu, dinner is ready, you go upstairs first?”

The young girl let out a sweet smile: “Butler Zhuge, thank you.”

As simple as you want, as cute as you want.

But Nie Yu, who was next to her, said considerately: “Don’t worry, when you come downstairs, then only will the dinner start!”

Chen Shuo, Bian Jinyun, and Butler Zhuge suddenly lost sight at Nie Yu’s attentive look.

Gu Yuan went upstairs, cleaned up a little, and went downstairs to eat. The whole meal was eaten in silence. Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun were respectful, not daring to slack off at all, and yell at each other.

The old aunt Gu Yuan was enjoying the delicious food leisurely, and the meals at Nie Yu’s house were also good, with top-quality ingredients and rare big crabs and lobsters.

Nie Yu raised his eyebrows, looked at the two guys with stiff and uncomfortable faces, then took an emperor crab himself, and said to Gu Yuan: “Mom, this is the emperor crab shipped from Australia today, you try it.”

Gu Yuan said yes, and was about to take it, but Nie Yu had already started peeling it for her.

“Mom, let me peel it off for you.”


For some reason, Gu Yuan felt that her son’s filial piety level had increased by 36%.

As for Bian Jinyun and Chen Shuo who were beside them, seeing this situation, their teeth were about to ache.

What the hell was this?

The little girl must really be Nie Yu’s own mother, otherwise how would he be so willing to be a dutiful son?

She had to say that the King Crab delivered by air from Australia tasted really good, the meat was very tender, and it was the best crab she had ever eaten in her life.


Nie Yu raised his eyes, looked at her happy and satisfied look, raised his eyebrows and said, “How about it, is it delicious?”

Gu Yuan nodded suddenly: “It’s really good!”

Of course she understood, what was this king crab that was transported by air from Australia, which was still so big, it was impossible for ordinary people to enjoy it, and only in this kind of top rich family could it be regarded as a daily meal.

Nie Yu smiled: “How is the food here compared to Ji Qisen’s?”

Gu Yuan recalled the taste of the fresh and tender emperor crab: “It’s pretty good.”

Nie Yu repeated, insisting: “Compared to Ji Qisen’s food, it’s better. How about it?”

Gu Yuan wiped her mouth: “Oh, they are all equally good.”

Nie Yu: “I want to hear how it compares to Ji Qisen’s place.”

Gu Yuan was helpless, and thought about it seriously: “The desserts in his place are delicious. The taste is good, and the seafood here is more delicious.”

Each had its own merits.

Nie Yu raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

After dinner, Gu Yuan went upstairs, and Nie Yu called Butler Zhuge, and ordered: “Go and find out who the pastry chef at Ji Qisen’s house is, and hire him for me at a high price.”

Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun watched the meal and witnessed how “filial” Nie Yu was to his mother. They were really amazed. Hearing this now, they were even more speechless.

Regardless of whether this was a real mother or a fake mother, Nie Yu was almost the legendary mumma’s boy now, right?

Where’s their romantic, suave, unrestrained brother Yu!

Butler Zhuge pondered for a while when he heard this, and said, “I know the butler of Mr. Ji’s house, and I do know the chef at their house. He is a chef with 13 years of experience in a Michelin restaurant. I’m afraid it’s not easy to dig.”

After all, he had a high salary and good treatment, and he had done a good job in Ji family, how could he be easily poached?

Nie Yu: “Oh, is that your family?”

Butler Zhuge: “No, I am Butler Zhuge, he is Butler Sima, we are not from same family.”

Nie Yu: “That is our family, forget it, we don’t care about it, you don’t care anymore. I will think of a way, you go to Milan with a lot of money to find a cook, good ones, top chefs.”

Butler Zhuge: “Yes, I will find a way.”

Nie Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a stern light: “In my family, the food here must not be inferior to that of Ji Qisen’s. If the Michelin chef cannot be dug out, then we will buy a Michelin restaurant!”

As soon as these words came out, the domineering air leaked from the side, and the two friends next to him suddenly looked at each other in dismay.

Crazy, he was simply crazy for his mother!

Just as they were coming out of shock, they heard Nie Yu suddenly say: “Make a list of the latest styles of big brand clothing and send them over for my mother to choose. The same goes for jewellery, all kinds of limited edition jewellery, give my mother a copy of all of them!”

What else could they say!

After Gu Yuan returned upstairs, she was very touched.

Before dinner today, she still felt that Nie Yu was too pushy and owed a lesson, and he should be severely punished. But now, she was so touched.

Her son was so kind to her. He even peeled crabs for her with his own hands, and even greeted her with care.

Nie Yu was definitely as considerate as Ji Qisen.

Lying in her son’s house was very comfortable, on the big bed, she breathed a sigh of relief, turned on her mobile phone, and posted a few pictures in the “Genius Baby Little Paradise” group. These were all pictures of today’s king crab, which were fresh and delicious at first glance.

After posting, she also commented: “Thank you, son Nie Yu, for being so filial. thumbs up.jpg. “

After the news was sent out, no one responded.

Gu Yuan was silent for a while, and then quit the group with some embarrassment.

She tried to reflect on it, and found that as an old mother, how to balance her two sons was a problem. For example, now that Nie Yu was filial to her, she shouldn’t go to the group to show off, as if making a request to Ji Qisen. This was not good. Gu Yuan took a deep breath, being a mother was not easy, and being a mother of two sons was even more difficult. She began to think about how to explain this matter.

At this time, she received a WeChat message.

JQS: “The seafood on this small island is very famous. If mom is interested, she can go to play after school on Friday.”

A few pictures followed. In the picture was an island surrounded by sea water. The scenery on the island was as beautiful as if there were emerald-like tropical rainforests, exotic and elegant wooden houses, majestic coral reefs and endless white sandy beaches.

Friday after school?

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Where is this? Is it close?”

JQS: “In the sea area of Australia, you can have the freshest and most delicious seafood in Australia, no need for air transportation.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: ” …”

Do you have to be so fierce, Nie Yu gave her seafood, and this one will send her directly to Seafood Island, the key tone was that the small island was his backyard, and it was okay to walk there after eating up.

JQS: “You can go there on Friday and come back on Sunday night. It wouldn’t affect your class on Monday.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “But flying is very tiring!”

As far as Gu Yuan’s limited experience in flying was concerned, flying was really tiring, especially flying to another hemisphere, the long distance of more than ten hours could really be exhausting.

JQS: “You sleep on the plane and you will arrive.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “How could it be possible to sleep—”

In the middle of typing, Gu Yuan quickly deleted what she wanted to say.

She suddenly understood that the long-distance flight she imagined was sitting in the economy class and suffering for more than ten hours, while her son’s flight was lying on a luxurious bed and enjoying the treatment of a six-star hotel with someone waiting beside her, and going straight to the place after sleeping.

Of course her son wanted her to take his private jet!

Gu Yuan thought about this matter carefully, and it seemed that it was more reliable. She could take the plane and sleep, spend a pleasant weekend on the small island and continue to attend classes when she came back on Monday.

Moreover, Saturday was the birthday of the two sons, so they could spend a wonderful parent-child weekend trip on the island at that time.

The relationship between the two sons was not good, and there were still conflicts. It would be wonderful if they could take advantage of this time to turn the fighting into friendship.

One idea after another suddenly popped up in Gu Yuan’s mind, and she finally replied: “Okay, than the decision is made, let’s go to your small island for vacation on the weekend, and your mother will hold a simple party for you there. A Birthday party!”

JQS: “Birthday party?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Of course, Saturday is your birthday, son, did you forget?”

JQS: “I remember, I will spare time to come early on Saturday night to go back, but let’s forget about the birthday party.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “There is only one Saturday night? Life must have a sense of ritual, the twenty-third birthday is a big birthday, you must have a good time, how can you not hold a birthday party!”

She said with a straight face.

Ji Qisen, who was still working overtime on the phone, was silent for a while, and then told the secretary: “Help me check this weekend’s itinerary.”

The secretary quickly and efficiently reported Ji Qisen’s next week’s itinerary, because Ji Qisen has already mentioned that he would go home for dinner on Saturday afternoon, so there was no arrangement on Saturday, but except for Saturday afternoon and evening, he had a busy schedule at other times.

Ji Qisen frowned slightly, and then replied on WeChat: “Mom, no, I have arrangements for the weekend.”

Gu Yuan looked at the WeChat, a little disappointed: “But isn’t it your birthday? Don’t you have a rest when it’s your birthday? You have so much money, what’s wrong with earning less? Every day you are working!”

After sending out these words, Ji Qisen didn’t reply right away. Gu Yuan looked at the words she sighed, and withdrew them one by one.

This son was the crown prince and heir of the AK Group. Of course he was very busy.

She couldn’t take it for granted that he could spare a lot of time to accompany her to have a party on the island.

For a moment, she remembered the tone of her roommates Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan when they mentioned Ji Qisen. In their eyes, her son Ji Qisen was the shining golden diamond king, who exuded the aura of a top-notch wealthy family. He could spend money every day without worry.

But it was not so.

Her son Ji Qisen was very busy at work. Even at home, he had such a big office that allowed him to work overtime late at night, and he had no free time on weekends. Even when he finally celebrated his birthday, he only had one night to spare.

Her son Ji Qisen was not short of money, and may never have to worry about money in his life, but he was always very busy, running around like a money-making machine.

Gu Yuan rubbed her forehead, she felt sorry for her son, Ji Qisen.

At this moment, a WeChat message came.

Gu Yuan looked over in dismay, only to see that it was from her son Ji Qisen.

“Mom, I’ve rearranged my itinerary. I’ll accompany you to the island on Friday night.”


Gu Yuan let out a happy cry.

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