5BKCM Ch. 40

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Gu Yuan thought of her two roommates, and felt they were cute.

But when the time came, she would bring them local specialties as gifts, and they would definitely be surprised.

When Gu Yuan boarded the private plane accompanied by her two sons in the evening, thinking of this, she couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing her smile, Nie Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you smirking?”

Gu Yuan quickly restrained her smile, looked at Nie Yu, and remembered Huo Sijia: “It’s nothing, I just remembered that Huo Sijia. Nie Yu, Mom wants to tell you again, I have received your filial piety, but mom hopes that you will not do that kind of dangerous thing again, understand?”

Nie Yu’s beautiful eyebrows were slightly lowered, and his narrow eyes were slightly mocking: “Filial piety? Aren’t you afraid that you are thinking wrong?”

Gu Yuan said with a chuckle: “Then why did you bump into Huo Sijia? Don’t tell me that you don’t like her for some reason.”

Nie Yu: “I think she is beautiful. I might accept her as my twentieth girlfriend, so I want to have a beautiful encounter, how about it, is it creative enough? Now that her father has filed a lawsuit against me, we will have a beautiful spark of love through the lawyer’s contact.”

Gu Yuan tilted her head and looked at the son. She felt that there was a problem in the son’s DNA replication process, and his mind was flooded.

Nie Yu looked at Gu Yuan’s sceptical look, and smiled: “Just kidding, I don’t like her, I was just teasing you, look at you, did you really believe it?”

Gu Yuan stared at him helplessly, but her thoughts of filial piety had really flown to Java.

She used to talk to Ji Qisen.

Of the two sons, Ji Qisen was the more obedient one, he was as cruel to outsiders as winter, and as warm as spring to his mother, considerate and filial.

Ji Qisen glanced at Nie Yu contemptuously, then stopped looking at him, but lowered his head to talk to Gu Yuan, asked about Gu Yuan’s school situation these days, asked whether Gu Yuan’s body training was hard, and asked her if she needed to invite a famous ballet teacher to train alone?

Gu Yuan suddenly smiled, talking about her school and about ballet.

Sitting on the side, Nie Yu saw the mother and son talking and laughing there. Later, he didn’t know what Ji Qisen said, but Gu Yuan still laughed out loud.

It looked really harmonious.

Nie Yu withdrew his gaze in disdain, took out the tablet, and started playing a game by himself with an indifferent expression.

While Gu Yuan was talking to Ji Qisen here, she secretly glanced at Nie Yu, and saw that he didn’t even look here, but started playing games by himself.

Oh, what was he playing?

Gu Yuan stretched her neck and looked carefully. After watching for a long time, she finally got a clear picture of the game. She wrote it down in her heart and thought about going back to check it. She also wanted to download it to play!

After talking for a while, Gu Yuan was also a little tired. She had to say that the equipment on Ji Qisen’s private plane was really complete and comfortable. After eating a dinner comparable to a five-star restaurant, she went back to the room and lay down to sleep.

Lying on the spacious big bed and sleeping on the plane comfortably was not the same concept as sitting in the economy class in the previous memory and suffocating to fly on the plane. This time, Gu Yuan slept so soundly so that she was woken only on the next day.

Rubbing her eyes, she walked out of the room, and her two sons were already standing there waiting.

One left and one right, tall and handsome, like two door gods.

“Are we here?” She asked Ji Qisen with a confused face.

“Yes, we’re here.” Ji Qisen said softly, “We can get off the plane, Mom.”

“Oh, then let’s get off the plane quickly!”

So Ji Qisen put his hand on Gu Yuan’s arm and helped her get off the plane. As for the attendant next to him, he helped to carry the boxes of luggage, which were all prepared by Ji Qisen’s order.

Nie Yu put his hands in his trouser pockets and leaned against the entrance of the plane to watch the scene.

He had to say that when it came to being a filial son, Nie Yu was ashamed of himself.

The fucking plane had been parked for an hour, and Ji Qisen had made them wait until his mother woke up!

Admire, admire so much!

Seeing the mother and son finally get off the plane, Nie Yu sneered.

After getting off the plane, Gu Yuan was amazed by the scenery in front of her, and couldn’t help but let out a “wow”.

She was only 18 years old before she got terminally ill. Before she was 18 years old, she studied hard and was admitted to the film school. Her life had just begun, and her family was not rich enough. Of course, she could not have had the opportunity to travel abroad. This could be said to be the first time in her life, where she went abroad and came to Leah Australia.

On this vast expanse of sea, there were many islands scattered on it, and the one she landed on was one of them. It was the same as the picture that Ji Qisen gave her. There was a dense tropical rainforest here. And colourful coral reefs, and not far away was the endless golden sandy beach, the blue and clear water gently beat against the sandy beach, stirring up white waves.

The sea breeze blows gently, bringing the smell of the Pacific Ocean, Gu Yuan couldn’t help shouting: “It’s so beautiful here!”

Nie Yu sneered coolly: “Look at you, you are beautiful.”

Wasn’t it just an island? Well, if she wanted, he could send ten or eight of them to her at any time!

Gu Yuan thought that this son was really cheap and owed a lesson. She had been enduring all this way until now, and finally she couldn’t take it anymore: “If you can’t speak, can you shut your mouth?”

Nie Yu obviously didn’t think of what she said, and he frowned.

Gu Yuan snorted, took out the posture of being a mother, and said domineeringly: “Son Nie Yu, you have to remember that I am your mother. After remembering this, think about it before you speak. As a son, should you talk to me like this? Is it appropriate to talk to me like this? If you think it’s appropriate, then I’ll let your dad listen and see how this son should be educated.”

Nie Yu fell silent.

Why did she get angry all of a sudden, so fierce…

Gu Yuan sullenly said, “Reflect on yourself, how should you behave as a son!”

After speaking, Gu Yuan took the arm of her filial son Ji Qisen and walked away.

Nie Yu looked at the back of them leaving and took a deep breath.

Why was he suddenly taught a lesson?

Their accomodation on this island was an exotic villa. As soon as she entered the gorgeous hall, Gu Yuan saw Camille rushing over excitedly. It turned out that Camille had arrived ahead of time. The two women hugged each other happily and greeted each other.

Seeing this, Ji Qisen ordered lightly: “You guys talk first, there is a restaurant over there, come down at any time if you want to eat, and call the waiter if you need anything, I will go upstairs first, as I have something to do.”

Of course Gu Yuan understood that her son Ji Qisen was the president of a company who had to manage a lot of things every day. Even if he came to this island for vacation, he couldn’t leave his work behind, so she hurriedly said: “Okay, go and do your work, don’t worry about me, just let Camille accompany me!”

Ji Qisen went upstairs. Finally, Camille accompanied Gu Yuan back to the room. The room here was very spacious, with a whole side of floor-to-ceiling windows facing the sea, and white screens blowing with the sea breeze, from which the fresh ocean wind blew in. Everything was so beautiful.

Gu Yuan was lying there, resting and discussing her next plan with Camille, and Camille was there trying to make suggestions for her: “The key is surprise. You have to surprise them, so that they will be overjoyed and moved!”

Gu Yuan sighed contentedly: “With you, I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll just listen to you when the time comes. Anyway, you have a way to be discerning and tasteful!”

Camille looked at Gu Yuan’s lazy look, holding her chin enviously, and helpless: “You have two such filial sons, you don’t need to worry about it, you can lie down and enjoy it.”

Camille was envious of Gu Yuan, crazily envious.

It could be said that Gu Yuan broke her values of the past twenty years.

She used to think that if she found a rich man to marry, she would be a winner in life.

But now she found that finding a rich man was still worse than finding a rich son.

There could be a day when a man might change his mind and abandon you, but a son had to be filial to his mother. If she wore the big hat of “I am your mother”, she would be invincible in the world.

Gu Yuan had her own little troubles: “Ji Qisen is pretty good, but I don’t know what to say about that Nie Yu.”

As she spoke, she told Camille about all kinds of sarcastic remarks made by Nie Yu: “This son is uneducated.”

Camille’s big eyes with curly eyelashes flickered: “Actually, Yuanyuan, have you ever thought that maybe he just wants to get your attention on purpose.”

Gu Yuan: “My attention?”

Camille: “Yeah, he is like a rebellious child. He deliberately does some offensive behaviours to attract your attention and make you notice him. In fact, he does this in the hope that you can care about him and love him.”

Having said that, Camille felt a little helpless, after all, who would have thought that the object of her description would be the famous public lover and national husband, Mr. Nie! This was really too crappy!

Gu Yuan: “…”

Was this still possible? Was Nie Yu doing this on purpose?

Because of Ji Qisen’s filial piety and consideration for her, was he deliberately going against Ji Qisen?

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