5BKCM Ch. 41

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The words of confronting Camille in the sea made Gu Yuan unable to bear the conflicts between herself and Nie Yu. After Nie Yu knew that she was his mother, he did what he did.

In the end, she concluded that Nie Yu did what he should do as a filial son, but he also said what he should say as a wicked son.


Was it true that, as Camille said, he was rebellious, had an awkward temper, and deliberately said something to attract her attention?

“And you don’t have one son now, but two sons. You got to know your son Ji Qisen earlier, and you have a better relationship with your son Ji Qisen. Nie Yu is the son you recognized later, and you have an innate prejudice against Nie Yu.”

“In this case, of course Nie Yu feels that he is far inferior to your son Ji Qisen in your heart, so he will be awkward! I heard that the two of them have been competing since they were young. He must not be willing to fall behind Ji Qisen.”

After hearing this, Gu Yuan didn’t speak for a long time.

Thinking back carefully about Nie Yu’s situation, she understood that Camille’s analysis should be reasonable. Was Nie Yu trying to get her attention deliberately?

Why was this happening?

Camille: “Although Mr. Nie was born in a top wealthy family and had endless money since he was a child, he actually lacks love. He has no mother, and his father is busy with his career and neglects him. Even now that he is an adult, there is still a child in his heart longing for his mother, so when he meets his mother, the child buried in his heart came out, and he becomes the same him like when he was a child in front of you.”

Gu Yuan didn’t speak for a while.

She suddenly felt a little sad in her heart, and an indescribable feeling.

In fact, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment at the age of eighteen, and spent most of her time in the hospital. Afterwards, she was frozen at the age of twenty, and when she woke up, it was like a dream that she already had such a big son.

In her heart, she admitted that she had two sons, and she also hoped that they would get better and better. Ji Qisen was tired, and she would feel sorry for him. The relationship between the two sons was not good, and she also hoped that they could get along well.

But how to care about them, how to treat them well, she didn’t know.

After all, she looked so weak and powerless in front of her two grown-up sons who were so wealthy that she had to use one of her sons’ money even to buy a gift.

Gu Yuan bit her lip, sighed softly in her heart, and touched the two cufflinks in her bag.

She remembered that she knew that Saturday was also Nie Yu’s birthday, but it was Ji Qisen who reminded her.

Ji Qisen reminded this, but of course that meant that he wanted her to buy a gift for Nie Yu herself.

“Actually, after thinking about it, Ji Qisen treats Nie Yu well, at least not as bad as it appears on the surface, but she don’t know why they start sneering and become sarcastic as soon as they meet. Maybe this is how two brothers get along?”

Camille felt the same way, as she continued to analyse this issue with Gu Yuan.

The two of them just lay on the bed like this, holding their chins to analyse and ponder this matter. After analysing for a long time, Gu Yuan finally said: “It seems that I will just have to care more about them in the future to make up for what they lacked before.”

Especially Nie Yu, thinking about it now, her heart hurt.

“Hey, when I came by plane today, Ji Qisen and I were talking there, and Nie Yu kept silent, playing games alone.”

She thought for a while: “But I wrote down the game he played. I can play games with him now.”

Playing games?

Camille looked at Gu Yuan, and suddenly sighed: “I feel a burst of sadness.”

Gu Yuan: “Why are you sad?”

Camille gave Gu Yuan a resentful look with lemon eyes: “If I have two sons, then if I want to strike a good balance between the two sons, it must be like this, the property must be divided equally, and the house must be equally divided! But you are different!”

Gu Yuan: “Huh?”

Camille: “For you, if you want to treat your son equally and fairly, what you have to consider is that if you live on Ji Qisen’s island today, you will have to eat with Nie Yu tomorrow.”

“If you ate Nie Yu’s airlifted emperor crab, then you have to eat Ji Qisen’s Michelin dinner tomorrow, otherwise your son will have some objections.”

Gu Yuan was slightly stunned, and then couldn’t help but burst out laughing. After laughing for a while, she suddenly stopped laughing: “No, I have to find a way to pay some attention to them! And the next thing I have to do is of course make the two brothers have a good relationship!”

Camille: “Yes!”

Gu Yuan first sent someone to find out what next her two sons were doing, but when she asked, they were all in the room?

Immediately, she was also helpless: “When they were at home, they  worked in the office. Now that they came to the island of Leah, should they still be continuing office work on island of Australia? What’s the point of coming out?”

It’s not over, the company won’t stop running just because my sons left, they should also go out to play and rest more, especially Ji Qisen, he is really too impersonal, he only has work in his eyes every day.

But who knows, she tossed and tossed for a long time, Ji Qisen said that he had an important meeting in the morning and had to attend, while Nie Yu said that he had an important thing to do and could only make time in the afternoon.

Ji Qisen also thoughtfully said: “Mom can go diving first, there are professional diving instructors on the island.”

Gu Yuan had no choice but to: “Forget it, you guys go ahead, and I will drag you out in the afternoon.”

So, Gu Yuan went diving with Camille first, and when the two women set off for the coast, Ji Qisen was connecting in the room to start an international video conference, he looked at his subordinates who seemed a little sleepy due to jet lag, and said seriously: “This weekend, we will have a meeting at this time for the next two days.”

Suddenly, all the subordinates looked like they wanted to cry.

It was a great weekend, why did Young Master Ji have to go to the jet-lagged area to hold a meeting for them?

In another room, Nie Yu was lying on a comfortable lazy sofa, holding a tablet in his hand, and was seriously searching for the answer to a question: How can I become my mother’s most beloved child?

Camille and Gu Yuan came to the coast and boarded a small speedboat. The accompanying attendants had already prepared diving equipment, even beach towels and sunscreen. The two changed into swimsuits and trunks in the lounge, and after listening to the professional explanation of the diving instructor, they changed into their diving equipment.

After getting ready, the diving speedboat departed. About 20 minutes later, they arrived at the diving site. The sea water here was as clear as crystal, and there were gorgeous coral reefs on the bottom of the sea. Not too many people, only occasionally one or two speedboats passed by.

With the help of diving instructors and divers, Gu Yuan and Camille prepared for diving.

This was the first time Gu Yuan had dived in her life. She had to say that this was a novel experience. When Gu Yuan entered the bottom of the sea for the first time, she suddenly seemed to spy a brand new world. Everything around her was so novel and beautiful. Corals, colourful sea anemones, huge clams, swimming eels, turtles, and big cod all made Gu Yuan unable to help but let out a sound of wonder in her heart.

The diving instructor beside her was the top in the world. He and another diver carefully accompany Gu Yuan and guide her to swim in the water.

Compared to Gu Yuan’s sense of shock, Camille was very familiar with the way. She was proficient in swimming in the sea, and occasionally turned her head to wave to Gu Yuan. Camille obviously pursued deeper stimulation, and she wanted to dive deeper into the sea.

Gu Yuan went into the water for the first time, and she listened to the coach, the deeper the dive, the darker the light and the lesser the color. She hasn’t seen enough of the shallow sea yet.

Seeing this, Camille took her coach to dive deeper, and Gu Yuan looked around by herself. At this time, she saw many clownfish and sea anemones, which were colourful, which reminded her of a cartoon she had seen before, that cartoons had similar settings for underwater creatures.

She suddenly became interested, thinking that in order to commemorate her first diving in her life, she should grab some back, and it was best to pick some beautiful ones!

Immediately, she dived over, looked around, and found a few with perfect shapes and the best colours, so she reached out to catch them.

Who knew that at this moment, suddenly, someone jumped up diagonally and directly caught the clownfish she was looking for!

Gu Yuan couldn’t believe it.

This was the bottom of the sea, not the ground. In the vast sea, why did someone come to snatch the clownfish she fancied? This was not okay.

She didn’t see anyone diving in this area just now!

The diving coach was also a little surprised when she saw the other diver suddenly appearing. Of course, the coach knew that the lady he was carrying was of an extraordinary identity, and was afraid of accidents.

Who knew that as soon as the coach came out, four or five divers immediately appeared next to the diver, one by one guarding the man, looking at Gu Yuan and the diving instructor with hostility.

That posture, it seemed that if Gu Yuan and the coach took a step forward, they would start fighting straight away.

All of a sudden, swords were tense in the sea water.

Gu Yuan was also helpless, people who dove under the sea couldn’t talk, they didn’t know where the other party came from, and how they made such a mess, she just wanted to catch a clown fish!

She had no choice but to wave her hand, pointing to the diver, and pointing to the clownfish and the beautiful sea anemone swimming nearby, indicating that she just wanted to catch fish and had no other meaning.

Who knew that just as she was gesticulating, the one who snatched her clownfish actually grabbed the clownfish in her hand and waved it at her. His appearance seemed to be a bit of a demonstration.

Gu Yuan was a little annoyed immediately, thinking what the hell was this man going to do, snatch her clownfish and showing it off to her?

So not to be outdone, she raised her hand and showed off her might to him.

It was all on the bottom of the sea, whoever was afraid of who, don’t bully others just because you have a large number of people, no matter how arrogant you are, I will let my two sons beat you!

But the diver seemed to be on the fence with Gu Yuan, and continued to wave the clownfish in his hand, baring his teeth and claws, that way, if he could talk, he might even stick his tongue out at Gu Yuan.

Who was this!

Gu Yuan clenched her fists, wishing she could step forward and teach him a lesson.

But at this moment, she suddenly realized one thing.

Although he was also wearing diving equipment, judging from that person’s size, the other person should be just a child, who looked much younger than herself, maybe how old?

Realizing this, Gu Yuan suddenly felt funny and helpless, she actually got into a fight with a child in the bottom of the sea?

She waved her hand and signalled the diving instructor to leave. Seeing her like this, the diving instructor was naturally happy to save trouble, and quickly made a submarine gesture to the other side, and then accompanied Gu Yuan to leave.

After she left, the diving child seemed very unwilling, and was still trying to wave at her to demonstrate. She laughed and waved, ignoring him.

It was not like two fish, they went to the depths of the sea to fight, he was interested, but she had no time to accompany them.

After landing on the shore, Gu Yuan unloaded the diving equipment first, changed into a swimsuit, and then went out to the deck of the speedboat to wait for Camille to come back. Unexpectedly, as soon as she came out, she saw another boat beside the speedboat, and a man was standing on the deck of the boat.

Gu Yuan couldn’t help but look at him.

This man was very imposing, just standing casually on the bow of the boat had already made the blue sky and clear sea lose all color, and he didn’t even see her face, just standing casually, it made people feel that the calm and dignity was shining from his bones.

If one looked closely, he was wearing an elegant dark blue satin bathrobe. From the loose bathrobe, it could be seen that this person had a good figure, broad shoulders and narrow waist. Viewed from the side, he had a straight and dignified nose and deep-set eyebrows, and the black broken hair on his forehead was slightly wet, casually resting on his broad forehead, exuding a cold aura.

Gu Yuan also noticed that the man’s white-gloved hands rested casually on the railing of the speedboat, which was particularly dazzling against the blue water.

At this moment, the man suddenly turned his head and looked towards Gu Yuan.

Looking at each other, Gu Yuan’s first feeling was distance and indifference.

He was really good-looking, almost perfect, but also looked like he was not a real person.

Those eyes are distant and indifferent, and that face was also indifferent and alienated. He looked at Gu Yuan clearly, but there was not even a slight emotional change, so that Gu Yuan had a feeling that this person may be a carefully carved statue.

When she looked carefully, only the perfect thin lips are slightly pursed, which seemed to reveal that this person was real, and not the cold statue that Gu Yuan thought.

Originally looking at others curiously, but now being caught straight, Gu Yuan was a little embarrassed, so she waved to him quickly, and smiled politely: “Hello, are you diving here too?”

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