5BKCM Ch. 39: Vacation Arrangements

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When Camille said this, Gu Yuan was stunned.

At the beginning, when she heard that she had five sons, her first reaction was to run away. After all, she subconsciously felt that she was only eighteen years old and had not been married even once. How could she suddenly have five sons? After going through so many things now, Gu Yuan finally accepted that she was not an eighteen-year-old fairy but a twenty-year-old mother, and had quickly entered the role of mediating the relationship between the two sons for their birthdays.

But, beyond the very beginning, she hadn’t thought about who her other three sons were.

As far as she knew, there was a 24-year-old son who was probably the eldest, and the remaining two were probably younger than her sons Ji Qisen and Nie Yu, right? She didn’t know if they were adults yet, if they had been well-bred, what they were doing, whether they were living a happy life or not, whether their character was correct or not, or whether they would endanger society or something.

Think about Ji Qisen, although he was rich, but the relationship between father and son was alienated, and he didn’t even care about his own birthday. If the other three sons did bad things, if there was something wrong with them, then she would be guilty of a big crime!

This worry made Gu Yuan’s head grow bigger. As an old mother with five sons, she found that there were too many things to worry about.

Finally, she took a deep breath: “Forget it, I’d better not think about it. After the birthdays of the two sons are over, I will contact the research institute and ask them. I will find the other three sons when I have time.”

The three other sons might be filial, she only hoped that they were living a good life with good conduct and positive attitude!

After hanging up the phone, Gu Yuan reopened WeChat, came to the “Genius Baby Paradise” group, and unilaterally announced to his two sons: “Friday night, we will take Qisen’s plane and set off to Qisen’s Island, where we’ll have a great weekend.”

After sending out the news, without waiting for the two sons to make a move, she immediately announced domineeringly: “This is a decision from your mother, and any objection is invalid. You must have time to participate in our happy parent-child time on weekends.”

Ji Qisen was the first to call her: “Mom, why did you mix him with me?”

Gu Yuan responded domineeringly: “If you have something to say, say it in the group!”

After hanging up, Nie Yu’s call also immediately came in: “I don’t care about flying in his plane. As far as his taste is concerned, the plane he ordered is not good-looking. I want to take the latest private jet specially customized by me!

After hanging up the calls of her two sons one after another, Gu Yuan let out a long sigh of relief, she felt that she had finally found the feeling of being a mother, that was: I am your mother, you all have to listen to me!

So in an instant, the always quiet little genius baby Paradise became a mess.

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “I don’t want to take his plane, why! Disgusting face.jpg”

JQS: “Hehe.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “What else can you do besides knowing how to hehe? You just have a paralyzed face. I get annoyed when I see you!”

JQS: “I can’t eat when I see you.”

Gu Yuan watched the two sons insulting each other in the group, and was very happy that they were arguing about “whose plane to take”, instead of arguing about “whether or not to go to the island”, it could be seen that they had reached a consensus on going to the island for their birthday, which was very good.

She said in the group: “Reasonable discussion, please don’t launch ginseng attacks.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Since you are here, then judge, why should I go to his birthday party? Thinking of what he did I’m going to respond.”

JQS: “Those things I did? May I ask Mr. Nie, have you forgotten what you did?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Ji Qisen, there are some conflicts between us, but don’t forget, you attacked my property first!”

JQS: “Sorry, I didn’t attack your property.”

Riding an ant went to see the sea: “Do you know how much your entertainment stocks have fallen?”

JQS: “Do you know what you said?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “I said those words because you provoked me, you provoked the conflict first!”

JQS: “Then why don’t you ask me why I attacked Lu Zhiqian? Why did you cover Lu Zhiqian? Do you know who Lu Zhiqian is?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Why should I care about Lu Zhiqian? Ji Qisen, if you deal with my stock, you deal with my stock.”

JQS: “Hehe, why should I talk to a fool?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “I’m even more puzzled, what about my mother? Will there be such a stubborn son like you?”

JQS: “Yes, I am also wondering, are we really brothers?”

Gu Yuan silently closed the verbal battle between the two sons, then picked up her schoolbag and prepared to go to school.

Sitting in the luxurious stretched nanny car, she half-closed her eyes and thought about those chat records. For some reason, she felt that Ji Qisen, who was arguing with Nie Yu, seemed more humane.

When Gu Yuan came to the school, her first class was basic performance training. This kind of class was divided into groups, with about six or seven people in each group. The teacher would come up with a topic, and everyone would take turns to supervise and judge the performance.

Unfortunately, Gu Yuan and Huo Sijia were in the same group, and the enemy was naturally jealous when they met, so Huo Sijia looked at Gu Yuan with disdain: “You still have the face to come to class?”

Gu Yuan said innocently: “Huo Sijia, what’s wrong with you ? Why do you say that about me?”

Huo Sijia looked at Gu Yuan’s innocent appearance, and wanted to slap her across the face: “You let someone hit me, you wanted my life, that too in broad daylight, you are really courageous, I really can’t see it, you are actually this kind of person!”

Gu Yuan was puzzled, blinked her eyes and asked more innocently: “I want your life? Scary, did you not wake up from a dream? If I really wanted your life, why don’t you call the police?”

Huo Sijia contemptuously said: “I called the police, but you drove away.”

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “You must be mistaken, I can’t drive.”

Huo Sijia was completely speechless at this moment: “Gu Yuan, you really know how to pretend, you let your godfather hit me with a car! How can you still look innocent?”

Gu Yuan: “Then why don’t you tell me how you deliberately drove and splashed water on me?”

They had such an argument, naturally a lot people gathered around, and everyone stopped acting and came to watch the excitement. When Gu Yuan said that she couldn’t drive, some people burst out laughing.

“What is the matter between you two? If it involves human life, then go to the police station to solve it. What’s the use of arguing here.”

Huo Sijia was still annoyed: “You can’t drive, your friend can drive, you let you… You let your friend hit me and nearly kill us. You guys did it on purpose, bumping into us, causing me to be late for the audition, and almost missed the audition, otherwise I would definitely have performed better.”

At this time, Huo Sijia’s partners also came over. They looked at Gu Yuan, and they were naturally gnashing their teeth with anger. At that time, they were hit by such a bump and almost died of fright. The car broke down and couldn’t be driven. It was not easy to hail a taxi in the rain, and they got mud all over. They were so anxious, they finally changed their clothes and ran over to participate in the audition.

Chen Yuting next to her heard this, and suddenly burst out laughing: “Come on, don’t brag about it here, it’s an audition, and whoever they choose to be the heroine doesn’t depend on how soon you go, it depends on your real ability, if you are really capable, even if you wear a sack, you can still be selected. If you are not selected, it is your own ability. After you went, did they let you audition? You didn’t even have an audition, which means that your appearance is not good enough. If you look like this, why are you still talking here!”

The people present were all students from the Film Academy. Naturally, they looked good and had a good foundation. After they went there, they would basically let them audition.

When they heard Chen Yuting’s words, they were all puzzled: “They didn’t let Huo Sijia audition?”

“Huo Sijia also looks pretty good, why did they send her out without letting her act?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because of her temperament. I heard that Director Ning doesn’t look at people’s appearance, but their inner temperament.”

“Wow, that’s it…”

Huo Sijia felt uncomfortable hearing the chatter from the side. She usually looked good, her family was rich, and her family background was better than that of her classmates. After dressing up, it was said that her temperament went up, but who knew that when she went to the audition yesterday, the director just asked her to leave, he didn’t seem interested in her at all. She was already hit hard, and all the anger in her heart was directed at Gu Yuan, but she didn’t expect her classmates to say that. Thinking about being aggrieved and ashamed, and seeing Gu Yuan’s innocent face, she wished she could rush over and tear her face apart.

She was very angry, and sneered: “Heaven’s eyes is open, you will get your retribution, I have asked my father to come forward, and he will let his lawyer investigate this matter, you just wait! Although my car is not as good as your godfather’s car, but such a compensation, no matter how many hundreds of thousands, I see how you will explain to your godfather!”

After finishing speaking, she left angrily.

Seeing this, the students all looked at Gu Yuan curiously, some sympathized and some were puzzled, what happened with the car crashing into the car, it seemed that Gu Yuan really had hit Huo Sijia? Where was she so bold? And what was up with her godfather, was it true?

Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting were worried about Gu Yuan: “What happened yesterday? Huo Sijia won’t deal with you, right? If she really sued you, what should you do?”

Gu Yuan was not worried: “Don’t worry, I didn’t hit her, she won’t find me to look for trouble.”

In fact, she was of course opposed to the fact that Nie Yu bumped into Huo Sijia. After all, why bump into someone when there was nothing to do? Of course, such dangerous behaviour should not be accepted.

But—Huo Sijia was not injured, but was in a mess, and now she came to trouble her aggressively, and accused her of having a godfather one by one, which made Gu Yuan not be able to sympathize with her.

Now she understood more or less, she had gotten to know that her son’s racing skills were good, and he had even won a racing championship, so he was really sure when he bumped into someone’s car that day.

Of course, she should talk to her son more when she had time and correct his three views. He couldn’t do such dangerous things in the future.

The time soon came to this day, Friday, and several students in the class began to plan to go out together on the weekend. Of course Huo Sijia didn’t go. When she mentioned this, she suddenly lost her previous anger and disappointment, and she was quite proud of herself: “I…I have to recuperate recently, and I will have a holiday in a few days, so I plan to go out and have fun.”

When she said this, everyone was curious: “Wow, where are you going to play?”

Huo Sijia smiled: “It’s nothing, I just booked Tianyu’s most expensive round-the-world cruise, and the top VIP position.”

As soon as these words came out, several students were amazed: “Tianyu’s global cruise?”

Huo Sijia nodded: “Yeah, I’ve already paid the deposit!”

Naturally, someone asked how much it was, and Huo Sijia said casually, “It’s only 800,000 for this trip.”


Although the students were not poor, most of them were from well-to-do families, and some had small businesses, but even so, it was impossible for everyone to spend 800,000 to travel at will, right?

And Tianyu’s global cruise ship, as everyone knew, was the most expensive and high-end global cruise ship. They heard that after going on it, you may meet the prime minister of a certain country during the day, and you may see a big star singing at night. You could even break into the social circle of high society!

Seeing everyone’s envy, Huo Sijia smiled, “I’ve already paid a deposit of 300,000 yuan, and I’ll pay another 500,000 yuan before departure. In fact, 800,000 yuan a trip is really not expensive.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan watched Huo Sijia showing off in various ways, and how she even specially posted about this in Moments, and a group of people below liked it, and they couldn’t help sighing: “It’s different to be rich!”

Then they asked Gu Yuan again; “Gu Yuan, what are you going to do on the weekend, why don’t we go shopping together.”

Gu Yuan hurriedly said: “Let’s go shopping later, I have already made an appointment to go out with relatives on the weekend.”

Chen Yuting: “Relatives? Are your relatives rich? Where are you going to play?”

Gu Yuan: “Just going to an island in Leah Australia.”

As soon as these words came out, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan suddenly became confused: “Are you going to Leah Australia this weekend?”

Gu Yan: “Yes! My relatives arranged it.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other, and then Wang Yuehan lowered her voice and said, “Gu Yuan, you are relatively simple and don’t know anything. Maybe you made a mistake. It takes ten hours to fly to the Island of Leah Australia, plus security checks and round trips. It’s impossible to spend a weekend at the airport.”

Chen Yuting nodded: “You can just tell us about it, but don’t let others know, especially Huo Sijia and his gang, they will definitely laugh at you for bragging. They will say that you have never been to the Island of Leah Australia and made it up.”

Gu Yuan: “I mean it.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan comforted Gu Yuan together: “Don’t worry, of course we believe you, but don’t tell others”

Gu Yan: “…”

That’s all, Gu Yuan decided not to explain, the more she explained, the more she needed to say, and finally she just said: “I will bring you local specialties as gifts!”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan laughed: “Of course we are looking forward to it!”

However, they certainly did not believe that it would be a gift from Australia.

Poor Gu Yuan, she must have thought that going to Leah Australia was like visiting her own backyard.

They must not expose her.

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